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Unlimited Data Users Losing Another Upgrade Workaround at Verizon Come August 24

LG G3 update

Unlimited data users on Verizon, at this stage in the game, know most of the tricks when it comes to upgrading phones at a reasonable price. In other words, since Verizon took away unlimited data plans years ago, users of those plans have had to find loopholes in the system to allow them to keep their plans without having to fork out full retail prices for phones. Unfortunately, one of the most commonly used loopholes is about to be closed up. Come August 24, Big Red will force upgrades used on smartphones to keep data packages for the remainder of a contract, according to sources of ours.

Let me explain what this means. 

As I just mentioned, Verizon has tried throughout the last couple of years to kill off unlimited data plans by forcing customers off of those plans should they use an upgrade. In order to keep an unlimited data plan, customers of Verizon have had to pay full retail prices for phones, buy phones through the device payment plan (which is no longer an option because Verizon killed it on July 13), or use an upgrade on a separate line and then transfer that new phone over to the unlimited line. It’s this last option that is changing.

In that last scenario, a number of customers had figured out that they could use upgrades on lines that had feature phones (non-smartphones) to buy new discounted smartphones, but by doing a couple of tricks, could move the smartphone over to their unlimited line, while keeping their $9.99 per month feature phone line intact. It’s an involved process that works as follows. Customer uses an upgrade on the feature phone line to buy a new smartphone at a discounted rate, even though they are locking that line in for another two years. Verizon makes them add a $30 2GB per month data plan to that line initially with the purchase of the smartphone. However, once that smartphone is moved over and activated on the unlimited data line, the $30 2GB data plan on the old feature phone line can be cancelled, taking that line’s monthly price back to $9.99. You could, in theory, also do this by adding a new line to buy a smartphone before transferring the phone over to your unlimited line and then canceling the data package on the new line.

Make sense? It is by all means a loophole that many of us have used for a couple of years now.

So here is what’s changing.

  • Starting August 24, Verizon will require customers who upgrade or activate a new smartphone to have a data package for the length of their contract.
  • This applies to any customer with a “legacy plan” and who has purchased a smartphone with a 2-year agreement.

See what’s happening there? Instead of being able to upgrade a feature phone line to a smartphone, and performing the data package cancellation to drop the line back to $9.99 per month, customers will be forced into keeping a minimum $30 2GB plan attached to the line that is using the upgrade.

In order to avoid this new requirement, Verizon will offer two options:

  • Customers can switch to MORE Everything plans or;
  • Purchase or provide a non-contracted smartphone (Verizon Edge, full retail, etc.)

Why is Verizon doing this?

According to information we have received, Verizon believes that when it “gives customers a discount on the retail price of a smartphone, we expect them to pay for data services and keep the smartphone activated for 2 years. This change closes the loopholes which allowed customers to activate/upgrade a smartphone and immediately revert back to a basic phone, resulting in a discontinued smartphone with no associated data plan.”

There you have it. This new policy goes into effect on August 24.

  • cg

    Well, I guess I could do any number of things.

    I guess I can cancel both of my feature phone lines as soon as my contract is up with them. One is due next year and the other the year after that.

    Starting next month, I guess I can put away $70 a month for 12 months. The superficial changes Samsung made to the Note 4 from Note 3 isn’t getting me excited. I had planned on keeping the Note 3 for a full two years anyway, but if I was faltering in that decision, than Verizon made it easy. Note 5, here I come!!!

    I am not getting rid of my VZW unlimited data plan. I will be their most annoying customer (trust me you’ll hear about me in real life) when they start playing their throttle games. And if I falter, then T-Mobile, here I come…

  • admmck

    Any update on this?????

  • sgm182

    Can anyone confirm if you can use an upgrade on another smartphone line and then activate on my unlimited line? I’m hoping this is only for basic phone lines.

    • kg2105

      I hope this is still possible as well, really wish the Note 4 came out sooner.

  • Skyler W.

    I used my girlfriend to get an upgrade last year. She was on TMobile and the service is crap here. She wanted to switch to Verizon and they were having a deal where you get the S4 for $150. I bought the S4 and gave her my S3. Compared to her old phone it was a major upgrade. Previously I have just paid full price for a phone in order to keep my unlimited data. I’ll have to come up with a new scheme to get my next phone now.

  • Jeff Loux

    Transfer your unlimited data at Costco. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

    • Max

      @jeff loux Does this work? the guy at the store told me it would, but I didn’t 100% believe him, since online costco says 100% you can’t do it.

  • Mike

    Looks like it is already in effect:


    (Para una copia de este documento en espanol, visite nuestro website: vzw.com/espanol.)

    Thanks for choosing Verizon Wireless. In this Customer Agreement, you’ll find important information about your Service, including our ability to make changes to your Service or this agreement’s terms, our liability if things don’t work as planned and how any disputes between us must be resolved in arbitration or small claims court . If you’re signing up for Service for a minimum contract term, you’ll also find information about that contract term and what happens if you cancel a line of Service early or don’t pay on time, including the possibility of an early termination fee you may owe Verizon Wireless.


    Your Service terms and conditions are part of this agreement. Your Plan includes your monthly allowances and features, where you can use them (your “Coverage Area”), and their monthly and pay–per–use charges. You can also subscribe to several Optional Services, like data add–on packages. Together, your Plan and any Optional Services you select are your Service. The terms and conditions for your Service can be found in the brochures that are available when you activate, or online at verizonwireless.com


    You accept this agreement by:

    Agreeing in writing, by email, over the phone, or in person;

    Opening a package that says you are accepting by opening it; or

    Activating your Service.

    When you accept, you’re representing that you are at least 18 years old and are legally able to accept an agreement. If you’re accepting for an organization, you’re representing that you are authorized to bind that organization, and where the context requires, “you” means the organization. By accepting you are agreeing to every provision of this Agreement whether or not you have to read it.

    If you do accept, you can cancel a line of Service within 14 days of accepting this Agreement without having to pay an early termination fee as long as you return, within the applicable return period, any equipment you purchased from us or one of our authorized agents at a discount in connection with your acceptance of this Agreement, but you’ll still have to pay for your Service through that date. If you signed up for Prepaid Service, no refunds will be granted after 14 days or if your account has been activated. Your activation fee will not be refunded unless you cancel within three days of accepting.

    If you change your device or receive a Service promotion, you may be required to change your Plan to one that we are currently offering at that time.

    • admmck

      I ordered a phone last week and it worked fine…

  • disastrousrainbow

    I like hearing all these “In ten years when T-Mobile is this” or “When T-Mobile gains more customers” arguments. Don’t you all realize that when T-Mobile truly DOES get that big they’ll just be in the same realm as Verizon? Meaning, a huge carrier, needing to compensate, alleviate their network, etc? How do you think they’ll do that? By lowering their prices? By not instituting caps? You are absolutely ignorant if you think that day won’t come. Same as when their network stops returning 35mbps downloads once millions more start joining in. It’s what happened to Verizon, isn’t it? They had the fastest LTE network when it launched, but that’s because there wasn’t that many people on it.

    Now that a majority are, however, the speeds have gone down. What a shocking concept! So in ten years, yes, T-Mobile could very well be like Verizon, but just like Verizon that means many ungrateful, annoyed, irrational customers now complaining how crappy their service is compared to, shiz, I dunno whatever company is the new black.

  • Does it matter

    I guess it’s ok to go to a buffet with 5 people and only pay for 1 plate since we are going to pass that plate around. Hey I paid for the plate I can do what I want with it. Business is money and when it’s your business you protect it the way you need to. The same people crying about this are the ones who cry when Viacom and the other content providers want more money which then forces directv and other companies to lose the channel because they don’t want to pay more and pass the cost to you. Then you call directv and demand a discount or free month making directv have to buckle nad pay Viacom to get the content cause you need it So bad.

  • What if you transfer the upgrade from the dumb phone line to a line with data, and then upgrade? Does this change anything? Guess I will have to use my upgrades before next week if there is no other option. DAMN

  • matawan

    Chicago and New York City: No difference between T-Mobile and Verizon.

  • BT

    I just ordered the G3. I had an upgrade available on my main line. Transferred it to my feature phone line. Upgraded that line and will activate it on my main line when the phone comes. Should work assuming I do it before this date right?

    • I_HATE_VZW


    • 2001400ex

      Did this work?

  • David Verba

    QUESTION – I have 4 lines, 2 unlimited, 1 tiered and a dumb phone. If I transfer the upgrade from the dumb phone NOW to the tiered plan and when the X-1 is released use that upgrade on the tiered phone and just activate it on my unlimited, will everything come out clean?

    • BrownOG


    • Guest

      No, you can not tranfer the upgrade and KEEP it on the tiered plan until X-1 is released, Verizon removes the transfer if it’s not used within short period (not sure exactly how long, may be a day, but certainly not for more than few days)

    • matawan

      Transferring an upgrade and using has to happen at the same time. Besides, when the X+1 comes out, you can transfer the upgrade from the dumb phone to the tiered line and upgrade to the X+1. This new requirement just says that the tiered line that used the upgrade has to keep the data plan which seems like what you’re planning anyway.

      • Hobo

        To be clear, you can then put your unlimited line’s SIM into the X+1 and put the tiered line’s SIM into whatever smartphone you want. The only difference now is that if you switch the tiered line to a feature/dumb phone, you still have to pay for the data package on it.

  • Danny

    Everyone with unlimited go hurry and upgrade with the besbuy/Costco/amazon method

  • kilbasar

    I wonder if there were a whole bunch of unlimited users like myself who used this loophole to jump on the LG G3, and so Verizon decided to shut it down. Oh well, I got mine, so I’m good for another 2 years.

    • droidrazredge

      are you an month-to-month contract or a 2 year contract that expires in 2016 on your unlimited line? and if you’re on contract what did you do to extend the contract on that line ?

      • kilbasar

        I’m on a 2 year (unlimited data) contract that expires in 2016. Call that Unlimited Line. It is part of a family plan, which also has a dumbphone, call that Dumb Line. I did this:

        1. Transfer upgrade from Unlimited Line to Dumb Line
        2. Use upgrade on Dumb Line to purchase LG G3 subsidized, which in the process puts Dumb Line on a smartphone tiered data plan
        3. Once the G3 arrives, put in the included SIM card for Dumb Line, activate it.
        4. Remove SIM card. Through VZ’s website, re-active the old dumbphone on Dumb Line (the site keeps track of previously used phones, just select it from the drop down). This moves Dumb Line back onto a $10/month plan with no data. Dial *228 or whatever on the dumbphone to re-active it.
        5. Take SIM card from Unlimited Line, put it in the G3.

        The entire process is done through the website and without talking to any real people. It sounds complicated, but is actually fast and painless.

        This is exactly the loophole Verizon is now closing, by disabling step (4). Once you buy a subsidized smartphone on a previously non-smartphone line, you will now be required to keep the data plan for 2 years, so you can’t immediately cancel it and go back to the dumb plan.

        • Dan_17z

          I got the GS3 2+ years back. Came from the Droid X. I had to preorder the GS3 to keep the unlimited data plan.
          I was able to get the LG G3 a month ago and keep my unlimited DP by doing the following.
          1. I am in a family plan with my wife that has a 2GB data plan. She mostly stays home with the kids so she is on wifi alot.
          2. My wifes upgrade came 2 weeks before mine did, she decided to go team Apple (5s) this time. Oh well, I think she will be begging to come back to the droid side once her plan is up.
          3. Once my upgrade came around, I transferred my upgrade to my wife’s (2GB) line. And purchased the G3 at a Verizon store. The guy that was helping me activated the G3. The iPhone was deactivated.
          4. In the car swapped my sim card from old GS3 into the new G3 and restarted the phone. Walla new phone with UDP.
          5. Got home, took the sim card that was in the G3 and cut it down to the size an iPhone uses (micro I think, many videos on you tube) and then her phone was working too.

          I know this method won’t work for everyone, but if your in the same situation it will work.

          I should be able to use this method in 2 years again, unless Verizon changes something yet again.

        • Ivan M

          How long did you have to wait in order to switch sim cards? I’ve heard 24hours and others have told 48Hours.

