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LG G6 Review

With the G6, LG is hoping to do something it was unable to last year — sell some phones. While we must applaud the company’s investment and willingness to try something new with the G5 (modularity), we’ve stressed multiple times that the implementation did not work.

In 2017, LG has scrapped the modularity entirely and is offering a completely redesigned smartphone. It has metal, glass, and a great 5.7″ QHD display with hardly any bezel surrounding it. It’s a night and day difference between last year’s G5, but is it enough to get people excited and on board? That’s what we’re here to find out.

This is our LG G6 review.

The Good


There has been a little bit of arguing among Android nerds (ourselves included) concerning the processor inside the G6. LG decided to ship this phone with a Snapdragon 821 processor, which is last year’s high-end silicon from Qualcomm. It is argued that LG should have utilized the Snapdragon 835, the latest and greatest from Qualcomm for 2017 flagships. Basically, it was bad timing for LG, as the Snapdragon 835 was not being produced in high enough quantities, and then whatever was being made was already spoken for by Samsung for usage in the Galaxy S8. LG’s desire to get out ahead of Samsung this year by sticking with the 821 was a gamble, but in my eyes, it’s not as if you’re getting a bad phone because it has last year’s processor. The G6 has everything on its spec sheet minus the SD 835, so you can’t knock it too much.

Anyway, for complete specifications, we’re looking at a 5.7″ QHD+ “FullVision” display (18:9), dual 13MP rear-facing cameras, 5MP front-facing camera, Snapdragon 821 processor, 4GB RAM, 3,300mAh non-removable battery (Quick Charge 3.0), microSD support, IP68 certification, fingerprint reader, USB Type-C, Bluetooth 4.2, and Android “Nougat.”

Now, don’t get me wrong, I would have loved to have seen a Snapdragon 835 in here, but from my experience, the G6 hasn’t suffered due to a lack of one. I’ll get to performance in a little bit, but just know that this phone isn’t really missing anything in the specs department, which is hard to say for all phones these days. The G6 is a complete package, one that I haven’t regretted keeping in my pocket for almost a couple of weeks now.


One of the marquee features for the G6 is this rounded, super immersive 5.7″ QHD+ display. In pixel speak, that’s a resolution of 1440 x 2880 (564 ppi). When you first get it in your hand, it’s pretty incredible, as it seems like you’re really just holding a big display with hardly any bezel surrounding it.

Speaking purely on the rounded corners,  they’ve grown on me quite nicely. It’s not such a drastic thing once you get used to seeing them, and with the Galaxy S8 also sporting them, it seems like something we’ll all need to get used to, at least for the time being.

Now, as for the 18:9 aspect ratio, it may take some time for apps and media to get better acquainted with this, but again, once you get used to it, it’s not bad at all. To help make your apps fit the screen better, LG offers a software tweak that will scale the app to whatever size necessary (16:9, 16.7:9, 18:9). Once you tweak this, the app will restart itself, but do note, not all apps will look perfect. Essentially, if an app is made for 16:9, switching it to 18:9 may make things look zoomed in or stretched. As an example, YouTube and Netflix look fine in 18:9. Super Mario Run looks a tad funky when scaled, but it’s totally useable. All of these scaling settings can be found in the “App Scaling” section of the Display settings.

The panel itself in the G6 is a LCD, so I do have the regular minor beef that is normal for these displays. There is minor edge bleed, colors aren’t as saturated as I might like when compared to AMOLED, and usability in direct sunlight is not ideal. Summing it all up, though, the display on the G6 is quite the looker and has been most enjoyable to look at. If you’re worried about rounded corners, don’t be, you’ll get used to it in no time at all.


You can’t help but notice the LG G6’s design. To me, it’s hot. Others may think it looks odd, at least the backside that is similar to a robot’s “O-face.” But hey, it is what it is. Most importantly, on the front, you have a huge display wrapped with minimal bezel, complete with the rounded corners. The entirety of the phone’s edges are metal, then glass on the front and back. On the backside, you have the easily accessible fingerprint reader, plus the dual camera setup. As you already know, we enjoy having a fingerprint reader on the backside, as it’s something we’ve become accustomed to for what feels like years now. We liked it on the LG G5, we liked it on the Pixels, and it’s no different on the LG G6.

Comparing it to the G5, it’s crazy to think LG evolved in the design department so quickly in just one year. If we gave out Most Improved awards each year, my vote would be for LG this year.

With the glass design, there are a few drawbacks, that being fingerprints smudging your phone and the idea that a single drop on the ground means the end of your phone’s existence. Accidents do happen, so don’t be ashamed if you plan on throwing your G6 in a case. Not only will it protect from drops, but light scratching, too.

Going back to the big display in little body design, I am loving where smartphones are headed. We’re getting these crazy big panels in a body that is easily manageable with one hand, and as someone who doesn’t have weirdly big hands, it’s very helpful when I only need one hand for operation.

In the US, the G6 comes in Black or Platinum, but other markets get a White version, too. I’d have loved to see the White come to the US, but oh well. Each color has its own positives – The black looks better for the display, but it also picks up fingerprints like crazy. The Platinum is better for fingerprints, but can look odd at first with the rounded corner display. It’s something you’ll need to get used to, to put it plainly.


There’s a few things to say about the G6 cameras, but let it be known, the camera(s) are good. There are dual 13MP (Wide: F2.4 / 125°, Standard: OIS 2.0, F1.8 / 71°) sensors on the backside, capable of producing the wide angle shots many may be looking for. Upon firing them up, you will notice that it takes a second for the camera to focus and snap its initial shot. I’ve noticed that this slight stutter could cause you to miss a shot, but as long as you’re in no rush, you can easily create some fantastic images. There’s also a manual mode included, so professionals should have no problems adjusting the values and all that good stuff for top of the line shots.

The UI is straightforward enough, exactly what you’d expect on almost any Android device. There’s quick access to settings such as which mode you want to shoot (Auto, Square, Manual Image and Manual Video), flash, filters, plus options for panorama, slo-mo, time-lapse, and 360 panorama. There’s no shortage in features for camera, so don’t worry about getting bored when trying to be creative.


