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Video: Android 6.0.1 Android Wear Gestures and Features Tour!

android wear 6.0.1

Give Motorola credit – they are pushing out this Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update to their Moto 360 line faster than anyone else, from what we can tell. As of the end of yesterday, the update seemed to be widely available on all of their watches, including the 1st gen, 2nd gen, and Moto 360 Sport. Because it’s so readily available, we grabbed it for each variant, updated, and took it for a spin on video to show off what’s new. After all, this is quite the big update, with new gestures, Doze, app permission controls, and more. 

If you went ahead and updated and are looking for the full of release notes, you can find those here.

In the video below, we walk through most of that, though. We take you through manual time and date setting, handling permissions on a per app basis, how Doze should work, and of course, a look at navigating Android Wear with all of its new gestures.

Take a look!

  • The update made my Huawei Watch slow and a lot of lag and I can’t hard rest it !!!

  • Valentin

    What i really would like to see is a Power Menu, like the one you have on the phone. Hold the lock/power button and a menu with Power Off, Reboot, etc should appear… Just saying

  • EngineerGunter

    Got it as of yesterday on my Samsung Gear Live

  • Ryan Chapman

    Still waiting on this update… Anyone else not get it?

    • scuba_koop

      I still don’t have it!! Tried the factory reset and no luck. Every time I hit check for updates I get the green screen arrow..stuck on 5.1.1 I guess!!

  • TriguyRN

    What is the doze interval on watches? I would expect it would be a bit quicker.

  • SD_Scott

    Anyone else having issues with upgrade? Android Wear keeps “stopping.” Can’t get Facer to run… Pain in my ass. Cleared data and cache on apps, uninstalled apps, factory reset and unpair, re-paired, and still not working… Help?

    • SD_Scott

      I have moto 360 2nd gen

      • FRGuzman

        There is a problem with Facer and 6.0. I read that the developers are working on a fix.

        • SD_Scott

          Awesome… However, I’m still getting Android Wear stopping as well. Trying another factory reset…

          • SD_Scott

            Update: Unpaired through phone settings, unpaired through android wear, then cleared data and cache, uninstalled, factory reset watch, reinstalled… That seemed to do the trick

          • CoreRooted

            I was going to say that you can also switch the watch face from Facer to something else in AW and next time the watch boots, it’ll have a different watch face and won’t crash (it happened to me and that’s what I ended up having to do).

  • Adam Alkishawi

    The restart option, I seriously want this option back, I do not want to power the thing off and then wait until it is off and then power it on again, this is crazy but other than this I can say that my watch (moto 360 2nd gen) is way faster and smoother than before, I just want the restart option back.

  • Jay Ochs

    this update changed this watch for me. when i first got it, i loved it yeah, but i realized how randomly choppy it was everytime scrolling through apps menu and it would just chop up and skip to the last app. was annoying. and the drop down bar would get choppy when scrolling to settings usually. and obviously the horrible ‘always on 30 fps issue’ where the watch just lagged out terribly…..but now, it’s amazing. these new gestures are awesome, the watch is fluid and smooth like it should have been, and i love it all over again!

  • John Smith

    Who owns the roll outs and decides who gets them when?

  • toonz333

    still unsure if I should buy the moto 2nd gen.. or Huawei,,, wish there was a clear cut answer.

    • The Bilderbergers


    • Jay Ochs

      i absolutley LOVE my moto 360 2nd gen. was a hard decision, but i think the 46mm on the moto is bigger than the huawei, and i like a bigger watch. i really like this one a lot, and even more so now with the update, as it’s much less choppy and there’s no more lag with always on screen mode.

    • cns2007

      I was on a thread a couple of weeks ago were the same question was asked. Two individuals that have used both loved each, but said the 360 is more comfortable to wear because of the angled lugs.

  • scastro87

    They got rid of restart.

  • CoolSilver

    I’d be happy for a shake to wake gesture. Much like the always on but actually have a gesture to wake it up so I don’t have to tap/press button for screen

  • Ryan Chapman

    Im still waiting for my update 🙁

    • brkshr

      Have you tried Settings>About>System updates

      • FuzzRaven

        I’m one of the unlucky few who didn’t get the rollout of the update yet. And yeah, I tried manually going to the System Updates section, no luck! 🙁

        • Jam17

          Same 🙁

      • Ryan Chapman


    • FRGuzman

      Forget the watch from the Android Wear app in your phone then factory reset the watch. Go through the setup again and when it finishes try the Settings – About – System Updates menu. I got the update the first time I did this procedure.

      • mikewilson1021

        What version of the Android Wear phone app do you have? I have 1.30 and have gone through this process and still nothing.

      • Ryan Chapman

        I tried it yesterday and today, didn’t work yet

      • Neamah Andrew

        mate, do you know how to rollback or downgrade the android wear to the previous OS? because I have many problems with the new one

        • FRGuzman

          I think that’s not possible… Especially in the Moto 360 which doesn’t have a cable connection. I would recommend that you try un installing the Wear app from your phone and factory reset your watch, since the update is fine, actually it made my watch snappier and more responsive. But sometimes a factory reset is in order after an update.

  • Jprime

    Looks like Tim’s tattoo.

  • patt

    FYI google play music has 50% surprised DL didn’t post about it yet lol

  • kretz7

    The update made my moto 360 gen 2 so much smoother. The new wrist gestures are sweet as well.

  • jrod3737

    So I wonder how often all of the sudden my wrist is going to start buzzing because I just happened to shake my hand the right number of ways and times to accidentally set an alarm? And don’t laugh. Often I look at my Moto 360 to see that somehow I’ve managed to enter the watch face selection screens. Yes, I know I can turn it off, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having the gestures.

    • Xious

      The gestures are pretty deliberate. I’ve had the update for a couple days now and have not noticed any gesture run by accident. The face selection screen comes on by touching and holding the screen. That happens to me all the time and I wish I could disable that. I don’t change watch faces that often, so I wish I could set it to change only through the settings.

    • person

      I’d say that would be pretty difficult. The moment you turn the watch face away, the screen goes off.

  • MichaelFranz

    hello>??? HUAWEI??? Where you at with the update!!! 🙂

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Watched this video yesterday… Kellen you must have been practicing, because those “Flicks of the Wrist” (WOO!)…. Worked flawlessly every time.

  • Jonathan Reid

    A flick a da wrist

    • Bob D

      That chick has a tiny wrist. She’ll snap it.

  • Ryan N

    UGHH… Still stuck on 5.1.1…

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Peasant status. Please get off the Internet until you’re back in the 1 percent.

    • Ryan Chapman

      They must hate us Ryan’s because mine hasn’t updated either. #wesuck

    • FRGuzman

      As I posted in other comment: Forget the watch from the Android Wear app in your phone then factory reset the watch. Go through the setup again and when it finishes try the Settings – About – System Updates menu. I got the update the first time I did this procedure.

      • Ryan N

        Already tried that once yesterday. It’d be worth the trouble if I could guarantee it’d work but I’d hate to waste my time to do nothing but drain my battery 25%.