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Thursday Poll: Which Streaming Music Service Do You Use?

google play music

A paid subscription to Google Play Music is something I generally believe that I can’t live without going forward. I use it every single day. I listen to music streamed from the service while working, while in the car, if I’m cooking, and while I workout. I am constantly streaming music. My playlists change often. New music enters my rotation regularly (that I don’t have to pay extra for). And I often find throwback tunes to my wilder and much younger days that bring a smile to my face today. Streaming music services like Google Play are awesome.

Which brings us to today’s poll. Are you using a streaming music service? If so, which one?

There are countless services to choose from at this point. In fact, I narrowed the list down to what I would consider to be the nine most popular, half of which I myself haven’t even been able to try. From Google Music to iTunes Radio to Beats Music to Spotify, you have so many options that all offer somewhat different experiences. As I mentioned above, Google Play Music works for me, but there may be another service that fits your needs.

Let us know – which streaming music service do you use?

Which Streaming Music Service Do You Use?

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  • Tim C

    Should have had a multi option. Personally use both Spotify premium and Pandora One for different reasons. Pandora is great for discovery, while Spotify lets me listen on demand and cache locally.

  • Michael Collins

    In my opinion Spotify is the best. I used GPM and it was good, but Spotify just works so much better.
    Maybe they’ve improved it since i’ve used it last, but it just was confusing to me.
    Just an opinion though.

  • Mark Worthington

    I tried spotify and really liked it….that is until it refused to play another song when I tapped on it. In fact it screwed up everything else from functioning as well. It did this again after restarting my phone. So, to test if it was me or the phone or the app, I switched to google play music. Absolutely no issues whatsoever! Instant switching to another song in the playlist. Pity it doesn’t include biographies of the artist as is the case with spotify.

  • slookee

    If it had the ‘same’ as the ui of spotify then definitely for eva I would use it. I love the useful following artists with spotify

  • Trey Mitchell


  • Rob Fetterhoff

    Milk music from Samsung.

  • Jeremy Gross


  • RustyTechGuy

    I live in what I would refer to as a Technology dead zone. I don’t have fast internet at home and the only carrier that works good at my house is Verizon. Since having to ditch my Unlimited Data (long story) I now have a limited amount of data to use. Just curious how much data streaming audio actually uses?

  • Donat Callens

    no groveshark?

  • Celeras

    This about sums up my feelings on this poll: http://global3.memecdn.com/fag-buys-music_o_946483.jpg

  • I use both Pandora and Play Music.

    I like Pandora when working out and in my opinion it has a much better algorithm for suggesting songs based on my thumbs up/thumbs down usage. Not to mention it’s only $36 a year, certainly not a pocket buster for the quality of the service. I also subscribe to Play Music because for the convenience of having virtually every song in the world available at any given time. (I know it doesn’t have everything but it suits my needs). I got in at the $7.99/month pricing which I don’t even notice coming out of my account.

    I basically use them in tandem. I find new music on Pandora and “like” it. Then once a week or so I review what songs I like and add them to my various playlists on Play Music.

  • thatdroidguy

    Pandora suits me fine, no more 40 hr limit…… Besides I’m refuse to pay for streamed music when I already pay for data, so what if a commercial comes up every now and then.

  • baniels

    Jriver + gizmo.

  • StormbladeX69

    Amazon PrimeMusic

    • morgan boyle


      • StormbladeX69

        Yep. See the discussion below.

      • StormbladeX69

        Yep. Did you read the discussion in another comment?

  • yummy

    TB of lossles files, no need to stream.

  • bob the builder

    Where is SoundCloud?!

  • yowhatsup

    One reason why I think spotify is better than gpm is because when I tried gpm a while ago, it took up more data to stream than spotify did. Since I’m on a limited databplan, gpm could hurt my data limit. Does anyone know if gpm updated a way to take up less data while streaming?

    • flosserelli

      You could change the streaming quality. Open GPM, tap the headphone icon at top left, tap Settings, scroll to Mobile Streaming.

      • yowhatsup

        I think I did that and GPM still took up more data when I compared it with Spotify.

  • Vanquishgc

    Occasionally I’ll use Slacker if I want to just find new music, but nothing beats Google Play music. It could use a design overhaul, sure, but I’m glad I was an early adopter that’s for sure. Just to prove how awesome it is, I remembered one day that for some reason I didn’t have any Smashing Pumpkins albums on there, which is odd for for me since they’re one of my all time favorite bands. Within 5 minutes I had all of their albums saved. That’s just awesome. And to automatically migrate existing music on your device without doing a thing? It doesn’t get more user friendly than that. They have a user for life right here.

  • Eder Benavides

    I enjoy Spotify! The mixture of Pandora, and songza, combing your own music(since I have rare EP’s ) and with Spotify music, and best of all I only pay half the price! I’m a college student which paying just 5 bucks for the service, is freaking awesome!!