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Report: LG G5 to Feature Modular Design With Slideout Battery, Snapdragon 820, Fingerprint Reader

lg g4 marshmallow update

As claimed in the latest report out of Korea, the G5 from LG will feature quite a change in terms of overall design, according to an eyewitness. As reported, it is said that the G5 will feature a somewhat modular design, with a slide-out removable battery fitting inside of a pullout drawer on the bottom side of the smartphone. To remove the battery, it appears that a user will simply pull the drawer out and replace the battery if needed, although, the phone will charge normally as any other device via a port on the bottom.

In addition to this possible change, it appears LG may move away from rear-facing volume keys on this year’s flagship, placing the volume up and volume down buttons on the side of the device instead. The power button will still be located on the backside, but more interestingly, it is reported that the home button will also double as a fingerprint reader for unlocking the device and using mobile payments.

Other reported specifications include a Qualcomm-made Snapdragon 820 processor, “dual cameras” (likely a reference to front and back-facing cameras, as well as an all-metal design and build. At this time, some believed that LG intends to introduce this smartphone at MWC in February, although, that would be a bit early with regard to normality. Usually, LG launches their G flagships for the US in the April, May, June timeline. However, with all rumors indicating that Samsung is also launching the Galaxy S7 a bit early, then all major Android OEMs may look to hit the market with their 2016 offerings a bit early.

The below render is based on an “eyewitness account,” according to CNET Korea.


Via: CNET Korea
  • Asif Hasan

    Hey, at least, LG tries to innovate. Gotta give them credit for that.

  • gboybama

    Unlocked version by direct purchase from the manufacturer, like the Moto Pure, or no sale. Harsh reality of my G4 bootloader being locked up tight has me watching the calendar, looking for my next upgrade window.

  • Looking at how this may be implemented (based on picture), it seems that it could be possible to leave a charging cable attached to the bottom portion while swapping the battery to prevent having to power-cycle it. O_O

  • juanjeremy2012

    Replaceable battery=lg for the win

  • juanjeremy2012

    Those specs make my dick hard

  • juanjeremy2012

    Those specs make my sick hard

  • juanjeremy2012

    Looks good I hope lg is rewarded for the slide out battery with huge sales

  • guardianali

    I had the g3…i upgraded to the 6p vice the g4 or v10. Why…Sick and tired of the buttons on the back and front facing speakers.

  • shelooga

    a tray to slide out the battery? biggest waste of space imo. also, that ridiculous chin? what is it, castor troy posing as sean archer?

    • Realy, better to work on batteries that will last longer, to pay attention to the consumption of background applications or the like, instead of ‘interesting’ design. And the old classic battery you could replace it with another, pre-filled.

  • Biga173rd

    That is genius! see I knew it could be done. Sammy take notes

  • Big EZ

    Keep the design very similar to the G2/G3/G4. Add front facing speakers if they can keep the bezels small. No secondary display on the main release. Release 2 sizes 5.5″ and 5″. Snapdragon 820 and 4gb ram. Then just focus on reducing the skin footprint while keeping the few things that are so great about LG as of the past few years and I’ll replace my G3 with a G5.

    • Not on board with the front facing speaker bandwagon because it adds mass and bezel thickness.

      compact size > front facing speakers

      • Marc Perrusquia

        You clearlyb haven’t had a phone with front facing speakers… Front facing speakers can also go with slim bezels look at the Nexus 6, and Moto X.

        • Both Ginormous. Lol

          • MrGulio

            Worth the trade.

          • Nope. Not for me.

          • Tyler

            Both are big from a device standpoint but the the Moto X pure edition has a pretty small bezel despite having front speakers. Below are some phones with 5.7″ screens and their size for reference. If you can find a phone that’s significantly smaller with a 5.7″ screen due to not having the speakers up front I will take back what i said. I think your issue with the phone listed by the other guy is their screen size and not the fact that the speakers add bulk.

            Moto X PE 6.06 x 3.00 x 0.44 inches (153.9 x 76.2 x 11.06 mm) vs Note 5: 6.03 x 3.00 x 0.30 inches (153.2 x 76.1 x 7.6 mm), vs Nexus 6p: 6.27 x 3.06 x 0.29 inches (159.3 x 77.8 x 7.3 mm)

      • Big EZ

        I agree, but I’d love it if they can fit them while keeping the same size bezels, or adding just a tiny bit extra bezel. If we’re talking HTC size bezels then I’ll stick to my bluetooth ear buds.

