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It’s LG G6 Day: All the Videos You Need to be the G6 King, Right Here!

lg g6 launch

Sort of crazy to think that the LG G6 is just now launching around the globe, but that’s where we’re at! After being announced back in February, LG’s best phone in years is finally available at all major carriers in the US.

We’ve spent loads of time with the phone in recent weeks, putting together a pretty comprehensive set of videos that new owners of the phone might consider watching. Below, we’ve gathered the big ones, which include our full review, a set of tips and tricks, and the first 10 things to do when you fire up a G6 for the first time. If you want to get the most out of that new phone, this is the place to start.

Also, for the dirty details on the phone, should be considering one, be sure to read our full LG G6 review.

If you picked up an LG G6, let us know what you think! 

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LG G6 Review

Tips and Tricks

First 10 Things to Do

  • G5

    I like it so far. Not bad. But after coming from the Pixel it’s hard to like any skins at all. I used to love the LG skin and boast about making it look almost stock. But now realize it’s not even close. But they still have too many good features i need for a business phone. Quick memo is awesome and all the skinned phones have good e-mail apps(my only problem with the Pixel is that I couldn’t find one email that could handle exchange fully). So forced to use this for work. Like it but missing my Pixel. Only complaint is batt life which is decent but not great. Pixel batt life was much better. I guess it’s hard coming from a Pixel to any phone. I will try the S8 next. But basically will be the same thing as this one (except with a skin you can’t make even close to looking stock)

  • it’s me tim-cock.

    The hype came and went with this phone honestly. The few who bought it will be happy but it won’t sell no where near what folks were saying.


    I’ve had mine since late March and love it.

  • Mark Snider

    Got hands on at Verizon today, this will likely be my next phone. Still impressed with how small it is compared to my iPhone 7 plus

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  • Eric Coates

    Pre ordered and received mine on 3/29 as well. feels and looks great and really like the camera as well. So far I don’t have any complaints.

  • Peter Stover

    Love it! But I’m having some connectivity issues.

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  • The Doctor

    I love the G6 and I purchased it on Saturday at Verizon, but I had to return it already because it got scratches on the camera despite not being around dirt and sand. It’s too bad because this was otherwise a great phone.

    • moew

      You scratched up your phone then returned it…. Mmmmmkay.

      • The Doctor

        *I* didn’t scratch it up. It’s a huge issue right now. They’re talking about it in the forums over on Android Central: http://forums.androidcentral.com/lg-g6/786629-camera-scratches.html

        I have NEVER had a phone that had a scratched up camera, let alone a camera that was scratched all to hell after FIVE days of using it.

  • TaekOne

    Mine arrived on 3/29. Swapped out from my HTC 10, and I’m on T-Mo. Really enjoying the phone so far. Its design, speed, screen, and battery are more than adequate. The camera quality is also great, but has a slight lag when trying to launch. I’m running Nova in order not to deal w/ LG’s skin.

    Thought about the S8, but I’m not into Samsung’s phones (even though I bought my wife an S7 that still works well). Regardless, no regrets with the G6 and I’ll likely hold on to this for quite some time.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    We need unlocked pricing

  • Robert J Neville

    Does anyone know how LG is with updates and security patches? I know carrier versions can be a hurdle with any OEM, but what about the unlocked versions?

    • himynameisricky

      In the video review, Kellen notes that recently LG has been really quick with software updates and security patches. But does note that the phone is out of the box on 7.0, not 7.1 or obviously not the newest build 7.1.2.

      • markwebb

        Not with the V20. Buyer beware.

    • moew

      Worse than its competition, just get a pixel

  • Spider210

    Overall a great phone, love the screen, camera, battery life and fit in hand