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Android Distribution Updated for May 2016 – Marshmallow Climbs to 7.5%

android distribution may 2016

Google updated the Android distribution numbers today for the month of May, showing Marshmallow continuing its steady climb, while the rest of the Android versions in the wild stay mostly the same. 

As of May 2, Android 6.0 Marshmallow sits on 7.5% of devices, which is up from 4.6% in April. On a non-increasing front, Lollipop dropped to 35.6% (from 35.8%), KitKat to 32.5% (from 33.4%), Jelly Bean to 20.1% (from 22.3%), Ice Cream Sandwich to 2.0% (from 2.2%), and Gingerbread to 2.2% (from 2.6%). Froyo remained at 0.1%.

You can see last month’s numbers here.

Via:  Android Developers
  • Jason

    is there anywhere to find smartphone distribution only?

  • Citizen7

    This is NOT sad. This is a GOOD thing. This means that people like myself are re-purposing old android phones, rather than tossing them into a landfill. ALL of my old phones are still in use. 3 are being used as IP cameras for home security. one is being used as a dedicated media player box. Another being used as a media center remote control. Another turned off in the glovebox of my car, to be used for making emergency calls and picture taking in the case of an accident. (since this phone is off, it would be the only one NOT skewing the numbers.) There are so many possibilities, there is virtually never a reason to toss out an old android phone. My newest phone is a Sony Z5 Compact (running 6.0) – Aside from my daily driver, it would be completely pointless to update them. These numbers are skewed, bogus, and pointless.

  • CasperTFG

    Dear Google,

    Deny Play Store access to the 0.1 percenters.


  • Jason B

    Google could spur change by offering Android based ad-revenue sharing to smaller manufacturers who update to the newest versions of Android in a timely manner and commit to 24 month security and OS updates on high-end phones or help subsidize the cost of updating budget devices whose per-device profits are low. Of course, the money would have to have stipulations attached, but it would be used to support software engineering teams at smaller hardware manufacturers.

    The problem is that Google gets billions in advertising money from Android, and smaller manufacturers are fighting over bread crumbs of market share with behemoth Samsung taking the majority of the Android market. Help the smaller guys out, Google.

    Otherwise, core Android will have to be built and updated by Google alone with self-contained modules added by manufacturer for hardware features and software tweaks. Drivers in core Android will be generic and good enough to run the system on any phone with any hardware (universal open-source drivers from SoC manufacturers). Phone manufacturers can then load modules on startup to change core Android to their liking.

  • TechGuy22

    what google needs to do is allow them to have two version of android one that google control and the other that OEM can use to do their crap

    you know if someone wants pure android or latest version, they can just download the image and bam they are fine.

  • Bobby Delaney

    Android’s biggest problem is Google. Google needs to take a play from Apple and make the software AND hardware, market, and reign in some control by the OEM’s on the devices they make. Make OEM’s conform more to stock, bloat that can be deleted (F disable), keep the bootloader unlocked, and have updates come directly from Google over WiFi to circumvent the carrier. Android should be a lot better than it is now and Google being too nice is keeping it from that.

  • mcdonsco

    Anyone have a 2nd gen Moto x with marshmallow on it? Wondering how it’s holding up in the speed/capability department?

    • Terrance Steiner

      No…I bought my 2nd gen moto x through verizon. 🙁

  • AbbyZFresh

    It’s sad when more than half of Android are stuck on ancient KitKat and below.

    And who the heck is still using Froyo?

    • JLV90

      I’m using it you have a problem? Fight me IRL

    • michael arazan

      My Droid 1 is an alarm clock music player, works great and get 4 hours battery life on the original battery from 2009

  • Pootis Man

    Man, Froyo just won’t die.

    • Terrance Steiner

      Every time some turns on an OG Droid out of nostalgia and it connects to WiFi and angel gets its wings…and Android usage data gets a little skewed.

  • vahdyx

    Kind of sad to be honest. I wish Android would do better with updates. I know I know, it’s not Google’s fault, but still they should do something to fix, aid, improve the entire situation.

    • Suicide_Note

      They’ve done that, but the carriers have no incentive to pump out timely updates. In fact, it’s in their best interests to withhold updates, and push people towards buying the newest phone.

      • TheDave1022

        Which is why people should stop buying devices from manufacturers (Samsung/LG/Moto) who rarely keep phones up to date if they care about getting updates. Most consumers really don’t care what version of the OS they run or that they even get security updates. Unlocked phones from Google is the only way to go if you care about both.

        • vahdyx

          I agree with you 100% but realistically that’s not gonna happen. Most people including my beloved wife don’t really care about updates. She doesn’t see a difference and for all she knows it’s the same before and after an update. Which is why we got her an iPhone and which is why I personally stopped buying carrier phone. Nexus, HTC unlocked phones, and previously Motos but no more Motos for me.

