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Google is Retiring Picasa, Time to Switch to Google Photos

google picasa

If you are still using Google’s Picasa photo service, it’s almost (finally) time to say goodbye. I know, breaking up with this dinosaur of a photo service will be tough, just like it was when your wife recently pried your fingers off of that Windows Vista machine, sold your Tango and Cash VHS for $0.50 in last weekend’s garage sale, and bought you new t-shirts that had sleeves on them. I promise, though, it’ll be OK. 

Google announced today that they will be retiring Picasa over the “coming months” as they continue to focus their efforts on Google Photos. With that said, Google knows that a “great deal of care has gone into managing your photos and videos using Picasa,” and so they plan to do this retirement “right,” by taking their time and giving you options for accessing your content.

Going forward, Google is hoping that you will move over to Google Photos, which is actually a pretty awesome photo service. In fact, all of your Picasa photos are already in Google Photos, just waiting for you to enjoy them there. However, if you aren’t quite ready to make that move, Google says that they will be “creating a new place for you to access your Picasa Web Albums data.” At this new location, you will be able to view, download, and delete albums, but you won’t be able to create new ones or edit them.

If you are a Picasa desktop application user, understand that Google will no longer be supporting it. They aren’t killing it off, in case you want to continue using it, but know that it won’t receive future updates.

See, it’s time to switch over. You can download Google Photos here.

Via:  Google Photos Blog
  • BoFiS

    Noooo!!! I really really still prefer the Picasa desktop app, if they kept that working as an uploader, even with minimal support, I’m fine moving to Google Photos, which has already been the case this entire time too. Though they really need to have a pretty URL for your personal albums to share with people like Picasa had.

  • David Quinones

    google photos is pretty good for the mobile environment but what about the desktop? i’ve got an entire photography library that i can’t manage with google photos alone.

  • ScoobySnack

    I always liked Picasa desktop. Time to go Lightroom…

  • patt

    google photos is no good. I know many people are who not tech-savyy and like picassa desktop.

    • Jacob Mustin

      Google photos is the BOMB. I love it. The search functions are out of this world

  • Chris Etheridge

    So… What are they going to do for people who synced their photos with the desktop app. Thanks for the play store link, it does nothing for me.

    • Guest

      So salty….

    • Marco Studenski

      I think you have three options:
      1) Let go over managing photo albums and folders on your PC, and do all of your organizing at the photos web app. Turn on auto backup with the Photos app, and upload all new DSLR photos as one massive uplaod every time you connect it to the PC. Let go of the idea that you need them organized on the PC. That’s what Photos is for.
      2) Organize on the PC, and then upload the organized folder to Photos. But now you will have to make changes on two identical folders in two different locations manually, on the PC and online.
      3) You can try merging between Google Drive and Photos. Use the Drive syncing app on the PC to monitor all your photos on your PC. Any changes will be reflected in Google Drive, which will then be shown in Photos. But do not turn on auto backup or upload any photos to Google Photos, or you’ll have duplicates.

  • Lucky Armpit

    I still use QuickPic. I just don’t like the layout of Photos.

  • alan1

    I hope this means they will have enhanced the photo organizer feature of Google Photos before they retire the feature in Picasa. I have found it very frustrating to organize photos in a Google Photos album, i.e., drag-to-reorder. It is okay when there are a small number of photos, but when you have, say, 80 pictures and are trying to drag ones from the bottom to the top or to see them all at once, it is tedious because the the pictures are SO BIG. I have tried zooming out in Chrome or IE, but the photos stay the same size

    I then found a workaround somewhere in the Google Photos help discussion board:

    1. Go to picasaweb dot google dot com
    2. click on > My Photos > (choose an album)
    3. then click on Organize

    Now all of the photos become small, about 1″ x 1″ thumbnails that can be clicked and dragged.

  • editorinchimp

    Picasa’s desktop app is better, though.

  • Xious

    When Google Photos allows you to manually tag people and has features such as red-eye fix, I will be glad to switch over. Until then, I will still use Picasa.

    • AC Bro

      Exactly. Picasa’s interface might look archaic, but its organization is also much better than Google Photos. With Google Photos, I don’t even really know where my photos “are” since their arrangement is virtual. With Picasa, I know where they are.

  • bluebanzai

    This is terrible news. This was really one of the better offline photo managing suites. I hate that they just kill things. I’d rather that it die slowly. How do they kill it though? i mean you can always install it offline. Are they just not making any further updates?

    • bluebanzai

      nvm, source was linked and answers many a question.

  • I really like what they have been doing with Photos. BUT it still doesn’t have public API. It was a hack but I could create an album in Picasa make it a shared album in Photos and then publish my photos in Lightroom through the Picasa API.

  • ncsurob

    I never cared for Picasa Web, but the offiline desktop tool is pretty awesome. Am I supposed to manage my pictures with just windows Explorer?

    • Allyn K C

      Same issue here. I switched from Picasa to Google Photos a while ago for my on-line photos; but still used Picasa for viewing and organizing images on the local hard drive. I saw on another forum suggestions to try out either Honeyview or Irfanview, so I was going to try those as possible replacements. Hopefully some other suggestions will be made by others as well.

      • marcusmarcus2

        I still plan on using Picasa for my local photo manager. Seems to be the best option for the large volume of photos I take. They won’t develop for it anymore but it will still function. I’ll just save the installer for future use. I backup all my photos to Google photos but it is so much easier and faster to go through all my photos locally when I need.

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    • Muji Samovar

      I find it so strange that they’ve seemingly intentionally killed off the Desktop tool, which has syncing, face detection, and basic editing tools…just like the web.

      Confused why they wouldn’t want to just use Picasa desktop as a front-end for their Photos online service? Essentially, with the new GPhotos sync tool, they’re just handing local management to Windows Explorer…is there really nothing they can monetize from the desktop tool?

  • Bout time