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This is the Nest Cam and the New Nest App for Android

You know that story from earlier today that suggested Nest may unveil a new wireless camera at next week’s event? This is the camera. This is the Nest Cam.

As you can see from the image above, it looks quite similar to a Dropcam, which would make sense, since Nest now owns Dropcam and has access to their hardware, molds, etc. The Nest Cam, according to our sources, has been in testing for months in disguise as a Dropcam Pro, only with Nest branding on the front in place of the word “Dropcam.” You can see an image of a test unit here.

The new unit appears to have been slimmed down quite substantially to a much more modern and sleek body that should fit quite nicely on a shelf. Dropcams were never the most beautiful piece of technology in your house, but the Nest Cam certainly changes that some.

Nest has been slowly rolling out new features to test units, like full 1080p video streaming (likely recording too) and a simpler setup process that involves Bluetooth and QR codes. As you may recall from the FCC filing we saw this morning, the new Nest wireless camera does indeed have Bluetooth, which we suggested would be used to setup new cameras. There could also be other new unique features to Nest Cam that we haven’t been made aware of.

Here is another look at the Nest Cam.

new nest camera1

On a related note, the Nest app is about to receive a major overhaul that also brings together Dropcam and Nest products. The new app is getting a UI makeover that looks quite modern, has a slide-down menu (yes, down), and a new button-heavy interface. But maybe more importantly, the new Nest app has the ability to show you Dropcam cameras and their status. The app will also (of course) let you control your Nest Thermostat and Protects, making the Nest app a hub for controlling all of their products.

new nest app2 new nest app3 new nest app1

We don’t know anything about pricing or availability.

Next week should be fun, though.

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  • Jayracer7474

    if your willing to pay a little more for the camera buy an advidia camera and you get a free license for Video Insight which is a enterprise grade VMS and it works great

  • Fick1964

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  • Peter Stover

    Wait. I thought the NSA wasn’t spying on us. I’m confused.

  • Chatman

    Make it a battery powered, wireless, outdoor option like Netgear’s ARLO. I love the ARLOs, but the lack of IFTTT integration has me hoping for another solution. I know Blink is out there, but it’s still in Kickstarter mode…

  • Bryan

    The front of the camera looks like a nest thermostat sticking out.

  • ClearlyYoureWrong

    I’ll take an industry standard IP cam over this any day. thanks.

    • Bryan Mordt

      Care to explain why?

      • hyperhyper

        I think he means that he would prefer to use a camera that followed industry standards and would support functionality such RTSP (industry standard streaming protocol) which is found in pretty much every other camera.

        There have been quite a few people in the community who have been pretty vocal on voicing their displeasure over the forced subscription model for this product (you can choose to not pay anything but I would think that is a waste of money and bandwidth for live streaming). While the build and image quality of the Dropcam/Nestcam is great, there are too many downsides for me to want to buy one:

        * 60-75GB/month per camera of bandwidth usage for busy
        * Required internet connection for camera to be useful in any capacity
        * No local streaming option (screwed if you are at the cottage with no internet connection or somewhere remote)
        * No local storage option
        * Slow notifications for alerts – I’ve talked to people who have been notified upwards of 60-90 minutes after the alert happened.
        * Indoor only
        * No pan/tilt (but with the wide POV, you don’t really need it)

        I think the target audience for this camera are people who are not very tech savvy / can’t be bothered to spend more than 10 minutes to set something up and have enough disposable income to spend the $200 to buy the camera and another $100 to $300 every year on the cloud service. While the service of identifying people was pretty slick when it first came out, Dropcam has been been pretty quiet and their competitors have passed them and people have noticed and moved on. Dropcam did some heavy marketing in the early days and thus they are seen as a household name for people who are just getting into the market. If they took the time to dig a bit deeper, they would see that there are many other choices that provide the same quality but at a lower cost of ownership.

        I had high hopes that Google would have influenced them to make them more open but I suspect that the their subscription model has money pouring in and what business would want to turn off that tap? You can’t fault them if people are willing to spend their money in that way?

        • Bryan Mordt

          Thanks for thoughtful reply.

          • hyperhyper

            No problem – I really wanted to get the Dropcam Pro when it came out but I just couldn’t do it. While I understand there is a market for it, I am not one of the target audiences. I’m not a fan of subscription based models especially when there are similar products out there that do the similar thing for a lower price or for free. I would rather pay a higher upfront cost (say $400) for a good camera and then stop there.

