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The Galaxy Note 4: Three Things I Want to See

Samsung is set to unveil the Galaxy Note 4 on September 3 at IFA in Berlin, Germany. It seems that the Galaxy Note devices are always some of the most hyped unveilings each year, thanks to Samsung’s ability to throw in the latest and greatest hardware/software additions unlike any other OEM.

There are already a lot of great rumored specs for the Galaxy Note 4, so making it better with a few things I would like to see is actually quite difficult. So far, the Galaxy Note 4 is rumored to come equipped with a 5.7″ QHD display, Snapdragon 805 processor, 4GB of RAM, 16MP rear-facing camera, and all of the other top of the line goodies you would expect from a flagship device.

How do you make a device with all of that better? 

During my time reviewing phones, I have found that there is always something I can gripe about. Whether it be a phone’s camera, battery life, or a number of other things. The Galaxy Note 4, apart from its large size for a number of potential buyers, may be the exact Android phone that people would have dreamed about a few years ago. Four years ago, if we were talking about a phone being released with a QHD display, 4GB of RAM, and a 16MP camera, it might have been hard to believe considering all we had was the “OG” DROID and a handful of other low-powered devices in our pockets. Now it’s 2014, and Samsung is getting ready to launch a phone that might be the absolute pinnacle of what a smartphone should feature with regard to hardware.

So, to answer my own question, Samsung need only focus on a few minor areas for the launch of the Galaxy Note 4.

Please, Samsung, Tone Down TouchWiz

Over the course of its existence, TouchWiz has morphed from a helpful OEM skin into an annoying, bloat-ridden catastrophe. At first, Samsung added in new colors for Android, threw on a few system toggles in the pulldown menu, and basically succeeded at making Android a more respectable mobile operating system.

Now, over the course of the last few years, it seems that Samsung has had no issue throwing in pointless feature after pointless feature for the sake of being able to market them. For example, the Galaxy Note 3 came with 3GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 800 processor. By no means should a phone pushing just a 1080p display with that much horsepower see any type of lag or stuttering, but thanks to TouchWiz, the phone does see performance drops here and there.

galaxy note 3

For anyone who owns a Galaxy S5, you have also undoubtedly come across a few performance hiccups here and there, and even though that device features top of the line specifications as well, Samsung found a few ways to make the device lag quite frequently with TouchWiz, especially while playing games, switching between apps, and also while opening up that useless My Magazine application from the home screen.

My main hope is that Samsung will soon realize that adding in a ton of proprietary software just isn’t all that necessary. While I do see the benefits from a handful of Samsung’s additions, such as Multi Window and even S Health, I would not mind to see Samsung start completely from scratch, go over each and every single added-in piece of software, and then think long and hard to determine if it is actually necessary to put on the device.

Keep the Weight Down

From the reported photos we have seen of the Galaxy Note 4, it looks as though Samsung may incorporate a bit more metal into their design, while sticking with the faux leather backside. To me, the addition of metal siding, depending on how much is used, could add quite a bit of overall weight to the device.

Often times, when you are on a long phone conversation or holding your phone in hand for an extended period of time, heavier phones tend to make your arm tired. I’ll be honest, I experienced a somewhat tired arm after a 45 minute call on the HTC One (M8), which only seems to get heavier and heavier as a call continues. That’s annoying.

Galaxy Note 4

Since the Galaxy Note 4 is already quite large, I hope Samsung keeps the weight of the device in mind, pairing the metal siding and insides with more lightweight polycarbonates when possible. To sum it up, it would be cool if Samsung finds that perfect ground between overall size, weight, and in-hand feel.

Make S-Pen Worthy of Using

When I was using the Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy Note 3, I don’t think I ever needed to pull out the stylus. Personally, I don’t see anything useful about handwriting on a phablet device, as it just does not feel like a natural surface to write on. I find it much easier and efficient to simply type my notes, so I would like to see Samsung add new S-Pen stylus features.

For example, one feature I would like to see added to S-Pen is the ability to use it as a remote camera shutter button. You could place the phone up somewhere away from you, then press on the stylus’ button to snap a shot, instead of needing to set a timer like folks did in the old days.

In addition, and I realize Samsung would need to pair with developers for this to work, but creating a game that properly uses the stylus wouldn’t be a bad idea. I’m no game designer, but I am sure someone out there could come up with something cool for a stylus. Like a drawing game or tracing game that takes advantage of Samsung’s hardware. That could be very neat for those who enjoy artsy games, such as Draw Something. To give a tangible example, I applaud NVIDIA’s addition of the Dabbler app on the SHIELD Tablet for the content creators among us, and the tons of work the company put into making that a serious drawing application.