          • kilbasar

            I waited about 5 minutes.

          • Ivan M

            Awesome. Thanks for your reply.

  • Eric G Canoy
  • Glen White

    Luckily I have a corporate discount program that also assures me unlimited data even when upgrading at discounted prices. Thanks Boeing!

  • Mark

    Well crap. Was waiting for the Note4 to upgrade my wife’s phone on our other line. Maybe I’ll just go ahead and get the Note3 for her, and keep unlimited for a while longer. Generally, I don’t need unlimited, but I travel a lot, and when I do, it’s a free for all with the unlimited data. GRR.

  • estoelting

    I can’t see how this can be legal. I’ve been told that they can’t force people to pay for services that are not wanted or used. So with this change, if my mother were to decide to try a smart phone, if she doesn’t like it she will be forced to pay for the data plan for 2 years. That is wrong. $720 is a lot of money to get locked into paying even if you decide that you don’t want the service.

    • Dan_17z

      I dont think so.
      If she gets a smart phone, then decides that she doesnt like it, as long as she returns the smart phone they wont need to keep the data plan. But will be hit with a re stocking fee.

  • The Gay Magneto

    I considered leaving VZ for TMobile last month, but decided to stay on my unlimited data plan and just buy a new phone on Ebay. I didn’t much care for the fine print on the TMobile contract that allows for reduced data speed, or their pricing plans. Still, this is outrageous. Verizon is targeting long time customers for abuse rather than just trying to attract new ones. It’s pretty disgusting.

    Side note, I called Verizon to discuss this, and the customer service rep freaked out and actually said on a RECORDED phone call that she was dropping Verizon as her carrier. That’s telling.

    • flosserelli

      Lmao. Even VZW employees are getting tired of their corporate BS. And you know if anyone gets a deal on phone service, it will be their own employees.

      Yep, that says a lot.

  • Syrio35

    It really does seem as if Verizon execs decided they have too many customers and could use losing a few millions. I mean do they really think that someone paying ~$115/month for a really crappy plan whose only saving grace is $30 unlimited lte data and $30 hotspot would be willing to pay even more for less? Do they honestly think that we are getting the service too cheaply? The corporate culture in the US is completely perverted.

  • fillyo75

    I like how people are crying that they can no longer take advantage of a loophole to upgrade. I took advantage of this loophole because I added a dumb phone line for my father. I am not going to cry when they take away something that we all know is a loophole. Either keep your current device, or pay full price to get a new phone, it’s that easy.

  • BoFiS

    Of course, if they let me PAY THEM TO UPGRADE my phone and keep my unlimited plan, I’d have bought multiple phones by now and given more money to Verizon than I will when I upgrade down the line by just buying a phone off eBay….

  • GJV

    I’m assuming that if you have multiple lines, so long as one of them has a limited data plan (e.g., a 2GB package) you can always move the upgrade to that line and then move the new phone to an unlimited line, provided you maintain service on the limited line??

  • John

    Great job Verizon! This was the last straw. Just signed up for the T-Mobile test drive and assuming that their network coverage is good in my area (which according to their map, it is), then I will be leaving you by month’s end. Enjoy losing me and my 3 other data lines.

    • fillyo75

      Ba bye

    • PoisonApple31

      Don’t let the door hit you…

  • SJ


    I have two lines. Both Unlimited. Both contracts ended a year ago.

    Can I start a new line. Transfer the upgrade online. Swap the phone. Cancel new line.

    Does this net me a contract extension on my unlimited line while maintaining unlimited status?

    I dont want anything but someone who can answer me that. I know this used to work. A friend did it, but I dont know if it still does…

    • Tony Spencer

      If you can do it before August 24th, the only problem I see is being charged an ETF for the line you cancel.

      • SJ

        I would have to pay an ETF even if I canceled with the original phone within 14 days?

        • SJ

          I can do it either way it would be better than NOT having Unlimited, because if I just got 3 iphone 6’s I could sell the one to cover 80-100% of cost and etf, But canceling is a cleaner way to manage it.

        • Tony Spencer

          I think you have to return the phone within 14 days too.

  • interstellarmind

    The best loophole I’ve found to keep my unlimited data plan is to switch to T-Mobile.

    • 213ninja

      you win with that one!

    • flosserelli


  • ToddAwesome

    Continuing to maintain my UDP is nice, but it’s beginning to irritate me that I’m paying full price for new phones while also paying for a phone I didn’t buy as part of my monthly bill.

    • jimt

      That is Verizon. lol

  • Daistaar

    Discontinued should read discounted in the last paragraph…

  • Swauger

    I would like to use the Loophole before Verizon closes it. My son had his HTC One m7 in his swimsuit pocket and decided to go swimming. Needless to say, it didn’t go well for the phone. I would like to play the switcheroo. Let me know if I have the steps correct. I have still have two phones w/ unlimited data and a Verizon Wireless Home Phone on our plan. Step 1. Walk in, buy a new M8 on the Verizon home phone line and sign a two-year agreement and pay $99 for the phone. They’ll charge me $30/ month for data. Step 2. Then a day or two later, I log into my Verizon account and re-activate the Verizon Wireless Home Phone back onto its original number. Step 3. Log in and take the m8 and activate that on my current line. Step 4. Once that is all done, I can log back in and update the account and drop the $30/ data package.

    • Andrew

      Yeah that all looks right, not sure if a wireless home phone line from Verizon is treated differently (unless you just mean you leave a cell phone at home) and
      Unless you have an upgrade on the home phone line, you’ll have to do the upgrade online. Its easy, and pretty much same principle, all you do is log onto my Verizon, go to upgrade, use the transfer upgrade option to transfer an upgrade from one of the unlimited lines to the home phone line, then order the phone you want. When it comes in the mail, activate it on the home phone line, then you can immediately call and switch the new phone to the unlimited line and your home phone back to its original line. New phone, and locked yourself into a new contract (which may be the only way to prevent the incoming throttling.)

      • Swauger

        I added a Wireless Home Line for $9.99 a few years ago. Its a box in your house that uses your wireless minutes, but you can plug your home phone into it. It works great since no one talks on phones anymore;-) Since my contract ended a while ago, I’m unable to Upgrade online through Verizon’s website. When I try to “Upgrade Device” it tells me to call the 800 number. I just went on Amazon and they will let me switch the line over and sign me into a two year extension, all while letting me “keep current plan”. It looks like that’s the way I’ll go. So as long as I activate the new phone on the line I “upgraded” on First, I’ll be okay. Thanks for the help.

        • Andrew

          Woah, woah, woah!!! Amazon has fine print!! They have their own ETF that says if you take the phone off the line within 180 days you have to pay a fee of like 200 bucks, so if you do that method you will NOT be allowed to switch the phone to your unlimited line without incurring fees!

          • Swauger

            Well thank you very much for the heads up. Looks like I’ll be calling big red or stopping into a fine store.

          • Andrew

            And unfortunately Verizon reps are now trained to spew the line of “sorry there is no method of upgrading without losing unlimited data” so they can’t help either. What I would recommend doing is seeing if you can call Verizon and get them to open up the online upgrade option for you so you can do the transfer upgrade method, and if they ask why you want to upgrade specifically online just say its to get the online only back to school deal. 😀 no problem with the heads up, I like to stick it to Verizon when I can.. Haha

          • Swauger

            Update! I had to call the 800 number that popped up every time I clicked the “Upgrade Device” link. I actually got a very nice person. At first she couldn’t figure out why the site wasn’t allowing me to upgrade. She said there are no notifications around that the website is down or having problems. Then the light bulb when off in her head. She goes “ooooh, now I know the problem your having. You are still on the Unlimited Data plan” I said “yes, I am!” She said ” they want you to call in so I can tell you that you have to give up your unlimited data to upgrade any device.” I said “and that’s not going to happen!” She said “I figured that, now let me see what I can do for you…” She was able to upgrade my Verizon Wireless Home Phone line to a Smart Phone line w/ a new two year agreement” I got the gunmetal grey m8 for $99. She added the $30 2gig data to the package and that was it. I asked her numerous times to make sure I didn’t lose my Unlimited Date on the other two lines. She assured me it was okay. Now I just have to wait to it arrives, activate it and then walk into a local Verizon store the next day and tell them I want the Wireless Home Phone put back into service on that same line. I don’t think I’m able to do that online. Thanks for all of the help.

          • Andrew

            Awesome! Great to hear you got your new phone without a big hassle, hope you/your son enjoy it!

  • paul_cus

    Saw that coming, surprised they didn’t kill it earlier. I remember back in the day when the reps told me about this method. Things sure have changed at Verizon.

  • ItchyEyeball

    Can we still transfer the upgrades to lines that already have lost their unlimited data but still have data? Then switch that shiny new phone over to an unlimited line?

    • Ian

      Seems reasonable, as long as each has data for the the 2 years/

    • Kirk M.

      i believe so ive done that before but i dont transfer the upgrade because then verizon requires you to give up your unlimited data all the time and what you do is upgrade the line that currently has it available thats not unlimited and then switch over the phones online and keep your unlimited, Verizon does anything they can to take away your unlimited data unfortunately

      • Andrew

        You can transfer the upgrade from your unlimited line and use the upgrade on your tiered/basic line as long as you do it from the my verizon website and be 100% fine. I’ve done it quite a few times now, as long as the line you transfered the upgrade to doesn’t have unlimited data you will be fine. And even if they suddenly took this method away and tried to take your unlimited data, just return the phone and demand your unlimited data back (they are required to revert you to your previous plan if you return the phone.)

        • ItchyEyeball

          That’s how I have done it in the past. I have one line on my family plan that lost it’s unlimited data a while back…we just use that line as the upgrade line. Hopefully that “loophole” stays

  • T-Mobile welcomes you with open arms (if you live in a decent coverage area)

    • Pootis Man

      I know I do.

    • Jason B

      Yep. They just added LTE in my non-metro area. So gonna jump soon.

  • socarwolverine

    I’ll just wait on Amazon to have another glitch in their system.

    • Pootis Man

      I doubt that’s ever going to happen again.

      • Ian

        Didn’t think it would ever happen the first time…

        • Pootis Man


    • flosserelli

      You may be waiting a while.

  • Tyler

    Looks like my G3 is the last phone I’ll buy on verizon.

  • Chippah

    Enraging. I want to go T-mobile so bad, but zero service in a 40mile radius….

    This is the last straw with Verizon..

    • fillyo75

      Yeah, that’s the last straw, I can’t take advantage of a loophole in their system, so I am leaving. Go buy a full price phone cheap ass

  • chris_johns

    meh…force my out of my unlimited vzw no balls!…honestly im over these loopholes to save 100-200 when u can get nice phones for around 350 off contract…but once vzw forces me off unlimited tmobile here i come

  • Brandon

    So glad I ditched them for T-Mobile over a year ago….but I’m picking them up as my ISP because the place I moved into is FiOS ready, hopefully this will be a lot better than Comcast! The only thing that sucks is I was getting 125 Mbps down and 25 Mbps up for about $60/month with Comcast, Usenet downloads were insanely fast (14 MB/sec average) but websites loaded slow as hell (sometimes 60+ seconds for large corporations). With FiOS I can get 50 Mbps down and 50 Mbps up for about $60/month hopefully the low latency of optical fiber and far faster upstream will make up for the difference in downstream vs cost.

    • Chippah

      Fios sucks – I have 2 clients that have major latency-packet loss issues.
      even after escalating to a tier 2 or 3 resource they still continue to blame
      Level3 and Comcast when they have ZERO to due with the routes in question.

      They are making ME do all the work to point out their issues..

      • Brandon

        I know of a few people that have it and love it, they haven’t had any issues in years. This is all localized to NJ though.

  • Alix8821

    T-Mobile here I come…

    Do I get the G3? Nexus 5? Or stay with VZW until Note 4 announcement??

    G3 & N4 would be long term.

    Nexus would be temporary. Waiting on newer Nexus info, since it’s cheaper & easier to pay off

    • flosserelli

      If you are interested in the Note 4, then you should probably wait.

