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OM/ONE is a Sweet Looking Levitating Bluetooth Speaker, and Yet Another Product With “ONE” in Its Name

Are you launching a product in 2014? If so, there is one criteria you must meet before making it available – the product name must include the word “One.” It doesn’t matter how you go about it, just don’t forget. You could use it in the name as a multi-tasker, to both represent the product and help teach young ones simple math. You could do something really brilliant, that would certainly make all sorts of sense to non-techies, like tie in the codename of your product to the word “One.” You could even go numerical and add a +1 on to the end of it. But again, this is key to your product launch, even if it doesn’t mean success.

New Bluetooth speaker maker OM/ONE clearly got the memo. Introduced today via crowd-funding campaign, the OM/ONE is a levitating orb-like Bluetooth speaker that is actually pretty sweet looking. It runs $179, comes in either black or white, and could be delivered by December of this year. 

The speaker is said to have “world class true stereo sound” as it levitates above its magnetic base. It’s also a portable speaker, should you need to take it on the go.

In terms of specs, the OM/ONE can last up to 15 hours with continuous play, is Bluetooth 4.0 compliant, has a 75mm audio driver, and a built-in microphone for taking mind-blowing conference calls.

OK, the reason we are writing this up is because it looks awesome. Hopefully it sounds good too, though, since it is already half-way to its funding goal of $100,000 in less than a day.

To get in on the action, hit up the OM/ONE site.

  • Bushan

    OM = ONE, “OM” origins from India. Good reason to listen Omkaara (sound of OM) while you meditate…

  • RiceCake

    I will buy one if i can get one that looks like a death star! Or the Travelers ship from Destiny.

  • David Ust

    Hooray disposable income!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I want it!!!

  • uninterrupted commentary

    Anyone else confused why this needs crowdfunding? I mean they are sitting around with 4 execs and spent 9 months? Money grab anyone?

  • Pakmann2k

    Need a little wine with that video. The cheese is thick!

  • Pakmann2k

    What might be interesting is if the orb spun while floating, creating a 360 field of sound. But… It doesn’t and I don’t want to pay $200 for a floating $10 speaker.

  • chris_johns

    people are so rich…180 bucks for a low quality bluetooth speaker…bc it floats….worst then the “water speakers”

  • Shawn John

    Apple is working on the iOne which is an iphone that runs on android that next year you will have to pay for the upgrade to the iTwo which uses different chargers and dual boots android and Mac OS Zebra.

  • trumpet444

    Calling it the i-One would be even lazier, and annoying

  • Kevin

    where’s the guy that bought 15 for his home and office? and the ones in his home will go around the 4 million gallon fish tank he has that’s a centerpiece of his home?

  • jimt

    Big beefy bass takes power and size, normally. Or something in a trick like a big horn or 15″ or larger speaker to couple to the air. No way will this have bass from something that small.

    • Adrynalyne


      I watched an 8 in. sub in a custom box blow away sub’s nearly twice its size.

      Power yes, size is less important.

      Its not the size, its how you use it.

      • jimt

        I would be very surprised if you can get super bass from an almost 3″ speaker. Bose can get good bass from multiple 4″ speakers using the corners of the room as a horn and very inefficiently power wise. bass requires the movement of lots of air, somehow. Maybe the magic 3″ ball can do some type of miracle but I doubt it. Low frequencies require coupling to the air to happen. If you are right I will buy these things if not forget it I will stick to my Altec Voice of the Theaters with the 15″ woofer with 3″ voice coils. Or my Heil AMT-1’s. I have a 7.1 surround system that has a bass box too but even it is 8″. 3″ is too small, sorry! Even a waveradio from Bose doesn’t have good bass for me. On a side note do you think the boom boom cars use a 3″ woofer? I don’t think so.

        • Adrynalyne

          This isn’t meant to be a “boom boom” car, as you put it
          Can you fill a room with acceptable bass response? Sure if you aren’t expecting to act like a stupid little kid rattling your car to pieces with bass that overhwlems the actual music.

          Go listen to some high end BT speakers to see what I mean.

          • jimt

            I own a Bose soundlink speaker that has dual speakers with passive radiators it sounds bassy but even it doesn’t have real bass say down in the 40 to 20 hz range. If you have specs for a soundlink by the way I would love that. As to the boom boom I was trying to make the point that if sub 3 inch speakers could make bass the the boom boom guys would use them because they are much cheaper and easier to install in a car. I want specs that say what the magic ball can do, sorry.
            I bet my soundlink sounds better than the magic floating ball. It’s a matter of physics.