Besides my overall growing distaste for TouchWiz, I think the Galaxy Note 4 has the potential of being one of Samsung’s best phones ever released. Would I abandon the LG G3 as my daily driver for the Note 4’s larger QHD display, though? Assuming Samsung has effortlessly worked on its design for the device, making the 5.7″ screen feel better in hand, I am most certainly up to give it a shot. Besides, I miss being a part of the Note cult.

Is there anything in particular you would like to see from Samsung for the Galaxy Note 4?

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  • bob lebart

    “I don’t think I ever needed to pull out the stylus”…?? Dude, it’s a Galaxy NOTE…get the picture? I use this note function constantly- it’s the #1 reason I bought a Note 2. There is no other reason to get this phablet…you can type notes on ANY less expensive phone. You gotta enjoy the pen-to-paper feel of writing, if you don’t, this isn’t for you. Simple.

  • Reza

    Yes! I like the note 4 to make me breakfast and toast a bread and fetch me a beer from the fridge. But in all seriousness when our sense of reality is gonna kick in and accept a cellphone as a cellphone and not expect a Alladin lamp.

    • 213ninja

      RIP Genie….

  • ronrsargen

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  • d

    1. S-Pen is usefull, you never tried handwriting notes, It works !
    2. S-Pen applications, area great and very usefull,(Action Memo , SNote, etc) and there are games based on this ability. for example Stickman

  • JesseD

    I wish Samsung would move the power button. I’m constantly turning the device off when I’m trying to adjust the volume.

  • 213ninja

    like most i agree that TW is bloated in some areas and could be lightened, but i am a fan of a few of their proprietary add-ons, some i use every day (air gestures, social integrations, s-pen, etc.). i’m looking forward to see how they’ve improved this year.

    i feel that the .018 pound weight difference between an M8 and a note 3 is so insignificant it’s not even worth discussion. sure light phones feel better in my trousers, but holding up an extra few hundredths of a pound to my face makes no difference to me. the use-case for weight reduction quoted above makes me think of a bugs bunny cartoon…

    i also feel that they are innovating with their s-pen feature set, so although i am excited to see them improve the s-pen this year, i disagree with anyone that feels it’s not currently enriched with plenty of user friendly features. in fact, i’d go as far as to say anyone that doesn’t currently use an s-pen on the Note 3 just doesn’t need a stylus. and that’s cool, but wanting to use the stylus as a remote control just means you want a remote control, and wanting to use the stylus for dedicated gaming features just means you want a DS.

    beyond the leaks, some features i’d love to see in the Note 4 are…
    -dual front facing stereo speakers just like they put on the Nexus 10
    -improved camera features, faster focus, better low light performance
    -the ability to reduce the brightness to 1 or 2 nits (i think S5 does this)
    -extra grip. the white back on the Note 3 is slippery!
    -S5 power saving mode
    -a few extra mah’s on the battery couldn’t hurt

    i’m not expecting anything ground breaking of the Note 4, rather, a solid refresh. You won’t see me complaining that it’s too much like the Note 3 because it’s just not like that anymore. the mobile industry has caught up to itself and is pacing more like other electronics. i’m not sure why people bother to gripe about this today. are they complaining that last year’s TV’s and Radios and Laptops were just minor spec bumps? anyway, hope it’s a great device…

  • FAL_Fan

    @ Tim dude! The remote camera idea for the s-pen is brilliant! I still prefer capacitive buttons and physical home button, but QHD display, 4gb ram, 32gb internal memory and SD card slot, add the spring clip back into the SD card slot and Sim card slot, the same if not better 16mp camera from the S5, home button with fingerprint scanner, and waterproof / resistant.

  • laheelahee

    S-Pen as a remote camera shutter button? love that idea! Sammy, you watching?

  • David

    screen brightness conducive to easy viewing in bright sunlight.

  • Tim o hater

    It’s obvious that the ridiculous writer doesn’t like the note series. Why even make an article of something you don’t like? Just to get more clicks or ratings? Dude, stick to what you like and move on!

    Let’s talk about how laggy the s5 is, but not the g3? Yeah, let’s bash Samsung like always, but let the other company slide. You guys are getting ridiculous with all this. If you don’t like it then don’t buy it or comment on it.

    • Nick281051

      You obviously didn’t read the article and do not understand what an opinion is. He said he loved the Note devices and wants to use them again. And what he said about Touchwiz is completely true and valid. If companies receive no criticism about their devices how are they going to improve and not just keep making the same mistakes over and over?

