Pushbullet Lets You Reply to Allo Messages From PC

One of the reasons we find it impossible to even consider using Google’s Allo is the lack of a desktop experience. Many of us spend our days on a computer and would much rather send and receive messages through it than have to pick up our phone every time a new message comes in. While Google takes its time deciding whether or not to ever offer a desktop experience, Pushbullet has stepped up to give us a solution. The latest version of Pushbullet on Android now includes the ability to reply to Allo messages from a PC.  (more…)

Pushbullet Brings Picture Messages (MMS) From Desktop and Improved SMS Reliability

This morning, Pushbullet announced “the last missing feature” for users, MMS support. Once updated on all of your platforms (Android, Windows, Chrome extension), sending picture messages should be just as easy doing it on any other messaging service. On a desktop, you simply drag and drop an image into a chat window or use the paperclip icon for attachments. Do note, Pushbullet requires your device to run Android 5.0+ in order for this feature to work properly.  (more…)

Pushbullet Update Gives Remote File Access to Your Devices

In one of its first major updates since announcing paid Pro accounts, Pushbullet has introduced a pretty big new feature in remote file sharing. With remote file sharing, Pushbullet is giving you file access to any of your devices from any of your devices, as long as they have Pushbullet installed and are connected to the internet.

The idea here is pretty straight forward in that you’ll have a Remote Files section from within Pushbullet that shows you a list of the devices available to access. All you have to do is tap on one, then start browsing away before making a request on a file to have it sent over to your device in hand. You can do this from anywhere (Ex: phone with you in New York, computer back home in Portland.) in the world, as long as your devices have internet connections. Make sense?  (more…)

Pushbullet Adds Option to Send Texts From Tablets, Answers Pro Questions in AMA

Pushbullet, the service you once loved but now seem to hate because they want to make money and survive as a company, introduced a new feature today for both free and Pro accounts. That feature is an option to send text (SMS) messages from tablets. That’s a big deal, because well, tablets aren’t attached to phone numbers and so you haven’t been able to do things like send SMS from them in the past.  (more…)

Pushbullet Gets Updated for Marshmallow With Direct Share and Runtime Permissions Support

Pushbullet, a multi-platform device-to-device sharing app we use numerous times throughout the day, is receiving an update today that gets it all sorts of cozy with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and its new features. The update introduces support for runtime permissions and Direct Share, so you not only get to specify to Pushbullet which permissions of your device that it can access, you can also now share even quicker.

With runtime permissions, Pushbullet will now ask for your permission to do things like view your SMS messages, contacts, phone, and storage. Pushbullet is actually asking during the setup process, for access to these permissions, so you can allow or deny upfront.  (more…)

Pushbullet Adds End-to-End Encryption for Notification Mirroring, Universal Copy/Paste, and SMS

Pushbullet announced this morning that its file-sharing/messenger/notification-mirroring application now supports end-to-end encryption. That means your data is encrypted “before it leaves your device, and isn’t decrypted until it is received” by another of your devices. In the past, Pushbullet used https to help create a secure connection, but this E-2-E solution makes your data about as private as it can be. Now, not even Pushbullet gets to see your unencrypted info.  (more…)