        • Suicide_Note

          Exactly. Nexus or bust.

        • mcdonsco

          You mean [carriers (verizon /at&t/sprint)]?

          Cause, the way you stated it is backwards from reality.

          • TheDave1022

            Carriers make it worse, but these OEMs with skins are just as bad. Wait until that galaxy s8 comes out and see how long that update takes, even on an unlocked one. My Nexus 6p a year later will take 1-2 weeks max.

          • Ichigo Uzumaki

            Galaxy S8? Lets see how long it takes Samsung to update the GS7 or the G-Note 6 to N.

    • LANCE

      thx to xda developers alot of older samsung devices just got bootloader unlocks and 6.0.1 /CM 13

    • Adrián Iriarte

      Android N is the begginning of updates from google to all Android devices. Android N or next version. OEM would work on their appearance but the core of android is going to be only updated from Google.

    • TechTinker11

      Gotta also remember that sometimes people don’t update the software or phones. My brother has had the M update for the past 2 months or so, and has chose not to update (purely because he doesn’t want to turn off his phone for 20mins, smh), sure some people are the same with other reasons. I’ve seen some people still use old as heck phones just because they don’t/can’t update so that adds to the ICS and below. And some fans of Android and Developers also turn on older devices and do access the play store. Numbers are a bit skewed.

      • vahdyx

        That may be, but let’s be realistic how many millions of folks see an update and says, “I’m not doing it” vs the ones that do. I’m willing to wager that most folks choose to update. Look at iOS for example. There’s millions of users on the latest and greatest OS update vs the ones that can’t, or choose not to. iOS is a different culture for sure, but still, with the community at XDA and others, trying to figure out ways to update old phones. It’s clearly something that most of us want. Most of us want to stay current.

      • mcdonsco

        Yup. Take my mom for instance, always wants the newest note each year but will not update ANYTHING on it, ever, and doesn’t even clear her notifications, ever. Just a complete mess. But, a lot of people are like that.

        • pyro74boy .

          That’s why the update process isn’t as important to some people as it is others. Especially if you’re someone like your mom who wants to upgrade her phone every single year then the update process is not nearly as important.

          Is there someone who keeps your phone for long periods of time then that’s where Nexus phones really shine because nothing will get updated faster and you know a phone like the Nexus 6p is going to have the latest and greatest version of Android before anything else gets it. That’s what I love about the Android operating system there’s something for everyone.

          • mcdonsco

            Too bad Google keeps doing gianormous nexi or low end crap ones :-/

          • pyro74boy .

            You do realize that there is a market for lower end phones. I think even companies like Apple have realize this. And I don’t even like apple and I don’t like to even use them as an example but let’s face it lower end phones sell because of their price tag and not everybody can afford the price tag of the higher-end phone

          • mcdonsco

            I totally understand that, in fact so well that I just bought a $275 2nd gen moto x (64gb leather)…to actually replace my S7 (which IMHO, is running like pure crap). And since there is no other phone out there that interests me currently and I know Moto’s are excellent in call quality and signal strength (a must for me) and that they are smoothly running MM now . . . Well, that’s my pick.

          • blanco112

            To be fair, simply deciding not to update your OS is really something anyone can do. My dad never updated his iPhone.

        • Variousthings3251

          Same as my aunt!

    • pyro74boy .

      Go out and buy a Nexus phone and stop complaining

      • vahdyx

        I’ve owned plenty. That doesn’t’ change the fact that Android needs change.

        • pyro74boy .

          I respectfully disagree. I’m using the Note 4 without marshmallow and I’m having absolutely no issues whatsoever with it. Sure it’s not a newer phone and it’s definitely starting to show some age but it still works perfectly fine and does everything I needed to do and keep in mind I’m not even using the latest and greatest version of Android.

          Is the Android operating system perfect? Absolutely not but I can find flaws with every single mobile operating system out there especially iOS.

          • vahdyx

            What?! That makes no sense to me. But you’re right, it’s your phone and your opinion. For me and most of the people of this world they want to stay current. For example, as someone else put, they “upgrade” their phone every year. Why so they can stay current is it not? Sure it is. No one said your phone stops working when an update comes out. No one said iOS or Android is perfect. That’s not the point. No idea where that’s coming from.

            For me why would you settle?

          • pyro74boy .

            Please keep in mind that the reason I’m making these points is because many people who don’t like the Android operating system try to use it in defense when they claim that their iPhone is better or that iOS is better versus Android. I wasn’t in any way shape or form saying that you said any of this so please keep that in mind.

            With the option of being able to pay your phone off over a couple years time people like me are in the driver seat as I also have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and with the device payment plan options that I do have I can trade my phone in anytime I want. Do you realize what this means? This means that I not only can upgrade to the latest Hardware I will also most likely be upgrading to the latest Hardware running the latest software as it’s already been rumored that the Note 6 will come pre-loaded with Android N

            As for why people might not like the Android operating system? Really I think many of these people are complaining just for the sake of complaining because just about everything that everyone Claims as weakness with Android isn’t really a witness at all.

