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Spigen Says This is What the Samsung Galaxy S6 Looks Like

Samsung has become one of the best at keeping its phone designs a secret up until they take the wraps off of them at an official unveiling. They are without a doubt better at it than HTC and Apple. Over the last couple of years, designs for the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series have floated about before the phones are announced, but few have been credible. So what do we make of the Galaxy S6 cases that popular casemaker, Spigen, has posted to its Amazon sales pages? Well, they have been right in the past when it comes to giving us hints and silhouettes of yet-to-be-announced phones. Are they right again? 

For some background, understand that casemakers often get molds or specs of upcoming devices long before they are announced, so that they can have their related products ready for launch. When a casemaker posts up a case for sale of an unreleased device, we would imagine that they are basing their renders off of something semi-realistic.

And again, Spigen has been doing this for years. They tend to post up cases of unreleased devices well ahead of official announcements, more than likely to get their name in headlines (hey, success again!) and their products pre-ordered.

But here’s the thing – they outed design elements in the Nexus 5, HTC One (M8), and LG G3 that turned out to be correct. In fact, they completely outed the dimensions and design of the G3 before LG made it official. They do have a decent track record at giving us glimpses of phones before they are supposed to.

So what about these new “Galxay S6” cases? Tough to say. A couple of blurry cam photos have surfaced within the last couple of days that look like the phones Spigen is using. The camera and flash/heartrate sensor are in the spots that Spigen is showing here. To me, though, the rest of the phone just looks like a Galaxy S5, which Samsung seems to have said they will move far from using new materials and an innovative design. Nothing seems innovative or new about this, other than the camera situation.

What do you think – is this what the Galaxy S6 will look like, or is Spigen just trying to make headlines again?

spigen galaxy s6 case2

Via:  Amazon | Spigen Store
Cheers Sebastian!
  • Brian Nazareth

    Did anyone notice how the phone’s lockscreen (including the battery icon) looks like iOS?
    Ooooh, Apple and Samsung will be going to war again! :3

  • TylerCameron

    Oh look. It’s the Galaxy S5S
    Seriously tho, I thought the S5 looks fine. Except for the horrific plastic edges. Not for the fact that they’re plastic. But glossy, chrome-painted plastic. Black would’ve been fine. As would soft touch plastic. But they had to go with something that would chop off.

  • A2theC

    Where teh F da speaker?…..cools! looks like I ALREADY have the S6 and I didn’t know it!….somehow it lost its water resistance while I wasn’t paying attention. Resistance is futile, all will become one with the ingress.

  • Martin Urban

    project zero my ass

  • kstagg

    Whoa. That ain’t right. I’m calling bullsh!t on this photo. http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mdshf9MIeq1ro2d43.gif

  • Carlos Menendez

    Hey they moved the heartbeat sensor. Big update Samsung way to be innovative, just like Apple.

  • Voltism

    The cubs will win the superbowl before samsung ditches the home button, and that’s not even the sport they play in

  • StankyChikin

    That stupid button.. They ever going to remove that thing?

  • Deva

    This is not the S6! No way are they going with the band aid back again, since the got so much crap for it on the S5. Also the home button is suppose to be bigger for an improved fingerprint scanner. This is a decoy like the HTC hima last week.

  • dadamaja

    If it is infact the gs6, thats going to be the first nail in the coffin for them

  • WickedToby741

    I sure hope for Samsung that this isn’t the S6. I don’t truly believe it is (it may be a mock up given to case makers by Samsung so they can get the dimensions but don’t leak the real thing), but if it really is it’s definitely not the redesign they promised.

  • AndrewScottRox

    Color me skeptical but I don’t see that band-aid design coming back on the S6. Didn’t the designer get fired?

  • why won’t they just copy someone like the old days?

  • taz89

    I’m pretty sure this is not the s6. Looks like spigen is trying get in the press. No surprise that when a supposed back of the s6 is leaked, several concepts etc are now trying to make “real” s6 leaks just by using that camera and heart sensor placement. In this case spigen used the s5 back cover with the “s6” leak back camera layout, they used the s5 front and some random lockscreen that’s obviously not tw or stock android and more looks like ios.

  • iDreamless531

    spigen has been right on in the past but usually their homescreen renders are correct too…. but that looks like a iphone 6 screen

  • estimatedprophethawk

    I don’t know about the phone, but Sigen, once again, had made a cool MFing case!

    • estimatedprophethawk


  • roberthenderson

    No waterproofing, no front facing speakers, & no SD card? Samsung couldn’t be that stupid. Could they?

    • TylerCameron

      How can you tell the SD card isn’t removable? Did you try one for yourself?

  • indiana85

    I really hope it doesn’t, phones are just in a place now to what else can u do especially looks wise how thinner and bigger, wider can phones get to a point now?

  • Jprime


  • Eric R.