  • Sandy Lee Caudle

    I thought the rumors had the G5 with dual cameras on the front and a ticker display ala their V10? I have the V10 now and it surprisingly has grown on me. In my mind LG just needs to move away from their display technology and make their UI better. Their LCD panel is good for an LCD panel, but after having AMOLED panels for the past 4 years I can tell the difference. My next phone will either be the G5 or S7.

  • Sandy Lee Caudle

    Has their been any word if LG is planning to use a OLED panel instead of LCD? I read some where that LG is going to move away from LCD on their high end devices this year. That and they made a deal with Apple to produce OLED panels for their next iphone. Has anyone else heard this?

  • Chris Choncek

    While I continue to admire LG’s willingness to be creative and do things a little differently, I can’t understand why they wouldn’t design their G5 to be more like the V10. The V10 build is incredible. I’ve had lots of smartphones over the years and this is hands down the best feel and build. The majority of V10 owners agree as I’ve seen very few complaints. LG got so much right with the V10. I understand the appeal of innovation, but you have to realize when you have a good thing too.

    • Rashad

      My opinion is that they wanted the V10 to be distinctive enough to be it’s own device. Had they designed it to be like the V10 then what would set them apart from one another? I think that may also be the reason why Samsung will release the S7 edge+ along with the S7 and S7 edge. Releasing it with the Note doesn’t do it any good. The Note is a separate device with separate characteristics. The G5 has to be its own device separate from the V10. I could be way off but we will see soon enough.

    • deadDandelion

      Then what would be the point of the V10? Don’t get me wrong, I have the V10 and I agree with you but I also think it’s kind of necessary to keep some design elements separate. By doing that you’re creating somewhat similar devices but ones that are obviously visually different. Otherwise you just end up with bigger versions of the same phone. Plus for all we know the V10 could just be a one off for LG.

      • Isn’t that what everybody else is doing?

        • deadDandelion

          Making bigger versions of the same phone? Yeah. That’s why I’m fine with having them look different design wise.

  • “Home” button will double as a fingerprinted reader?

    • Rashad

      Maybe the power button will double as a home button. I haven’t had an LG device since once of their dumb phones. I couldn’t tell you what else that power button does right now.

      • deadDandelion

        The current power button functions as the power button though on the V10 it is also has a fingerprint scanner.

    • netanil

      It would be cool if there are two fingerprint readers, home button on the front and one on the back. Seems that there are two camps, front versus back. Having one on each side would make everyone happy. I guess we’ll find out later.

      • I only question it b/c i think it may be a typo and he meant “power” button. He was talking about the power button in the sentence before.

        • deadDandelion

          Maybe he meant the softkey home button. Though that would be very an odd choice and I’d have some doubts as to how well it would work.

          • There is the tech Qualcomm is working on where fingerprints can be scanned through metal and/or glass. I think LeTV phone has that with the 820 through metal on the back of the phone. I’d love to be able to scan my thumb print through the glass on the center. I wrote a design paper on that idea back in college. [dreaming]

  • Bryan

    So we’ve reached the point where a removable battery is considered “modular”?

  • Patrick Smithopolis

    That render looks really ugly. Hopefully it’s like the Nexus 6P where the renders made the phone look horrific but in real life it’s a great looking device.

  • jak_341

    If that looks like the finished product, that phone is DOA.

  • Allyn K C

    I’m guessing the reason for a drawer system is that an all metal pop-off back damaged too easily? But still, any drawer mechanism takes up more space than a pop-off back – so we either get extra bulk, or something has to shrink to fit it (hopefully not the battery capacity!)

    • deadDandelion

      I may be wrong by my OG Droid had an all metal removable back though it wasn’t the entire backside of the phone. I think it was something like a third of it so you could swap out the battery and possibly an SD card.

      • hkklife

        Yep. Droid X was like that too.

  • The Doctor

    That slide-out battery drawer seems so unnecessary. In all the years I’ve owned a phone, I never once had to replace the battery. What an ugly and unnecessary design.

    Edit: If all these devices start looking like iPhones, I’m just going to buy a goddamn iPhone.

    • Jared Denman

      Except that crap feature called IOS.

      • The Doctor

        There’s nothing wrong with iOS.

        I really hate the fanboyism on both sides.