            There’s something for everyone with the Android operating system and it still continues to get better and better over the years.

          • vahdyx

            Honestly, you’re speaking nonsense to me. People don’t like Android or iOS for what ever reason they want. It doesn’t make it less valid. If they throw false facts in then sure, but that doesn’t change the fact they don’t like it. I don’t like Android being slow at updates. I don’t like the many different platforms of Android causing trouble for developers, but that doesn’t mean Android sucks IMO. I use Android because of what it does that I like.

            Android has flaws. It’s far from perfect. I could care less about iOS right now. Not sure why you keep bringing that up to me.

            Android isn’t perfect, as soon as Google realizes this, they can make changes in the right direction. No one and I mean no one should say, “Well I’m happy with the 7th grade, Just gonna stay here for awhile” Why would you do that. In a way (bad example I know) that’s what people are saying when they accept not upgrading their Android phone. If upgrading their phone breaks their phone and there’s fear of that. Then maybe Google should streamline the upgrade process more so it doesn’t hurt phones.

            You get what I’m saying? We should always be moving forward. Why stay put? I don’t know that’s just me. I guess that’s why I don’t vote socialist lol.

          • pyro74boy .

            What phone are you currently using?

            I totally and completely understand what you’re saying and you’re right every single one of these operating systems is going to have flaws. It just seems to me like someone like you would be better off with a Nexus device because they always get updated the fastest.

            I don’t however agree with you about the update process but then again I’m someone who always upgrade my phone all the time I’m sure if I was someone who didn’t upgrade my phone on a yearly basis I might have agreed with what you said. And let’s face it there are many people reading the comments that don’t upgrade their phone all too often and if that’s the case then yes this would definitely be an issue especially if they’re one two or even three versions of Android below the current marshmallow update this would definitely be very annoying.

            I don’t completely disagree with everything that you said but parts of it I do disagree with us but that’s the best part about this world everyone has an opinion

          • vahdyx

            So…. who was that fellow that said they are using a Note 4, was it you or someone else on your keyboard? You don’t upgrade your phone all the time lol. You’re using a Note 4 and advocated how happy your are and don’t feel the need to upgrade, but then later posted how you’re super interested in “upgrading” to the Note 6… I’m gonna sarcastically say, “Sounds legit”

            Look if people are happy with what they have, they should have no need to upgrade right. The thing is, everyone and I mean everyone wants to upgrade. Upgrading Android phones is a circumvent to the problem. Android still sucks at upgrading whether you get a new phone or not. The problem still remains.

            And here’s my phone list. As you can see I upgrade a lot too. The joys of T-Mobile Jump. I’m waiting for my HTC 10 to arrive to add to my collection. Which I bought unlocked to avoid carrier update delays thank you.

          • pyro74boy .

            First of all to clear the air I’m using both a Galaxy Note 4 in a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge PlusI’m looking forward to upgrading to the Note 6 this fall.

            I get what you’re saying but I still like to upgrade and have the latest and greatest hardware and software unless the reviews say otherwise. I also go out and use every single device that I buy both now and in the past after I’ve had some quality time using it for myself.

            Yes you sure do have an extensive phone list.

          • vahdyx

            Okay let’s address the other thing you said.

            You said “Android has something for everyone” but what about the folks that want to keep their Galaxy S7 for a couple years and stay current and timely on OS and Security updates? Where do they fit in the pie? They don’t. So you can’t legitimately say, “Android has something for everyone.

          • pyro74boy .

            What I meant by Android has something for everyone is that there is low medium and high End Phones And that there is something for everyone in every price point. Unlike other platforms were they basically give you one or two choices per year. There’s even a market for the Nexus platform that will definitely get updated the fastest. I also like the fact that Android has a much better platform in terms of being able to control your phone the way that you want not what the company wants your phone to be that was and still is my very important point that I’ve been trying to make.

            Please don’t be confused as to anything I’ve already said and yes you’re right if you’re someone who likes your phone and doesn’t want to upgrade all the time and is perfectly happy with your current phone that they’re using then this would definitely be an issue I’m totally and completely in agreement with you about this. However in the manufacturers defense you have to remember that Android operating system is still the most widely used mobile operating system used in the world

          • vahdyx

            My point is changes can and should be made to Android’s upgrade process. You don’t have to upgrade if you don’t want to, but if you do you should have a choice of getting a new phone, or upgrading the security/OS.

            Just because something is popular, doesn’t’ make it great. For example, the Ford Focus in one year was the most popular car on the road… that doesn’t make it the best, that doesn’t make it perfect, and it doesn’t mean people should ignore it’s shortcomings because it’s the most popular. And I’d certainly choose VW over Ford lol, as my icon suggests…

          • pyro74boy .