    Fake! Just choose a different color it shows the S5 and the lock screen and wallpaper is on the Play store, its called OS 8 Lock Screen

  • Thiago Souza

    Keeping the design a secret???? It’s the same old sh*t since S3

  • BoFiS

    YAWN, wake me when Samsung stops using awful physical home buttons and TouchWiz and I’ll care

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    So that’s what disappointment looks like

  • Tyson Crosby

    Looks like an S5 with a photoshopped flash/heart rate monitor…. I call BS

  • Joe

    um. thats an s5.

  • ck125

    So they move the flash and say it’s new? So much for that built from the ground up fresh design…

    • WickedToby741

      I seriously doubt this is it. They probably have this design to case makers so that they can design their cases without revealing the true design. The dimensions and location of the buttons, camera, and ports are likely accurate, but this seems like a clever way for Samsung to conceal the design while still allowing case makers a chance to design their cases ahead of time.

  • Wall Breaker

    This contradicts every single leak prior to this. I say fake.

  • Pdewet

    That does not look like a glass back to me

  • No_Smoking

    hmm, I have the S5 and I hate how the camera protrudes… If this leak is true, it will still stick out. This makes me sad.

  • landon

    Let’s trust a photo with iOS photoshopped on it…

    • Chris Hannan

      If this is a joke, LOL!

      If not, it should be. 😐

  • Bob’s Bilderbergers

    Some people call that art…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CJ45f7sZoQ

  • Cesar

    I recall Samsung saying something last year about “innovative new design” before releasing the S5. So, yeah…

  • CharlesJorgenson

    Lol, so Exactly the same.. wow, they are totally learning from their mistakes

  • Bob’s Bilderbergers

    Doubtful that the S6 will look like this.

  • James Philippon

    Wow, exactly the f***ing same. Exciting!

  • JackMeOffski


  • Scott Martin

    this looks just like the iphone.

  • Tek Wizard

    Bottom slot is wider. I wonder if they are bringing back USB3.0?

    • hkklife

      I wish they would. Either go back to USB 3.0 or grow some balls and debut Type-C. I think this is just a reworked S5 render, thus the 3.0 port.

  • Tom S
  • truth_cutz

    looks like the last one, and the other last one, and the other other last one..

  • lye

    “Samsung: Our New Mobile Devices to Incorporate “New Materials, Innovative Designs”

    Somebody is lying.

  • MichaelFranz

    sorry but the just turned the camera and heartbeat sensor sideways and did renders…..this isnt it…

  • Galaxy366

    Isn’t Spigen breaking some NDA now?

  • DJ SPY

    I don’t think they have to do much to keep something secret if it looks like the pervious design year after year.

  • erikiksaz


  • Daniel Walsh

    I’m going to say it’s a place holder.

  • mystikalrush

    It looks like the kept all its bad qualities from previous designs, and is following the Porsche 911 mentality.

  • sj0808

    Super fake. Because of the battery.

  • Marvin the Martian

    No, this is how it will look like. Speaker is on the bottom.

    • jerflash

      so maybe the new usb design as well? that be cool

      • Marvin the Martian

        They said S6 will be “innovative premium handset” with a “special function” so maybe that special function is dual side usb port.

        • Tyler Durden

          Lol premium lol. Say hello to an unremovable 2500mAh running a Quad HD screen.

          • TylerCameron

            I HATE the fact that smartphones are moving to quad HD. It makes no difference in how much we can see. We already can’t see that pixels at 400+ppi. So all we’re doing is lowering the performance and the battery life.
            On another note, I can’t see Samsung putting a smaller battery in than they did last year. They’ve always increased the battery size every year.

          • SemahjLam

            Speak for yourself, I can tell. In extremely near sighted so when I’m in my bed with glasses and contacts off my phone is very close to my face, I’m talking 3 inches. So I like high resolution displays and can’t wait for 4k

          • TylerCameron

            Ever used an HTC One? I had one. I, too, have atrocious vision. So I use my phone around 3″ from my face without glasses. No matter how hard I tried, I COULD NOT point out one individual pixel on that 4.7″ 1080p screen. And I really tried! You can see the pixels much easier on a Samsung tho, because Samsung doesn’t believe in standard pixel layouts because potato.
            And 4K on a phone? Yeah, laptop GPU’s can’t even handle 4K, so let’s go ahead and put 4K in our phones since their GPU’s will certainly be able to drive it!

          • SemahjLam

            Ummm yes I the HTC one m7 was my previous phone before my nexus 6 and I could still see the pixels not as much as my s3 but still they were there

          • TylerCameron

            Okaaaaay. Whatever you say….

          • SemahjLam

            Don’t have to be a jerk about it just because somebody has a different experience than you. And wtf are you talking about, plenty of GPUs can handle 4k it’s playing games at maxed out resolution that breaks GPUs… Do you know anything about technology

          • TylerCameron

            If you’re not playing the game at max resolution, then you get scaling. Scaling looks far worse than having a low-resolution display. What’s the point of gaming and having a high resolution display if you get fugly scaling?

