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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Live Blog!

IFA kicks off in just a couple of hours, with Samsung highlighting the day 1 festivities through a 3-city Unpacked event. They are unveiling the Galaxy Note 4, there is no denying that. Each Fall, Samsung brings us a new device in the oversized-phone-we’re-basically-in-tablet-territory category that they created years ago.

The device is currently rumored to carry a 5.7-inch QHD display, metal casing with chamfered edges, Snapdragon 805 processor, 3GB or 4GB RAM, 16MP camera, and a brand new S Pen. We would be shocked if Samsung didn’t use its standard physical home button setup, with recent apps and back flanking it, as well. By all means, this will be another flagship device that will make Note cult members proud.

Tim will be on hand for the happenings in New York City, bright and early at 9:00AM Eastern (6:00AM Pacific). We will have a live stream embedded below for all to watch, along with a live blog so that you can read our thoughts in real time.

Join us tomorrow morning!

  • jimt

    This is truly just a note 3 with slightly improved innards and screen. What the hey?

  • LiterofCola


  • Godzilla

    Please tell me I am not the only one who thinks that the Gear S is way too big on a wrist, especially for women. It does not look good at all.

    • BigTimmay

      Agreed. Tech blogs are going to harp on that big time in their reviews.

  • SomeRandomGuy

    Who else can’t wait for MaterialWiz?! /s

  • DanSan

    is there a feed of the NY event or just the berlin feed?

  • Godzilla

    I hate it when the presenters clap along with the audience.

  • Joe O

    I didn’t learn a goddamn thing from this “live blog”.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    This is probably the most annoying presser ive seen in a while….. Why do you need 3 people to present? The woman is driving mad. The hole fake “let’s pretend to have a real conversation” ugh

  • wickets

    500000% uninspiring…….hoping goog, moto or similar comes up with a decent alternative for my note 3

    • wickets

      p.s for the first time in 4+ years this is the first event i have seen /heard that i do not want to run to the closest store and buy one…..all i keep thinking is why did they even bother

      • hkklife

        Agreed 100x. Taller, wider, heavier, same amount of RAM and internal storage, no waterproofing, same ol’ lousy TW as GS5, regressed back to microUSB 2.0. Only true improvements are more pixels (arguable), better camera, faster SoC, and a few more S-Pen goodies. What a monumental letdown. It might be the best looking and feeling Note so far but there was nothing wrong with the 3 in that department, IMO.

        This is exactly the kind of letdown device that Samsung did NOT need with Apple’s 5.5″ iPhone waiting in the wings.

  • htowngtr

    Nevermind the phone… Who’s the perky, hot Brit girl?

  • objektiv_one

    Does anyone else remember seeing the Edge spring a leak around early 2013? or am i crazy?

  • Godzilla

    Im sorry, I can appreciate samsung for many things. But concentrating on the selfie? What a load of crap.

  • Sven Enterlein

    This is the worst presentation ever… Why can’t they get a good speaker instead of a Corporate guy?!?!

  • Chippah


  • Chippah

    Son of a bitch. they went with CURVED glass at the edges,..
    this means no tempered glass screen protectors!!

  • Chippah

    ITs Kenny G playin the phone flute or sumphin !

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    DAmn your live blog wont load 🙁

  • Justin

    Note 4 or Note Edge take my money! They both are nice!

  • jai

    all eye on uuuu

  • Samsung, I’m gonna let you finish, but Moto X+1 is the next best thing of all time.

  • 6am Pacific, how wack. But I’m up and ready for you Sammy.

  • Jason B
  • jak_341

    Color me excited! It’s this phone or the iPhone 6.

  • 6

    Pretty soon you’ll be able to get that big screen with a buttery-smooth, no bloatware, stock iOS experience.

    • Jprime

      lol, so true

    • JayMars84

      Can’t wait to not do all the things iOS doesn’t let you do but on on a bigger screen!

    • mark

      No bloat on my 2005 feature phone too, doesn’t mean i want that either. Nice thing about android is we can pick and choose what we want, rather than waiting 7 years for one company to decide to release it (and what happens to all the ppl who like iphones for being small? That’s going to be a laugh, if they switch to a note sized device).