            The one nice feature that Dropcam has is the ability to look at the your footage online by colour coding ‘events’ based on who the people are. Then again, a local storage option can be setup to only record video when there is movement and you can even select and drag areas on the camera screen that should be checked for movement (so you don’t pick up movement of cars that appear in a certain part of the cameras’ view – like say the cars that go by on the road in front of your house).

            Check this review out of a Hikvision camera that the Network Critic guy did just before he passed away (he was great with his reviews)

          • ClearlyYoureWrong

            I actually bought two Dropcam Pros and I think that’s why I know I’d rather stick to an open standard. I switched away after a couple weeks.

            There’s a bigger problem (IMO) if you pay for their recording services. They are uploading non-stop. 24/7 to backup all that video and not everybody wants that. I’d only want it to backup/record duing key events or preset timespans. There’s no option for this however.

      • ClearlyYoureWrong

        I’m not stuck using one provider’s proprietary services. I can use any of dozens of applications available to view my cameras from any mobile/desktop/web platform. I can manage my own network security optionally, if I wanted to, or not if I were new to this. I don;t have to depend on or hope that the company continues to support the product or abandon it if the business isn;t making shareholders what they thought it could. I can use IP cameras locally, no internet required, on a closed network. I can do what I want with the video, host, re-host, upload to video sharing or site networks. I can mix and match the hardware I use if i so choose since there is already a standard for communication to/from ipcam devices.
        Typically, you can get the same alerts and notification options on generic IPCAM’s that you can on something like a drop/nest cam.
        I can spend half what a dropcam costs for a high res PTZ IPCAM (Pan + Tilt + Zoom) that I can control remotely.
        I can do all this while spending as much or as little as I want. And there’s no end in sight for support of these devices.

        I can use TinyCam Monitor Pro on any Android to view and control cameras. Or similar app on iOS, or from a browser or desktop.

        I can view my camera(s) from my Android Wear devices too (using app above).

        CHOICE. Choice is basically why. And independence from a subscription-based cloud-hosted option.

        • Bryan Mordt

          Great info!

  • yasmeen

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  • yasmeen

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  • BfromtheD

    Has anyone tried Salient Eye? I’ve been using it, though admittedly, not constantly- I only use it when I’m away from the house for more than a day. It uses the phone’s camera to sense motion, snaps shots, stores them on the device, and emails the shots to you/notifies you (paid feature). You can run it on an old Android phone/tablet. Local storage alone is free, while the email feature, as well as a remote control app require a minimal investment. I picked this up during an introductory subscription pricing, $.99/year. In combination with Cerberus, I can ensure that the device is locked down, and potentially track it in the event that it is stolen.

    • ClearlyYoureWrong

      “IP Webcam” for Android is similar. Works awesome in conjunction w/ “TinyCam Monitor”

      Sorry, lazy to link to the Play Store.

  • WilliamSMcChristian

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  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

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    Great Job Guys!

  • Oli Mortimer

    It’s a shame you can’t pay to use their Cloud Recording service in the UK. I know plenty of people who would love to go out and buy a Dropcam (or Nest Cam), but Dropcam / Nest can’t / won’t take UK payments for their Cloud Recording service – please sort that, or let people store their own ‘7-Day’ recordings on local storage!

    • Cory S

      Lol they credited ‘Droid Reports”

  • boisvert00

    My biggest issue out of any of them is four camera’s alone will cost me $1000 dollars, which is just ridiculous. Then the storage option alone is too pricey. Costco was selling a Samsung camera for $125 that allowed you to stream it to a phone but even at that price I was like “meh.” Anyone know of any other options not including a full out wired DVR system?

    • Bryan

      May still be too pricey, but I have just upgraded to an ADT Pulse system that includes video, thermostat, Z-Wave control, etc. all in one service/app.

      I love it. I do have to pay $45 a month for it, but I waned a fully monitored alarm system anyway, so it’s worth it to me.

      It’s nice having ONE app to control everything in my house. Plus it has full automation, including all of my hardwired sensors acting as triggers for controlling anything connected to Z-Wave. It’s actually a pretty slick system.

      You can buy the cameras yourself from Ebay for about $100 and setting them up is pretty easy. Same for Z-Wave light switches, etc.

