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Google Announces Android M Developer Preview, Here is a List of Changes

Google just announced the Android M Developer Preview and thanks to this image that was put up at the I/O keynote, we can see almost all of the new features included.

Things like better text selection, custom Chrome tabs, USB Type-C support for phones, crazy improved power management, fingerprint support, Android Pay, revamped volume controls, and direct sharing with contacts are all now included.

The M preview will be available on the Nexus 5, 6, 9, and Player.

Take a look at the image above and let us know what sounds amazing to you! 

google io 2015-16

google io 2015-17

google io 2015-19

google io 2015-20

google io 2015-21

google io 2015-14

google io 2015-15

  • Joe Bowman

    Sent using Android M preview, for the most part Android M is beating Lollipop in battery life however on occasion M will die quickly for no reason ( it is a preview and has some bugs, the next preview is squashing most of the ones I’ve seen ). So yea M is an overall improvement on battery life.

  • Fahim Nasir

    plss request to google that they can close flashlight option…i am using nexus 5, for the flash light when I want to use the camera always I have to restart my nexus 5…camera option shows me “cant open camera”…plss google do something for this

  • Randa Hafza

    battery percentage ?

  • Such

    This is why I love having a Nexus device again…Can’t wait to try out the developer preview.. N6 FTW!!!

  • True Radiant Free

    Google Now Launcher app sugestions! Hopefully this mean landscape support on big screen phones like the Nexus 6 and Z Ultra GPe!

  • liquidamber5

    The real question becomes, how much will OEM skins interfere with non-Nexus/Motorola devices, for people to really care about any of this.

  • jnt

    I wonder what ‘auto backup for apps’ means… L improved the backups somewhat, but still can’t touch iOS in this arena.

    • mrjayviper

      can restore a previous iPhone to a new iPhone using this. love this feature

  • Tony BW
  • droidrazredge

    It was probably already known that Google was going to go the USB type-C route but I feel good I got one of my predictions right on my list from my Droid-life post.

  • Elwin Gill

    So am I seeing that photo correctly? We’ll be able to share power, as I if my girls note 4 is running low on power and my Turbo (that never run out of power) is full, I can plug her phone to my phone and let her charge a little off my phone? That would be sick! *I do understand that my phone doesn’t have USB-c, but it was a metaphor *

    • Mohannad El Edrissi

      I can already do that with samsung note 2 using an OTG cable which lets my phone use USB memory sticks, hard drives, a wireless mouse or keyboard and charge my friend’s phones when in need

  • Larry Simpson

    Where the f*ck is silent mode?!?!?!

  • Shawn Pourhosseini

    All this talk about Android M and the Turbo still doesnt even have lollipop lmao

    • kixofmyg0t

      My Nexus 6 has Lolipop and it’s sitting in a drawer because of the terrible battery drain due to Play Services.

      My Nexus 7 is still running Kit Kat and I see no reason to downgrade it to Lolipop. I’m happy with waiting a but longer so Moto can fix Googles bug riddled mess called Lolipop.

    • rawveeda

      I was talking to a Moto customer service rep who told me they were skipping 5.1 and going straight to M. 🙂 ..

      • Shawn Pourhosseini

        i was about to say that lol!

      • TC Infantino

        Don’t, don’t even hint that…

  • somad

    Is that the new nexus device with the USB type-C support ????!

    • LaFave07

      No that’s the 6.

      • The USB C image above is no Nexus 6.

        • LaFave07

          But the rest of the phone images are a Nexus 6. I think it’s just a render to show the future is USB C.

    • It might be.

    • pjs312

      With that inward curve toward the screen and the way the bezel looks, I’d says its a Nexus 5 2015 model, maybe they’ll announce it later today.

      • Suicide_Note

        Nexus phones aren’t announced until the fall.

  • LaFave07

    Most people will forget all this anyway by the time their device sees M in the second half of 2016 or 2017.. just sayin’.

    • Suicide_Note

      Fragmentation is due to OEM skins and carriers. Google is doing their part with Nexus devices and Project Fi.

      • LaFave07

        Doesn’t matter whose fault it is. Google needs to be in more control now. People have enough money invested in Google Play services where Google can start pushing their weight around.

        If it is due to skins and carriers, they need to find a way to better incorporate them.

        • Suicide_Note

          Not broken at all. Want the latest updates? Buy a Nexus or developer edition phone. Want delayed updates? Buy a phone with OEM skin or one that’s tied to a carrier. The customer has choices. It’s not up to Google to babysit everyone.

          • perfectalpha

            That’s not a good solution when devices like the Nexus 6 don’t appeal to everyone.

          • Suicide_Note

            And devices like the S6, M9, G4 don’t appeal to everyone either.

          • LaFave07

            Not broken at all? You’re kidding. Google can’t even keep their Nexus devices on the same version sometimes. Not everyone wants a whale of a phone like the Nexus 6.

          • Suicide_Note

            Right. And not everyone wants a bloated, skinned phone from Samsung/LG/etc.