  • Chris Hoffman

    I’m not a fan of TouchWiz, but it’s not going to stop me from deciding on the phone I would otherwise go with. I use a different launcher anyway (Nova). So, it’s not that big of a deal. I buy a phone based on its size and specs. I need a larger screen area since I am forced to use a virtual keyboard these days, and the Note 3 still seems too small as far as ideal typing and being able to see the screen at the same time, especially in Remote Desktop, where I work extensively. Anyway, if the Note 4 has 4 GB RAM, I will probably go with it (since more RAM would be useful for what I do). If it does not, I will likely go with the Nexus 6. I like that it will apparently have a little more screen area and probably front facing speakers…plus, more frequent updates. The only problem is that I would have to switch carriers, and my contract is not up.

  • Scott Niemczyk

    I’ve had the note 2 and 3 and loved them both for the big screen. But do love and miss motorola build quality. If the rumors are true about a motorola phablet then I’m all in on that phone. Still would consider the note 4 though.

    • hkklife

      I miss the Moto RF performance, especially compared to Samsung.

  • Justin

    Note 4, take my money!

  • carl w.

    And cue the Samsung haters whining about how they hate touchwiz.. etc, and how they can’t wait for whatever Motorola is releasing next. When is the site name changing to Moto-Life?

    • Godzilla

      well buddy let me tell ya, ive had both motorola and sammy phones now, and touchwiz truly does suck. Not only that but the home button loyal design of samsung phones was outdated yesterday.

      Honestly the only “great” thing about samsung phones is the camera.

      • carl w.

        I can agree to a point that touchwiz is pretty bad at times, but I honestly don’t mind the home button or lack of on screen buttons. I’ve used many android devices from different manufactures over the years. I guess it’s just a personal preference.. But there’s no denying this phone whether people like it or not, will be amazing.

        • Godzilla

          Sure, it’ll be a beast phone, no doubt. Problem is……….it has touchwiz on it. And that for me is a deal breaker now.

          • carl w.

            What about when you’re able to throw a custom rom on it. Like maybe Android L someday.

          • Godzilla

            That is besides the point, i shouldnt have to flash a ROM on it to get more pure android. And honestly Samsung has sucked with their updates this past year. The only time they rushed out an update was 4.4.3 so they could get their stupid knox security on their devices.

          • carl w.

            Well I guess you can’t have it all. With Motorola you get a stock like Android experience, but not the top notch hardware specs.

          • cw

            That’s why a lot of us do complain. We WANT to like Samsung products. They have nice screens and nice internals. So, it’s a shame that we can’t appreciate them because of the archaic interface and gingerbread era hardware that Samsung refuses to move away from. Innovation stopped long ago and stagnant design is not good. There is a reason for so many vocal complaints.

          • JoshGroff

            I want it all, and I want it now!

          • Jprime

            i agree, you shouldn’t need to rom, im tired of people offering that as an excuse

          • JoshGroff

            Honestly, AOSP removes too much of what makes the Note useful. I’d rather go hybrid or debloated stock any day.

          • Well don’t buy it problem solved. You know kids normally get in trouble for excessive whinning.

          • LiterofCola

            Especially kids who whine about people WHINING.

          • Sounds like you just called yourself out.

      • Dave

        Have you used the new S5, with its much smoother TouchWiz? I’m guessing you didn’t, if you did you wouldn’t be complaining how bad TouchWiz is. My friend has the S5 and it is much faster than its previous galaxy phones that doesn’t have the new TouchWiz, I’m getting sick of people complaining on Samsung articles when they aren’t force to you saying anything at all. But hey its the Internet everyone complains.

        • D

          I’ve used it and it still suffers from lag and stutters all over the place. It’s hardware is insane, for that to happen, is ridiculous. Especially when HTC with lesser binned CPUs is very fluent in comparison. Or the Moto X which is severely ‘underwhelming’ in comparison of raw power but it’s far more stable. So yes, people have used the S5 and through comparison, they are right to complain. Nothing that powerful should perform so poorly.

          • Dave

            I don’t think you understand my comment well enough, I said it’s much smoother, I never stated that it’s lag free.

          • D

            Oh sorry, I misinterpreted it as the latter. Still, my point about performance remains. 🙂

          • Dave

            No problem, I can almost guarantee that you will see very little lag in the note 4, I know I know, how do you know if the phone isn’t even out yet, I just have a feeling that this time around Samsung is doing something right with its performance.

          • D

            I hope you’re right! I’m always hopeful too. I do actually like Samsung’s products but have been patiently waiting for the day they address the common complaints. I’m looking forward to see what the device can do!

