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LG Ditches Modules for G6, Will Focus on Making It Pretty Instead

lg g5 battery camera grip

LG is done with its modular experiment. According to LG Chief Technologist Skott Ahn, the Korean company will instead focus on aesthetics and usability for its upcoming phone, which is now confirmed as the G6

Ahn spoke briefly with the Wall Street Journal, saying that they plan to release the G6 “in the very near future,” which matches up to previous reports suggesting that LG may push out the phone earlier than ever this year to get out in from of competitors. A company spokesperson added that we should expect it in the $500 to $600 range.

As for the modular “Friends” from the G5, well, they are no longer our friends. LG said that customers really weren’t into modules, partly because they aren’t interested in forking out the extra money for them. It was an obvious experiment that didn’t succeed.

RIP, LG modules. Hello, G6!

Via:  Wall Street Journal
  • Ralph Luciano Padro Jr.

    The concept was decent, but poorly executed. I went from the G3 to the G5. It was a good upgrade, but the G5 rubbed me the wrong way. I didn’t have too much of an issue with performance, but there were times that it just annoyed me. I picked up the V20 last month and I am certainly enjoying the phone a lot more.

  • Jacob Svonavec

    G4 and V10 were pretty and only lacked front stereo speakers 👍, hint hint

  • vOc627
  • Biga173rd

    It was a good but risky concept but it was not designed or executed well also those modules were over priced. I’m glad that LG has been one of the few remaining companies that are still doing removable batteries. But this time I think we might kiss that good bye.

  • seattle tech

    LG listen to your customers!

  • netanil

    But will it come standard with bootloop?

  • Kyle Miller

    Good phone. Terrible battery life. The 360 camera was trashy. And the other modules were either hard to find or useless. But I like when companies try something different, so LG is still cool with me.

  • calculatorwatch

    LG has really lost its way. The one thing that ever made them popular was big batteries and small bezels. Now Samsung is about to blow them up in the bezel department. They better come up with something better than a pretty phone this year.

    • badenglishihave

      True. G2 was their peak imo.

      • 2001400ex

        G2 was the best form factor. But missed on the removable battery and SD card department.

        • badenglishihave

          G2 was the first phone I didn’t care about having a removable battery. 3000mAh will take you a long way. That being said, removable batteries help prolong the life of the device so it would have been nice.

          • LeVvE

            G2 has an easily removed back so replacing the battery is no problem, it just doesn’t have an “on the go” replaceable battery.

      • Strix

        I really think the peak for LG for me was the V10. I really loved the stainless steel and silicon was the perfect compromise between practicality, durability and quality of feel. I wish they’d make another phone like the V10 but without all the gimmicks(the extra screen and two rear cameras) and scaled down a bit in size.

        • ASYOUTHIA✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          My V10 is the last LG phone I’m going to have for a couple of years at least. They came back with the N5 and was doing everything right besides the marketing IMO but they fell off with the G5 and V10.

          The S8 leaks are looking pretty good

  • Gustavo Guiscem Soares

    I’m expecting a lot of “Like a G6” jokes

  • Me

    Falling into the Apple trap. I still doubt it sells well. OEMs should be focusing more on software, especially with mid priced phones coming out with top tier specs.

  • Comk4ver

    I’m glad those overpriced friends are gone. I wish that LG would continue their focus on their “G” and “V” lines. As far as the skin it’s gotten better in the last couple of years so.

    • Brandon Sobotta

      I use a launcher anyways. But it seems the skin on the v20 is better than the g5.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Also with their skin LG is really the only company that I default won’t buy their phone – I’m fine with TouchWiz and Sense UI and of course Pure Moto.

    • Their skin is horrible. Way too similar to TouchWiz, but gone wrong.

      • Me

        Tbf, TW is still cartoony as hell. I’d take sense & sony ui over it any day.

    • mickeyB88

      DL typically craps all over their skin but the V20 reviewed pretty well with the software, so maybe it’s getting better. Still can’t get over their comically huge nav icons though, the G3 made me very wary of LG’s software

      • Boomdizzle

        I used my wife’s old G2 for about two weeks in between phones and couldn’t stand looking at those enormous buttons. That and the crazy amount of colors in the settings menu.

    • G5

      Then you are retarded! I’m so sick of you “skin” people. Grow up. I’m learning the hard way how bad a phone is without skins. Boring, basic and unusable in the real world(people that work and use their phone for work). You all must be either kids or losers with no jobs!! First off the lg skin is a thousand times better than any of the ones you would use. I could make my G2,3,4 and 5 look 90% stock Android. Look stock but have a email client that actually does exchange and have a calendar that actually syncs and has full options from the phone. Not one good email app for the pixel. Not one that even comes close to a skinned phone. Nevermind a real note app. And about another 100 features that actually work perfect. I have the best phone on the market right now. And only have had it for a couple months. The second this G6 comes out I’m throwing my XL I’m the trash. I wish I was like you guys and was a young dumb kid that only texts. Or like you non-workers that use your phone for games. No skins needed for you guys actually
      You don’t even needs phones !!!!! Stop thinking its cool to make fun of skins and think it’s cool to have a crappy a$$ stock launcher that can do basically nothing except surf the web. If you make fun of skins you don’t know your a$$ from your elbow. I used to listen to you guys until I said ” these donkeys don’t have a clue”. They say thing they think is right because of comments. Next you’ll Tell me the finger print scanner should be on front. Or that hard keys are better than capacitive. So STFU. I’ve had it with this nonsense. Grow up And or get a job!!!!

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        TLDR… -_-

      • Prototype

        I guess you didn’t notice the several other skins that he said he was quite fine with using before you went on your rant? I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  • JSo

    Well they kinda failed with modules so that’s no surprise.

    • Suicide_Note

      Kinda failed is being too kind. That’s like saying Ronda Rousey kinda failed in her last fight.

      • Me

        She won the weigh in

        • seattle tech

          Forget about your world class judo… You are the best boxer Rhonda!

    • Tomek G

      I think the concept was good, but execution just horrible.

    • AKentPhoto

      No kidding…

      I couldn’t buy them anywhere! But the ability to swap batteries without taking off the case is tits. I’m truly going to miss this phone when it gets retired. I can’t live without them so no idea where I’m going to turn next…

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    5-600? Typical LG range for their devices no? – I’ll see what they have prepared.