            The only way for Google to accomplish what you want is to make OEMs release their phones with no skins/overlays, which would eliminate the reason a lot of people choose an S6, Note, or a G4. Eliminate those features and people howl in protest. Release all phones with only stock Android, and people will have the same reaction.

            There is no one size fits all solution here. Google is not going to go the Apple route, and the biggest reason Android became so successful is because Google have people choices. Don’t want a big phone? Get a smaller one. Don’t want a small phone? Buy a bigger one.

          • LaFave07

            You shouldn’t have to choose the Nexus just to get updates. That’s my point. You can beat around the bush all you want but that’s the bottom line.

          • Suicide_Note

            And again, blame the carriers and their drawn out testing procedures, along with the OEMs who skin their phones, for the delayed updates. That’s out of Google’s hands.

          • LaFave07

            Like I said they can do something about it, they control Play services.

      • Larry Simpson

        And the chipsets that are used also.

    • Aloys Garnier de Kermerc’hou

      For the 10000000th time Android fragmentation is not such a big deal, thank to Google Play Services. With this architecture, Google can update GPS to provide new APIs and functionalities available for the applications which make most of a phone’s usage.

      Granted, the OS does provide some stuff (overall UI and runtime libraries) but the fact is that the vast majority of applications run on Android 4+, meaning 2011 version of Android. That’s 4 years worth of compatibility coverage for the most part. And virtually, GPS started with Android 2.3.

      Back in August 2014, 83% of Android phones were running the latest GPS version. Hardly something you can call “fragmented”.

      • Suicide_Note

        Thank you.

    • Aloys Garnier de Kermerc’hou

      Here’s to fragmentation in Google:


      New version of GPS available for Android 2.3+. Meaning that some if not most of its functionalities will be available for phones issued in 2010. 5 years ago. Can all mobile OS makers say the same?

    • Aloys Garnier de Kermerc’hou

      Here’s to fragmentation in Google:


      New version of GPS available for Android 2.3+. Meaning that some if not most of its functionalities will be available for phones issued in 2010. 5 years ago. Can all mobile OS makers say the same?

  • Disqo Stu

    Every year they say better battery life, and every year it gets worse

    • drcaveman

      Amen to that, 4.4 set the standard on my Nexus 5 let’s call the battery life 1, Android 5.0-5.02 made the battery life 0.4-0.5. Android 5.1 brought that back to 0.8, I’m expecting the initial release of M to be something 0.6

    • Turb0wned

      True story.

    • You copied exactly what I said lol

      • Disqo Stu

        1st lol

    • DanSan

      the problem is every year the phones get bigger and bigger. screens get more powerful and use more energy. CPU’s have higher clock speeds and use more energy. i feel like the software battery savings are being negated by the hardware advances eating them up

      • michael arazan

        Surprised Google doesn’t have a black and white power saving screen mode

        • yes

          Why would they when most Android phones aren’t AMOLED?

          • buckley101

            While you have a good point that not everyone uses AMOLED, the largest majority by far use AMOLED. No one buys HTC or LG phones so actually the majority does use AMOLED.

          • Brad Langshaw

            Sent from HTC device

          • Sent from an lg user

        • midi :D

          Well it’s there since lollipop, go under Developpers Settings, you’ll find a color changing settings under Graphics, select Monochrome, it will be in (50) shades of gray.

      • buckley101

        Common misconception. Processors are becoming more “powerful” but every year the die size shrinks and the transistors become smaller. They are actually more power effecient every year.

      • Alex Ohannes

        Sorry, that’s not the problem. I take it you don’t own any devices that you bought and used for months or more with KitKat and are now running Lollipop? If you do, then you should know that your comment (in most cases) has too many exceptions to be regarded as a rule.

      • john smith

        Soon phones might get back to being small. The original phones were VERY big, and right now phones are ⅓ or ½ the size of those.

    • Ahku Droid

      Every year app creators get more greedy with permissions and always on features. Hopefully M will help that with being able to switch them off.

    • vamsi krishna

      Exactly, iOS 5 has better battery than android m ,

      • buckley101

        First of all, in general you’re right. Second of all, you have no idea what Android M runs like so you’re statement is completely invalidated.

        • vamsi krishna

          I know there is no major cosmetic update , only in app permissions like iOS and sync activity renamed project Volta by ignoring sensors of course fingerprint integration .

          • buckley101

            well now that Android uses an ART compiler, iOS doesn’t necessarily “have better battery life”. You’re comparing the efficiency of an OS to the battery life of a whole phone…poor comparison

    • john smith

      Not really worse

      • john smith

        My batteries have gotten better and better

    • DannyD

      Cpus get better,but when you shrink your phone’s battery and add bigger displays with the same “ok” battery optimizations you don’t see an improvement.

  • Every year they promise improved battery life, yet it only seems to get worse.

    • mcdonsco

      Exactly what I thought when reading this. Apparently google thinks using more power is better power management

      • Brian Menius

        Got to spend money to make money…?

    • Miguel

      Well in their defense, phones have better screens that use more batteries and phones are slimmer.

      • But also more efficient and power saving processors, RAM, and flash storage.

  • Suicide_Note

    Looks good. Now, how’s about releasing a preview so I can fire it up on my N6?