Now, as for the Square Camera stuff, meh, it’s pretty gimmicky. I get why LG would think its useful, but I’m not a huge fan. When on a cellphone, I tend to just point and shoot, without needing LG’s guidelines (Guide Shot) for positioning shots. However, I do like the Grid Shot function, which is perfect for sharing four squared off images to Instagram. On the other hand, Instagram now allows for people to publish multiple images in a single post, so we may not see grid shots as much as we used to on social media.

In terms of the camera’s abilities, I’d say it’s quite the capable shooter. My shots typically come out looking very crisp, with exception to when shots are taken in extreme low lighting, but that’s nothing new for smartphone cameras. As I’ve said before, I’d appreciate a bit more saturation in the display, allowing for a bit more color vibrance when previewing shots, but the G6 gets the work done. The camera’s manual mode is a huge benefit when dealing with lighting, and for the most part, I’d say you shouldn’t come across a shooting opportunity not capable of being performed by the G6’s dual sensors.

With regard to the wide angle vs. standard shooting, I have loved having the ability to switch between the two. Below you will see a few shots that compare differences between the two. To me, it helps add context to certain photos. For example, if I need to show a big scene, but have no room to back myself up, I can simply throw it on wide angle, then get the entire scene without having to be too far away. Context is the word I’d like to stress when it comes to wide angle shooting. It’s not great for all shots, but you’ll find it comes in handy quite a bit.

I haven’t spent a lot of time with the Galaxy S8 yet, but once I do, you better believe I’ll be doing a massive shootout between these two devices.

The below photos are samples from my time with the G6. They have not been retouched, only resized.



Wide Angle vs. Standard


The G6 comes with a Snapdragon 821 and 4GB of RAM, but before you go grabbing your pitchforks over LG using last year’s processor, do realize that the SD821 is good silicon. Heck, it’s the same processor used in the Pixel and Pixel XL, and those phones operate just fine. What it comes down to is real world usage and from my experience, things have been fine.

Opening up apps, playing games, then switching back and forth is no problem on the G6, and there hasn’t been any real jank to complain about. Believe me, if there was something wrong in the performance department, I’d be the first to let you know. And for everyone who cracks a bootloop joke, don’t bother, I have had zero issues concerning bootloops.

The only real performance problem I can report on has to do with the camera, which I already touched on. It takes a second to load up and snap that first shot, but once that is completed, you can click the shutter and get to work just fine. Other than that, the performance has been fluid and let’s hope it stays that way. Considering this phone is running a processor from 2016, it will be interesting to see how it holds up over time compared to the Galaxy S8 and the Snapdragon 835.

Somewhere in the Middle

Battery Life

The battery life I experienced on the G6 is the definition of “average.” It’s not bad, it’s not great. Just a run of the mill, average battery life. It’s sized at 3,300mAh, which is pretty large I’d say for a phone this size. Even with that size, though, I wasn’t pulling in two days or anything crazy, but rather a typical one day of usage.

My day is usually 7:30AM to about 10:30PM and I was getting through that every day no problem. Sometimes I’d have some spare juice and sometimes I wouldn’t. To be as helpful as possible, I’d say you shouldn’t have a problem getting through your average day, so long as you aren’t streaming HD video over a mobile network 2 hours a day during a commute or playing Pokémon GO for 5 hours. Then again, if you are running out of battery, the phone does have Quick Charge 3.0, so charging quickly should never be an issue.



While performance of the phone is fine, the software in general is another story. Again, it’s not terrible, but it’s not great, either. I’m not the biggest fan, but I’ve been that way regarding LG’s skins for years now. It never seems to change drastically, which is what I think it needs.

The phone comes out of the box running Android 7.0 “Nougat,” which does indeed help the underlying Android experience. You’ve got your multi-window, better notifications, improved Doze features, and all that jazz. Of course, LG couples tons of other software bloat, such as Capture+ (screenshot and writing), theming, and KnockON.


The two features included that I absolutely could not live without on the G6 are KnockON and the ability to theme the UI. With KnockON, the same as it’s been on countless LG devices, you just tap twice on the screen to turn it on and off. It helps when the phone is just sitting on your desk and you don’t want to pick it up to check the time or notifications. LG, keep doing KnockON.

The other aspect of the skin I don’t hate is the ability to theme. This is a growing addition to many OEM skins and it’s one that I adore. The standard skin out of the box is quite atrocious, but I utilize the “High Contrast” theme, which switches everything to Black and Orange. It helps that I’m a diehard SF Giants fan, so that’s an added bonus. There are other themes to choose from and I can also decide on individual app icons I want displayed, so long as I use the supported home launcher LG offers.

Now, to be completely real, I would recommend downloading a 3rd-party launcher, but I say that for every phone. Google Now Launcher and Nova Launcher are my go-to launchers, so if you aren’t a fan of LG’s own launcher, give one of those a try. You won’t be disappointed. Take note that you can also change the color (Black, White) of the on-screen buttons. It can help if you’re going for a particular look.

To conclude the software section, let’s talk about updates real quick. LG is pretty middle of the road when it comes to updating phones, and a lot of it may have to do with carriers. Looking back recently, the G5 seems like a good sample for what we might expect of the G6. On T-Mobile, the G5 received Nougat in November, while the Verizon model got it in December. That’s pretty good turnaround time. However, on AT&T, the G5 didn’t receive Nougat until February. That’s not awesome, but not terrible either. Point being, with the G6, you probably won’t have the most insane update speeds ever (not like a Pixel), but you also won’t be feening for too long, depending on which carrier you’re with.

Pricing and Availability

We would typically list this portion under a specific section, but I can’t be the judge of whether this pricing is right for you. All I can do is lay out the barebones pricing and promotional goodies, then let you make the decision. However, if you do need my opinion on the G6’s pricing, it’s solid. Compared to the Galaxy S8, which starts at $750, the G6 is priced rather competitively. When we throw in water resistance, dual cameras, and all of that, it’s hard not to tip the hat to LG for making this phone so obtainable. No, it’s not sub-$500, but LG probably could have charged more and justified it.

