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So, is This Motorola’s “Shamu” Nexus Looking All Sorts of Massive Next to a G3?

motorola shamu nexus 6

Umm, I don’t know if it is. Either way, the phone pictured is a massive Moto X-looking phone next to the LG G3, which is already a massive phone, and absolutely stomping all over it.

Is this the Motorola Nexus aka “Shamu” aka Nexus 6 aka Whale Wars aka Free Willy aka please-don’t-make-this-Google-it’s-too-freaking-massive? You tell us. 

Edit:  Apparently, the photo showed up in our comments and Android Police’s at some point this morning. The anonymous “Guest” claims that it is coming to Verizon. Interesting, to say the least. I still don’t know what to make of it.

  • jstntime

    I’m all about that glass
    ‘Bout that glass, no bezels

  • Ziich

    Give me a thinner nexus 5 with better battery life, a better camera, improved build quality,and a 64gb internal storage option and i will e happy. anything else on top would be a bonus

  • MicroSD? Removable battery? {{-_-}}

  • nathan carter

    Guys don’t be so reactive. This isn’t the nexus. It’s Motorolas answer to the Note series by samsung. This I will welcome, but for a nexus No. My hands are big but their not Shaquile O’Neil big. Good job Moto. Using the nexus Thunder to promote yourself. lol.

  • nathan carter

    Guys this is Motorola’s answer to Samsung’s Note line. Its not the nexus. Just wait you’ll see what I mean.

  • flosserelli

    “Shamu” indeed.

    All I have to say is it better have a huge battery too.

  • CoreRooted

    One thing that keeps coming up in the comments is that “Google would never release a Nexus phablet”. Let’s not forget that over the past year, there’s been a lot of high level Googlers leaving. For all we know, new management could have easily said “BIGGER NEXUS” and that’s why the left? Pure speculation here, but it would not surprise me in the least. Apple had to wait for Steve Jobs to die before even thinking about increasing the screen size of the iPhone. Just something to think about and keep in mind if Google does release this as a Nexus device.

    As for it coming to Verizon; again, we have no idea what backroom deals go on. New management could have struck a new deal with Verizon. Verizon could have dumped millions into Google in order to carry the device. We just don’t know.

    • AxemRed

      I’ve given up uttering the phrase “Google would never…” when it comes to their hardware offerings. They make all of their money through their ads, so they can afford to be insane with their hardware.

      • CoreRooted

        THIS ^^^ +1,000,000

  • Kyle Cordiano

    Just because the Note series is beyond popular, doesn’t mean the next Nexus phone should be a plus size like this.

  • Nikos Koufos

    Watch this just be the Phablet version of the moto x, and the nexus be something completely different

  • willl03

    Size based on official G3 dimensions and compared to Note 3

    Sounds about right for a 5.9in screen with thin bezels

    • Skittlez

      is this is accurate, it’s actually still smaller than an iPhone 6+. Incredible!

  • mule0331

    Thank god I didn’t pre-order the note 4 yet.

  • ThunderJayHawk35

    Still passing on that SONY news to you guys.. SONY is holding an event Thursday, October 9th @ 1:00-3:00 PM Est. for their mobile division(Sony Xperia z3/Z3 Compact /Z3 tablet) I’ll keep you guys updated.


  • DRaY

    I really would hate to own a phone that large, but if it had lets say 6000-8000mah battery and wireless charging and could last all day with intense usage. I would definitely buy this thing. Granted being a Nexus it would have no SD card support so there better be a 64gb variant. And presto, perfect phone!!!

  • Axed Salmon

    If it’s coming to Verizon then it’s not a nexus, unless hell is freezing over

  • Ronald McDonald


  • wtd2009

    the real question is when the hell is moto/google finally going to say something about when we can expect this/these?

    • Skittlez

      they didn’t say anything about last year’s release, so who know’s if they will

  • Travis Noiles

    If this is real I am going to be so disappointed! Anything over 5.2″ is a disappointment! DON’T make this google!

    • Orion

      Oh google already made it.

  • I’m starting to get the feeling Motorola has a phablet incoming and this isn’t a new Nexus. There’s no Nexus branding, it’s too huge and Verizon is certainly not getting another shot at Nexus.