  • Harry

    It was not so much a loophole as it was a money-making tactic. This has been around for so long (I got my DroidX with this “loophole”) and consumers end up spending an additional $10 for a service they have no use for. I believe it was VZ’s way of making a quick buck. Now they have realized they probably make more money if they did not allow this switch (people desperate unlimited data will simply fork more per month, some others will switch over to their limited data plan because phones do get old and unusable after 2-3 years).

  • ronbud

    This is interesting…

  • droidrazredge

    I wonder if the method of upgrading your device & maintaining UDP using Best Buy Online and using your current phone’s SIM card will still work after August 24th?

    • Nunyur_Biznezz

      That method shouldn’t even be valid. Verizon doesn’t even have to honor those “contracts” since they shouldn’t exist

      • Ian

        Lolz, I should try that defense in a court room some day. “But your honor, this contract should not exist…”

  • Nunyur_Biznezz

    “As I just mentioned, Verizon has tried throughout the last couple of years to kill off unlimited data plans by forcing customers off of those plans should they use an upgrade”
    You should also mention Verizon can just kill off unlimited data RIGHT NOW as we speak if they so choose. So maybe unlimited data users should just be happy they haven’t chosen to do that yet. Though personally I wish they would.

    • GJV

      Sounds like somebody is mad he doesn’t have unlimited on Verizon

      • Nunyur_Biznezz

        Yes in the last year I’ve used 6.2 GB TOTAL. So I really need unlimited data. Um no. Sorry I don’t live in the boonies so I have access to REAL internet. Hope all the free cows you can f–k is worth not having REAL internet options that your forced to use mobile internet.

    • 213ninja
  • tiev

    pftt, I bought my phones full price anyways. Now I just do it while hating big red more.

    So a customer that doesn’t like their phone can’t switch off a data plan based on this retarded change.

  • GJB

    “Verizon believes that when it ‘gives customers a discount on the retail price of a smartphone, we expect them to pay for data services and keep the smartphone activated for 2 years. This change closes the loopholes which allowed customers to activate/upgrade a smartphone and immediately revert back to a basic phone, resulting in a discontinued smartphone with no associated data plan.'”

    Ok, then, so what about the loophole where I buy a phone at full retail price, and Verizon continues to charge me full price for a plan that includes a charge for a phone subsidy that I’m not getting…

  • One Meat Ball

    What if someone w unlimited upgrades to a new Moto X+1 phone in September and is forced over to a data plan. Can she trade her new phone with me (we’re not on the same family plan) so that I can keep my unlmited with her Moto X+1 while she gets my old Moto X?

    • M3D1T8R

      Yeah of course. You can do this even if you are on the same account. Both have data plans, so Verizon is happy [ripping you off].

  • diesteldorf

    It’ll be interesting to see how this is implemented. I recently used all of my upgrades available on all lines and now have all my Unlimited Data lines under contract till 2016. The most recent upgrade used extended my Unlimited Data line till 8/6/2016.

    A couple things I am concerned about:

    In the internal documents, they show a special section for the DATA PLAN REQUIREMENT contract. Of course, if you upgraded your phone and had no suspensions etc, it would mirror the actual two-year contract.

    However, feature phones currently allow a 75 mb data plan for $10. Will that also count as a data plan if someone wants to put a feature phone on a line that used to have a smartphone (theft of smartphone, personal choice, punishing a child)?

    Or, will Verizon prevent feature phones from being activated on former smartphone lines, or maintain that the data plan must stay at a minimum of $30, regardless of phone.

    Also, in the past Verizon has allowed anyone to take any existing phone line and use it for a Home Phone Connect or a tablet/netbook. Will Verizon stop allowing this as well? Granted, a tablet requires a data plan already, but Home Phone Connect does not.

    Finally, I’d be curious to know how this may affect someone who assumes responsibility of a line from another user. The new owner is currently responsible for any remaining time on the contract and ETF. Will Verizon also require them to keep a data plan when no actual transfer of equipment is involved?

    • 213ninja

      how is that possible? if you upgraded a line with unlimited data wouldn’t you have had to lose unlimited data? i don’t recall any glitches this month……

      • diesteldorf

        I transferred all the upgrades from my unlimited lines to my one basic line, though not at the same time. When I did this, I was able to get a subsidized phone, extend the contract on each of my unlimited lines, and keep unlimited data on all of them because I was not upgrading them directly. Rather, I was transferring each upgrade to a non-unlimited, basic line and upgrading that.

        • 213ninja

          So the act of transferring the upgrade automatically extends your contract?

          • diesteldorf

            Yes, when you transfer or donate your upgrade to another line, the donor line gets the contact extension, while the line taking the upgrade gets tiered data. I am assuming the donor line would also have the data requirement after 8/24, since it is the one that also has its contract extended.

            However, it is interesting because the documents seem to show that Verizon is requiring a data plan of $30 or higher. Does that mean that the legacy $20 smartphone data plan for 300 mg, or, more importantly, the $29.99 Unlimited Data plan don’t count or would automatically be replaced by a $30 2 gb plan after donating their upgrade?

  • Maybe it is not the badest news for us to lose another upgrade workaround at verizon. Just a perfect smartphone accessory – mhl to hdmi adapter can replace it. You must like it ! http://goo.gl/Gq1RBT

  • duke69111

    You would think Verizon is hurting for money based on their customer screwing moves lately. I hope the FCC F$UCKS up their plan to throttle unlimited users. A$$HOLES!

    • Mike

      Verizon hurting for money? Why would you even think this. Most of Verizon customers are off of unlimited data and most of those who still have it probably wouldn’t even notice the difference.

      The FCC isn’t going to “F$ucks” up their plans since technically the other carriers who offer unlimited data (Sprint – T-Mobile) have the same exact thing setup. So unless the FCC decides to go after three carriers it’s not going to change.

      Why are you so pissed off anyways? If you have unlimited data on Verizon you are still getting unlimited data, they aren’t forcing you off of it. You just may SOMETIMES see slower speeds. And if you don’t have unlimited through Verizon you shouldn’t care at all.

      • Jim Davis

        Verizon has to follow rules that those carriers do not because of commitments it made in order to license the 700 MHz spectrum it uses for LTE.

  • Jon G

    The “use an upgrade on a separate line and then transfer that new phone over to the unlimited line” way has been removed for a couple of weeks now. I went with my family to a verizon wireless store and my brother tried to do that but the VZW employee was declining saying that we can’t do that anymore. He kept on trying to sell us the “More Everything” and Verizon Edge plans but we weren’t budging. So the only way you can keep your unlimited data is by buying the phone in full or just bringing a Verizon compatible phone and replacing your phone. Such bull-

    • 213ninja

      or tranfer your upgrade on the web site and order the phone online, and when it comes, activate with whatever SIM you like.

    • M3D1T8R

      Do it online, still works. I know because I’ve done it twice in the last couple weeks. You still have to call in to have it switched back (remove data) and reactivate the old phone. But always get the phone online, easier, usually cheaper too. Stores have their own agenda so it’s like a whole extra level of money-sucking you have to get through.

  • 213ninja


  • 213ninja

    i’ve been using this upgrade method for years and this news is pretty devastating considering i’ve managed to preserve 2 unlimited data accounts.

    when i upgrade my dumb lines and receive the phone i never activate it on my dumb line, so the plan changes never occur. i just put my unlimited line SIM into the new phone and never have to cancel anything. i wonder about the specifics…if you don’t activate the phone how can they possibly apply your plan changes????

  • hfoster52

    Blows…. This is how I was going to get my Note 4.

    • 213ninja

      me too…

      • Chippah

        Me 3

  • Mickey A Valentine

    But I never even add or cancel the 2gb plan on my well plan.

    • 213ninja

      me neither…i don’t even see how they can start billing you if you never activate it on the line with the pending plan changes….

      • M3D1T8R

        I think it will just add “data requirement” dates on your account, in addition to the current contract end date change, when you do the order.

  • Jonathan Ly

    This is going to push me over the edge. I’m so sick and tired of Verizon’s BS

    • 213ninja


  • bkosh84

    Sucks to be Verizon customers… T-MOBILE FOREVA!!!!


  • Foosa Noble

    F-you Verizon. I $hit in your shoes!!!!!

  • Doug

    What happens to all those people that break their smartphone or if something happens in their life where they can’t pay the 30 data plan?

    • yungqb7

      There’s asurion to handle the breaks

      • Doug

        What if they didn’t get the insurance.? Some people don’t. Also that doesn’t help people that say have a major life change and can’t afford the smartphone and just want to drop down to a feature phone.

  • mors

    If you don’t have grandfathered unlimited data then why even stay with Verizon? I can see people who live in the middle of nowhere staying but, for the majority of people, it’s cheaper to just go elsewhere and pay less for the same service. Verizon’s network isn’t as far out in the lead as they want you to believe.

    • Mike

      As someone who lives twenty minutes outside of a city (Pittsburgh to be exact), I will be sticking with Verizon even after leaving my unlimited plan.

      I test drove all three other carriers in my area and quite frankly other than AT&T they are both garbage (T-Mobile and Sprint to be exact).

      T-Mobile was by far the worst, at my job in Pittsburgh I had no reception. I don’t know how that works out (I had 4G LTE from all other carriers) but that’s just how it was, and being that I had a Google Edition Nexus 5 WiFi calling wasn’t even possible. Where I play hockey (About an hour outside of Pittsburgh), T-Mobile doesn’t get a signal at all (Not even for phone calls) but all three others do (Again at least 2 or 3 bars of LTE). Even at home signal was flaky at best and the best I could get out of T-Mobile was a bar or two of HSPA+.

      Sprint wasn’t much better but was actually better coverage wise. Getting signal where I needed it but it was slow as hell, and AT&T in my eyes isn’t even worth considering if I’m sticking with Verizon.

      As someone who needs to be on call for my job it’s important that I have data everywhere (Work in IT) so that I don’t need to make specific plans for where I’m going. With Verizon that is not a concern for me, and yes I will pay extra for that “Security”.

      • Jim Davis

        I live in an area with poor T-Mobile and Sprint coverage but good AT&T and Verizon coverage as well. I dumped Verizon for (then AIO, but now) Cricket wireless and a Nexus 5. Couldn’t be happier. Good coverage and low rates. I went from ~$80/month to my current $45/month. The only change that has occurred with my rate plan since January is the addition of 500MB of high speed data (from 2.0 GB to 2.5 GB).

  • StankyChikin

    I do find it quite odd that people question the morality of what Verizon is doing here but yet they don’t question the morality of taking advantage of an unintended loophole. Let me guess.. We are playing the childish game of “They did it therefore so can I”

  • Thatoneguy

    A lot of crybaby sheep here. You get what you pay for. If Verizon is too expensive, go to Tmobile and stay out of the rural areas. Otherwise quit your crying. Verizon wants to be paid for their products and services?! Oh no! Someone call the FCC.

    • 213ninja

      stay out of rural areas? are you on bath salts?

    • Hothfox

      I agree somewhat. I’m on my family’s Verizon plan (dad switched us over to More Everything, because it actually saved him money). Verizon is the only carrier that gets service at their house in rural Upstate NY, so it’s obviously worth it to us to have Verizon over AT&T or T-Mobile, etc. I just wish AT&T would get their rear in gear and build out their LTE network to the extent Verizon has so there is more competition for us rural folks. AT&T doesn’t even get Edge at my parent’s house, while Verizon gives them strong LTE. It helps that there’s a Verizon tower only a few miles down the road. I thought I remembered reading a while ago that CDMA is generally better in rural areas than GSM is, though.

  • Craig

    So from what I’m reading, they aren’t closing the loophole if the second plan already has a data plan attached to it, correct? So my wife with a 2GB plan can still upgrade and transfer the new phone to my unlimited plan?

    • 213ninja

      yes…in fact, my wife might be converting her unlimted data plan to a 2GB plan so we can continue to get upgrades and maintain at least one unlimited line….my line.

      • Hothfox

        Your wife is a saint.

  • MH

    I just pay the retail price for the phone. Well worth keeping unlimited for, and also makes you really look at which devices you buy.