      • Tyler Durden

        Thunderbolt is pretty nice. Thankfully they’re finally copying it.

        • Daistaar


          • Tyler Durden


  • Dlongb13

    That’s an iOS 8 lockscreen. Me call this BS.

  • HotRodJohnson

    That explains why we keep seeing Microsoft Android apps popup!

  • Colin Huber

    Might be dense here, but why are there two different camera/flash/sensor layouts as you switch through the Amazon photos?

  • Kenny Woodard

    Haven’t seen this much crap since that scene in Jurassic Park.

  • jerflash

    This is the case for the S6 im sure of it but the phone inside is just a representation. Seeing that there are no holes in either case for a speaker im pretty sure we are looking at front facing speakers for the next S6 which makes sense since all others are doing this. That will be interesting for sure

    • George

      Speakers on the bottom like on the Galaxy Alpha, which this is based on.

      • jerflash

        while this can be true i hope not…front facing would be a winner in most people eyes

    • erikiksaz

      Bottom facing speakers, not front. Otherwise you’d see it in this mockup.

    • TylerCameron

      “All others”
      You mean Motorola and HTC. Apple, Samaung, HTC, LG, and Sony aren’t even rumoured to have a phone with front facing speakers. 2/7 definitely isn’t “all others”

  • Crunchy Nuts

    Sorry guys but I’m doing it…Richard Yarrell – appear and sing Samsung’s praises!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Looks like a GS5. Spigen usually has the scoop, but I don’t think this is the device at all. Nothing like the rumors. Nothing like what Samsung has been doing with the A series. So I’d say no.

  • Joseph A. Yager

    If this is accurate, they need to stop sending molds to Spigen…

  • Dr. Steve

    Oh my god it’s so original and progressive. Huge step forward for Samsung.

  • Gsizzle

    Another boring ass design from Samsuck. HTC M9 will be the phone to beat. Count on it.

    • MicroNix

      And they’ll still sell millions more than HTC.

      • Tyler Durden

        Whatever herds the sheep

  • Justin Faluotico

    So… Almost the same design as the S5

    • MadJoe

      Exactly what I was thinking. They have to get rid of that stupid Home button, too, otherwise I’m looking elsewhere for my next phone.

      • Justin Faluotico

        And I thought I read a rumor they were not making the S6 “waterproof”like the S5 was, but I see what looks like a flap on the bottom.

        • removeflap

          I remember my gs3 shipped with flaps, that are removable. Not sure if they always have…

          • WitnessG

            My GS3 never had flaps… what the heck?

      • Zach Cline

        Better start looking elsewhere then. They aren’t getting rid of it.

        • Ian Case

          I don’t mind the home button, but get rid of the capacitive buttons on either side. Such a pain in the ass when typing in landscape and you keep hitting the stupid back button.

          • WitnessG

            Where else are you going to put the buttons? Have a physical home button with on screen multitasking and back buttons? Or if you are implying 3 physical home buttons than that would be beyond ugly and a bigger pain in the ass to use.

          • Ian Case

            I dunno. HTC had no problem with onscreen + capacitive. Granted they got roasted for it, but it might be a welcomed thing for Samsung.

  • Humberto

    Samsung is Done, has been done… ran out of Innovation credits…

  • GutterIsATool

    Where is the speaker on the back?

    • jerflash

      front facing speakers incoming

    • Dave Adams

      The horizontal slot at the bottom maybe?

  • Spigen always has placeholders..every year we see this same post…

  • gpaine

    Probably just using last year’s phone design as a reference within the new dimensions they were given.

  • Kenny Woodard


  • MettaWorldTroll

    Samsung said they were going to break the mold till they realized they only had one mold…

  • p0k3y

    Doesn’t look metal to me – still same bandaid look. Guess I will hold for the G4…

    • Chris Hannan

      They don’t know the texture.

  • Thomas

    So many ads on this page I didn’t know where the article was.

    • rajv

      Install ‘ABP’

      • Crunchy Nuts

        Ghostery. ABP was given a bag full of cash by a certain tech entity *cough* google *cough* to let most of their crap get whitelisted. ABE is the forked unsodomized version. But both ABP & ABE eat a ton of resources due to something something element loading technojargon.

        • something_new

          I use Disconnect and µBlock. Is that one better?

          • trwb

            Don’t use ghostery. It is now owned by Evidon which is an advertising company.

          • Dapke

            True, saw that as well. I use Disconnect now, as they (appear to be) an independent company.

          • callumshell1

            or use ghostery and adguard

        • TylerCameron

          I just use chromeadblock.com

    • something_new

      Disconnect and µBlock report, combined, 66 items filtered :-O

  • SeanPlunk

    Ugh, I hope that’s wrong because if that’s the final design…

  • mcdonsco

    More of the same

  • They…turned iPhone?

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      How is this anything like an iphone

      • apple


      • Armaced

        Looks a lot like the iPhone 4 design to me.

    • This is nothing like an iPhone… It still looks cheap