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AT&T Stores Being Told to Ship Nexus 6 Inventory Back Due to Software Bug

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AT&T stores are being told to send back initial shipments of the Nexus 6 due to a software bug that Motorola has identified, according to multiple sources.

The bug renders a black screen and fails to connect to service when the device is powered on, essentially leaving the device useless. Only the initial batch of AT&T Nexus 6s were impacted and Motorola is currently working on shipments with corrected software. Unfortunately for customers, that means AT&T stores may not have Nexus 6 stock for a least a few days. As far as we know, this is only an issue with the AT&T units.

If you have experienced this issue, you should probably take your phone in to have it replaced by AT&T. At this time, we have yet to hear from anyone who has experienced the issue, so it may not be all that widespread.

At this time, AT&T will still accept Direct Fulfillment orders, which is there method of ordering a Nexus 6 for you.

Also, Best Buy is now selling the AT&T version of the Nexus 6, so you could always check there if an AT&T store is out.

Update: ┬áSince many are asking, no, we do not believe this has anything to do with the Nexus 6 outside of the AT&T units. We are talking specifically about Nexus 6 units that were sent to AT&T, which would be the branded AT&T models with all of AT&T’s carrier additions.

nexus 6 bug

  • marcus russell

    Set the phone up without the at&t sim in to avoid downloading the added at&t apps

  • Juan Roldan

    I just got mine yesterday from at&t website. So far its awesome. I wasn’t expecting much from the camera (cause nexus camera always suck) but I love the phone. This is my third nexus.

    • Juan Roldan

      PS ones you start the phone ,at&t starts downloading its bloat into your phone. Buuuut unlike other androids devices in carriers, you can uninstall them.

  • demarcmj

    The memo specifically says not to return display units so I walked into my local AT&T store today to finally get my hands on one of these things… any they told me they were all being returned to Motorola. Ay caramba!

  • mrcontinental

    AT&T and their mods and bloatware are to blame I’m sure.

  • Nicholas Ruiz

    These comments blaming ATT when it turned out to be Motorola’s fault are pretty funny.

  • pilot25

    Boy android apologists are everywhere. Can’t be Google’s fault. Must be AT&T. Insert Apple for Google and Android for iphone and I swear its the same crap different site.

  • HotelQuebec

    Chalk it up to ATurd&Turd for fudging up the OS.

  • EastOakland510

    Glad I got T-Mobile

  • thajack

    Definitely shouldn’t qualify as a Nexus… AT&T boot screen, SIM locked and contains AT&T ringtones burned into the firmware.

  • thajack

    Which begs the question… on a Nexus device, why does AT&T have different software than the other ones?