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DEAL: Google Daydream View is Still Just $49, Now at Best Buy Too

google daydream view review

Just a reminder that Google’s Daydream View is still discounted to $49 at the moment, a $30 discount. The deal on Google’s VR headset is good until late in February, but we thought we’d point out the fact that Best Buy has finally joined in on the fun. Originally, only Google and Verizon had dropped the price.

While only a few devices are Daydream-ready as of today, you should expect that most in 2017 will be. Taking advantages of deals like this ahead of time is never a bad idea. Then again, others likely have their own similar headsets on the way as well.

Our Daydream View review could help with the decision. 

Daydream View Links: Best Buy | Verizon | Google Store

  • If the 6P worked I would have bought the headset a long time ago.

  • bsteen

    Got one free with the early Pixel buy promo. Still waiting for really solid apps to come out for it. Quality-wise, experience is about on par with Samsung Gear VR, but hand-held controller definitely better than trying to locate touch screen on Sammy headset every time you need to interact with it.

  • FRGuzman

    I wonder if it will ever be compatible with the Nexus 6P…

  • Shawn John

    Bought when first release, sits in the box now, pull it out to take virtual trips of places I’m going, other than that, meh. It over heats your phone (Pixel XL) and some of the apps made me nauseous.

  • j__h

    Is it worth it for the regular (non XL) Pixel?

    • RazorSky

      You can see the pixels in the XL at 2k screen so they will be slightly larger in the non xl. However I don’t think it’s ready for prime time. if you can get one for $25 or less then do it, else wait. Just my 2 cents.

  • Lee McLaurin

    There’s not that much difference, as far a how it works, than any other VR device. It’s comfortable and the Pixel XL stays in and you don’t have to worry about it falling out. They haven’t yet taken full advantage of the device yet, but the remote works really well and responds rapidly. Watching 3D YouTube videos is a trip, though. By the way, these went on sale at Best Buy a couple of days after they went on sale at the Playstore. I called Best Buy the day after they went on sale at the Play store to see if they would price match. They wouldn’t not. The the day after that they went of sale anyway.

  • Anyone that own’s or used more than once, what is your opinion on the Daydream? Especially the controller.

    I might just buy it in advance of buying a Daydream capable device if this is a good value @ $49.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I’m thinking the exact same thing… I’m also wondering if there are any noticeable differences between using it with a Pixel and other “Compatible” devices.

    • Morris

      I used my Gear VR a few times and since then its collecting dust in my drawer.

      • Deborahawilhelm

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    • Defenestratus

      “You get what you pay for”

    • deadpenguins

      I got this deal and own the smaller pixel. It’s very responsive, especially the controller (I love the projected pointer effect), but it is *extremely* grainy, to the point that I can easily see the subpixels. I haven’t even really gotten around to playing with it much since that first day, because it was such a distracting experience. Just something to keep in mind. I hear the larger pixel looks better, but still not great.

      • T4rd

        Sounds similar to when I tried out the Gear VR on recent Samsung phones. I don’t even think QHD is high res enough to fix the screen door effect on these VR solutions. I’m thinking VR headsets need a minimum of a 4K display, but the higher the better. So basically using phones as VR displays are far from ideal for the time being.

      • Thanks, this is VERY useful information.

    • RazorSky

      Don’t buy it. I bought and returned. Its not even a good gimmick yet. That on top of the heat generate from your phone, it’s not worth the stress test for the phone.