  • leatherneck111

    I use Nova Launcher with all the settings set to “fast as light” on my (non-rooted) Verizon Galaxy S3. I don’t see any lag on my archaic and decrepit device. Also Nova launcher has the feel of Android L. I also installed Android L keyboard from Play store. The Touchwiz was not only lagging my phone but seemed to drain my battery faster. With Nova I don’t have such a problem.

  • Steve Hendricks

    Disagree on S pen, I love it, especially the setting which allows you to instantly open a note when you unsheath the S pen, even when the screen is locked. So much easier than fumbling for an app. I use it to jot down random thoughts and then get that to Evernote. Completely agree on new uses for the stylus, though.

  • AllPurposeRadio

    I have a Note3(and S4 b/f that) no issues with a physical home button but they could design it to make far less awkward to use. I’d actually like it(and smartphones in general) to be a little heavier. Like a good quality pen a little added heft gives the feeling of a substantial piece of equipment.

  • roberthenderson

    1.Speaker in the front
    2.Much improved indoor /lowlight media capture.
    3.2 day battery life
    4.Internal Themer.
    5.64gb option
    6.Home button is another disappearing capacitive button marked by a couple of concentric ripples.
    7.Much beget radio.

    • 213ninja

      i saw a 64GB option in the latest set of rumors…maybe you’ll get one of 7 lol.

  • schlanz

    I think the stylus is pretty damn useful as is, actually. action memo rules and there is nothing quicker than a quick jot or scribble compared to typing on a virtual screen. I have to take a lot of short notes at work which I only need to reference breifly and action memo handles that brilliantly. on occasion, screen write has come in quite handy as well where I’d add text to a screenshot and send it to someone. I’ve also used it numerous times to sign legal documents.

    Also its the best way to browse the web. It’s easier to be accurate for small text hyperlinks, and also is useful for browser preview/zoom features and drop down menus.. ie stuff that occurs in the page if you were to hover a cursor over it.

    lastly its a joy to use a stylus for certain games. Could be the Nintendo DS lover in me, though.

    edit: great idea for using it to snap pics, but it would probably require a battery for that which is probably not worth the trouble.

    • AllPurposeRadio

      Amen on stylus being useful for a great many tasks other than writing

    • 213ninja

      i agree, i’m a heavy S-pen user and i think it’s one area of TW where Samsung is succeeding at innovating. last year’s new feature set was awesome, and i’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store this year.

  • Mazeko

    I want front facing stereo speakers! I am probably the only person that wants this but I have an Xperia Z2 and I use it a lot for music and watching Netflix and Hulu, especially on my lunch break at work.

    • roberthenderson

      I have the Note 3 and if there’s any sort of ambient noise the speakerphone and gps audio are pretty useless. When I play games my fingers regularly cover the speaker muting it completely and watching video requires you to cup your hand just so to hear clearly and barely loudly enough. I’m bummed because that last leak that more than a few tech people seem to think is the real deal has the speaker idiotically placed on the bottom again. At this point in time, even the the HTC Max is a little too long, I would definitely buy the Max 2 over the Samsung.

  • Alfredo Manuel Gonzalez II

    Totally agree. Needs a more nexus feel as well not as much touch wiz

    • 213ninja

      sounds like you want a Nexus 6 holmes. i prefer my Note to have a Note feel.

  • Jason

    Updated top 3 (x2):
    -2 day battery life
    -Front facing speakers
    -SLIM bezel
    -Adroid L

  • Jason

    My top 3:
    -Long battery life
    -QHD display
    -Android L

  • Sporttster

    And stop with the nanny crap!! ‘Your volume is too high, turning it down.’ Have to use Wannam Exposed to stop that and a few other nonsensical deals. Plus I’ve had problems with the phone staying muted when I want it muted. That is SO incredibly annoying!! And make dim actually a low light deal instead of midlevel. Had to DL a app for that as well to get it where I wanted because the dim is still too bright. Magazine pops up at the most inopportune times and it gets old backing out and closing the thing. Also get some Samsung nag deal with updating info or some such crap where I had to re-input my login. Just annoying crap like that needs to be taken out.

  • Sporttster

    A much better radio. My Note 3 reception sucks!

    • 213ninja

      mine was awesome before 4.4.2….(on vzw)

  • n11

    1st and 3rd point I really agree with, especially the first. I think Samsung needs to get its head out of its rear a bit and change it up a bit, stop being so scared to try something a little different.
    A fourth option. Make all the buttons capacitive. Every time I operate a samsung phone, I get frustrated with the single physical home button, get rid of it.

    • 213ninja

      scared to try something different? this entire device IS something different. no one else competes in this niche space. if you don’t like TW and home buttons that’s cool, but i believe this line of phones is changing it up a bit from a high level market perspective.