  • jimt

    Where are the techie specs, like frequency response 20 to 20000 hz, sound dispersion graphs and comparing to Altec voice of the theater’s or something other than they are cool.

  • lamenting

    This product is clearly not for anyone with small children/toddlers who would love to toss this orb around the house.

    • jimt

      It looks like it would be great for t-ball. /s

  • JohnBergman

    This would be cool if both:
    1) The base was very cheap and you could easily purchase 4-5 bases to have around the house and carry the orb from base to base
    2) It used some kind of wireless charging technology (come on, this one should have been a no-brainer for them) so the orb did not need charged separately.

    Otherwise, this is a completely useless product, a gimmick at best.

  • PooCaster

    I’ve seen this in China already, old.

  • GPier

    It should come in gold color then too!

    • SewWhat

      So as to satisfy your Snitch catching Quidditch daydreams…lol

  • FortitudineVincimus

    OK.. I’m in.

  • Humberto Hernandez

    Cool until you have to charge the base and the ball…

    Another useless product, people with money will buy because they can.

  • Cameron

    At least they aren’t adding an “i” in front of the name. That trend needs to die.

  • WCM3

    Looks nice but for close to $200 I’d rather an Ultimate Ears BOOM speaker

  • ClickFire_

    “One” is getting old people.

  • I don’t understand the point. Does having it float help the performance in any way? don’t get me wrong its cool and all but I’m just curious if there is actually functionality to it floating…

    • Aardvark99

      All the base does is provide the magnet, light up, and provides a powered USB port to charge the orb (w/ a wire). This may be the dumbest product ever. The video is hilariously over the top. The impressive resume of the sound engineer. The unbridled excitement of the young engineers. The design sketches. The prototypes. Oh yeah, you can take it on the go, just be aware it’ll roll off the table and break…

      • JSo

        Are you implying that the base charges the Orb when levitating? It seems a bit too far for wireless charging to me.

        EDIT: I think I misread your comment. lol

        I dont even see how the orb charges

        • epps720

          That would be awesome! But no, I think what he’s saying is there’s a separate cable to connect from the base to the orb to charge. The levitating is the biggest gimmick of all time, putting Samsung to shame!

          Besides the quality of sound can’t be very good if the speakers are constantly circling around.

      • Raven

        Thanks for providing that information. I thought that if the base was powering the orb wirelessly it would be somewhat cool, but if you have to still plug the orb in to charge it then FAIL. No thanks and you saved me the time of visiting their page.

      • Kevin

        haha these crowdfunding videos are always silly to watch. and i like in this one how they give the background of the ceo as if he came up with this brilliant creation, but in reality some other dude thought a levitating speaker would be neat, and they just designed around that idea.

  • Josh

    I don’t get it. Does it need to be floating to play music? Does that charge it? If its not floating then it will just around? And if it needs to be floating then it doesn’t seem very portable.

    • JSo

      I think the floating aspect of it is just for display. I doubt it charges it. That’s a pretty big gap for anything like wireless charging.

  • David Foggia

    Clearly this “one” conspiracy is the work of the Illuminati.

    • ªAS|YOUTH|IA

      “ONE” …the illuminati on the 1 dollar bill…???

      Mind. Blown.

      • David Foggia

        Well this is my theory

        4-1-0-2 = none other than 1

        Fuken Illuminati bish

  • MikeSaver

    yeah so i just bought one

    • David Foggia

      Did you actually?

      • MikeSaver


  • cjohn4043

    I’m actually a little surprised there isn’t a Samsung Galaxy One yet…

    • PoisonApple31

      It’s rumored to be the company’s December flagship in the African market.

  • JSo

    Looks cool and all, but a little unnecessary.

  • yummy

    I’ll wait until the TWO comes out.
    Number two, he he.

  • j

    OM/OnePlus ONE+1. A software optimized speaker only available when you smash a picture of a non-nude woman.

  • T_Dizzle

    This does look sweet but at $179 with only a 75mm driver I’m not sure it can be worth its price.

    • jimt

      This thing work better for a sonar transceiver than a speaker if it is waterproof