          • Dave

            I’m going to miss the live event since I’m be getting off work at 7:00am finishing up a double shift, grrrr, I guess I have to re-watch it when I get up at noon, depending the mood that I will be in because I have to paint my house!

      • sj0808

        But the millions of people who bought Samsung phones say otherwise.. LOL

        • jimt

          More like bah, bah, bah./s

    • Droid’s are pretty much all Motorola, so the site name is correct 😛

    • wang Dong

      Lenovo Life

    • Jason B

      Well after using stock Android for a while now, it’s a confusing mess to try and go through all of the settings panes in Samsung phones. Most of their features are novelties or gimmicks that are really only enabled in Samsung apps or apps developed specifically with those features in mind (not many).

      And the redundancy of apps is just plain stupid. Either ditch Google or don’t, but don’t have Samsung AND Google apps that do the same damn thing. That annoyed me.

      The display and camera were the best things of the Note 3. No HCE on the Note 3 is also stupid for a “flagship” device.

    • jboogie1289

      Yep, you already know they will be in full effect!!

    • Pootis Man

      I’m not a Motorola lover at all yet I still hate touchwiz. It’s ugly, bloated and makes any device run slow and bog down despite whatever hardware Samsung puts inside.

    • SomeRandomGuy

      Well it is DROID life, droid being synonymous with Motorola

  • Godzilla

    I feel like singing the song to motorola “im coming home, im coming home, tell motorola im coming home, because touchwiz blows!!!”

    • HunterX

      You mean Touchwiz sucks? (By the way that’s true)

  • Matt G

    The Note line of phones has always been a phone I love to see and hear about but have never had the intention of buying

  • s0uth

    Can’t wait!

  • Thomas Partida

    This sounds like a beast of a phone and I’m sure it will be but I am getting tired with Samsung in general.

    • tp

      I’m the opposite. I’ve been avoiding yet wanting to buy a Samsung device for so long but I refuse to use capacitive buttons. You’d think, with their 1000 iterations of each device, that at least one would use on-screen keys. 🙁

      • Open1Your1Eyes0

        That home button/capacitive key combo is Samsung’s signature look in the smartphone market. There is no way Samsung will give that up until the day that mainstream consumers start complaining about them as well.

        Also, obligatory “screen restate” comment.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Samsung can do whatever they want with the buttons. The only reason they still have that home button is because the iPhone does. It’s the reason they put it there in the first place.

        • Ralph Bretz

          As much as I hate Touchwiz and the bad experiences I’ve had with Samsung phones. The GS3 was pretty bad overall for me. Battery life and reception. I loved my GNEX becasue it was Nexus but again reception and battery life. I really like the design of Samsung phones. I don’t mind the home button at all or that they don’t have onscreen buttons.

      • Thomas Partida

        Yeah, going from a galaxy nexus to a note 2, the change was cool but heading to a sg4 was just a complete let down… Everything was so sluggish. I got a moto x and even though it has been ridiculed for the lack of power, I do find it much snappier and functional than the sg4.

    • Godzilla

      I agree, my S4 is my first samsung and while its a great phone, i cant stand touchwiz at the end of the day. Going back to motorola and the new X

      • Thomas Partida

        Yes. I have really high hopes for the next moto.

      • HunterX

        Next Moto X looks like real business… even though some people don’t like the looks of that phone…

        • Godzilla

          See I have a litlte problem when people judge a phone by its looks. Its a PHONE. 9 people out of 10 are going to slap a case on the thing which totally changes its look. Half of the time the thing is in a cupholder, a pocket, or a holster pretty much out of sight. I am more about what the phone can do rather than if it has nipple sensors in the corners that “look weird” who cares, what can the sensors do? That is the bigger question.

    • Stephen D

      So am I, especially after having the G3 after 4 Samsung phones in a row. I like Samsung’s phones, but they are just getting boring.

    • tonylee427

      Ya me to,I got a Nexus S as my first Samsung device, a 1st gen Note and Note 10.1 tablet.But now i’m using Moto g and I love it.
      Samsung is good,but it doesn’t attract me anymore.

    • Dave

      You got that right about this phone being a beast! To be honest you getting sick of smashing phones doesn’t mean anything but do remember this, Samsung offers way more then any other manufacturers.

      • Thomas Partida

        I never “smashed” on phones, just shared why I will looking elsewhere. If anything, the note would be my favorite of the Samsung phones since i do like the s pen features but that is the same reason I will pass on this, more of the same Samsung. I’m not the only one who feels this way.