            I blame the carriers just as much as a manufacturer if not more for the simple fact that a manufacturer can have the latest and greatest version of Android ready for primetime but until the carriers get off their butt and start putting an update over the air and distribute them as fast as Possible The manufacturers at this point pretty much have their hands tied. It’s not Google fault in this case. I’ve heard in certain cases not all cases of course that some of these updates are being pushed out a lot faster than the carriers want us to know even on some of the more popular Android handsets. We can only hope that the manufacturers And wireless carriers are listening. But like I said this is not an issue for me personally but I totally and completely get the fact that I’m only one person.

            My point about the Android operating system Being popular had nothing to do with how good or bad Android is. I was just trying to make a point that Google is Distributing these updates to many different manufacturers.

          • vahdyx

            So you don’t think that should change? You think the current situation of carriers screwing up Android is something we should just live with? You think this is acceptable and no changes to the upgrade process should be done despite your pleadings against carriers?


            You seem to be more and more changing your tone to agree with what I’m saying. So I’ll end it with this……

            “Kind of sad to be honest. I wish Android would do better with updates. I know I know, it’s not Google’s fault, but still they should do something to fix, aid, improve the entire situation”

            Sound familiar? It should, it’s what I started with.

          • pyro74boy .

            I never said that it shouldn’t change. All I said was that this is not an issue for me personally.I even admitted that I’m only one person and that this could be an issue for others.

          • vahdyx

            This started because you told me to go by a Nexus, and I said the update process need changing then you “Respectfully disagreed” with my views on an upgrading process change. So yes you did essentially say, “it shouldn’t change”

          • pyro74boy .

            I think you’re very confused because I’m not denying anything I said or even how I said it. Yes I said that.I personally don’t find the update process as bad as others do but realize that not everyone is going to agree with my opinion.

            The reason why I mentioned the Nexus device in your particular case is because you are not as understanding about the update process as I am so therefore a Nexus device with much more suit your needs in my opinion. This was and still is pretty much the only point I was trying to get across to you.

          • vahdyx

            I tried to quit this debate, but you keep reeling me in. I swear you’re like a drug. I can’t stop for some reason.

            Okay, if I misunderstood you it’s because you’re not very concise with your words. To me you’re saying, “Go get a Nexus and STFU” and me saying, “Hey there mister, I have plenty of them before, don’t beat me up please, but Android needs to change” shortly after that I cower into the fetal position and protect my core organs from your next onslaught of “You moron, I disagree with what you just said, take this, and take that”

            That’s my story of what you did.

          • pyro74boy .

            Okay in your defense maybe I worded some things wrong.The only reason why I said that was because this update process in my opinion isn’t as bad as some things I have been reading in the comments maybe I was being a little bit too harsh in this regard but I still stand by everything I said and we don’t completely agree however I did agree with a few of your points. You’re attempting to make a major argument out of basically nothing but I will apologize for being so harsh in the beginning with that first post and wasn’t trying to shout at you directly

          • vahdyx

            Not even an LOL… sheesh, you and I can’t be friends anymore. I’m leaving.

          • pyro74boy .

            So much for respectfully disagreeing with someone else.

            You just lost any respect I might have had for you.

          • vahdyx

            Not sure what you’re saying lol. Did my American humor/sarcasm offend you in some way? Well life goes on I guess haha.

          • pyro74boy .

            I’m not sure how to respond to that LOL

          • pyro74boy .

            What I’m saying is it doesn’t matter to me whether it changes or not.

            You’re just here now for argument’s sake.

            I hope you also realize that I hardly ever apologize to anyone on this website and the fact remains that maybe I should have worded things differently in my first post.I gave you this respect with an apology now please leave it at this.

            The bottom line is you feel that there should be some changes involving the update process that doesn’t affect me the way it has affected you and others. I totally and completely get that.

  • whoops i really should power off that froyo Thunderbolt of mine oh well

    • Froyo Thunderbolt? That got Gingerbread and ICS, why is it still on Froyo?

  • <3 Froyo

    • krubby

      Now I want a new phone AND I’m hungry…

      • Cael

        You still have a froyo phone?

        • krubby

          Current phone is Turbo 2 ( which I actually like a lot) and is on Marshmallow. I do have a functioning HTC Incredible that I think is on Gingerbread. I use it primarily for a Golf GPS so that I don’t have to have my bigger DT2 in my pocket.

    • Terrance Steiner

      Everybody needs to power up their OG Droid (I know you still have it), get on WiFi and update some apps. Let’s get up to 0.2%. We can do it! Froyo, you unique little snowflake. /s

      • Curtis Bond

        I might dust off my old LG Vortex and run some updates just for the hell of it.