Here are the current prices and promotions taking place for the LG G6.


  • Verizon: $28/mo for 24 months; $672 full retail
  • AT&T: $24/mo for 30 months on AT&T Next; $30/mo for 24 months on AT&T Next Every Year
  • T-Mobile: $26 down and $26/mo for 24 months; $650 full retail
  • Sprint: $29.50/mo for 24 months


  • Free Google Home: Buy the phone from anywhere and then redeem your Google Home online at LG’s promo site.
  • Verizon: Giving away free LG 43-inch Smart TVs ($349 value) with a new line, device payment plan, and Verizon Unlimited. You can claim the free TV here.
  • AT&T: Giving away a 2nd LG G6 for free with 30 months worth of bill credits. They’ll toss in an LG Watch Sport for $49.99 on 2-year contract too.
  • Sprint: Giving away free LG 1080p TVs ($349.99 value).

Other Notes

  • Water resistance: IP68, capable of protecting your device in up to 5ft. of water for 30 minutes. Need some swimming pool shots? This phone has you covered.
  • External speaker: The single speaker on the bottom certainly gets loud enough, but does lack a but of oomph. You can’t ask for much from a single speaker, so don’t go in expecting a BoomSound-type experience.
  • Google Assistant: Thanks to Google making this available on all new Android devices, it’s a lovely feature to have on the G6.
  • No Quad DAC in US: For us in the US, LG is not including a Quad DAC for the G6. While this is sad, we do get wireless charging in exchange, which is an option not offered outside of select markets. You win some, you lose some.
  • Call quality: I was running this G6 on AT&T’s network and had no issues when it came to folks hearing me or me hearing them. Pretty typical call quality experience.
  • Girlfriend impressions: “Comfortable to hold and operate in one hand. I like the weight, it feels durable, and its not slippery like other phones. There’s way less bezel than I’m used to, which makes the display look larger than what you’d expect from a phone this size. Really like the placement of the fingerprint reader on the back, and I like the way it doubles as the lock button. Makes the phone seem really sleek.”
  • Wireless charging: If you have a wireless charger (I’m using one from IKEA), the G6 is totally compatible. Place it on the pad, let it do its thing, then you’re good to go.
  • Headphone jack:  It’s got one! Courage!
  • Expandable storage: Yup, it’s got that, too!
  • AT&T Bloat Count: Hella. Technically, there were 14 apps that I disabled. They include Firefox as the default browser (lolz), DirecTV, YellowPages, Amazon Shopping, Lookout, and others. Woof.


LG G6 First Look

20+ LG G6 Tips and Tricks

LG G6: First 10 Things to Do



lg g6 specs 

The Verdict

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, have you reached a verdict? Your Honor, we most certainly have. In the case of the LG G6, we hereby find the smartphone… fantastic! As I said before, you can’t even compare the G6 to last year’s G5. It’s as if they were made by two entirely different companies. From the in-hand feel to the ability to customize LG’s ugly theme, the G6 is a real winner in my book.

Now, I don’t have a Magic 8 ball or anything, but my belief is that the G6 story may not have a happy ending. We’ve touched on this during The Droid Life Show, but with Samsung and the Galaxy S8, the G6 might be a tough sell, with exception to the price. Is it acceptable to call the G6 a poor man’s Galaxy S8? I’m not trying to be rude, but the argument has grounds. On paper, they are very similar devices, both featuring water resistance, rear-facing fingerprint readers, great cameras, and OEM skins that we all wish we could ditch for stock Android. Yes, there are other difference, but to your average American consumer, it might all be indiscernible. They got big screens, they got big cameras, and they both cost a lot of money.

To wrap this all up, if you are a fan of LG and a free Google Home unit (and maybe even a free TV), the G6 is a solid deal. I’ve enjoyed my time with it very much, so it has my recommendation to anyone in the market.

Buy the LG G6: AT&T | Verizon | Sprint | T-Mobile | Best Buy

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    It’s a free prize draw open to everyone. Offer runs until 31st May.
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  • LG G6 is great for poolfies. IP68 water and dustproof rating, still the highest available rating for smartphones

  • I love Chickn n Waddymelon

    I gots me my Obama Fone fo Free

  • Hey Tim o tato,
    Nice review bro, I love LG phones specially for camera,

  • Justin Martin

    I think smartphone hardware has evolved to the point that using last year CPU isn’t a big deal. We are not seeing huge improvement in performance from one year to the next anymore, and the SD 821 is still a power house of a CPU. I do get the argument that if you shell out big bucks for a device, you want the latest and greatest of everything, but the 821 will be more than capable of running all the updates this phone will likely see.

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  • twosweet86

    I have the Galaxy Note 5. I recently took advantage of the upgrade deals and preordered the LG G6. I’ve already received and activated the device. My assessment after playing with it for this short time is I might not go back to Samsung for my next purchase. Although I will keep my Note 5 as a backup device, I really like the G6. The thing about Samsung phones, and it has gotten more pronounced as the line progresses, they make great phones but sometimes with too many features. Meaning I end up paying a premium price for a phone with a whole lot of extras that I don’t end up using. The number of times i’ve actually used the S-pen on the Note 5 is low. Same goes for split screen/dual screen, whatever. The main things I prize in a smartPHONE are simple….. good call quality, sound, fast internet speeds, not too overly complicated camera, etc. So far the LG fills those requirements. I even find myself using the dual window for opening two apps at once, something I hardly ever used on any Galaxy phone. One thing I notice on Galaxy phones, the call quality is not the greatest. It’s like having a mini computer that is so so at being a phone, which is the one thing it is supposed to be. So far I don’t see that issue with the G6. As for using last years processor in the G6 — paper specs are fine but the true test is how the phone performs in the real world. So far it has made even my service with Sprint much more palatable. (Maybe that has to do with it being a HPUE device? Too soon to tell?) So far I don’t see that issue with the G6……Hmm, might have to get me an Apple phone and run some tests on that……

  • mcdonsco

    Anyone else having issues with the Google assistant on the G6? Voice commands work fine hitting keyboard mic, but if i ok Google or long press the home button it just sits, thinking and never goes any further.