  • mbs1088

    The specs You list above, contradict other credible reports. The phone will not come with 4 gigs of memory in U.S. for sure, and maybe not in any market.

  • stayflyer

    The s5 was terrible please don’t make the note 4 slow or lag as much as that phone. Worst phone I ever owned! If it works like I expect it I will put down my LG g3, I miss the s pen functions. Pls in the future take away that physical button not necessary!

  • Magnus100

    I agree the S Pen needs more innovation, however I actually I find the S pen indispensable in it’s present form. I use it for annotations all the time on PDF files and I find it much more comfortable using the S Pen on the screen, than my finger. The S Pen in it’s present form is the main reason why I bought the phone and why I also purchased the Note pro 12.2

  • Deez

    Most of this article was silly to me. I can understand the gripe about TW, but complaining about the speculated weight of a phone you don’t really know about because phones with tiny amounts if metal make your itty bitty little arm tired? No phone is really that heavy lol

    What I really don’t get either is in one breath you complain of Samsung’s useless features but then proceed to say that Samsung should pack the phone with more S Pen features. Let me add that just because you don’t find the stylus useful doesn’t mean that it isn’t…

    But hey, hating on Samsung is the in thing to do and whatnot..

  • JeremyAn2

    A consistent camera. My Note 3 has taken a handful of brilliant, vibrant photos- and over a thousand crappy ones.

    • mbs1088

      I hear you. If The Note 4 is not a significant improvement over any previous Samsung Galaxy phone, I am OUT, period.

  • Nathan Bryant

    The most impact is software. They definitely need to tone it down. Not just with features, but the visuals. It’s very outdated looking, even the new version on the S5. They just flattened what was there and called it new. It’s redundant functionality is so annoying. A lot of things are in your face with popups and notifications. Reminds me of ads. I own a Note 3, but it might be the last Samsung device I ever own until they make it better. Specs are a given. My phone doesn’t need to be made out of metal. Your phone won’t do anything different because it’s made out of metal. I understand the premium feel, but it’s kind of a gimmick. Maybe a better form factor and different form of plastic or matte finish.

  • The Doctor

    Make the S pen relevant. When I had the Note 3, I hardly used it. Less bezels and no home button would also be great. And no touchwiz.

    I don’t think I’m going to buy the Note 4. I’m tired of the Note line of phones (I had the Note 2 and Note 3). I’m sticking with the LG G3 for a while.

    • 213ninja

      how would you make the spen relevant? i use it all day evvy day brah. lol @ ‘no touchwhiz’ and making the spen more relevant in the same thought….

  • awaiting-g-note4

    One problem Sammy has with their design is the placement of the power and volume rocker. I squeeze the phone (Note 2) to change the volume, but end up also pressing the power button as they are exactly opposite of each other. The phone has more than 5 inches on the sides, yet the two sets of buttons are directly across from each other. They could be staggered – or oh my gosh, the power could be on … the top!. 🙂

    Also, with the flip case – which I like – the power/volume are again wrong. The flip mounts to the left, which make sense since most of us are right-handed. However it protects/covers the volume rocker. It should protect/cover the power.

    Big big battery, they got to have the room in that case for more battery – I’ll deal with the weight IF it means 2 days solid, not 2 days maybe in super power saver mode. I want 2 days of real use. 9,000 mAh please.

    • awaiting-g-note4

      speaking of left handed vs right handed, see the “Air Command” pop up, using the stylus. If you are right handed, and thus holding the stylus in your right, the bottom right tool is blocked by your hand. The Air Command circle should be tilted to the left 1 or 2 icons. Odd their User People did not get that right.

  • TouchWiz isn’t the (performance) problem, Knox is. And I like TouchWiz’s feature set, it makes stock Android look like a joke.

    Also, I can’t believe the hypocrisy on the weight topic. For the past few months you guys have been clamoring for metal. Now that you get it, you want the phone to be light with polycarbonate parts. What do you want next, dry water?

    • Defenestratus

      >>And I like TouchWiz’s feature set, it makes stock Android look like a joke.

      I’m trying to think of a single Touchwiz feature I couldn’t live without, and I can’t seem to find one.

      On the other hand, I can think of about 20 that I could. And I’ve owned the Note 3 since launch day.

      • @Defenestratus:disqus Multi-Window, floating in-call widgets, in-call notification widgets you can mute the call from, Contacts that automagically syncs with Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. AND easily allow you to merge entries across multiple networks (stock Android doesn’t support this; John Smith from G+ and John Smith from LinkedIn will show up as 2 different entries), native task manager, air wake, air touch, a Calendar app that actually focuses on features instead of just looking pretty, etc.