  • ckeegan

    I am SO glad that the Turbo/Quark/Maxx will be an option too. This thing is ridiculous…to me.

  • ClikFire _

    Don’t worry Guys that’s Not the Nexus 6.

    Why you ask? Simple.

    1. Nexus never mimics the exact look of OEMs flagship. (This looks like a moto x 2014 blown up.)

    2. No Nexus Vibe. Every Nexus has a design unique to Nexus. While some called the New us 5 design bland I think its beautiful and unique to any other phone.

    3. Earlier leaks of Retail Store Listings tend to be more accurate I would even argue more reliable than a photo. And those listings showed a 5.2 inch display.

    4. This is the Moto S going to verizion. Something special since they never get a Nexus anymore.

    • Orion

      Sorry Nexus 6 will be 5.9. Nice try though.

      • ClikFire _

        I love it when people comment with nothing to back up their claim.

        #3 is a very strong case a lot stronger than this article are photo.

        Do you even know how nexus devices work? The very design of this is basically a blow up moto x 2014 since when has google ever done that? The nexus 5 looked nothing like the lg g2 which it was based on and neither did previous devices so I’m still waiting for you to explain?

        • Orion

          Because I know a source that actually held it. I don’t care if you want to believe it or not. Keep on wishing while the facts will soon come. I’m not saying the pic above is the actual Nexus….all I’m saying is the Nexus 6 will indeed have a 5.9 inch screen. Facts over hope. Is that good enough for you?

          • ClikFire _

            But does that person know if there are 2 versions? Unless someone went out of their way to send fake retail listings for s product to stores their is a 5.2 inch option or a Nexus 5 refresh?

          • ClikFire _

            and I am suppose to believe you why?

  • Mark Daly

    NOOOOO… Too big and i’ve got a Maxx and i think that size is ok. I think the G3 is on the limit for the size i would get and if it is the size of the leaked pics i won’t get one. Motorola make the best phones but screw up with battery sizes and screen sizes. They could have been bigger than crApple if they just think about what people actually want.

  • Chris

    I so much hope so. This is the exact phone I want.

  • DGBlair


  • Corey Foltman

    Do they usually tape some scrap paper on the back of phones with scotch tape?

  • ApplesNAndroids

    So.. Same size as a iPhone + with a larger display..

  • John Friend

    Whatever it is… It needs to be like a padfone with keyboard dock and tablet dock that can also dual boot Windows or lapdock.

    • CoreRooted

      THIS. I have the Padfone-X (which I have a love/hate relationship with). The specs in it, while perfectly usable, could have been a lot better. I just don’t understand why the docking concept has never taken off. Poor execution by companies, I suppose… but still. I would buy a Nexus that had a tablet dock in a second.

  • Jay Ward

    I’d love a 6.5″ screen on my phone.

  • coolsilver

    I’ll take it…. XD

  • Adam Elghor

    I don’t care what any of you say, this looks amazing!

  • mcdonsco

    Couldn’t someone have just enlarged an image of the new x and shop’d it in here?

  • Carter BK

    I’m gonna say this is the Moto S and not a nexus. Google wouldn’t do just a phablet. If they do one they’ll will go about it like apple and make a smaller design as well ad a whale

  • Godzilla

    Moto maxx

  • indiana85

    I want a new Nexus phone but I don’t want an unnecessarily huge phone, there’s no need for a 6 inch phone EVER!

    • CoreRooted

      There’s a few million people that might disagree. 5.7″ is my max size for a device, but I know quite a few people that have been waiting for a 5.9″+ size QUALITY device for a long time now.

  • Rashad

    If this comes to Verizon then it will be a deal!

  • Alex

    Dat screen…

  • I’m not really having a problem with this size.

    • RicoDelicioso

      That’s what she said! BOOM! Had to say it.

  • XvierX

    My guess is that this is motorola’s response to the note 3, iPhone 6+, G3, etc. It seems to me that Motorola is trying to get into the phablet market space and grab whatever share they can. I wonder if this will do any better than htc’s failed attempt to compete.

    If you stop and take what you already know about the nexus bloodline, it is hard to believe that this fits in. I guess we’ll all know in a few weeks.

  • DJ SPY

    I have question, why are so many people talking so much crap about this phablet because it’s supposedly too big, but at the same time are super excited about the Note 4?