  • Carolynlmiller

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  • it’s me tim-cock.


  • Iskandar

    my concern is s/w updates . Its a tricky going with a carrier branded phone. It will be great to have unlocked version G6 with support

    • markwebb

      The LG V20 US996 unlocked version ( carrier free) does not get timely updates I’m afraid to say.

  • Affan Vohra

    With LG G6, LG really make up to their mistakes from last year. The product is mature and power packed will lot of feature such as ip68, top notch camera and a beautiful screen. But the real question is does LG G6 has all the future proof performance specs, will it be able to compete with snapdragon 835 phone that has already landed into Xperia XZ and Samsung S8. But it looks like LG is here to stay and it will mature well in coming months.

  • Zeromus2003

    Wonder if its still worth upgrading to from the V20? I love my V20 for the DAC, but admit that the G6 has “better” design. Why is this so hard to decide….

    • markwebb

      I’ll take functionality over style any day. 😀

  • sinfoman

    @Timotato:disqus – Is the fisheye lens fixed focal point? Looks like most of the pics you shot were zoomed in and fish-eye as opposed to no zoom and wide angle. Or is the standard lens just zoomed in a lot as standard?

  • sinfoman
    • sinfoman

      I know, I know, the SCREEN not the PHONE, but still…

  • SkyW

    After a week with the G6, I’m really happy with it. Upgraded from a Nexus 6, which I was REALLY happy with for the last two and a half years. My main reason for upgrading from the N6 is it had burn in from the navigation buttons at the bottom and the status bar at the top, from heavy usage. Also, the Nexus 6 was dropped from support. The T-mobile version of the G6 comes with minimal bloatware and the default browser is Chrome. I’m a Firefox user so that was an easy fix. I was hesitant to buy my first carrier locked phone in five years but I’m glad I did. I am impressed with the G6.

  • The Doctor

    I have an LG G6 and I absolutely love it. I love the size, the placement of the fingerprint sensor, and the dual cameras (especially the wide angle camera). I played around with the S8/S8+ at Best Buy and I didn’t like the placement of the fingerprint sensor.

    It’s a shame people won’t buy the G6 as much as the S8s. I really think it’s a great phone.

  • bogy25

    Rocking the G3 still but I can’t bring myself to buying another LG phone – it has had many issues but I will see how the S8 does with it’s customers then go from there.

  • aleubalton

    You had one job LG. ONE JOB. To compete with Samsung you had to set a lower price on this phone, but you actually priced it the same. So now, you’re gonna lose like idiots, just because you thought you could actually beat Samsung (and Apple in that regard) in their game. You lost even before the game started LG. Nice try though…

    • illregal

      its a hundred less.. Plus samsungs are garbage.

    • Tom Ireland

      By early reports, the G6 is priced less than either of the upcoming Samsungs. Unless you are saying it should have been even less.

    • Shott3r

      Phone prices don’t matter above say $450 or so. Nearly everyone who gets this phone is going to get it on some plan. You think people care if the S8 is $29/month and the G6 is $24/month? Nope. LG’s job was to make a compelling phone and then market it. Unless they’re going to start competing with OnePlus in the $400 buy-it-outright range, their price doesn’t matter. Samsung does well because it’s spent BILLIONS in marketing getting mindshare. Until the S7, one could argue that HTC made better phones. Or even Sony. What’s missing is marketing and the clout with carriers that comes with it.

      • illregal

        NO doubt HTC still makes the best quality phones. Even with their clouded judgement.

  • middlehead

    Firefox is the superior browser for mobile. Even if you don’t otherwise like it, it’s the one that lets you install plugins which means you can get ad blocking with UBlock Origin. Chrome still won’t do mobile plugins, so you have to install a custom third-party build to do it.

    • SkyW

      Exactly why I use Firefox. Prefer FF on any platform.

  • hotshotbk

    Kicking myself for not ponying up the money and taking the offered g6 as a replacement for my just boot looped g4.

    • B!

      How much was the difference, if you don’t mind me asking?

      • hotshotbk

        Well my certified like new replacement is free because of my insurance on my plan. Verizon wanted sales tax plus 15% down for any new phone. I went with the free option cause I have a bunch of other bills to pay. :/ effin’ responsibilities.

        • B!

          Lol. I know the feeling. I often wonder how do non-T Mobile customers jump from phone to phone so easily but you said it. We have effin responsibilities.

  • Arcilius

    Well, I have the korean KT G6 and I can tell you my RAM is always 75%+ loaded and there is nothing I can do to reduce it. What a piece of loaded bloat.

    • Mike

      If you think that’s an issue then you don’t know how RAM is supposed to be utilized. Free RAM is wasted RAM.

    • deadpenguins

      Android is designed to always have about 75% of ram utilized at any given moment with the apps you most frequently used so that they load quickly. You’re complaining about a feature, not a problem.

    • illregal

      If you don’t know how things work, don’t comment on them.

    • Gasaraki

      What is the point for all that ram when it doesn’t get used and is “free” all the time?

  • Jarl

    no quad dac in the US, no wireless charging in Europe, that’s the kind of decisions I really don’t get

    s8 also doesn’t impress me, I’ll keep waiting to see what the HTC Ocean really is and what Andy Rubin has up his sleeve

    • Ismail Akram

      Keep you hopes low from HTC Ocean, S8 is great phone minus software updates, UI performance and Camera.
      I’ve Pixel which IMO have better software, performance and camera but which looks boring and have power sounding experience.
      S8 looks fantastic IMO, in term of looks I think nothing is like S8

      HTC Ocean need IP68, Wireless Charging and more to be really called flagship. 2017 changed definition of a flagship phone.