        TouchWiz is the Leatherman of Android skins. It isn’t pretty, but there’s very little you want it to do that it can’t. That said, Nova Launcher does a better job than Samsung and Google.

        • 213ninja

          we are the minority here, but i agree with most of your points. cheers.

          • @213ninja:disqus Back at ya, man

        • irtechneo

          I agree 100% with the contacts and calendar apps. Multi-window I rarely use but glad its there. The air stuff I have never used. I also use Nova Launcher.

        • cizzlen

          We’re in the same boat my friend. There are a lot of useful features I find in Touchwiz and LG’s skins that blow stock Android back to the future.

    • kd

      totally agree. touchwiz is far better than stock android.

    • cizzlen

      Very much agreed, it also looks beautiful on their bright screens. The only thing they need to work on is the lag everyone is complaining about.

  • skinja

    No crapware would be my biggest wish for the N4

  • Jason B

    Eh, we’ve reached the point of diminishing returns with regard to screen resolutions.

    Give SoC manufacturers time to catch up please. Even desktop APUs can’t do 1440p gaming (barely acceptable at 1080p). Taxing the GPU is no fun for battery life.

    And what feeds the GPU all of that data? The CPU. 😉

    • skinja

      It is really annoying when people complain about higher specs. It is like they are saying that for the rest of human history, phone specs should not increase.

      Do you think 5 years from now phone displays will still be 2K?

      • Jason B

        Are you seeing a benefit? Are there 1440p movies you’d watch on that small screen?

        1080p is more than enough. As I said, diminishing returns. We’re no longer in the days of low quality screens, and we’ve reached a point where more doesn’t mean better.

        It’s not a complaint. It’s an observation.

  • crazysamz

    Some of my predictions I made for the note 4 2 months ago to convince myself to upgrade from my note 3 (which I upgraded from a note 2):

    Super dim screen mode (S5)
    Ultra power saving mode (S5)
    16mp cam with way faster focus (S5)
    Faster CPU, gpu, possibly more storage space
    Possibly better battery life
    Bigger, higher res screen
    Fingerprint reader/heart rate monitor (S5)
    Waterproof (S5)
    New button arrangement (better) (S5)
    Mimo wifi (S5)
    Quick connect (S5)

    Gestures (similar to the kindle phone)
    Better speakers (front-facing?)
    New gear
    Flexible (think G-Flex)
    Bigger screen
    Way better signal (note2 status)

  • Disappointed


  • jim

    sounds like tim needs to get into a gym if holding a phone makes his are tired , and I use my s pen every day

  • SamBoy

    I love my note 3 and im sure im gonna get the note 4 but dammit they better not link the home button with that stupid my magazine crap!

    • 213ninja

      i read somewhere that google asked sammy to remove it. here’s to hoping they’ll deliver….

  • meshal

    I wish that I can use the pen to receive calls,remote control & the hardware water resistance..

  • PuttsMoBilesiCit

    Every time Samsung Note development team talks about reducing something.


  • mcdonsco

    Imagine a Note with stock android and only the few useful note specific Samsung apps added.

    Would be awesome

    Ditch Douchewiz Samsung.

    • Jane Seymour

      Boring stock android. No thanks.

      • Nick281051


        Have you seen Android L?

    • PoisonApple31

      No way! If you just want a big screen with stock Android you can get the upcoming Nexus. I want to move my toggles around in the notification area. Ditch the water proofing too.

  • chris125

    If a “phone” is heavy and tires your arm, you better hit the gym

    • monkeybutts

      or pornhub

      • junioray

        or tube8

    • Meh, just puts a weird strain on the elbow holding up heavy phones for a long period of time. Probably just because I never use the phone, so it was a shock to the system

      • skinja

        Shouldn’t you have a strong arm from all the fashionable watches?

  • djghettoredneck

    As long as it had water and dust resistance, I’m happy.

  • s0uth

    front facing speakers!
    less bezel
    no crapware

  • Robert Evans

    I would like to see a dedicated car dock that could either replace your car stereo if wanted/needed. The car dock would connect via BT and charge the phone wirelessly so literally no cord attachment. Similiar to what Sony has and showed a few years back. I already use my phone as my car stereo, but I’d like it to be fully integrated instead of using the ugly suction cup window holder.

    Speaking of wireless charging, I’d like to see this fully integrated in the phone instead of buying it as an accessory. And yes, if there was a proper app that allowed me to use my stylus more it would make far better sense since I, like you, do not actually use it as much as I intentionally thought. Lastly, MORE BATTERY LIFE! Even though this has a giant battery, I want more! My recent trip to Maine ate through my battery since I was on 1X most of the time.

