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Pushbullet Adds Full SMS Support on Desktop

This morning, Pushbullet introduced full SMS support to your desktop as an extension of the already useful feature from your phone. And we’re talking full full, as in, you can carry on conversations from one computer to the next, because everything is synced. You’ll find message history, threads, and an experience that really acts like an instant messaging app. 

This updated SMS experience is available now on Chrome and in the Windows app, but does require syncing with phones running Android 4.4+. Also, Pushbullet told me that they “don’t support MMS from computer at this point (you can see MMS though).”

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pushbullet sms desktop

Via:  Pushbullet
  • ®yan C

    So like Motorola is doing with Motorola Connect, and MightyText?

  • SHunter

    Mine looks nothing like yours. Im on mac, got the app from the store and it looks nothing like your pic

  • Scott H

    When I open the extension in Chrome (using the icon in the upper-right), I no longer have SMS as an option. I only have ‘people’, ‘devices’ and ‘notifications’. Do I have to do something to re-enable it? I’m not seeing any settings that look like they’d do that.

  • drcaveman

    OK I was angry at the initial roll out the revamped pushbullet, but this now feels like what hangouts could of and should of been from day one. I bet it will support group mms before Google does

  • Killa

    OK…so how is PushBullet any better than using MightyText?

  • ThunderJayHawk35

    I’m about to buy a chromebook for the first time and I use pushbullet a lot… Would it be compatible with chromebook?

    • CoreRooted

      Yup. Chrome extension. 🙂

      • ThunderJayHawk35

        Cool thanks for the reply

  • Chris Hughes

    How in the world is this app free? Just blows my mind

  • Brent Cooper

    I’m new to Pushbullet. I keep hearing so many people talk about it in a good way so I’m going to give it a shot; but I don’t know what exactly it does. Can someone who uses it daily tell me what you use it for most? What would me most helpful for someone new to the app like me? Thanks!

    • CoreRooted

      I use it for communications (either with people I have added to PB as friends or via text) a lot. Notifications on my PCs is also a BIG use. File pushing from device to device…

  • How’s the battery life with Pushbullet these days?

    • CoreRooted

      1% on my LG G3.

  • bbplayer5

    Mine looks nothing like the screenshot. I can only see text conversations on the website, not in the Mac OSX app. Nothing syncs with the app at all, only the google / firefox plugins, or the actual website. What gives?

    • SHunter


  • Vishal Khedkar

    This is an amazing and a very useful utility, I love it!

  • So a quick vote: is it worth me ditching Google’s Messenger app yet? Especially since Messenger seem to have had an update themselves (though I might be super late in realizing such update).

    • hackthis02

      You would still need Messenger for sending MMS/SMS on the phone. Pushbullet will only seen SMS from the PC, the android app has no texting functionality.

    • JSo

      Is this a question related to PushBullet or just a random Google Messenger question? PushBullet isn’t a messaging app by itself. It’s basically a “middle man” between your messaging app and your computer.

  • Miguel A.

    See…I keep seeing PushBullet on here. This is finally enough for me to check it only only because MightyText, while effective, is rather unpleasing aesthetically. Does anyone here have both?

  • antinorm

    Their Terms of Service still requires arbitration. No thanks.

    • CoreRooted

      Why does that matter? Basically, they are copying and pasting the Creative Commons ToS.

      • antinorm

        Why do your rights matter? Really?

        • trixnkix637

          Just about every company requires arbitration. Your Xbox, PS4, etc.. It’s how a company protects itself and it’s not gonna change. And it’s a silly reason to not use a product.

        • CoreRooted

          So, you’re saying that every Creative Commons licensed app should be avoided because of arbitration? I’m failing to see how arbitration does anything to one’s rights. It’s a practice that has been in effect for over 200 years and often times works better than litigation does.

          So, I’m still failing to see the problem here. Care to offer a reason as to why arbitration is so bad?

  • Mike McGuire

    Yay, I can ditch Mighty Text and get everything I need from PB. Awesome

    • Scofabear

      can you sms from tablets though? mightytext was good at that

      • JSo

        I’m still waiting for PushBullet on that feature.

      • Forgot my phone at a friend’s house one night. Was still able to text people the next day on my tablet from my house. MightyText rocks!

    • redbar0n11

      Mighty Text can also do MMS. Where PB Cannot.

  • Silky Johnson

    its not showing me history and threads after updating what the ****

    • JSo

      Mine had a weird issue where it’s listing my device twice. If yours is doing the same, choose the other one. Mine showed up then.