      • Jarl

        i somehow prefer the looks of the LG G6 over the looks of the S8
        but i’ll wait for Andy Rubin’s phone for sure

        what is power sounding experience?

        if the Ocean has stereo speakers and wireless charging i’m already happy, never needed ip68 before

  • smonkeyball

    Leaning toward the G6 as the G4 has been mostly great (except for bootloop of course). It has been a while since I had a Galaxy but they used to slow down with Touchwiz compared to other Androids. Anyway, I keep an open mind, if the reviews are good on the S8 perhaps going with that. They both look like good choices.

    • Ismail Akram

      Looks are subjective, but on paper S8 looks better

    • John

      Rocking a Note 5 and the software has not slowed. I do recommend a factory reset after a huge update but that goes for any phone.

  • If I had to choose, I’d go with the G6. I am betting that the camera will be nicer. I can see a lot of value in the wide angle.

  • Daishi


  • John Kitchen

    LG did a really good thing here, but now Samsung is going to crush them. Between the Pixel and the S8, I just dont’ see the need for the LG.

    That said, the phone I tell 90% of people to buy is the Moto Z Play. I work with a dude who has a Pixel and a Moto Z Play, and his Pixel is just a Chromecast remote at this point. Turns out battery life is what the people want.

    • aleubalton

      Battery life + Performance + Screen quality + Audio quality + Camera quality = Perfect phone.

      • John Kitchen


    • Ben

      I have a Moto Z Play and it’s outstanding. I guess now that the G5 Plus is out you could point people in that direction and save $100 if you’re not into Moto Mods.

    • Akashshr

      I actually prefer the LG G6, looks better than the s8…specially the fingerprint scanner! That thing just looks wrong on the s8

      • Frettfreak

        everyone says that about the finger print scanner on the s8 but i bet in real world use, it will be just fine. You will get used to it just like anything else

  • fritzo2162

    For those concerned about the 821 processor instead of the 835…I’m still rocking a Nexus 6p with a SD810 and it’s still fast and smooth as all get out. I think we’re near a point where the software hasn’t caught up with the hardware.

    • Rod

      It’s not all about performance. 10nm chips will provide significantly lower power consumption.

  • Emily

    Thank you for writing up a review instead of just a video so I didn’t have to waste 10 mins of my life watching a video. Not, that I do anyway, because when you just post only a video, I go elsewhere to meet my review needs.

  • mcdonsco

    Actually, just remembered one issue. On LG phones it doesn’t seem to be possible to set your own downloaded ring tones???? Couldn’t do on my G5 or this G6.

    • Pete

      I’ve never had that problem on any G-device, owned them all but the G5 of course..

      • mcdonsco

        Got it figured out, didn’t know I had to hit the plus and manually add it. Previous phones it just showed up in the list once downloaded.

  • Trysta

    Not super interested in either phone (I’m waiting for the Pixel 2) but I think the G6 looks so much better than the S8. There is something really weird and plasticky/bubbly about the latest S8 screen (beyond the usual curves) that is just bothering me. I LOVED the look of the Note 7, so it isn’t like I hate good Samsung hardware.

    The G6 looks pretty nice and I like the fact that the screen is perfectly flat. It feels very ‘material design in hardware form’ to me. If the G6 actually had good battery life, I would seriously consider. However, “Average battery” == “Terrible in <1yr battery" for me with android phones…

    • B!

      Have you not seen one in person? I had the Note 7 & loved that design. When I saw the S8+ in person I thought it looked better than the Note 7. I can’t wait for the Note 8.

  • ASYOUTHIA✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I paid the extra $48 and went with the S8. I’m going sell the VR bundle and the AKG ear buds.


  • Antoine Devon Swans

    Well sir i understand your point of view, but not everyone wants a curved edged screen and some people prefer a flat screen so i think that you maybe speaking for those that do.
    And the one’s that don’t have many other options besides LG to offer us a flat screen experience and were ok with that!
    I just don’t understand why people think everyone wants a Samsung Galaxy S8, and that’s the funny part! Especially when the Galaxy Note 8 releases along with the Apple iPhone 8 and the LG V30 and many others still to come into this smartphone game!
    Will it sell, hell yeah!
    But not the numbers that they are use to with the market being oversaturated more than ever before!
    So LG isn’t it’s only competition!

  • mcdonsco

    LG G6 in hand now and loving it … Checked 9ut the S8 in BB the other day and still zero interest in the S8 over this G6.

    LG REALLY hit the nail on the head with the G6. Only complaint is 821/835 but I doubt anyone outside of synthetic benchmarks would notice a difference at all.

  • Dallas

    This phone’s form factor is soooooo tempting for me. It’s almost identical to my Nexus 5X in shape and size (which made for the easiest to hold phone I’ve ever owned), and it has the weight of my previous HTC M8 (which made the phone feel substantial and premium imo). The only problem is I don’t think I can EVER go back to a skinned phone after experiencing stock Android on my 5X. Is LG’s UI tolerable? And should I worry about updates?

  • AaronS

    Man, why all the LG hate in the comments? I was a Samsung guy (Galaxy Nexus, S3) until I bought my wife a G2. I made it about a month before I had to have one. I’ve had a G2, G4 (which actually had the hard brick issue but was still a really nice phone), and a V10. I have to say, I like the “experience” of using the LG phones better than I did of the Samsung phones. To each, his own I guess. But for me, it would take a lot for me to switch back to Sammy.

    • glimmerman76

      Yes but you have not used a newer Samsung phone.

      • B!

        Right. Galaxy Nexus & S3?! Those joints are 5 & 6 years old.

    • Ismail Akram

      You were Samsung guy in wrong time. I hated Samsung until S6 but now all have changed. They don’t make cheap phone anymore. They put best display in a phone. I am not fan of camera in Samsung or LG phones I love Pixel camera. After using G4 and V10 I stopped LG cuz of it’s bad display. Most probably won’t buy LG with LCD display.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Hey Tim. Is the charger in the Box a 3.0 charger?

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Design wise, after trying both phones I like the G6 more. It feels like a full metal device, quite frankly….It feels something that HTC might make and I prefer that feeling.

    I’m not a fan of the software either, BUT for the price, if it had 64GB base, the Quad Dac, and wireless charging in 1 device…I would have probably gotten one over the S8.