    • Patrick Smithopolis

      When I had my S4 I always carried an extra battery just in case the one in the phone died on me. I’d pop in the fully charged battery and put the dead battery on a charger when I got a chance. It’s very convenient although I haven’t had a phone like that in years.

    • netanil

      The world does not revolve around you, Mr. Smartphone.

    • Big EZ

      If you use your phone a lot some people carry an extra battery or swap out for a 6000-9000 mah aftermarket battery. I personally hate carrying an extra battery, but I like using larger batteries and this seems like that wouldn’t be possible. For heavy users they’ll start to see major decline in battery capacity after 9-12 months, so it’s nice to be able to put a new battery in at that time without opening up the phone.

    • Duffman

      I’ll give you a solid example. I usually upgrade my phone at least once a year. When upgrading that often, sure, you aren’t going to need to replace a battery. But being a heavy user, my M7’s batter had lost nearly 20% by the time 2 years hit. I wanted to keep using it, but the battery life started to become an issue (couldn’t finish a work day without charging). I tried to open the device and replace the battery. I did, however, the phone was never the same. Sad I ruined a phone over a $15 battery. And HTC wanted $100 and to wait 2-3 weeks.

  • Butane87

    I want an Iphone made by LG…But with a button on the back and a second screen.

  • PC_Tool

    Come on LG, front facing speakers. Please. That’s all I ask….

  • Daeshaun

    Slightly intrigued.

  • MichaelFranz

    very open mind here on that battery setup. i think that is kinda cool, hopefully the lock mechanism they use doesnt wear down terribly over time. it would be cool if the phone coudl stay running for up to 5-10 minute on a small internal battery while you quickly swap out. saves from having to reboot etc etc

    • Killa

      I wonder if you could plug it in to maintain the power and then swap the batteries?

  • Jarred Sutherland

    What would be great is to have some sort of short term power bank so that the swap of a battery can be done on the fly without reboot or cable connection required.

    • MichaelFranz

      my exact thoughts. or a small battery build in to fall back on if the battery dies or when you swap.

      • Ilya Kolodiychik

        Would be cool indeed. One that lasts say 5 minutes giving ample time to swap batteries.

      • That’s what Jarred said lol

        • MichaelFranz

          i know i just elaborated

          • Mech_Engr_09

            If you needed elaboration on that, then you’re pretty dumb.

        • nachofrand

          Jarred from Subway?

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Nah pretty sure that pedo only uses on ‘r’ in his name.

    • nachofrand

      Would be nice, but extremely unlikely. That costs money for an OEM to put in an extra battery in and it takes a total of a minute to just restart your phone. #firstworldproblems

      • ChrisI

        the hashtag explains it all

    • ChrisI

      Cable connection required?

      • Jarred Sutherland

        Are you being serious or do I really need to explain what a cable is (hint, a cable like a USB cable to charge with).

        • ChrisI

          Actually, what I thought you were saying is that you could swap out your batteries with the phone turned on and plugged into power. I was unaware that could happen. I was curious to try!!

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Sorry for the snark .. been a long long two days 🙁

          • ChrisI

            better to take it out on me online than that pretty lady in your avatar!

    • Pickaname

      LG almost makes NO money.
      “amazing” G3 has not helped LG.
      “amazing” G4 has not helped LG.
      “amazing” G5 will not help LG.

      LG = washing machines.

      We have 3 competitors for 2016:
      1. Apple
      2. cheaper Apple (Samsung clones)
      3. the cheapest Apple (Chinese clones).

    • Greyhame

      Or, you know, they could just make a phone with decent battery to begin with. The G4 was pretty atrocious. When will they learn that thin is not what we want?

  • Ilya Kolodiychik

    I can get behind this. Removable battery and SD card slot are two important features for me…so definitely leaning towards LG still (had a G3, have a G4, and GF has a G3).

    • Big EZ

      I hate that this seems like it would take away the ability to use the 6000-9000 mah aftermarket batteries.

    • mjmedstarved


      Still rocking my G3 for personal use and am running Bliss’s MM rom now. 😀 love it!

      Wouldn’t mind upgrading to this or even the 6P.

      • staticx57

        I had a G3 and upgraded to the 6P. The 6P is so much better.