      • boisvert00

        I went down the road of putting in my own Honeywell Security System as my house was pre-wired and I got the units with z wave but I did not spend enough time trying to understand how to make the system work with cameras. The first issue I may have is the brain of the system is a 20P which is not internet enabled, like the 21P, so my first question for you, are the cameras over WiFi or Z wave? The tuexdo touch screen have wifi built into them and it has an icon for cameras but I never went much further. I went the dyi route so I would only pay 15 bucks a month.

        • Bryan

          I had mine professionally installed by ADT, so I don’t know all of the technical details on how the cameras connect to the ADT Pulse Gateway. The gateway is a Netgear/ADT co-branded unit that controls both the cameras and all Z-Wave devices. I don’t know if the camera is connecting to it over its own Wi-Fi network or Z-Wave. I suspect it’s using its own Wi-Fi network. You have to plug the camera in to the gateway for the initial set up. All of the Z-Wave devices just connect wirelessly through the online set up portal for pairing.

          • boisvert00

            I think my next house I will put some more time into the system and research it a bit more, initially I just wanted fire monitoring and security for my wife when I travel and the touchpads that had the camera function was an afterthought. How much did they charge for the system or was it free and they pretty much own you for five years?

          • Bryan

            I have been an ADT customer for around 10 years when my original system died. It was a Brinks system that ADT eventually acquired.

            I called and canceled because I was going to go with Cox Security. Their loyalty dept. offered me a pretty good deal and matched Cox’s monthly price to keep me.

            I spent about $800 and got the following
            1 new wired-to-wireless control panel
            1 new cell-guard (now using cell signal for alerting and monitoring. Allowed me to cancel my home line which saved me $30 a month and don’t have to worry about phone line being cut)
            8 hardwire zone expander (Now I have 16 discrete zones which is really nice)
            2 new wireless smoke detectors (to replace my 10 year old wired ones. Could have done wired, but wireless gave me 2 more discrete zones)
            1 new wireless CO detector
            2 new Z-Wave wireless thermostats
            2 new Z-Wave lamp modules
            1 indoor wireless camera with night vision
            3 new premium keypads (2 which have NFC keyfobs that allow me to arm/disarm just by tapping my keys to the keypad. It’s awesome)
            1 keyring remote to arm/disarm/panic

            I was very happy with everything I got for the price. The system is pretty amazing.

          • boisvert00

            Wow that’s fantastic. I spent just on (2) Tuxedo keypads, the 20P brain, another keypad for programming, glass break sensors, and 4 smoke detectors, I think $1300. I really like the idea of the NFC KeyFobs, I will have to look into that. Thanks for the info.

  • jefflass

    When one considers the size of cameras in smartphones it seems that this device is about 1000 TIMES TOO LARGE! I would want something no larger than 2cm in any direction. Hey Google/Nest/DropCam, WAKE UP!

    • Jean B.

      Whatever you do in life Jeff, do not donate your brain to science.

  • Emily

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    • James Briano

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  • bogy25

    What does one do with one of these? Baby monitor? Video calls? What is the importance of this item…

    • JimmyHACK

      Usually surveillance for people thinking they need it at their home or small business.

    • Dan

      I mostly just want to watch the snow pile up at the cabin when I am stuck in town working during the week. probably not getting a Nest or Dropcam branded one however.

    • [email protected]

      NICE DP!

    • Bryan

      I have an ADT Pulse system with a camera and I have it aimed at my front door. Anytime that door opens, a 30 second clip is recorded.

      Do I need it? No, but when my wife and I are out and the kids are home alone, it’s nice to know that I can pull up a recording to see if anyone came or went or, if there are any problems, I will have a video for police, etc.

      We can also check the live feed while we are out to see what the kids are up to. Just gives some peace of mind for parents when out for a date night.

  • Nester

    Local storage would be nice but really the subscription isn’t bad so I give up 1 Starbucks per week to keep my house and street monitored/safer.

  • Nester

    How about actual 1080p like they state.

  • phish waves

    Why not just add a nest cam inside the nest thermostat and nest protect vs a separate standalone webcam?

  • Bernadette

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  • Slainte Threeseventeen

    How are these cams any better than a foscam? No PT(Z), more expensive, sure they are likely smaller, perhaps they are easier to set up for some, but really? What am I missing?

  • Jonathan

    The idea of nest thermostat and cam appeal to me greatly, especially with an app. My wife and I just bought a house and have 2 kids (newborn and 3) and this would be huge for us. But reports of a buggy app and just this being relatively new and thus unproven in the long term makes me wary. Subscription based? Hell no.

