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Android Distribution Update for June 2016 – Marshmallow Jumps Past 10%!

android distribution june 2016

Google updated the Android distribution numbers today for the month of June, showing Marshmallow jumping past the 10% mark for the first time. I’d call that a significant milestone, but when you consider the fact that Marshmallow was introduced at the end of last September, 10.1% of the Android pie doesn’t exactly seem like enough. 

As for the rest of the numbers, Lollipop now sits at 35.4%, KitKat at 31.6%, Jelly Bean at 18.9%, Ice Cream Sandwich at 1.9%, Gingerbread at 2.0%, and Froyo at 0.1%. In case you were wondering, those are all down from May.

You can see last month’s numbers here.

Via:  Android Devleopers
  • D.S. Ryelle

    My tablet won’t take the update, but that’s probably because it’s a Tab A and not the (muy expensivo) Tab S2.

    • sparkeyjames

      You should try being a Galaxy Tab pro 8.4 owner. At the time of it’s making it was Samsungs top of the line small tablet. It’s stuck on 4.4.3. Samsung promised an update to 5.1 then reneged on it.

      • D.S. Ryelle

        I’ve had this Tab A less than a month, so I kind of was stuck there with you…? (I probably shouldn’t have bought a new tablet at this point in my life, but my Tab 3 was dying.)

  • Prototype

    VZ finally got MM out to the Note 4 and it’s definitely a nice update. Wonder if Google’s potential name and shame factored into things at all.

  • seattle tech

    Does google have a chart by COUNTRY???

  • yummy

    Totally unacceptable by any measure but the carriers rulers. I would be embarassed to release those numbers if I was Google.

  • Mikey Styles

    The fact FroYo GB ICS & JB are still prevalent enough to be on the list is absolutely absurd imho. Am I wrong in thinking that? Just consider the last 3 interations of Android make up 77% & we’re about to have another, I’m sorry but that’s Fragmentation my fellow enthusiasts

    • defcon888

      keep in mind, there are some people that don’t like to upgrade…if it works…why change. Plus, a lot older phones get shipped to 3rd world countries…they don’t care what OS is running on it….as long as it is a phone.

      • Mikey Styles

        I’m not going to disagree with you there & I feel that isn’t really an issue purse but fragmentation has become problematic & Google is using a bit of deniability somewhat. That being said I do feel they’ll find a solution soon since it’s become a tough topic to avoid.

        • Brian Himes

          I get your point but nothing will be done about Fragmentation. Google can’t enforce anything due to the open source nature of their operating system.

      • Mohit B

        Hi,i am from a 3rd world country and there are very few people who don’t care abt the android OS running their android. Thing is we don’t get updates very often, Andoid kitkat has a minimum RAM requirement of 512MB,my HTC Desire x (2012 model) has 768 MB ram and is still struck on Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean). I’m a fan of HTC and i love HTC10 but it’s damn costly. Rs. 50,000.

  • Jason

    just in time for N.

  • CHRIS42060

    WTF (What the Froyo) Froyo?

    • TC Infantino

      I’m using my OG Droid as a bedside alarm clock. I am betting that there are others who do similar with their old phones.

      • Suicide_Note

        Just curious: why don’t you use your current phone as your alarm clock?

        • TC Infantino

          I do. I put the OG Droid in its dock across the room from my bed. Both have the alarms set because I like to have redundancy when it comes to getting up on time.

          • Suicide_Note

            Thanks. I find the different setups that people use interesting.

            Personally, I set a pair of alarms in Timely to go off several minutes apart on my 6P in the morning. This way, if I dismiss one by mistake, the other still goes off shortly after.

          • TC Infantino

            LOL I tried that. My hands are faster to wake up than my brain. The alarm across the room requires me to be at least semi-concious to turn it off. One time late to work after a long sleep deprived weekend was enough to get me to set my alarms up this way.

  • Nexusfan

    What’s the point of getting latest version when OEM’s like Samsung ruins it, last week i had to use note 5 temporarily, though it’s smooth, it felt like ICS even though it’s updated to M, all transitions, animations are like ICS, Samsung ruined the sweet marshmallow.

    • pyro74boy .

      Nexus Fanboy alert.

      Your story would be much more believable if the word Nexus was not used in your profile lol

      • defcon888

        LOLOL….that was priceless

  • Allyn K C

    “… and Froyo at 0.1%. In case you were wondering, those are all down from May”

    No, Froyo was 0.1% last month too … while the other versions shrink, Froyo holds steady! Hooray for the Froyo goodness!

    • MH

      Where is honeycomb? My x00m is still kicking as a music player

  • Aaron

    How can Froyo and Gingerbread still be around? And how can GB have a higher percentage than ICS?

    • bose301s

      ICS lasted literally 6 months, from the time the Galaxy Nexus was released until Google I/O the next spring when 4.1 Jelly Bean was released.

  • swaglord

    typing this on kitkat

  • mickeyB88

    I booted up my OG droid because I found it and got curious, sorry.

    • Anglea Schmidt

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  • bobbyp

    I wonder where the N preview sits other than on my Nexus 6P?

  • Rod

    Damn, Kitkat is still at almost 1/3. And it’s almost 3 years old now…

    • Kendal Kline

      I’m finally doing my part and switching to a Nexus 6P from my KitKat-burdened Motorola Droid Maxx.

      My 6P is supposed to arrive tomorrow, after which I will no longer being contributing to the ridiculous KitKat numbers!

      • Rod

        Be welcome.