    I’m still on the Note2 and thinking about getting the note4, but there still isn’t enough to warrant me to purchase the 4 just yet (besides the obvious upgrades in processing power).

  • hkklife

    1. Tone down TW–less lag!
    2. Better battery life
    3. Better RF performance/reception
    4. If they are going to stay with a 5.7″ screen size, reduce the bezels as much as possible.
    5. Make the Qi wireless charging battery door STANDARD, not just from a nickel & dime standpoint on a $700 phone but to ensure that a wide variety of cases are made by 3rd parties that support wireless charging! It’s annoying as he11 to have a million choices in aftermarket accessories but be limited to a tiny handful if you want to charge wirelessly and use a case!

    • CoreRooted

      #1 We can only hope.
      #2 I honestly don’t see them pushing battery tech forward with the Note4. It never seems to be on their to-do list.
      #3 I get excellent reception with my Note3. Usually I say that most reception problems are carrier related (low powered or overloaded towers usually).
      #4 The Note3 already has decent bezels. I guess if they ditched the hardware key, they could trim a bit from the top and bottom, but I don’t see Samsung ever doing an edge to edge screen.
      #5 This will never happen. Mark my words. Never. Not in the US market. Carriers bank on selling accessories and wireless charging is one of the biggest sellers.

  • John

    Bigger and better camera sensor. Sure the 16mp sensor will be fine I’m sure but who really needs 16mp? If anyone prints poster size pictures for show, they wouldn’t use a smartphone. Why not shove a bigger sized sensor in there like a 1/1.7in sensor instead of the dismal 1/2.3in sensors? Yes that means the lens will have to be that much bigger but a small tradeoff on such a big phone. That feature alone will blow the doors off any other phones out there. Anyone can shove the latest and greatest cpu and gpu and best screens, but a lot more people pay attention to the camera.

  • Richard Yarrell

    The Galaxy Note products are a proven product with a industry leading track record since 2011 the GOLD standard of the Phablet category today.

    It’s a wonderful handset with great battery life, perfect storage options, and great camera and productivity abilities that’s the purpose of this device.

    The Galaxy Note 4 will double everything possible about the current Galaxy Note 3 and will bring great abilities to a new handset in the coming weeks.

    Nothing has ever bested any Galaxy Note product since it’s arrival to the game in August 2011 and nothing will in 2014.

    Let’s face real reality Note owners buy these products because they don’t want a silly stock android handset or experience they want true handset abilities.

    Scribble Racer is a wonderful Spen game for the Note 3 I play it every day and the Galaxy Note 4 will have greater games on tap.

    At the end of the day Note owners don’t want the average day to day smartphone experience a boring group of handsets that’s why they purchase Note products.

    This will be a day one purchase for me just like all the other Note products have been.

    It’s pretty much plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products period they are Android nothing else matters.

    • Will S.

      Cool story bro! Btw, your new picture looks soo creepy!

      • Dave

        While many of his points are valid, I can’t get over the Gold Standard segment every tine.

        • Will S.

          I love Galaxy Note products too, but some of the stuff Richard says is just hilarious!

          • cizzlen

            Your icon is perfect

    • Bryan Mills
    • Diablo81588


    • The Doctor

      Go troll somewhere else. Troll.

      I’m tired of seeing you.

  • Finire

    I completely agree with Tim on the uselessness of TouchWiz in it’s current form.

    • Richard Yarrell

      I agree with the boring fact of the sad state of the stock android platform hum drum day to day smartphone experience.

      It’s amazing how stock android handsets have poor battery life and doesn’t even have any true features what’s draining that battery on a Nexus???

      Either way the Galaxy Note products are Android nothing else matters it never will.

      • monkeybutts

        Data mining from google the NSA or maybe both? /s

      • Jane Seymour

        ^ This ^

  • pyro74boy .


    • Richard Yarrell


  • r0l

    After a couple weeks with the G3 I am no longer looking forward to this phone. Can’t say I was strongly considering it, but definitely not now. Yes it fits in my pockets and yes I can use it one handed but it’s just less enjoyable than I remember the Note 2 before I had my Moto X. I think 5″ is about as big of phone as I can see getting without some breakthrough in design.

    • PoisonApple31

      I am curious to see what Samsung does with the Note 4, but I’m with you, I am going to hang on to my G3.

  • ZeeX1

    Did Tim just say phablet! Kellex!!