  • Katie

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  • mcdonsco

    I never looked into this much myself, but reading the comments it both stuns me, then, well…not so much; that the only storage options are subscription based.

    Seriously? If that’s the case this is garbage.

    • hyperhyper

      The feature request for local streaming and/or local storage is pretty strong. People are not happy with these because they will cost you a ton in the long run. Also, the fact that the camera is useless unless you have internet connectivity is a bit of a buzz kill as well. If you internet goes down, your ‘security’ system is down (not that you should be using Dropcam/Nestcam for security but I think a lot of people do.

  • Joel

    Will be nice when they develop a weatherproof camera to use outside.

  • Ordnas_selac

    say NO to subscriptions

  • kirko77

    Kinda shocking that a Google company is not following Material design guidelines.
    I hope it’s at least not as buggy as the current app

  • DanSan

    Was debating between y-cam and dropcam. Looks like maybe I’ll hold out to see the details on this.

  • Godzilla

    And suddenly all of the barely legal chaturbate girls screamed out in joy.

    • Stone Cold


  • Godzilla

    And probably cost more than I want to pay im sure.

    • TC Infantino

      Which, the cam or the girls? LOL

  • Brock Dawkins

    If there’s still ridiculous subscriptions fees I’m out.

  • AJA0

    I’m only interested if I can get local storage and avoid the $100-$300/year subscription fee, otherwise this is just a glorified baby monitor!



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    • PhineasJW

      Agreed. Put an SD card slot in it and we have a winner.

    • rodney11ride

      I bought these. Search blink camera. Free storage. SD card slot. No monthly fees. Smartphone app. Waiting for delivery.

      • LoganLopez

        Are you talking about the Motorola Brand? The only other one I can find is a Kickstarter.

        • rodney11ride

          Yes the kick starter. I believe after about 10 months of improving product they will be shipping end of June. Fairly cheap too. But again. What draws me to it is free limited online storage. HD quality. SD slot for your own storage. And they are getting about a year on 2 AA batteries. No cords. No 110v. Wireless.

    • BobTheMad

      Yes, ^^^ THIS ^^^

    • flowens

      Couldn’t agree more. Almost put 6 these in my home up until I figured out the monthly expense. Quickly changed my mind.

      • HeatherENowak

        [email protected]


    • velocipedes

      Those are already on the market, and they vastly outnumber the Dropcam/Nest cam. If all you want is an IP camera that you can record locally, go get one.

    • Ryan

      Blink, DLink, etc. All have local storage options or direct email when motion is detected. I have a setup in my house that is great (even if the Android app isnt).

      But I have a DVR running in a locked closet and I get an email with a video snippet and pictures when they detect motion. Another advantage is they have IR motion models, which are a lot better than trying to detect it with video.

  • Will ⚽

    I hope Nest becomes the app to bring all of Brillo and the internet of things together.

  • synplex

    I hope the app is better then the current Dropcam app which for ANdroid is ok…. just ok. Also android Wear integration is a Must!

    • kirko77

      The current app is the worst app I have on my phone. It’s extremely buggy (I’m on Nexus 6 and 5 so it’s not me)

      • ApplesNAndroids

        I’ve never had an issue with either app on any of the android phones I’ve had.

    • dekuashe

      What would Wear possibly do with a video camera?

      • synplex

        I would like to be able to turn it on and off from my watch.

  • synplex

    Awesome…I’ll take 2!

  • Tony BW

    Is this a DL exclusive? I see the stamp…

  • I still want a 3rd gen Nest thermostat

    • There is one. It has a larger screen with higher resolution, faster CPU, and is slightly thinner. I don’t have any pics to post publicly. #soon though.

      • I’m looking forward to it!

      • htowngtr


      • All I want to know if they finally allow payments in the UK or paypal or something. And if they’ll have offers for current Dropcam Pro users to upgrade.

      • Dobies

        Do you know if it supports variable speed fans and multi-stage furnaces?

      • i had a 2nd gen and it killed my compressor due to a “faulty fuse” inside the nest and eventually ran so much (when no one was home and on schedule) i had 3 months in a row of the highest bills i ever had. They would help with the cost of the new compressor so I got a refund on the whole thing. needless to say, i’m not giving it another try any time soon.

  • objektiv_one


    • Bob