  • Phuq_Me

    Of course Tyler Durden has to bring his troll ass in here.

    • Drew

      Says the guy leaving the only troll comment in the discussion.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Wait….We ARE still getting a Video review right?

    • Yup, will be up this week, courtesy of Kellen.

  • ASV505

    I love this phone. Just went from a 6P to the G6 and have zero complaints. I was second guessing the phone this weekend after everyone lost their minds over the S8 so I decided to check it out. It’s a nice phone but after the initial Wow factor of the awesome screen I just can’t get back into Samsung or that Bixby. Decided to keep the G6. Battery life for me has been pretty damn good. With my use I’d have to charge the 6P throughout the day. This phone with the always on screen get me from 7am to 5pm with half my battery left.

  • Fred

    So far I Like my Verizon G6, way way better than the G5. It lagged a bit, so i switched of the animation. Lets see I have preordered the S8 & S8 PLus. Will the G6 survive the S8s

  • socalrailroader
  • Mine arrives tomorrow! I thought I would try something different from the Nexus 6P.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      My 6p is okay ….Since I got it replaced. But i think it’s time for an upgrade too. I want IP68, and Fast Charging at a minimum

    • ASV505

      I enjoyed the upgrade from the 6P

  • Me

    Finally got to play with the S8 today, & big props to Sammy. It’s super comfortable to hold in hand & the FP placement is actually natural on the smaller model. LG’s in for a rough time.

  • How did you like the Hudson Hotel?

    • It was okay. They teased us with a balcony attached to our room, but apparently you can’t go out there. Totally weak. Bar and food was great, tho!

      • Classic NYC Bait and switch. That bar gets hoppin’ in the evenings and weekends.

        • Indeed it did. Got pretty crowded once the sun went down!

  • TechGirl90

    “AT&T Bloat Count: Hella. Technically, there were 14 apps that I disabled. They include Firefox as the default browser (lolz), DirecTV, YellowPages, Amazon Shopping, Lookout, and others. Woof.”

    My face right now…..
    Go home AT$T, you’re drunk.

    • Doc Rivers is always so shiny!

    • Duffman

      Not like it’s going to be any different on any other carrier. If you don’t want bloat, buy a Nexus, Pixel, iPhone. This hasn’t changed since the existence of Android.

      • TechGirl90

        I’m very much aware of this already, I had a Nexus before.

        Out of of all the Carriers concerning bloatware, AT$T is by far the worst.

        Just because Carriers do this nonsense doesn’t mean it should be glossed over and not addressed.

        • Duffman

          While I agree, the fact remains that unless you’re buying the unlocked version, you’re stuck with the bloatware your carrier has loaded. There’s no getting around that.

          • TechGirl90

            Unless I go with an iPhone because Apple is stritch with Carriers messing with their Softwar-nope, I enjoy Android too much.

            You make a good point though.

          • Duffman

            It’s a point I hate to make and a reason why I’m using a Nexus. I’m actually thinking about an iPhone depending on how the pixel 2 turns out. I will never buy another Android that gets slow updates and has bloatware.

          • socalrailroader


          • TechGirl90

            Thank you for the correction. 🙂

  • I’ve been stupid enough to buy LG G4 and after this one, I’ll never buy and LG phone again. Only good thing on this PoC is camera.

    • Skwisgaar

      I was done after the G2. Literally had 5 (yes…five) of them, and not a single one had a functioning GPS. I was done with LG phones after that experience.

  • markwebb

    Still DOA in the States. No one will buy it now that Samsung has unleashed its marketing power. I finally did sell my V20: still experienced some jank.

    • TechGirl90

      “No one will buy it now that Samsung has unleashed its marketing power. ”

      Untrue, I’m buying it, not even Samsung’s “marketing power” can persuade me.

      They didn’t convince me with the S6/S7 Series, they’re not going to convince me with this Iteration.

      • markwebb

        You’re right: hyperbole. A few will buy it. 😃

        • TechGirl90

          True, compared to Samsung, LG will sell a few of their LG G6s unfortunately, but please understand that Sales Figures does not equate to that Smartphone being the best of the best.

          Samsung’s Wildcard is “Marketing”, that’s it.

          Samsung has more Marketing Luggage than LG, so Samsung is able to push out more without much of their revenue being compromised.

          LG doesn’t have that luxury, so they have to be smart with their marketing and make sure it captures the attention of Consumers.

          Their TV Ad for the LG G6 is very promising, they are actually showcasing not only their device, but it’s features as well, with a harmless theme that is not so in your face.

          However, Marketing is only half of the equation, Customer Satisfaction has to follow as well.

    • MadMartigan


      Keeping my V20. Not getting the G6 or the S8 – just not enough to make it a must have and my V20 is working great.

    • illregal

      I did , because im not a blind sheep idiot. And I have taste.

  • tu3218

    All you have to do is pick each one up one after another. You’ll then know which one to get. It’s the S8.

    the G6 is what should of been released last year. LG needs to go above and beyond the other manufacturers to get ahead. Exactly what they did with the G2. As long as they continue to just match Samsung, they will always fail.

    • NexusPhan

      G2 is still my all-around favorite phone. Crazy good battery and crazy small bezels (for the time). It’s too bad LG lost their innovative streak for so long and Samsung has become a serious powerhouse

      • 2001400ex

        Mine too. The only issue with the G2 was no SD card. I rocked my G3 from launch until last month.

        • hkklife

          Also, on the G2, wireless charging was a VZW exclusive featur. No microSD card was a real deal-breaker at the time, however.

    • php

      I’d be much quicker to put my money on LG than Samsung.

    • illregal

      The s8 is garbage to hold.. Curved edges. There will be so many broken s8’s, and thats if they make it long enough to be broken before bursting into flames.

      • glimmerman76

        now I would have said that with the s7 edge but not with the s8 series

    • TheDrunkenClam

      The one to get is neither.

  • glimmerman76

    I bought one and returned it….. Ill wait for the s8. LG is still behind the curve. Its the best phone LG has made in YEARS. But just does not check all the boxes for me.

