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Final Fantasy IX Available on Google Play, Priced at $17

As teased in late December, Square Enix has released Final Fantasy IX, a game that should bring back fond memories for those who played the same title back in the day on the OG PlayStation.  

Much like past releases for modern platforms, Square Enix has changed and updated a few features, including high-definition graphics, newly added achievements, auto-save, a high speed mode, and several game boosting features.

The story for FFIX goes a little something like this. Zidane and the Tantalus Theater Troupe have kidnapped Princess Garnet, the heir of Alexandria. However, what they did not know is that the princess wanted to escape the castle anyway. Coupled with unusual circumstances, the princess and her personal guard, Steiner, team up with Zidane and take off for an “incredible journey.”

As a note, the file size for this game is no joke. It is listed at roughly 4GB, with 8GB of storage needed to download it. The initial download from Google Play is 1.4GB, so make sure to have plenty of available storage before attempting to download.

Have at it.

Play Link ($16.99)

  • sinfoman

    Anybody know why the hell this game isn’t searchable (for me at least) on the play store? I can go right to the link above, but for the LIFE of me I can’t find it by search. Thoughts, anyone?

    • SID JAY

      It’s there, keep scrolling

      • sinfoman

        HA! I searched for it today and it’s the VERY FIRST RESULT. Come on, Google… you’re a SEARCH PROVIDER. 😉 Thanks Sid!

  • Jon

    It’d be nice if the Vita version gets an update too.

  • killy pils

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  • gunslinger

    if only they still had the PlayOnline.com guide site up and running.

  • Ilya Kolodiychik

    This was my favorite FF ever.

  • capncoad

    I’ve played it for a little bit. They did some great work with the character models. between the anti-aliasing, and implementing higher resolution models, it’s so weird that you can now see character’s faces cleanly. It’s a far cry from the CRT TV/PS1 days when all the models were far too pixelated with wonky polygon arrangements to really make out anything other than basic features.

    I’ve noticed frame drops in Alexandria, and a bit of a delay when battle’s initiate, but nothing huge. (Using a Nexus 6P). The menus are super clean, and even the battle system menus and ATB gauge bar looks really sharp. Tetra Master is so fun on a phone. ^_^.

    One of those rare mobile games that is worth the asking price of $20. Especially for an 80 hour game.

  • Jim Hamilton

    If anyone discovers whether there is joystick support, please post. I might download it at any rate–dunno about the file size though. Pretty enormous.

    • I’d like to know that, too. I’ve got one of these:
      http://www.8bitdo.com/nes30pro/ (as well as the Famicom version)

      And it’s been working pretty great for any game that accepts Bluetooth controllers.

  • Alton Purnell

    Got it !!!! I love those old FF games

  • maroon1

    Square Enix has the best games on adroid in my opinion. I’m play a lot of their Final fantasy and Dragon quest games and enjoyed all of thems

    The last game I played was chaos rings 3 and was so good. The ending was better than even that overrated FFXIII on PC

    The games might be expensive, but Square Enix games are best you can get on Android.

  • Joe

    Great! Last FF I liked was 9. It’s actually my favorite after 6.

  • Ryan Weller

    Don’t buy it yet! Under the game’s description, it says it’ll be 20% off starting February 10th (tomorrow) through February 21st.

    • JoshGroff

      I was curious why they would do that so I looked at their site, and that is the sale price.

  • toonz333

    I never played FF before… Should I give it a shot for $17??

    • rskyline

      For me it’s the best FF out there. Also the 8 is really good too. I’ll buy that.

    • Mark

      When it goes on sale for 20% off tomorrow, I’d say it’s worth getting. Assuming you like Japanese RPGs. Some people don’t like JRPGs in general. For example, it has a great in depth story and character interaction but it progresses linearly. There are people who like to progress through a game in any order they want but, to me, those games tend to be lacking in terms of a story that captures the player.

      • MattBoan

        The story does progress linearly, yes. However, once you reach the point in the story where you can start the Chocobo “Hot & Cold” sidequest line, there is a lot of extra content you can knock out well before the game intends for you to.

        But yeah…if someone is looking for a open world Western type RPG (Skyrim, Fallout, etc.) they will be sorely disappointed.

    • MrGulio

      I’m not sure how much you value $17 but it’s certainly not a short game so you should definitely get your time/dollar value out of it. I played it as a teen and really enjoyed the game. though I’m waiting to play it on steam rather than mobile.

    • MattBoan

      Yes. In many ways, Final Fantasy IX is the pinnacle of the PSX era games. Many people see it as a return to form for the franchise after VII and VIII went in an entirely different design/story direction from FF-FFVI. If you have ever enjoyed an RPG, it’s well worth a try. Actually, it’s well worth a try even if you haven’t ventured into the genre before.

    • Jason B

      Could just wait for a half-off sale, but it is worth $17. It’s a complete game without IAPs.

      I got to the end on PS version, but never beat it, so might pick it up on sale.

  • sinfoman

    YYYYEEEEESSSSSSS!!!! And (even though this isn’t the forum) soon to be released on Steam as well. Soooooo conflicted right now. Do I wait? Do I buy both?

  • Daniel Garcia

    I thoroughly enjoyed FF7, 8, 9, and 10 so this pleases me that I can potentially share this game with my daughter.

  • Optimus Primal

    Can the extra download be installed on an sdcard? I’m on 5.1.1 so I’m not sure with the whole external memory permissions issue.

  • MichaelFranz

    Sad cause PSN just had this and FF8 for sale for $5 and they are normally $10. Cuirrently playing FF8 on my PS Vita and FF( is next.

    • sinfoman

      Can’t be 100% sure, but the website does say this under permissions: “modify or delete the contents of your USB storage; read the contents of your USB storage.” SURELY Square didn’t drop an 8 GIG file that wouldn’t go into SD… RIGHT @SQUAREENIX?

      • MichaelFranz

        nah, probably save files. main game should be on your main memory parititon. Some games do download additional files so its a possibility, but i doubt it’s 8GB, maybe a few hundred MB