  • jimt

    Anything is better than Verizon as long as you have data. I know they have the best network but everything else sucks.

    • SA_NYC

      I have to politely disagree, as VZW also has the RedZone channel…that’s what keeps me tied to big red.

      • jimt

        Sorry I’m not a football nut. I would think dish or comcast could come up with a fix for you. I have slingbox that could help also.

        • SA_NYC

          Perfectly understandable. I just wanted to point out that there are at least a few plusses to Verizon, for some people. Verizon gets a bad rap, fairly enough, but it does have some strengths that often go unmentioned on this site. I’m not kidding when I say I’d probably have already left if it weren’t for RedZone. I remember Verizon got that from Sprint a few years back, when S couldn’t compete in the re-up bidding. I don’t really like helping VZW enforce its own quasi-monopoly on me, but what’s a football/mobile nut to do?

          • jimt

            You stream the redzone to your 80 inch flat screen I’m assuming using your verizon unlimited, is this correct? Or are you stuck on verizon just for the mobile properties of the redzone? If you use something else for your 80 inch flat screen then there are better solutions.

          • SA_NYC

            Interesting…I never figured out how to stream the mobile RZ feed to an external monitor, as it was locked from doing so. But actually yes, it’s primarily for the mobile properties, ie, the ability to watch on my phone when away from home.

          • jimt

            So you therefore watch on your big tv with something else. This would be a good time to look into slingbox and maybe a tivo. You could free yourself from Verizon and watch your tv from anywhere in the world using any carrier at any time that is convenient for you.

          • SA_NYC

            Yeah, that would work–for a while it wouldn’t have because I couldn’t get RedZone anywhere except on my phone, since TimeWarner didn’t offer it. But that changed a couple of years ago, so it probably could work. Although I shudder to think how quickly I’d burn through my data caps…But thanks for the advice.

  • MrC1122

    As I understand it, “Edge” is no longer a viable option. If u use edge and have unlimited data, u have to give it up for one of their other data plans.

    • M3D1T8R

      Edge was never an option for Unl customers.

      • Kayonesoft

        It was on day one due to a glitch, but that was quickly fixed.

  • Kayonesoft

    For the first time in my lifetime, I’ve used up my monthly limit on voice minutes with more than half a month remaining until they refresh. I found myself dreading what would happen if I went over my minutes. Would I have to pay some sort of rip-off per minute premium to continue using my service or I would have to change my minutes plan for a single month which could possibly cause me to lose my unlimited data as a result? I was in a state of panic because I know I had several more phone calls to make without the availability of a land line.
    This is not a good feeling and not one I wish to subject myself to monthly with data. Nearly everything I do on my phone these days requires a data connection and as time goes on it’s only going to increase. I don’t want that burden of keeping track and rationing out my monthly data limits. It’s not something that anyone should have to do. Verizon has every right to run their company how they want to and make money, but they’re going to have to realize the burden they’re placing on their customers for the sake of pure profit and that there is a breaking point for everyone.
    Having faster speeds is meaningless if it gets you to your arbitrary cap faster. Throttling (or whatever spin they use) your unlimited 4G speeds to 3G speeds makes a 4G plan meaningless. Nobody, not even the FCC, sees this as a pro-consumer move or an advancement of technology. This is plain and simple regression and corporate greed. Say what you want about data hungry unlimited customers and echo the corporate message, but at the end of the day Verizon is going to exploit every loophole system and bend every rule in the book to increase their bottom line, everyone else be damned.
    There is nothing anyone can say that will make me think that additional stress and worry is a good thing.

    Small Edit: I ended up buying some Skype minutes and using my data to make calls instead of voice.

    • jimt

      That is what the Skype minutes are for and also when there is only WiFi available. They do use data when not on WiFi, though and the twenty cents a minute.

    • jimt

      Also a good reason for TMO unlimited everything, no data, text, or voice minutes worries.

    • SA_NYC

      Hmm, I had the same issue this month, should have thought of that Skype trick. Although a lot of my calls were inbound, which I guess that wouldn’t work for?

    • M3D1T8R

      Well said. And this is how Verizon wants all of their customers to feel. They change their plans to this kind of garbage then manipulate their customers into spreading their propaganda for them, trying to make other customers who aren’t made to feel stressed out all the time like this feel guilty about it. “We feel like crap, so why should you be getting away with not feeling like crap??” Nevermind that many of these Unlimited users are some of Verizon’s longest, most loyal customers, V doesn’t give a damn about that. Just about how they can squeeze them for more money every month.
      “If you aren’t miserable, we don’t want you as a customer”, should be their slogan.

    • monkeybutts

      Google voice with GrooVe IP. Find the apk for version 1.4.8 still working 2 months after google voice support was supposed to end.

  • Turb0wned

    Verizon 1
    Verizon users 0

    • 213ninja

      make that Verizon 2, Unlimited Users 0

  • deskjob

    If I am reading this correctly, then I think the loop hole could still be open for those folks with at least one tiered line in the family share plan? I mean, the tiered line would still be able to use its upgrade as is. The potential problem would be if you want to use the upgrade on the unlimited line – would you still be able to transfer it over to the tiered, and then go through the process without losing unlimited…

  • Adrynalyne

    I remember when everyone fought with me when I told them that Verizon would kill off grandfathered unlimited users within a few years, heh.

    • StankyChikin

      I’m not sure why they don’t just tell them to get onto a tiered plan or find another carrier.. I know it would be a small hit to their PR but it would be pretty minimal. It’s not like they are obligated to provide service to those off contract.

  • David Tyler

    I dumped Verizon from February and I didnt look back. I now have Cricket Wireless and is free from the bondage of contracts and Verizon evil ways.

    • Jim Davis

      Me too! Cricket customers represent! 🙂

  • EnterTheNexus

    Verizon Edge makes you get rid of data.

  • coolsilver

    I hate Verizon more and more everyday.

  • Juan Valenzuela

    Rise and fall of Verizon wireless

    • Adrynalyne

      We wish, but no, its more like the rise and rise of Verizon. This will not hurt them.

  • mcdonsco

    AT&T is missing an opportunity here…with the new data tech carriers use its actually getting cheaper for them to provide data services…if AT&T broke from the mirror they are of Verizon with their plans and offered up unlimited again; they would DESTROY Verizon.

    Vice versa is true I guess. With at&t and Verizon being about equal now for the most part, who ever does it first will take the lead in a big way.

    They could even do it while introducing speed throttling across their network to say 15/10 for everyone (plenty fast enough for everything including hotspot) to ensure they could accommodate the higher data and number of users without a problem.

    Crossing my fingers that one of them does it soon.

    I wonder too though, at&t still has grandfathered unlimited plans, so why is it were always only talking about Verizon’s grandfathered unlimited plans?

    • jimt

      Most people on this site were Verizon to start with and could still have grandfathered unlimited plans, I dumped Evil red last december, myself. I saw the writing on the wall.

    • M3D1T8R

      For the reason jimt says below, and also because ATT has been throttling Unl customers for years already. Not subject to the same agreements Verizon made with the FCC from the C block spectrum deal. Verizon legally can’t throttle 4G. They’re trying to do it anyway, hoping their lawyers will keep them safe. We’ll see how it plays out.

  • SlipOnBy

    There is a side effect of this policy. If you somehow break your smart phone and want to replace it with a cheap feature phone until your contract is up, you will be forced to pay for the data plan anyway. I really can’t imagine why people aren’t leaving verizon in droves.

    • mcdonsco

      So your smartphone breaks and magically you now have no need for data services on your phone? What planet are you living on?

      • Adrynalyne

        Do you see a need for data services on some garbage feature phone?

      • SlipOnBy

        So on your planet, people pay 650 for a new Verizon smartphone instead of a cheap 50 dollar feature phone to use until they’re eligible for an upgrade? You’re right, that makes a lot more sense, to pay full price for an unsubsidized phone and still get screwed monthly with Verizon’s pricing.

    • jimt

      Don’t break your phone, simple.

    • flosserelli

      Most people in that situation would replace it with the same phone, not downgrade. And I suspect an insurance claim would require the same.

      • SlipOnBy

        Really? So you get a 100$ phone with a 2 year contract, it breaks 6 months in. You’re going to replace it with the same phone which now costs 650 because it’s unsubsidized? You have 650 laying around to replace your phone? We could talk about Verizon’s “insurance” if you want. Both times my phone stopped working, I asked for a replacement and both times they insisted it was water damage which isn’t covered. I prefer being able to replace my phone with anything I want and change my plan at any time.

        • flosserelli

          Depending on the damage, VZW would probably give you a refurbished phone (same model) without requiring you to pay the full $650. A lot depends on the store rep, and a lot also depends on your attitude when you come in. But as you mentioned, if they insist that its water damage, then you are screwed. And unless you are within your 14 day return window, most stores won’t let you exchange for a different model.

    • M3D1T8R

      This is a really good point. Now when you buy any on contract smartphone, you’ll be locked into a minimum $30 of data for two years. So say you break a phone on a secondary line right after you get it, and canty afford a replacement. You’ll be forced to pay the $350 ETF, or be stuck paying minimum $960 ($30 data + $10 line = $40 x 24) over 2 years. Instead of potentially moving to a dumbphone for the two years, paying as little as $10/mo for that line = $240, in which case you’d _still_having_basic_phone_service_!
      By don’t worry, Verizon has a great solution to this new problem they’ve just created for consumers. Just buy their overpriced insurance, for yet another $8 a month or so! Right..

  • litobirdy

    can someone post the exact steps of this loophole? I’ll write what I think it would be. and someone please correct me if needed.
    I have 5 lines. 1 line is regular phone. has upgrade. so I can order online, do in store pick up? then go to store, Pick it up DON’T ACTIVATE IT THERE? just thank you and go home. then at home, put Sim card of smartphone line into new phone and that’s it? Then the new data plan of the old phone will just drop? no pro rated charges. no actvation fee? nothing?

    • mcdonsco

      Best buy forces you to pick up phones from their mobile department where they also force you to activate it there (or more accurately, they do it). So I would NOT do it that way…just have it shipped to your house.

      Once you receive it do NOT activate it using the sim it comes with, just swap the sim from your existing phone.

      Make sure though when you order it online that the “glitch” portion of this still exists that specifically allows you to keep unlimited data (it shows it during check out with “keep existing plan” and shows unlimited data).

      Also, keep in mind, it will “use” your available upgrade, so it only works once. Whether or not it will work again in two years is anyone’s guess, but I doubt it…I’m fairly confident they will have fixed that glitch by then if they haven’t already.

      • litobirdy

        i’m talking about going thru Verizon, not best buy

        • mcdonsco

          Can’t do it…Verizon won’t let you leave the store with a new phone unactivated; unless you paid full retail for it (and even then they often won’t).

          • litobirdy

            So then what is the point of this article saying this stuff can be done until the 24th? confused now, ahhhhhhhhh

          • litobirdy

            What if I put old smartphone unlimited data line sim card in the new smartphone at the store

          • litobirdy

            Verizon phone rep was EXTREMELY helpful. she let us get the smartphone IN store and activate on the dumb phone line. she was watching the account the whole time. So she called us up and said ok, i see the g3 on the dumb phone line, I’m taking it off right now and now adding it ot the smartphone line. Turn off old smart phone, boot up new one and poof done. No problems at all, everytrhing stayed normal except of course extending the dumb phone contract

  • ricardo_r21

    There’s still 1 loophole and it’s not buying it up front. Only downside is you have to renew a contract.

    • Aj Bastedo

      atleast with renewing your contract your exempt from being throttled…

  • Suralin

    So the only thing we can do now is to wait for a glitch in their system for subsidized, unlimited-data phones like last year?! Awesome! /s

    If Google combined Voice with Hangouts for our phones, allowing us to call through our wifi, I would think all of DL’s readers would be switching to T-Mobile.

    • Destroythanet

      I’m still waiting for Google to do this for Android. The iOS version has been able to do this for a while now. So annoying that Talkatone and GrooveIP are useless to me now.

      • monkeybutts

        GrooVe IP version 1.4.8 still working with google voice find the apk.

        • Destroythanet

          For real? I’ll have to check that out. Thanks.