    • Charles Rogers

      Which boxes?

      • Suicide_Note


        • glimmerman76

          LGs skin still does not do it for me. And battery life was just meh.

          • NexusPhan

            S8 will likely also have “meh” battery life. Their skin, while better than the G6, is still not great.

            For $100 less, I would have stuck with the G6 if your concerns were battery and skin.

          • glimmerman76

            Except you can get 100 off the 8+

          • NexusPhan

            Right. So it’s $100 more then the G6

          • PoisonApple31

            I got my S8+ for $716 w/pre-order and the G6 is $672 at Verizon. For $44 definitely worth it.

          • Akuma10

            But if you buy it at at&t (which is what I have) it’s a$30 difference. $720 (LG G6) vs $750 (Galaxy s8). $30 gets you 64gb and the 835. No brainier for me.

          • Duffman

            Do you really think Touchwiz and a 3000mAh battery (300mAh less) are going to make a difference?

          • glimmerman76

            I went with the plus. And battery depends on how the sd835 does.

          • Duffman

            But that battery also has to power a 6.2″ screen. That’s something to take into consideration.

          • glimmerman76

            Yes but the plus has 500mAh more than the s8

          • Duffman

            But it also has a much bigger display. And let’s be honest, the display uses the most battery in our phones. I do hope the reviews are positive, but I have a feeling they’re going to be slightly worse than the S7/Edge.

          • Ismail Akram

            Don’t worry Samsung will do better in battery department even with those 3000 battery. Samsung always does. Watch for GSMarena battery tests.

          • Tyler Durden

            S7 gets great battery life. Also OLED >>> LCD in efficiency and 835 is 25-35% more power efficient.

          • Duffman

            OLED is only more power efficient when displaying blacks. And just because Qualcomm says the 835 is 30% more power efficient, it all depends how well Samsung writes their software.

          • Tyler Durden

            Either way, OLED will always be better than LCD in quality and efficiency. Plus dark theme>>

          • Duffman

            Until Samsung does a full RGB subpixel layout, I don’t know if I can honestly say it’ll be better quality. The pentile arrangement still isn’t ideal and never will be. Apple’s LCDs seem to be quite good these days. I wonder if that’s why it’s rumored that the iPhone 8 will have a higher resolution due to the pentile OLED.

          • Ismail Akram

            If you watch videos on your phone ( which I do ) then iPhone 7 plus display is not good. Most video have more dark scenes, night. And it’s hard to see in iPhone display. It’s not just iPhone display any LCD

            I have iPhone 7+ and Pixel XL and for multimedia Pixel XL display is superior

          • illregal

            Did you see how they coded tizen.. Not well.

          • Spider210

            Ok we get it, you dislike LG, stop trolling every g6 thread.. you Samsung fanboy get over it no one cares

    • Greg Moffat

      I find the S8 rather underwhelming/ho hum – pretty expensive along with a rather useless curved edge display, no real camera advances, lack of stereo speakers (neither does the G6), a battery too small for its size (G6 slightly better), a fragile glassy back (G6 the same problem), awkwardly placed fingerprint reader, a garish Samsung UI, lots of bloatware and slow OS upgrades (though G6 not so flash either) – whereas the LG G6 seems a more interesting and innovative product from a hardware point of view at least, and especially so as a follow up to the G5.

      • glimmerman76

        I think price is a moot point since best buy has the s8 for 50 off and s8 plus for 100 off.

        As for os updates might want to look at how Samsung is doing it better. That is another reason I returned it. Aka the v20 is still on the December security patch on att and Verizon

        • wickets

          you only get discounts if you’re poor and have to pay for it monthly LOL…outright purchase has no discount at all, but even so, compared to the g6, the s8 (+ anyway) is worth every extra penny

          • Aaron Albert

            Poor because you don’t have $1000+ in discretionary funds to spend on a toy? Tell Don I said hello.

          • a

            24 month payment with 0% interest is cheaper than paying upfront. Tomorrow’s money is always worth less than today’s. Inflation is a bitch, but don’t let facts get in the way of your argument against “the poors”.

          • glimmerman76

            um your kinda smug. I bought it with next will wait 60 days and pay it off. Its a easy way to save 100 bucks. I have done this with lots of phones to get the discounts. I will rinse and repeat with the note 8

          • Frettfreak

            yeah, cause its SO DUMB to make monthly payments at ZERO INTEREST. hmm… lets see… 1000 out of my bank now, or 30 a month til i am ready to trade it in…. yeah.. sounds more like a better way to use your money to me.

        • Frettfreak

          OS updates are what kill LG for me almost every time. HOWEVER, it looks like they have been improving

          • glimmerman76

            not really

      • Eric R.

        It actually has a new camera sensor. The Sony IMX330

        • illregal

          Which in the comparison I’ve seen, gets smoked by the g6.

      • B!

        “…, lots of bloatware and slow OS upgrades (though G6 not so flash either)…”

        This was the only thing that is accurate in all of what was said. Have you seen one in person?

        • G5

          Ummm No. Everything he said was correct. You samdung fanboys are brutal. Stop commenting please. All as you guys do is fill the comments with useless replies. stick to the Sammy post please!!!!

          I have the G6. It’s pretty nice. No Pixel XL(software wise) but still nice. and i’ll have the s8 the day it comes out. And just like every other Samsung i get, i’ll hate it in a week because of how bad touch wiz is. it is unusable!!!! At least LG has decent software. Except for Icon appearance you can make it basically stock looking. But batt life is letting me down and the Pixel was just so good it’s going to be hard to match it.

          But again let people that have these comment. Enough of you Samsung lovers. You sound so ridiculous. Do your read your own comments. One bad thing about S8 and your all over it. S8 doesn’t look that great to me either. Just like Greg wrote. Not looking forward to it (although i will get one to see how it actually is).

          • B!

            1. Fanboys get butthurt off of comments that are merely ones nonbiased opinion. My comment = nonbiased opinion. Your long ass rant = butthurt reply.