  • EdubE24

    I think one of the problems is what some see as needless, some have found useful. So how do you decide what to keep/not keep? Maybe make them available on the play store?

  • Colin Huber

    I actually prefer the look and feel of the faux leather. Grippy, too. I agree with all of Tim’s points above, as well. The Note 3 is great, and I haven’t experienced lag, but TouchWiz just straight feels outdated. Time for a redesign: less pointless features, better appearance. Also, I like flashy phones, so even less of a bezel would be nice (the Note 3 is already pretty good in this department, however).

  • gadget_hero

    No physical buttons. Tap to wake. I would like to see Samsung move some of their apps to the play store like HTC did to speed updates up. Stop chewing up internal storage if the phone is 32GB you SHOULD have most of it available. Front facing speakers would be nice.

    • hkklife

      I don’t want 5.7″ with onscreen buttons. If they finally jettison the physical home button then they should be able to squeeze 5.9″ with onscreen buttons into the same formfactor. Personally, I am expect a mild retreat of the GS5 software on the Note 4. The big changes I expect to see for TW are either in the GS6 next spring or the Note 5 next fall. In all likelihood, the new TW will probably on a tablet sometime next spring or summer.

    • cizzlen

      Why don’t you just buy a Nexus? Stop bitching about physical buttons. There are millions of people that like them.

      • gadget_hero

        I did, and perhaps you should re-read the title of this article (key word is “want” allowing for personal subjectivity), I could care less which way the buttons go. Millions of people and Google want them to go away.

  • Kinda off topic, kinda not: I am curious how Samsung will do Android L with TouchWiz. Thoughts?

    • Bryan Mills

      I don’t see it shipping with L so i doubt they’ll bother.

      • I agree. But when it DOES get released and it is updated to L. I saw L with all of these cool animations, the nicer (imo) pull-down shade, the phone app, etc. Wondering how Sammy will handle all of that. Or just replace it completely? Hope not.

        Although I plan on going X+1 (depending on camera), so it possibly won’t affect me anyway.

        • JSo

          If they continue like they have always done, it will be ugly and look nothing like stock Android.

          • unfortunately, i agree.

  • ROR1997

    This list, minus the s pen, should be used for all Samsung phone. Pluss about 38 more things

  • Bryan Mills

    No home button.
    More than 9-10gb usable.
    Less jank.
    No lag.
    No crap fake leather.
    Less bezels.

    It better have the super SD 900 K2 cause we all know the 805 is last gen.

    • Daniel Walsh

      Samsung loves that home button.

      • Bryan Mills

        Yep, don’t see Apple abandoning it any time soon.

        • monkeybutts

          At least on apple the home button/fingerprint sensor actually works at multiple angles. A lot safer than NFC unlock on android.

          • RockMarz

            Its for idiots

        • Zach Cline

          Apple will never abandon it

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      Note 3 had ZERO lag. S5 did though.

      • Bryan Mills

        I saw lag.

        • Matthew DiGiacomo

          I used the phone for 5 months. No lag. You are again a moron and a troll. Guarantee you didn’t even own the phone.

          • Bryan Mills
          • Tony Byatt


          • Nathan Bryant

            I own the phone and it lags. Not all the time, but here and there. Definitely in the camera department when launching it.

          • Adrynalyne

            I’ve had it since it came out. It does have stutters at times.

      • MistaButters

        Note 3 definitely has home screen and app drawer lag

        • Zach Cline

          Mine doesn’t

        • Matthew Merrick

          Who uses touchwiz home though?

          • Maranello Santiago

            I do. I don’t have many complaints about this phone. But apparently it’s popular to hate on Samsung. Now if they can find a way to further optimize TW/lighten it, while keeping functionality, then I’m for it. I’m a rom flasher also, but CM has its issues(runs fine for a while then random reboots/glitches plague the experience)

          • Matthew Merrick

            I’m just taking about the launcher. Most people I know with Samsung’s have replaced their launcher with GNL or nova.

          • Maranello Santiago

            I do, occasionally, but i go back to it. I guess I’m one of the people who doesn’t hate it .

        • KG

          Just slap the GNL onto that beast and you’re set

      • CoreRooted

        Note3 does have lag from time to time. I’ve had mine for about 4 months and can tell you first hand that TW does exhibit some lag when it comes to redraws. It isn’t always noticeable, but it’s there.

      • mcdonsco

        I’ve had a TON of phones by all of the widely carried brands and ALL have lag to some extent.