    • Franklin Ramsey

      Because this is bigger than the Note 4.

      • JSo

        By a whole 0.2 inches. *Gasp*

        It’s actually the same as the HTC One Max

      • DJ SPY

        The Note 4 is bigger than the G3 (pictured above). Shamu is probably a millimetre or two bigger than the Note 4 but it has a bigger screen.

        • Franklin Ramsey

          Bigger is still bigger. You asked a question, I gave an answer. I think the other part of the answer lies in the fact that a lot of people in the market for a Nexus device are looking at flagship range sizes, not phablet sizes. The S4 and S5 sold more than the Note 2, or Note 3, even though the Note series sold well.

  • trixnkix637

    Pretty soon we’re going to go back to the Zack Morris cell phone days if they keep making phones any bigger.

  • shamushamwow


    • M Brandon Lee

      Do you know if it is coming to Sprint?

      • ClikFire _

        Nexus 5 did and things went well so I imagine it will. If it doesn’t I’ll keep my Nexus 5. I’m on sprint as well and plan on switching to gsm next year hate missing out on gsm only phones.

    • DJ SPY

      I hate those on screen keys. Makes Android look like a toy.

      • JSo

        I’ve gotten used to them. And I actually like them. But they aren’t as small on my Nexus 5

      • ClikFire _

        I heard they are just placeholders. Truth is we do t even know what the final version of Android L will look like we only saw previews even the Dev preview is missing a lot.

      • aldsgn

        i digg them. it’s very design minded and reminds me of the bauhaus. everything is minimized to the simplest form possible while still being recognizable as a back arrow, a circle for home (apple made ubiquitous), and a square for apps/recents (the shape of a screen). the bauhaus was often marketed internally and externally by using a triangle circle and square.

    • ATTACK


    • Derek Traini

      More please 🙂

    • Marcellus1

      Definitely a moto device in that pic. Adjusted the levels and you can see a Moto logo, the outline of the phone, and hand holding the phone. 🙂

      • Looks like the tipster is toast. The overexposed picture shows the unique pattern in the Motorola logo, which will lead them right to shamushamwow. That’s a shame.

        • Marcellus1

          Wow. didn’t realize that about the logo. I suspect that with a leak like this, someone investigating the leak would likely have done exactly as I did, but I still feel bad about it now. I could have doctored the overexposed pic, but the original would still be available to overexpose to get the info.

    • Guest

      Where did my post go?

    • Pootis Man


    • Disco Dan

      Nice back button. LOL! What is that an Ipaq from 2000?

  • JSo

    Why are so many people mentioning Verizon? Where is that rumor?

    • Franklin Ramsey

      The person who posted this in the comment section stated that it would be coming to Verizon, hence where that rumor started.

  • I’m gaining more and more confidence in the idea that this isn’t a Nexus, but is actually just the phablet equivalent of a Moto X.

    Also, I’m praying that’s the case.

  • Tom Luley

    This is the thing though, why are people all pumped over a Nexus possibly coming to Verizon? Verizon already has essentially a Nexus with the Moto X, but its better than a Nexus. It has virtually STOCK software PLUS great features like Moto Display. If it were an actual Nexus, I feel like that is a step BACK in software. This all sounds fishy to me…cwutididthar?

    I think its just an oversized Moto X coming to the same carriers as the Moto X, probably named the Moto X Plus or something.

    • Andrew Osborn

      So I guess the question is, what do you get with it over the turbo? Can’t be specs. And moto software enhancements make vanilla android better

  • Tyler Rynberg

    Why don’t people just buy the Nexus 7 LTE, it would be much cheaper.

  • jer85008

    Maybe it’s the unannounced MOTO P(hablet)?

  • onthecouchagain

    Oh gawd, no.

  • MotoX with a properly large battery? If that’s the case, I might consider it even with its mammoth size.

  • ‘Designed by Motorola?” I don’t recall any Nexus saying that, and even if it did say something like that, wouldn’t it be “Designed by Google”? And would it really have that giant Motorola logo on the back. Almost all Nexus prototypes say “Google” on the back, as far as I know, which obviously later becomes “Nexus”. I have a feeling this 5.9″ device everyone is talking about is simply a Motorola phablet, and we will be getting a new Nexus around the same size as the N5.