            2. “…and i’ll have the s8 the day it comes out. And just like every other Samsung i get, i’ll hate it in a week because of how bad touch wiz is….”

            That’s the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard. Why even get one? You contradicted yourself in your reply.

            Lastly, step your grammar & punctuation game up. I don’t care if this is just a tech blog site. Type like you have some sense.

          • John

            When is the last time you have messed with TouchWiz? I have the Note 5 and have since launch, while I am not a fan, I throw Google Now Launcher(sad that it is going away) and I am on my way with no performance issues at all. People hold on to old stigmas way too often.

      • Frettfreak

        “a garish Samsung UI” . .. its been a while since i would call their UI garish. like since the s4

    • Eddie Jr

      Well why did you return it? What didn’t you like? What curves was it behind of?

    • David Martrano

      I say the same, no dac & 32gb’s of storage. That’s a no go for me. Good phone, yes! The s8 has more features. The price of the g6 is decent and better than the U Ultra. I will wait & see what the V30 has to offer!

      • whateverman00

        Yeah… I was looking at the g6 mostly because I thought it had the dac. Without it, it doesn’t offer nearly as much as the s8.

    • The Doctor

      …you should’ve known it didn’t check all the boxes BEFORE purchasing the phone.

      Ugh. Some people.

      • glimmerman76

        you cant know that till you get a hand on the phone. remember there were not any on display at the time.

        • The Doctor

          …but you knew the specs way before purchasing it. There should’ve been no surprises.

          • glimmerman76

            specs dont make a phone the software does…. Or in this case lg still cant get it right.

  • bjtittiesjr

    Having had the G5 for a year as of yesterday, this seems like the perfect upgrade for me. The only issue I ever even had with the G5 was the GPS being pretty terrible. I’ve had the G2-G5 now, and I don’t think I’ll be jumping off that trend. I’ve never had a Samsung phone, and I doubt I will any time soon. Also: headphone jack.

    • Dang, you should try expanding the horizons a tad. Give the S8 a try. I bet you’d really enjoy it. Same with the G6, tho. Both are great.

    • JohnW

      The S8 has a headphone jack, if you were inferring otherwise.

    • Eric

      This is the first time I have ever come across an LG knight.

      LG’s Richard Yarrell 🙂

    • I’m with bjtittiesjr; I was a big fan of the G5, and could never understand why everyone hated it so much. Also had some issue with the GPS. I only wish that LG would move the volume buttons back to the back of the phone . . .

  • Evan Yaffe

    I wasnt impressed by the battery at all. Its kind of heavy, but that’s coming from a Moto G4 Play.

  • Drewskee122

    I see phone prices are rising by a few bucks…every top tier phone is about $30 a month on payment plan when just 2 years ago it was around $24-26 per phone.

  • David Stevens

    They should have included the Quad-Dac, wireless charging and 64gb in all models……
    The haptic feedback feels horrible…. The haptic feedback in the 7 Plus has spoiled me forever……

    • Tyler Durden

      I’m glad Samsung did this with the S8 instead of just on screen buttons.

  • Pedro

    “Girlfriend impressions: “Comfortable to hold and operate in one hand. I like the weight, it feels durable, and its not slippery…”

    –Actually what she said

    • php

      Hahahahah yes

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    • All_I_do_is_post_gifs

      Actually what she said


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      • Benitarwillis

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    • Justin Martin

      Are we still talking about the phone?

  • Josh Evenson

    Awesome review! I’m waiting until it’s available unlocked to pick one up. Any ideas on when that would be?

  • Tyler Durden

    I see you’re using the AT&T version and have no performance issues. Seems to be exclusive to T-Mobile. Hopefully it’s addressed soon.

    Though we see the same average battery life. 4-4.5 hours SOT.

    • What type of jank are you seeing?

      • Tyler Durden

        A lot. Scrolling the play store is like a slideshow.

        Chrome took 5 minutes almost to load your page and scroll to the bottom and then type my message.

        Opening apps have a bit of a skip to them.

        Typing even in google messenger is a few milliseconds behind.

        I even tried turning off the animations. Didn’t help.

        • Bob

          Pixel called. Said there was no jank over there.

          • Tyler Durden

            No jank on my flawless S7 Edge or IPhone 7+. I’ll take them over a boring Pixel 🙂

          • markwebb

            I returned my pixel xl: overpriced and lacking except for speed and camera. But, about those constant freezes…

          • Ismail Akram

            I thought they are in beta 7.1.2? I had a lot of freezes but after second update to 7.1.2 I don’t remember any freezes. Before that many times everyday.

          • Ismail Akram

            iPhone 7+ gets as boring as Pixel XL

          • Tyler Durden


          • Ismail Akram

            Well I have both and that’s how I know it.

          • Tyler Durden

            I find iOS amazing. Even after using plenty of Android phones. It does everything I can do on the other and vice versa. Having stable, optimized, perfect performance isn’t “boring”.

          • Ismail Akram

            Well then what makes Pixel XL boring? It have better notifications, performance is on par with iOS but smoothness is even better on Pixel, updates as fast as iOS. UI is more polished. beside display is better :-p have access to file system

            Pixel is very stable, performance is awesome and camera is unmatched these things also don’t makes pixel boring.

          • Tyler Durden

            Display being better is subjective

          • Ismail Akram

            I have both 7+ and Pixel XL and I know it.

          • Bob


        • Good lord. Yeah, not having those problems. I’d have ripped it. But hey, S8 coming soon! 😉

        • Tom Ireland

          Did you get the t-mo update yet?

      • socalrailroader

        What the heck is jank? Lol It must be millennial and hipster speak for lag.

        • Tyler Durden

          adjectiveNORTH AMERICANinformal
          adjective: jank
          of extremely poor or unreliable quality.
          “the software is pretty janky”

        • Futbolrunner

          You must be new to DL. Welcome.

    • Masri87

      I played with the T-Mo version today for about 2-3 hours and didn’t notice any lag –

      • Tyler Durden

        Guess it’s only a few of us. But I am not the only one. I guarantee it.