    • Dave

      I wonder what the change was, because my Note 2 with the Exynos chip has literally as much lag as my Nexus 7, which is virtually zero. Then my wife had the Note 3 and S5 and there was what I would consider minimal lag, annoying but not going to destroy the daily experience. Obviously the hardware is more powerful than mine, all run 4.4 with the latest TW overlay. One a side note, the Note 2 gets monumentally better battery life, exactly why I’ve returned a MotoX and Note 3 and stuck with a 22 month old phone as my daily driver. 24 hours of very heavy use, and 24-36 of non heavy use.

    • schlanz

      usable space was 23 or 24gb iirc on N3.

  • Kevin

    4. On screen buttons!!!

    • Yeah, well unfortunately, we pretty much know that isn’t happening. 🙁

      • Kevin

        I’m in denial, Tim.

      • michael arazan

        Not until apple does it first, sadly

    • Daniel Walsh

      Lol. Never going to happen

    • T4rd

      That makes too much sense with a stylus. GTFO with that logic and think more like Samsung! =p

      • Justin W

        See, the funny part is the stylus works with capacitive buttons. Yet, they put a physical home button on the device, which doesn’t work via just a tap (instead requiring a push). It would only make sense they either go with all capacitive or all on-screen buttons at this point.

    • jtwildman1

      No thanks, you can keep them.

    • PhxJay

      I personally prefer the capacitive, off screen buttons. The physical home key I can take or leave, but having dedicated buttons that are always in the same place makes more sense than onscreen buttons that may not always display, and when they do take screen real-estate away from applications. It’s like shift-paddles mounted to the steering wheel or the steering column. Those on the wheel, you never know if you’re pulling up or down when negotiating a tight turn or where the paddles are exactly, they may be at 12 and 6; those on the column, one side is always upshift, the other down, and always at 10 and 2.

      • HarvesterX

        Not always true. The G2 can’t support physical buttons as there is barely a bezel at the bottom to begin with. Stock navbar dpis are a bit large but in 5 minutes time


        There’s a nodded framework-res.apk (needs to be renamed) with a much smaller DPI width and height wise. G2 owners, feel free to use it…Other devices, Idk…might wanna make a system backup first.

        And since they can be hidden (especially with the ROM in using where the option to hide them is in settings and see on an app basis without needing any Xposed modules etc) easily and easily seen again with a swipe…We can have the entire screen as well.

        Now other devices where there is room for physical buttons then I see your pont, but they still aren’t customizable at all other then changing what action occurs on press. Can’t add extra buttons that aren’t already harscoded in there….etc.

        I grew up on Android with capacitive buttons on my OG Droid and had no problems with them. Once i graduated to devices with onscreen buttons I finally realized what I’d been missing.

        Each their own I guess… ::)

        (I think I’m gonna make my navbar smaller but made it this size as I think it would attract to more ppl )

    • PoisonApple31

      Why so you can complain that the back button is on the right?

    • Jeromy

      Why does everyone want to waste screen space with on screen buttons? I always try to make them as small as possible if the phone manufacturer insists on having them. They are a waste of space in my opinion.

      • bhayes444

        Because they allow for a cleaner look, that capacitive buttons just don’t have. Also, if you’re LG, it allows for a smaller chin on the device since there are not more capacitive buttons there. For me, they’re only a waste of space if the app developer hasn’t designed the app to go into full screen mode. That just leaves a black space where the buttons used to be which is an oversight in my opinion.

        • Jeromy

          I don’t get the whole “cleaner” argument. The capacitive buttons are basically invisible when not in use, especially if you turn the backlight button option off. I’ve had the G2 and the G3 and neither one is very good at hiding the buttons all the time. Hey, you could always just root your phone and put some on screen buttons there yourself. Take up as much screen as you like. At least with capacitive (which by the way uses about the same amount of “chin” as LG phones. Check the G3 bottom vs the S5.) you have a choice to use the whole screen if you want.

          • bhayes444

            Okay, looking back on it I do have a bias against capacitive buttons. Mainly due to the fact that they regularly appear on the Galaxy phones, and they flank the home button which I absolutely cannot stand. Whenever I think capacitive buttons I imagine that whole Samsung setup, which I do not prefer. Thinking about the 1+1 for instance, it’s not the worst thing imagineable. Also, my brother’s white GS3 definitely shows the capacitive buttons, I’d get a black colored phone to be rocking the infinite screen look!

          • Jeromy

            I can respect that.

    • Brandon

      Also no touchwiz and no knox.

      I use my S-Pen on my Note 3 occasionally, like when I’m making a list and want to cross stuff off or want to annotate a screenshot or something like that.

    • cizzlen

      That’s possibly the dumbest idea for Samsung to even consider ditching their home button when there are millions of users that actually like it. Why don’t you guys just stick to your Nexus/Moto products?