    • monkeybutts

      GrooVe IP version 1.4.8 still works with google voice. Find the apk online make sure it doesn’t auto update in the playstore.

  • Sandy6

    The service does indeed suck! My service has been slow the last week. I am now done with verizon, after 8 years. I’m going over to sprint. Verizon had a reason for no longer claiming to be the fastest, but they should also stop claiming to be reliable. They tried blaming apple for their horrible service. Good one verizon, play the blame game when all else fails.

    • Sandy6

      Oh, and I do have an unlimited plan. Why should I be punished for being a loyal customer?

  • James Hill

    I know now what date I will end my Verizon services.

  • plats

    It’s looking to me that Verizon Wireless is on their way into becoming the RIM/BlackBerry of cellular carriers. The Verizon landline part of the company isn’t doing a good job with their customers either. Enjoy that short term spike in revenue Verizon. Hopefully, it’ll get you through your eventual long term decline and buy you time to get out of the hole you dug for yourself.

  • Henry hill

    So glad I jumped ship when I did, t-mobile is better all around and much cheaper at least for me

  • Wow, Verizon is really doing all they can to Pry Unlimited from their Customers…

    • morjoie

      I wish vzw had announced the throttling policy change in July, before I bought my phone. I have unlimited with vzw. I didn’t move to t-mo because I had serious doubts about their service coverage for those places I frequent, and because I didn’t like that Sprint was going to buy them. What a difference a day makes.

      And vzw had the HTC one in red, so I decided to continue with vzw, but without a contract, so at least I can leave at any time (after I get my phone unlocked, of course).

      • jimt

        Everyone says its already unlocked. Try a Tmobile sim in it. The problem is a Gsm phone would probably work better.

  • ckeegan

    A post on a Sunday? What is this world coming to?

  • Rashad

    They should bring back one year contracts. Bring back the old plans with one year contracts would be plenty enough money for Verizon. But they are greedy so it won’t happen.

    • hkklife

      They might start following the Canadians’ lwad and offering 3yr contracts!

  • mcdonsco

    I really wonder if Verizon will ever just completely kill off unlimited data? That’s what worries me…$120/month for unlimited everything? OK, a little high compared to T-Mobile’s $80, but then its a LOT BETTER data network, so OK…full retail phones? Fine…better than $200/month for the tiered plan I would need to accommodate my data use which would be $960/year more…I can swap phones at full retail every three months and still not hit that cost.

    What I would love to see is a “flagship fan” phone plan…pay say, $40-$50/month more and swap your phone for another flagship anytime you want as many times as you want. They will sell the $600 phone for $500 “used” and in a given year there are only 4-5 flagships released, so that’s $400-500 “loss” for them but they get $480-$600 over that year from the $40-$50…win win for everyone. Your monthly cost ensures you have whatever phone you want whenever you want without having to buy/sell phones yourself and they make a little money too.

    If you keep the phone, you can turn off the flagship fan plan and pay say $5 less per month until your down to zero (which would pay for that phone).

  • Hummer

    ok im on a familyshare (grandfathered) with 2 unlimited smartphones and 2 feature phones (one of which has upgrade available).. what if I add data today to that feature phone with upgrade avail… then when the Note 4 comes out – upgrade the feature phone to it… then cancel the data plan i added today, and slide it over to the unlimited line?

    • Hummer

      so in essence – im wondering if i could squeeze one last subsidized upgrade for my unlimited line.. and then vzw has me by the you know what.. i just tried calling 2 store managers and neither say this 8/24 news has been passed down from corporate yet..

  • LewisSD

    I had my vzw gs3 and an activated nexus 5 for 3 months in San Diego and I can tell you that the service they offer here are equal. I have sense dropped my unlimited data plan on Verizon and couldn’t be happier.

  • Kayonesoft

    Verizon knows all about loopholes. They exploit them like crazy.

  • John Friend

    We have 5 lines. 2 unlimited smartphones, 3 feature phones. Only 2 feature phones in contract. We pay $240 a month.

    Go figure this happens right before the droid refresh and note 4. Oh well. We will just add a data plan to one of the lines and split the difference. We will end up paying the exact same amount on a share plan, 40 40 30 30 30 +100 and still keep our unlimited.

    Sad day.

  • Tyler

    If they spent the time and energy they spend on killing us unlimited users off on improving their network instead…

    • jimt

      Their network isn’t the problem, it’s everything else.

  • Leo Cacho

    Too many curse words to enter here how i feel right now about verizon

  • Matthew Mascarenas

    We all saw this coming!! why act suprised

  • patrick

    What if i currently have unlimited data, and for whatever reason, break or lose my current phone and I want to get a Moto X through Moto website. I am still under contract with the 2 year agreement. Would i still have the unlimited data on the Moto X or would i be forced to get the 2gb $30 data plan?

    • M3D1T8R

      In that case you should be fine. You can (for now) still bring your own device (bought used or full retail, whatever) and swap sims and keep unlimited. If you have to get a new sim from Verizon just make sure they don’t “accidentally” move you to a different data plan when activating it.

  • Everyone here keeps shouting T-Mobile but remember a very large population of the country doesn’t live in a major metro area but in rural America and T-Mobile is terrible. Switching to AT&T doesn’t really save you enough money for the hassle of switching. So us so called suckers who have tried the T-Mobile test drive and it failed miserably need verizon where we work, live, vacation, and work travel until T-Mobile stops worrying about speed and worries about availability. I love T-Mobile and their platform of customer first but what is the point of a smartphone. If it doesn’t work every where I am.

    • monkeybutts

      Cricket, same as AT&T, but no overages and cheaper plans.

      • Droid22

        Speed is throttled on cricket. Biggest plan is only 5 gb, but they discount each additional line.

        • monkeybutts

          To 8 Mbps on LTE before the cap, thats plenty fast enough to do anything you want on your phone. It’s the same as regular AT&T unlimited plan since 5 GB is all they give too. Cricket will let you give them an extra $10 per GB if you really need more.

          • Droid22

            What do people do who still have unlimited data on AT&T?

          • David Tyler

            And to add to your statement, you really dont notice the difference in speed. I switched last week to Cricket and regret being a fool for paying Verizon and ATT all that money for so many years.

          • Droid22

            I would love to used them, but I can’t afford to pay full price for a phone. Wife uses a iPhone, those are too expensive.

          • monkeybutts

            If you have an AT&T iPhone you can take that over right away Verizon 5c or 5s will access LTE on Cricket. They will give you $50 credit on a new phone for every 12 months of service if your line has the Pro or Smart rate plan, up to $150 towards a new phone which definitely softens the blow of a full price phone. iPhones also retain their used value pretty well. $200-350 usually for the basic model after 2 years use.

          • Droid22

            Nop, we have Verizon. I know I can sell our phones and buy AT&T versions to recoup some of the sting. I’m trialing a OnePlus one on straighttalk with AT&T right now to get a sense of their network.

          • JohnF
          • JohnF
    • jimt

      Just have to bite the bullet and pay full price for a phone and get throttled at 4.7 gig.

      • morjoie

        I find it interesting that vzw has no plans to throttle people on their 6gb plans, no matter how congested the network is, but wants to throttle “unlimited” users at 4.7gb. I’m surprised vzw hasn’t just killed unlimited data already. That would almost be preferable to this nickel and diming torture that they put us through.

    • jimt

      If sprint works in your area, you could go to ting. To bad sprint sucks.

    • M3D1T8R

      Yeah, true. This is the only reason I’ve stuck with them for a dozen years now. Waiting and waiting for T-mo’s coverage to improve to the point that I can switch, or some other new option to show up. Hopefully it happens before V completely pulls unlimited from my hands.

      • 213ninja

        you and me and many many others. tmo’s model is awesome, but their coverage here (at least on their map) is 2G trashola.

    • Jim Davis

      Cricket uses AT&T’s towers (it’s actually owned by AT&T), so it has good coverage. I switched in January and have nothing but good things to say about the service.

  • Walter Partlo

    Anyone know how to find my calculated ETF on VZW’s website?

    • jimt

      I just went in to a Verizon store and asked. My gnex was $120 on the absolute last day, and the droid m was $320 which I paid when switching to Tmo and then a few weeks later they started paying the etc for you. I am still so happy I switched anyway.

    • M3D1T8R

      I believe for smartphones it begins at $350 and drops $10 per month you’ve been in the contract. So for example after six months you’d be at $290. A year, $230, etc.

  • Daniel M. Reynolds

    So this is what people on Ebay are selling.hmmmm.

    • AngryBadger

      so glad I sold my VZW UD plan long before all this news. I bet those prices are tanking now.

      • jimt

        Probably not yet, the world doesn’t know beyond droid life.

      • 213ninja

        what did you get? i see them going for over $350, but some listed BIN for like $600.

  • Zachary Wood

    That’s how I got my S5

  • tharealoc

    They are making t-mo look better and better everyday….

    • jimt

      Tmo looked better almost a year ago. I have a Nexus 5 and unlimited.

  • Mo

    Really thinking about going to AT&T from VZW as much as I dislike AT&T.
    Since I already pay full price of the phone on VZW, I mind as well go on their NEXT plan so I can get a discounted rate for having fully owned the phones out right and not sign a two year contract. Goodbye unlimited data and over priced plan, goodbye VZW.

    Lets go Moto, bring out that new Moto G and add a larger battery. I’m about to go all in for AT&T.

    • jimt

      The battery on the moto g is OK. It lasts a few days. Or are you talking LTE version?

      • Mo

        LTE version.

    • ndog21

      You don’t have to use next to get the discount. You could just Bring Your Own Device and get the discount unlike VZW.

      • Mo

        Yes, I was thinking of getting the next version of Moto G LTE version. Heck if I can score four of the $180 deal BestBuy was running for the first generation, I might just move sooner to AT&T. Got a family plan and I’m not liking paying an arm and a leg for the service any longer.

  • WickedSmaht

    Save $50 a month and put it towards buying an off contract device. You keep unlimited and most importantly you’re not stuck w/ a new 2 year contract.

    • jimt

      I was with you until the word “save” _____ just kidding.

  • Jason Brown

    can you still use the “loophole” if you have another smartphone with shared data on the account, transfer your upgrade to that line and have that person upgrade for you, and then take the new phone and switch back to the unlimited data plan? seems like that can still be an option since they’re removing the “feature phone” loophole.

    • jimt

      So far, yes

    • M3D1T8R

      Yeah, should be. The key here is you’ll now be forced to keep a minimum $30 data plan on any smartphone-upgraded line.

      • deskjob

        What if you have one unlimited, one tiered and one feature phone? Do you think Verizon will let you transfer the upgrades to the tiered line and keep unlimited? It sounds like with this new rule, the feature phone’s upgrade is now useless

  • jimt

    Remember you will probably need a GSM phone when you leave.

    • ndog21

      Most Verizon LTE phones after the RAZR and the Rezound (GNEX not included) have GSM Radios, and if you have a Band 4 phone (X-LTE). That phone probably has GSM as well as Band 4 LTE to use on T-Mobile the only disadvantage is that the only X-LTE phone with T-Mobile AWS HSPA+ is the iPhone 5s. But other X-LTE phones should be fine with HSPA+ Band 2 as a backup.

      • jimt

        I have a droid m that is useless on US bands with a Tmo sim. It is radio locked. I try your phone out on Tmo, using the test drive maybe or a friends sim. I think most people will end up buying a new gsm phone.

        • ndog21

          They probably will, but all Verizon LTE phones with GSM Radios are required to be unlocked because of the rules VZW agreed to when getting their spectrum 4 band 13. You might have better luck on AT&T on your RAZR M.

          • jimt

            You may not understand me, the droid m is not sim locked, it is radio locked. I guess it would work OK in another country except the USA.

  • ROR1997

    What I’m fed up about is Verizon changing their word. I guess I was ok with them taking away Unlimited data from new customers, as long as I was grand fathered in. It’s just absolute bull sh!t that they get to bend us over like this and nobody has stopped them.

  • jimt

    They are going to kill unlimited one way or another. Are your dead dying hands getting cold?