  • Micro

    Does this work with hangouts as your default messenger? I have CM installed and Hangouts as my default messenger and no matter what I do Pushbullet always tried to send with the default Messenger app and it fails every time.

    • treeform

      Yes, this should work better now.

    • Bill Treichel

      I’m giving Pushbullet a try again with this latest update today, and I am running into this very problem. Hangouts is my default messaging app, and while I can read messages that come in on my PC via the Pushbullet Chrome extension, all attempts to send from the PC say “sending…” for a minute and then apparently fail (without any kind of error or message).

      Unless I can figure this out I’ll have to stick with Motorola Connect, but it doesn’t like to… connect half of the time. But when it does it gets the job done.

  • Ilya Kolodiychik

    I ignored this app for years, but started to use it after DL’s last Pushbullet article at the behest of some other posters and now I can’t live without it. With this addition, it became that much more amazing. AWESOME APP!

    • Micro

      What are you using it for? I installed it about 6 months ago and the Copy and Paste is my favorite feature. I never find myself using anything else. What are your uses?

      • Ilya Kolodiychik

        I use it for copy and paste but also for allowing me to handle notifications from my PC (like mark an email read or delete), etc. Now I’ll be using it for SMS too lol. I’m at a PC 11-12hrs a day, so I don’t necessarily need it to respond to hangouts messages, etc.

    • CoreRooted

      Told ya. 😉 hahaha

  • Mudd

    Been using mighty text for a while. Love it, but gets annoying because get a lot of double notifications from Mighty Text and Pushbullet. If I can get it all in pushbullet, that would be ideal. But MightyText does have minimal mms support and a nice web interface, which is why I still use it.

    • JSo

      I used to use Mighty Text. The thing about Mighty Text though is that you have to leave the tab open the whole time. If I want to send a message with PushBullet, I just tap the icon at the top of the browser and send one on whatever page I’m on. And now with this update, I can see all my messages too

      • Nick Daley

        You can do that with the MightyText chrome extension too. Or you can do that in the MightyText desktop app if you’d prefer that.

        • JSo

          Did they add that not that long ago? It’s been a while since I have used Mighty Text.

          • Nick Daley

            A year ago maybe. May want to check it out.

  • History and threads was one of the biggest things this was missing I hated getting multiple messages then having to look at my phone to keep up with the convo.

  • Mordecaidrake

    Pushbullet, is probably the greatest app on android right now. It’s the one app I couldn’t live without.

  • T4rd

    I guess this will be a decent solution until Google decides to actually compete with iMessage and allow this in non-phone Hangouts apps (using your carrier number, not some Google Voice number).

    • noodsquared

      That would be fantastic and that is what we all are waiting for. Google and Hangouts need to get over their issues, make up and make it happen!

    • trixnkix637

      I think more people use Messenger than Hangouts. IMO I’d rather see Messenger become the competing app than Hangouts.

      • ticklemepierce

        I’d rather see an API so that 3rd party texting apps can easily do it without having to jump through hoops. Just like 3rd party SMS apps improved when Google officially allowed them, we would see an amazing experience be able to be supported by many 3rd party apps.

    • elizabethbfiore
  • noodsquared

    So it’s a Moto Connect that works on every phone? Sign me up! No more dealing with mediocre batteries and terrible cameras of Motorola phones.

    • scastro87

      If you have Verizon, Message+ is pretty good, though it’s been buggier on my new S6 than it ever was on my S4

      • noodsquared

        I am with Verizon and I tried to use Message+, neat idea and all but the styling and all for that app was all over the place. I know it’s function over form but I just like Google Messenger much better. Thanks for the tip though 🙂

        • scastro87

          They updated it to Material design and it’s pretty customizable if you haven’t tried in a while.

  • No MMS? eh….I’ll stick with moto connect then, same experience

    • noodsquared

      IIRC, Moto Connect only shows MMS too. It won’t let you do anything else with it but just show like a thumbnail?

      • as far as pictures, I’m not sure. but I use MMS for the group messaging with the younger cousins in my family cuz………..i hate iOS

        • noodsquared

          Oh, I see what you mean. I thought by MMS you meant pictures…I forgot that we use MMS for group messaging too lol. Yeah, amen to that brother. iOS sucks donkey balls!

    • treeform

      Pushbullet can show MMS pictures and MMS group conversions, just not send to them. MMS is quite a beast to implement. Investigation is on going.

      • JLV90

        MMS should just die already and be replaced.

        • treeform

          We are replacing it, try using our normal chat view?

      • so it does the same thing….