        • Duffman

          It’s also way better than the G4. Stupid LG put a BT bug in their drivers so now Android wear and BT headphones don’t play nice. Funny how it works fine on stock Android…

  • Tyler Durden

    Specs sound good. At least they didn’t opt for the last generation chip and actually keeping current.

    • Still spec whoring I see.

      • Tyler Durden

        Well yeah the V10 was laggy and not very fluid with the 808. Also like getting what I paid for 🙂

  • PBC

    Not sure how that sliding works with the speaker and headphone jack and charger at the bottom. If it’s designed more like this pic, then perhaps the battery would slide in from the top. http://www.lgg5me.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/lg-g5-pro.jpg

    • Joe O

      Not likely with the camera internals there, unless the battery is INCREDIBLY thin.

  • trwb

    Hopefully they fixed their software. Its terrible on g4. Needs a complete overhaul and performance needs to be fixed imo.

    • Me

      Yeah….that’s probably not going to happen.

    • MicroNix

      Agreed on software. Since 5.x, all sorts of odd issues have occurred on my G3. Some fixed in post 5.x updates, some better but still there. Overall not a bad phone hardware-wise but not so good in the software dept.

      • trwb

        Right, hopefully things will be fixed in 6.0. They could have some sweet phones if they fixed their software. I went to a n6 anyways though. Runs much better.

  • Me

    Wonder how this thing will function after drops.

  • Me

    Dual cameras is probably a set up similar to the V10.

  • Cameron Laudick

    Slide out battery might the best idea for a smartphone in years.. in my opinion. all in for this!

    • Big EZ

      How would this be better than a removable back? At least both can replace a battery when it does if you carry a spare (too much hassle for me), or when the original no longer holds much of a charge. However with the removable back you can replace the stock battery with a larger capacity one. ~6000 and ~9000 mAh aftermarket batteries are available for most flagship phones with removable backs.

      • What percent of removable battery proponents use a larger battery rather than do the “hot swap”?

  • calculatorwatch

    Not sure how this is any more useful than a removable back cover… but I have to say it’s nice to see LG trying something different!


    I’m keeping an open mind. I’ve had the G3 and still on the G4 while having different phones in between. I’m holding out for this even though I’m way overdue to Jump. Really hope they keep all the buttons on the back. I love it. I have high hopes for this phone!

    • PC_Tool

      This is what I like about JoD. HAd the G4. Hated it. Got the V10. Love it. May have to try out both the HTC One and the G5 when they come out.

      From the sounds of it, I may even have to take the S7 for a spin.

  • Tyler Durden

    Jesus that is ugly. What the *×*×*#&$

    Edit: that doesn’t even look like an LG device lol

    • Dimitri

      Who cares about how it looks…its not like most people will be opening it on a regular basis so as long as the utility is there aesthetics don’t mean anything. The main reason they are doing this anyways is to make the actual phone look and feel more premium.

      • Tyler Durden

        Looks like a toy to be honest. Regardless of what its made of. Its based on what somebody saw so hopefully not a finished product.

        • MicroNix

          Render. Based on eyewitness. It’s only as real as the artist’s ability to render what he saw. Relax.

          • Ralph Macchio

            You must be new here. Tyler is the resident punk who makes negative comments all the time

          • MicroNix

            Lol, no not new at all. In fact, I’ve been here through his previous names and infamous Samsung bashing when it’s was common for him to spam the forums constantly with his cute little GIFs.

          • Jared Denman

            Ya remember bionic? Lol

          • Eduardo Cruz


          • jnt

            Oh my… that was a fun time.

          • El_Big_CHRIS

            Per Sarge!

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Technically it is only as real as the artist’s ability to render what someone else saw.

          • Tyler Durden

            Then hopefully that eyewitness is blind

    • This isn’t a design rendering of the phone, but rather a rendering showing how the battery tray would function.

      • Tyler Durden

        Then what the point?

        • To show off the design of a slide out battery compartment…

          • Why do you even bother? lol

          • As an example, to show case and accessory makers what your plan for a slide out battery cover is to allow them more time for R&D.

          • I meant… Why do you bother using logic with Tyler lol

          • Tyler Durden

            Did a pretty terrible job.

        • michael arazan

          Too look like a cigarette ashtray from 70’s cars?

    • netanil

      Interesting how many people enjoy having sex with their ‘pretty’ phones.
      Whatever gets you off I guess.

      • Tyler Durden

        U wot m8?

  • TypoCorrecto