  • SetNick

    Glad I switched my services elsewhere. Just another reason to do it people.

  • ROR1997

    Everybody who is smart went on Verizon when they obviously had the better deal. Now Verizon is kind of screwed because they can’t pull this BS on us.

    • jimt

      Guess what, they are.

      • ROR1997

        Yea and they’re going to lose all of them to T-Mobile

        • jimt

          I know, I went to Tmo back in December and love it. Unlimited truly unlimited!

        • pyro74boy .

          Yep I’m going to T-mobile no later then October 1st

        • jimt

          You can still pay full price for a phone and stay on “Unlimited” so I don’t see the problem, except the throttling at 4.7 gig. You will probably get 1x speed at least.

          • Destroythanet

            For comparison, after how much data does AT&T start throttling their “Unlimited” lines? 5GB?

          • M3D1T8R

            Yeah, 5GB I believe I’ve heard.

          • jimt

            wrong. Unlimited is Unlimited

          • M3D1T8R

            Huh? ATT is known to have been throttling unlimited for years.

          • jimt

            Tmo is unlimited unlimited, AT&T is throttled

          • jimt

            opps, it did say AT&T my bad. The beginning of the string was talking about Tmo unlimited, however.

          • jimt

            I honestly don’t know I have truly unlimited unlimited on Tmo

          • fd2blk78

            T-Mobile throttles you after 5 gigs! Explain!

          • jimt

            Tmo $80 unlimited is just as unlimited as verizon unlimited used to be. If you get a 5 gig plan yes they throttle after 5 gig, like the verizon unlimited now. Get an unlimited $80 dollar plan NO throttling.

          • M3D1T8R

            1x is for voice, basically too slow/ unusable for data. 3G (EHRPD or EVDO rev.A) on V is so bogged down it’s basically unusable as well. Around 0.2 Mbps down and 0.02 up at best where I live, no joke. Can’t even really check email, much less stream video or music and all those things Verizon sold us “Unlimited 4g LTE” data for. So no, legally they shouldn’t he able to do that. And the 4.7GB limit, basically means throttling all the time for some users. Myself, and my friend both use that much in an average day.

          • jimt

            I think they have been throttling 3g users for a long time. It is seriously time to dump Evil red and join the Death star or Tmo. Sell your unlimited before it is worth zero dollars.

          • M3D1T8R

            Unfortunately it’s not an option where I live. Or I would have already.

  • Eric Whitaker

    Well, this is the last straw for me on Verizon. I’m switch to ATT

    • jimt

      Why you can still pay full price and again for data while on unlimited.

    • Jim Davis

      Look into Cricket wireless as well. I bought a Nexus 5 and jumped ship from Verizon in January. I’ve been very happy with the service.

  • chris125

    Well at least you still have the option to pay full price. That will be next to go somehow

    • hkklife

      Yep. Thats how they will ultimately get rid of unlimited data. ANY eauipment change will require a new plan. Break your device and get a replacment? Go tiered. Buy a new handset at full price? Go tiered. Want to make any plan changes to your account (add or remove hotspot etc)? Go tiered.

  • The day I switch from unlimited is the day we switch to another carrier offering it! Anyways, i have a sister the flipped to a iPhone and lost her unlimited data, she pays a average of $20 extra a month over the rest of us. I also have been using the dad’s feature phone trick. Now that’s gone, I think i can just throw a upgrade on sister’s iPhone line to keep the unlimited train rolling!

    • VZW I love you with unlimited but you are dead to me without it lol

  • Paul Houseknecht

    Go to bestbuy and upgrade… have done in many times and never loss unlimited data

    • Jason Brown

      can you provide more details on this please? i have heard something about how you tell the store rep NOT to activate in the store and that you activate it yourself but popping in your old sim card. is there anything else im missing? also what if im going from an older phone (gnex) and want to upgrade to a new phone that has a different sim card such as the moto x?

      • mcdonsco

        Buy it online using your available unlimited data upgrade. Then do NOT activate the phone as it arrives (new Sim etc), just swap Sims from your existing phone.

        The bb website doesn’t require you to select a new data plan, it allows you to keep UD during check out…but if you activate the new phone as they ship it, with the new Sim in it, it will kill your UD…hence, just swap the Sims instead.

        I did it twice. First time it didn’t reset anything including my upgrade, so naturally I did it again…2nd time it did reset my upgrade so I can’t do it again…but I got an $800 phone (iPhone 5s 32gb) and a $600 phone (note 3) for $450…sold them both (after using them for a bit). Made around $700 or so (can’t remember exactly how much now).

        I wouldn’t do it in store because they are likely to catch it and force you to ditch ud or not complete the transaction; hence buy it online and ship it to your house (when I did it I did do the first one in store and he didn’t catch it, 2md time they caught it and I had to cancel the order and then I just did it online instead).

        • Jason Brown

          thanks for the heads up and clarification!

          any idea what i could do if im switching from a phone that has a micro sim card (gnex) to a new phone that requires a nano sim card?

          is my only option to get the “cutting machine” that converts a micro sim card to a nano sim card if i want to keep unlimited data?

          • mcdonsco

            For that I dont know…the sim size was the same in the phones I was doing it with.

            You could try this…if you have a friend with a phone with the sim size you need in their phone, ask them to go with you to Verizon or borrow their phone for an hour…tell Verizon in store you’re switching to that phone and just need a new sim to accommodate it…they’ll swap it for free, then when you leave the store give your buddy their phone back after putting their sim back in it (so its back to being their phone) and now the new sim you have has your account on it, toss it in the new phone.

            Now that I think about it…might even work with the new phone to do it (just tell Verizon you bought it off Swappa or eBay (hopefully they wouldn’t have a way to check?)

          • jimt

            That will work and you can get adapters to use the nano sim in a mirco or bigger slot. So always get a nano sim or make one from a micro.

        • 213ninja

          i’ve been doing it that way with verizon’s web site. of course i have to choose a plan but when the new phone arrives i just pop my unlimited sim card in and the plan changes never take effect. i wonder if that method will still work after the 24th?

      • Paul Houseknecht

        Not much on details. Every time I’m up for an upgrade and want to sign another two year agreement, I have gone to best buy to do the upgrade. During the transaction I’ve never lost unlimited data…

  • Trab Dub da Vet

    I’ve been on big red for about 8 years now,? I’ve been unlimited since they introduced it, I have an upgrade that they wouldn’t let me transfer, any way to make them honor that with out giving in to a data package?

    • 213ninja

      you should be able to transfer any upgrade from any line to any other line instantaneously on the VZW web site….at least, i can….

  • pyro74boy .

    I have already made up my mind anyway and it was really game over for Verizon for me when I heard a few weeks back that they can slow down my bandwidth after 4.7GB whenever they feel like it. I already have a plan in place and am leaving Verizon no later then October 1st and am making my T-mobile rep put it in writing that I will have true unlimited data with no throttling. And guess what Verizon I’m not even on contract right now with you and your liar network so too bad for you. This world just keeps on getting worse by each and every passing day as pretty soon these companies are going to start to charge us to go to the bathroom in their stores. What a joke Verizon is.

  • Nicholas H.

    I no longer have unlimited data… however my wife and I do keep a dumb phone on our plan to use the upgrade. Will it be possible to switch that upgrade to a different line for a smartphone, or can a device be ordered online at a discount and activated on a different phone number without changing the price we pay for the dumb phone line?

  • Ralph Bretz

    Well I finally made the decision last week to leave Verizon. I’m splitting up my lines, going to leave my parents on there for now and attempt the transfer of number, AOL for my unlimited lines and sale them. Cricket, Straight Talk, or Net10 is where I’ll land until T-Mobile rolls into my area. Can’t wait for GSM/UMTS freedom.

    • Jim Davis

      I’ve had good luck with Cricket.

  • Nate

    Hmm….Looking at this again if they still allow moving phones to other lines then it’s not all bad. Plus looking at a “positive” , even paying $30 more on the other line for data is still cheaper than 6-8 GBs in overage.

    • jimt

      Is it not cheaper to just buy the phone at full price?

      • 213ninja

        yup. 30×24>700

  • jimt

    I must be missing something here, doesn’t the buy your own phone at full price and swap the sim still work. I guess it is the people trying to get the phone for $100 that are whining.

    • HarvesterX

      Buying the device at retail isn’t a loophole it trick. You just don’t make any contract modifications when doing that so you get to stay with whatever your previous contract was. This kind of puts us in the driver seat because they know we can leave at any time.

      I previously had thought that Verizon wouldn’t touch the loophole described in the article though as u thought they’d rather lock as many people as they can in on contracts. I was wrong. Verizon must be doing so well that they don’t really care anymore.. *smh

      There’s nothing inherently wrong with what Verizon is doing here, but in the past Verizon actually seemed to care EVEN JUST A LITTLE about gaining and keeping customers even if it meant bending the rules some and letting some people slide (at least with my experiences).

      That face of Verizon is now officially dead.

      • 213ninja

        i think forcing you to pay $30/mo for data on a line with a dumb phone that cannot use that data is inherently wrong.

        • HarvesterX

          213ninja I’d thisbwaa your company is this how you’d run things? Sure when not many were doing it and bloggers weren’t sharing these secrets left and right it wasn’t was huge deal.

          But at the beginning this should never even had been a loophole to begin. Wait..are you saying dumb phones need a data plan too? I thought that was only if you upgraded to a smartphone. Feature phones can’t use data so why would they and how could they force a data plan on you.

          The way I took this is that once you upgrade and activate a smartphone using a feature phone upgrade THEN a data plan must be on the device
          See where I’m going here?

          You are 100% right about forcing customers on feature phones to pay $30 aonth for a data plan but are you sure they are actually doing this to feature phone users?

          Now if you used an upgrade on that feature phone to get a discounted G3 for example then yes they can charge you although I find it ridiculous
          Why not just add that $30 data plan they are insisting on and add it to your existing unlimited contract (without taking unlimited away) and just force you to pay more.

          I agree with you 213ninja more them you think because paying for data (after doing the upgrade trick after the deadline) on a non data phone is beyond words.

          What we don’t agree with though is I believe this should never had been an option to begin with and VZW just fucked up and this loophole was a major oversight. I believe that if you want to keep unlimited them you should buy full price or on Swappa etc.

          213ninja you brought up some interesting points of discussion.

          • 213ninja

            As far as I have read, if I transfer my upgrade to my dumb flip line and buy a Note 4 (just for example), when I activate the Note 4 on my unlimited line by inserting the SIM, I’ll still have to pay $30/mo on the dumb line even though it’s not capable of consuming data. I think that’s ridiculous, but that’s what I’ve read so far.

            I don’t think it was ever an accident that you could shuffle upgrades and keep unlimited. They pay billions in salary to smart people so if we could think of it, so did they. They just didn’t care because they were locking 2yr deals either way. Now that everyone has gone to tiered plans and consumers want unsubsidized pricing, it seems they decided the new contracts aren’t worth what they could be making with tiered data, so they’re slowly trying to push us out. They haven’t stripped it out because they don’t want too many people to freak out and jump ship, they want retention, so they’re essentially bleeding us out.

  • Darien Rudolph

    what asshats! i’m getting closer and closer to switching to T-Mobile. unlimited data be damned!

  • RaptorOO7

    The only ones whining are those who broke their TOS and Contract agreements by using the loophole to begin with. I don’t have unlimited data I gave it up years ago when I had a need to do so. I don’t miss it, I don’t use more than say 4 or 5GB of data month and I pay for a larger than needed plan for headroom. That is my choice and I have lived with it. The only suckers here are the ones who have stayed and kept paying Verizon while having contempt for them over things like this. If you are unhappy leave, I did and ended up back on Verizon for coverage and needs for my work. Other than that I find AT&T faster on 4G and LTE compared to Verizon LTE in the same markets. Sadly I need to travel to areas where AT&T coverage isn’t the best and Verizon’s is. When that need changes so will my carrier.

    Now if Sprint and T-Mobile would grow a bigger pair each and either get in or get out of the wireless game, buy spectrum in the 600Mhz block next year and build a real network then things would be better. Yet T-Mo’s parent company doesn’t want to spend any money here. What did they do with the cash and spectrum from the failed AT&T merger attempt? Did T-Mo get to use the cash or did mom and dad take it with them?

    • ZxyLady

      T-Mobile invested in a LOT more spectrum and upgrading towers and invested in Upgrading the LTE. also invested in VoLTE. That’s why their service is hugely better over the last year or 2

      • jimt

        I don’t think they have deployed the 700mhz spectrum that they got from verizon yet, I think they are going to use that soon and a lot of the boonies should work.

    • Droid22

      Sprint is taking the old Nextel and refarming that to LTE

  • Sean

    What about using a ‘dummy’ plan without unlimited data?

    Ex. Using a family member who came in late and never had unlimited to upgrade my physical phone then just transfer it back to my line?

  • StankyChikin

    Feel lucky Vzw doesn’t tell you to switch to a tiered plan or have your service cut. No contract = no obligation to provide you service.

    • Lee McLaurin

      I live in Chicago, and their service isn’t as fast anymore. I can be serviced by T-Mobile or Sprint. They cut my unlimited, I’m gone. They won’t be hurt and neither will I. I’m not even one of those who goes over the 4.7gb limit 90 percent of the time. I just like the insurance of knowing if I do, I won’t be affected. I buy my phones outright every time and I don’t consider the full price that bad. I put my phones in a protective case with a screen protector from day 1. I keep all of my boxes and manuals, and I never use the included earphones or charger (I use the ones I’ve already got). That way, when I sell it on Ebay, my phone is like brand new and I get top dollar for it.

  • Scott Kart

    Best buy loophole still works right?

    • mcdonsco


  • Greyhame

    SON OF A…!!

  • Jam Master Jim

    For all the people bickering about the throttled data.. How is it fair that someone using 6GB unlimited data a month get throttled, when someone on the Everything more can use that same amount unaffected?? I could understand if you started throttling at 10 or 15 gig a month. The 4.7 is just targeting the unlimited users. Can you say Class Action Lawsuit???

    • Character0

      I don’t understand all the “throttling = not unlimited” You still get the data, just slower. If that is the case everyone should sue if they live in a 3G area. I mean, its the same, slower unlimited. They aren’t cutting off the data, its slower and still unlimited.

      • StankyChikin

        People find it hard to understand this for some reason.

      • evltwn

        Because they are targeting a specific group of customers. When T-Mobile, Sprint, or AT&T throttle a customer, it’s not solely because they have an unlimited data plan. VZW went out of their way to specifically name who and why they are being throttled. That doesn’t fly. They have the spectrum to use, the FCC knows this, and has called them out on it.

    • jimt

      The FCC is looking at it, who knows.

    • PoisonApple31

      It doesn’t matter what number you start at, someone is always going to cry foul.

  • MrMLK

    I know we love to hate Verizon, but this seems reasonable to me. They are giving you a discount because they make the money back on a new data plan. If they arn’t going to make the money back, why would they give you the discount?

    I know some people think everything is unfair because they just want it, but come on.

    I’m surprised that Verizon hasn’t just tied the unlimited plan to a specific phone. That would kill it in a few years.

    • Lee McLaurin

      You aren’t getting a discount on anything. Look at your Verizon bill and notice all the ridiculous fees that are shoved in there. They have already priced the cost of the phone into your plan even when you buy the phone outright. They aren’t fooling anyone.

      • MrMLK

        This completely ignores my question. Why would Verizon give you a $700 phone for $200 if there is nothing in it for them? Why would you expect them to?

        • Lee McLaurin

          You apparently didn’t read the first line.

          • MrMLK

            I don’t know how to explain it to you any more simply, but I will try.

            Verizon has a phone that they sell for $700. If you agree to sign up for a level of service for two years, they will sell it to you for $200. Some people have been buying the phone for $200, and then dropping the level of service to something that didn’t require the $700 phone. Verizon has now specifically said that if you want to get the phone they normally sell for $700 at a $500 discount, you can no longer drop the level of service that you would need if you were really planning on using that phone on the account.

            Some people who want what they want are complaining that they are losing something they are entitled to. I am wondering why they think that Verizon should give them a $500 discount on the phone even if there is nothing in it for them. You seem to think that because Verizon has shoved a bunch of ridiculous fees in people’s bills, that people are entitled to a $500 discount if they want one. I think differently.

          • Lee McLaurin

            Don’t need your explanation. You don’t understand the argument.

  • What about this scenario?

    Line 1 – Unlimited Data – Upgrade available – Transfer to Line 3
    Line 2 – Smart Phone w/2gb data – Upgrade available
    Line 3 – Smart Phone w/2gb data – No Upgrade available

    Upgrade on line 2 or 3 then move device to line 1 – Does this get affected also with the new rule? Line 2 and 3 will still be active, paying data and 2 year contract.

    • ThomasMoneyhon

      You have smartphones. This is only an issue if your buddy upgrading from a line that had a $9.99 feature or basic phone. Since all your phones are smartphones you have nothing to worry about.

  • Josh J

    This will only work for those with basic phones still on their plan. If you switch the upgrade to a line that currently has data, you can continue as normal, and still take that device for yourself, as an unlimited user. Then, if the upgraded line still wants an upgraded phone, they can take your current device. Simple enough.

  • Mordecaidrake

    Well this blows. I really don’t want to switch carriers. None of the other companies have coverage where I need it. I could go to AT&T as the next best but they don’t have unlimited either, but at least the switch would be on my own terms?

    • ThomasMoneyhon

      You could go for as little as $115 a month for 10gb of data and 1 smartphone, should you provide a GSM smartphone and not do a 2yr. att also has faster speeds than Verizon LTE.

      • Mordecaidrake

        Not in my area, Verizon has the best coverage and speeds.

    • Scott

      Actually debating AT&T too. T-Mobile is to spotty outside major cities, which I spend a fair amount of time in. My family and in-laws are on AT&T. I won’t have unlimited, but I can purchase why more data for less money than Verizon.

      • Mordecaidrake

        That’s what I’m thinking. Plus if I’m going to be forced off unlimited, then they’re loosing me as a customer.

  • Damnit just before I was going to use this loop hole to get a Note 4 when announced. I have an upgrade available as of yesterday and saving it. Ugh. Looks like i have no choice but to get the G3 as to not waste the upgrade.

    • Nate

      I was holding out for the Note 4 or Galaxy F. I went ahead and used my alt upgrade for a S5. Guess it’s good I did. Here is the question will they retroactive this for people that say did upgrades within the last 1 to 2 months or just all upgrades after Aug 24? I also assume unless I want to keep a data plan on my line after a alt upgrade I’ll be using eBay or other sites to get a used one.

      • RaptorOO7

        Doubtful they would or even try to. They left the backdoor open for too long and now they are closing it. What got in or got out is already done with so they have to give notice of the change in TOS and move forward. I would expect they will continue to clamp down on anymore loopholes they have outstanding (if any).

        What we really need in the US is to move away from subsidized phones in the first place. People say the Edge/Next plans rip you off but not if you need 10GB or data or have a family of 4 on a plan. You get $25 off the $40 smartphone charge for each Edge device so you are really only paying $10 a month for a phone and very likely you are paying less for that phone in 20 months than you would if you paid up front for it and waited 24 months to upgrade again. Plus you can upgrade at 12 months (or sooner if you pay down to 50% of the list price).

        I have my current phone read to be traded in when the Note 4 comes out and can’t wait. Even if I had paid full price for it I wouldn’t have received anywhere near what its worth. Phone values drop very quickly.

        • mcdonsco

          The note 3 still goes for over $450 used. That’s only $150 off full retail after a year.

          So yea, you’re wrong.

          • pappy53

            $450 ? These are from Swappa.

            Recently Sold

            Mint $430 SJX622
            *MINT* White Nearly New Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Only 2 MONTHS OLD *Lower price!!!!
            joe g. – Seymour, Indiana (US)

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            Brian D. – Orlando, FL (US)

            Good $385 XSN682
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            Jacob S. – Avon, Ohio (US)

            Good $335 CEC303
            White Note 3, box, charger, and case

      • My college buddy is a verizon GM of a store and said it’s not retro but all upgrades. So anyone without an upgrade on a feature until after the 24th are screwed. But if you have an upgrade you are saving and is available before the 24th use it now or you lose the loop hole. I am going to upgrade to a G3 then sell it on swappa or eBay, save that money and outright but the note 4 with it

    • RaptorOO7

      Get the G3, keep it and sell it in a couple months when the GN4 comes out and pay cash for the GN4.

      • Going to do that. But I am going to sell it immediately to get as much value as possible. Right now on swappa I can get about $500 for it.

    • Michael Quinlan

      You’re here reading Droid Life, and seem to be aware of how to work the system, but I think signing a two-year contact in exchange for a discount on a device you don’t even want puts you dangerously close to falling into the sucker category.

      • I can’t go with a different carrier because where I live, work, and vacation verizon is the only service that covers all three with great signal. So maybe you don’t know my needs and didn’t quantify them before calling me a sucker, @$$hat.

        • jrbmed08

          I’m in the same boat and fully agree with you. I’m not in the boonies by any stretch, but T-mobile and Sprint have terrible coverage at my workplace, so until they improve, they’re simply not an option for me. Both Verizon and AT&T have good coverage there, but there’s really no point in switching from an unlimited data plan on Verizon to a tiered plan on AT&T. So my options are to keep paying a lot on Verizon (as long as I can still have unlimited data) or switch to Straight Talk or Cricket, where I’ll pay less but possibly get mediocre speeds, depending on who I talk to, and definitely get throttled. So for now, until Verizon figures out how to make me give up unlimited, I’m sticking with them. Which incidentally also means changing my phone buying habits – used to be that I expected to get a new phone every 2 years since the price was subsidized, but now looking at $500-600 instead of $200 for a new device, I’ll have to run my phone into the ground before I decide to upgrade. I miss the days of Verizon basically paying us to upgrade (New Every 2) rather than us paying them and losing features.

          Anyway, long story short, I’m with you – we’re not all suckers, and some of us need the better coverage that Verizon and to a lesser extent AT&T have.

  • WickedToby741
  • jtwildman1

    Plenty of carriers out there, no need to whine about it. I know which network is the best and judging the angry comments, so do you. So switch and let’s see how that goes for you.

  • turning red

    If I have to loose unlimited data than I will be cutting services with my local cable company in which they have partnered up with. And who are they kidding. The rest of the price of your “discounted phone” that you signed your 2 years for. Is being hidden in the monthly payments. So joining the EDGE plan will only make you pay for your phone twice. And you will never own your phone. AND! Pretty soon they will require you to buy full coverage for the phones on the EDGE plan.

  • pilot25

    So you guys are purchasing another line at $120 / year to keep unlimited data and get a subsidized phone for $200-ish dollars? So $320 for a $600 phone? I guess that is a good idea. Saving $280….

    • mcdonsco

      Yea but you haven’t been able to add the $9.95 line for quite some time so those effected did this 1-2 years ago (which means they are coming up to a new upgrade about now too).

      I had one, did the upgrade, then a few months later after some time on a call with a Verizon rep got the $9.95 line removed with no etf…took some talking and time, but done…I had forgotten about it though till I read this, sort of wish I still had it so I could do the G3 now for $99 at best buy before they kill it…oh well.

  • Jackson Emch

    Well, at least I can buy a used phone on Swappa and keep my unlimited plan, otherwise I’d switch to Ting in a heartbeat. Sure it’s not unlimited data, but it a good pricing model and I would actually get coverage in my college town.

    • mcdonsco

      No need to buy used, new G3 for $480 regularly on Swappa right now, $120 off full retail and used are like $450 so not saving much going used…I just do the ones being sold new…still a big discount.

      • Jackson Emch

        Yeah but I really want a M8.

        • mcdonsco

          Uhhh…same thing applies there.

          • Jackson Emch

            Oh, I miss read it and thought you meant a new G3 as in never used. Yeah The M8 is around $450-$500 I’ve found on Swappa which I don’t think is too bad. The last phone I bought was the Droid Razr MAXX HD off contract and that was $650 and I’m never going to pay that much for a phone again, especially not one with only 1GB of RAM, even though I love my phone.

          • mcdonsco

            The G3 can be purchased on Swappa new, unused for $480 or less (most are asking over $500, but if you check it regularly you’ll see them for $450+ regularly).

            In fact here’s one for $460:


            And, heres a new m8 for $450:


            Again, not hard to find em, just have to check in every so often and look.

            Also, you don’t have to always pay what they are asking … Make an offer (a realistic one) in the comments and a lot of times the sellers will agree.

  • Character0

    “..we expect them to pay for data services and keep the smartphone activated for 2 years” But you are paying for the data services. The smart phone is being moved to the plan with the unlimited data. The service is being paid for there, just not on the plan that upgraded. They are obviously trying to screw unlimited people, and again their explanation makes no sense. If the $30 dat service is somehow helping to pay off the full price phone you got as an upgrade, the $30 unlimited plan will achieve the same.

    • mcdonsco

      But I think we can all agree that $30/month for Verizon unlimited 4g LTE data is a pretty sweet deal.

      I’m not going to claim I have a subsidy built into that price that I’m not getting (in terms of a new phone)…on my $70/month VOICE portion of the bill though, that’s another story.

  • Rob

    Or start a second line, turn around and cancel it, and pay phone price, ETF, activation fee, and 1 day of service. If you can buy a phone for $100 or less like this, it’s cheaper after the ETF, activation fee, and 1 day of service than it would be to buy it for $600 plus tax.

    • RaptorOO7

      Not a bad idea, but I suspect Verizon will eventually cancel your services entirely if you try that too many times. I still give props for going the extra step.

      I just looked up the Verizon TOS http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/support/customer-agreement

      If you cancel a line of Service, or if we cancel it for good cause, during its contract term, you’ll have to pay an early termination fee. If your contract term results from your purchase of an advanced device, your early termination fee will be $350 minus $10 for each full month of your contract term that you complete. Otherwise, your early termination fee will be $175 minus $5 for each full month of your contract term that you complete. Cancellations will become effective on the last day of that month’s billing cycle, and you are responsible for all charges incurred until then.

      You can cancel the day after however they will bill you to the end of the current billing cycle so you would need to time that properly.

      • Rob

        So one month of service. All the more reason to get a phone when it’s on sale.

  • Spazzy81101

    Some of us are stuck with Verizon as AT&T service is terrible here and no other carriers offer 4g lte here. Jerks

  • John Kitchen

    This makes sense. They’re discounting the smartphone like $500 during promo time, so they’re expecting that line to carry a $30 data plan to pay for the subsidy. From a for profit business stand point it makes perfect sense. And since Verizon is a for profit business…

  • mastaking

    There is another loophole that works YMMV.

    My UDP had an upgrade so I went online and transferred the upgrade from my UDP to a 2 gig line, upgraded the phone. It counted as an upgrade on the 2 gig line but extended the contract on my UDP. I keep unlimited data and have a subsidized phone.

    • mastaking

      Also, this strategy was told to me by chat support and by a rep over the phone. When you get the new device make sure to activate it on the line with 2 gig then just do Sim card swaps to put it with the UDP line.

  • James Burkett

    In other words you can’t cheat your way into having a discounted phone whereas the average customer on unlimited has to pay full price for theirs. Got it. All you whiners need to shut up and bite the bullet. Unlimited data is ending. Try to get that they your thick skulls. They Will find a way to get you off of it.

    • James_75

      It’s not cheating if Verizon’s own rules/systems allow for it. Get that through your “thick skull”.

      • James Burkett

        As I have said before, it’s Going to end. You get that thru Yours. Everyone wants something for nothing, or practically nothing, and Verizon is just killing off yet another way to cheat their system. Stop being a cheapskate, and if you want a phone Buy one.

        • TheDrunkenClam

          Someone’s butthurt that they were dumb and lost their unlimited. Probably over a really crappy phone like Kyocera Hydro Elite.
          The name’s James…. James Butthurt.

          • James Burkett

            I never had unlimited. I don’t need 200 GB of data per month. I’m not a data hog. Which is probably what 90 percent of the people on this thread whining are.

          • Jeryd

            If you use more than 4.7 gigs a month you are in the top % of users.

          • hoodieNation


        • James_75

          Whether it’s going to end or not has nothing to do with your insistence that people are somehow “cheating” by using Verizon’s own rules/regulations/systems to retain their unlimited data benefits. You cannot call it cheating when Verizon’s own rules and systems allow for this to continue. It will most definitely end someday and I don’t think most would disagree with you on this however you MUST admit that you’re completely wrong about this cheating thing you so vehemently insist is going on.

          • StankyChikin

            Actually, using a loophole is indeed cheating.

          • MrOrange645

            Nope. Its not. But thanks for playing.

          • StankyChikin

            Apparently somebody does not know the definition of a loophole.

          • James_75

            Loopholes are often the result of flawed rules. Nevertheless, because the rules are what they are in this case people are able to continue to get unlimited plans. This is VZW’s own fault, not the consumers who are only acting in accordance with Verizon’s own “flawed” rules system. Therefore, taking advantage of a “loophole” is not cheating. Cheating involves breaking rules or committing fraud to gain an advantage. Case in point, you can find tax loopholes and LEGALLY take advantage of them yet if you commit tax fraud/cheat on your taxes (actually break the rules) then you may go to jail. Big difference there.

          • StankyChikin

            Of course you can take advantage of them.. You can take advantage of old people, children, handicapped people, etc.. It is legal but it doesn’t make it right. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t use a loophole, because I probably would. It is still cheating the system.. You know the rules intent but yet you find an unintended way around it. 🙂

          • James_75

            Bad analogy. Yes, following Verizon’s own rules is akin to taking advantage of old people, children, and the handicapped. Really?

          • StankyChikin

            Actually that wasn’t an analogy but if you want to look at it as such to justify taking advantage of unintended loopholes go right on ahead.

          • Guest

            Actually it was.. Analogy definition from Webster: a comparison of two things based on their being alike in some way. : the act of comparing two things that are alike in some way. You tried to compare taking “advantage” of the elderly, handicapped, and children to customers following VZW’s own rules concerning unlimited hence it was a bad analogy because what you described is nothing line what unlimted data consumers are doing to retain their plans under Verizon’s own rules that allow them to do it. Verizon provides the means necessary to allow unlimited customers to continue to receive unlimited data plans. If Verizon truly want unlimted plans to end they simply need to change their own rules and procedures..simple stuff really.

          • James_75

            ? You act like Verizon is powerless to make their own rules… the very rules unlimited data customers FOLLOW to retain their plans. It’s not a “right vs wrong” situation here… it’s simply whether or not consumers are breaking rules or committing fraud.. clearly they are not. Look up the definition of analogy because I don’t think you understand the concept. You tried to compare using Verizon’s own rules to retain unlimited data to a person taking advantage (defrauding) of the elderly (and etc). It’s a bad analogy because there is simply no comparison between those so called vulnerable people and Verizon Wireless nor is there any comparison between the people who prey on them and the people who use VZW’s own rules to keep their plans. OK, I’m out.. tired of having to repeat the same simple concepts over and over to you.

    • HarvesterX

      No need to he jealous bro’. Just because you didn’t take advantage or wasn’t around to take advantage doesn’t mean us with unlimited are ruining anything for anyone or cheating. You’ve been brainwashed friend and I’m here to help.

      This is exactlybwhat VZW wants us to do. Tiered users jealous and mad at unlimited users or vice versa and now we are fighting each other. It doesn’t have to be this way. If the roles were reversed and you had my unlimited and I was stuck on tiered then brother I’d be standing up for you so you could keep what you signed a contract for.

      Just because unlimited is not an option for new customers doesn’t mean it’s a “select” group taking advantage of the larger group.

    • mcdonsco

      Wow, you’re kind of an ahole.

    • SomeDooD

      We have a Corporate Shill over here guys! What a dickbag.

  • schlanz

    makes sense. you’re getting a $400-$500 subsidy and then paying $240 in service fees. I’m surprised they didn’t close the loophole sooner.

    you can still buddy upgrade from a smartphone line that doesn’t have unlimited, at least.

  • Mike Aurin

    Do you people not know what WiFi is? I was just like you when I lost my unlimited data but since I’ve never come close to an overage. WiFi is literally EVERYWHERE and I’m attached to my phone 24/7. Pick your battles guys, complaining about everything will ruin your life.

    • Firelight

      Assume much? I travel a lot and have the 6gb plan for one line – $130/m with taxes. I used to have 4gb but I kept hitting overages. I use WiFi all the time when I can – but reality being reality it’s not always possible. So just because YOU don’t hit them doesn’t mean others don’t. Back-in-the-day I did have an unlimited plan (job changes and all that) and I’d kill to have it back. So good for you if you are an immobile mobile phone user … but don’t assign your values/priorities to others.

      I’d switch to T-Mobile but they have horrid service in Eastern NC and I travel all over the mid-Atlantic area. The “reliable” network is definitely VZW’s best feature. The customer service and the screw-you-plans makes ’em more than a little-bit douche.

      • Thomas

        I’ve got 10GB with AT&T for $30 less.

    • Jeryd

      Its not everywhere.

    • Jam Master Jim

      Wait until Verizon starts charging a tiered plan for home internet access…

      • freddie g

        you know it’s coming

      • SomeDooD

        They already have a soft-cap of sorts. Next will be hard-caps, followed by tiered plans.

    • hoodieNation

      I don’t have WiFi at work 🙁 or in my car where I stream music. And my 4G connection is home is freaking blazing fast so I still use it there too. haha

      • ZxyLady

        I love T-Mobile because I can now stream music without going against my data. Plus T-Mobile is allegedly going to be doing to same for video streaming. .. here is hoping. But for the cost of T-Mobile service and the addition of unlimited music streaming plus the fact that they are adding to their networks ALL THE TIME you can’t go wrong. There are places even 3 months ago that only had 2G speeds but now have 3G and better…

        • ZxyLady

          It’s also a plus to have Download Booster on my Note 3 and now other devices, since last I heard, all of the other carriers blocked those AND other capabilities… yet another reason to go to T-Mobile

    • HarvesterX

      Literally everywhere. OK….

      • Mike Aurin

        There are even places where cable companies provide WiFi hotspots throughout the city. I’ll pick up my IP’s hotspots in the middle of roadways while driving. This isn’t a hard concept to grasp. Try looking, its easier than complaining.

  • Damn Kellen!

    I wake up at 7:30 am on a Sunday on the EAST coast and I find a really fresh and juicy DL article. Props!

    • 6stringslinger

      Kellex is on the ball, for sure. Speaking for all of us Droid-Life fans, we appreciate greatly the dedication he puts into the site. No wonder it’s the top go-to site for all things Android. Thnx, Kellex.

  • 640k

    I don’t understand. When you transfer an upgrade and then transfer it back, doesn’t the contact terms go with the phone? So when you transfer it to a line with a data plan, shouldn’t it still work? Or is it only looking for specific data plans?

  • Greg

    Can we still do the upgrade trick by stealing a family members or friends upgrade?

    • evltwn

      As long as you’re all on the same account, and they have tiered data plans, it should work in theory.

  • Alix8821

    Well…. Guess I’m not updating to the Note 4 anytime soon….

    Time to start saving up for the G4. Hahaha

  • jameson

    One word: swappa!!!!!!!!

  • Eikast

    It looks like the time will soon come for me to have a divorce with Verizon. Spending $650+ for a new phone just isn’t an option for me. I can sell my unlimited data line (contract until October 2015,no throttling until then) and use that the cover the ETF for my wife and I.

    • Jeryd

      How are you still on contract?

      • ThomasMoneyhon

        Trick last year with the Verizon website. Read DL constantly.

        • Jeryd

          I missed that window by hours.

  • M3D1T8R

    Verizon only wants suckers as customers. Problem for them isn’t that they’re going to run out of suckers, but that the suckers are going to eventually run out of money, and have to go elsewhere. Then Verizon’s 4 Billion dollar quarterly profits will begin to disappear too. Ten years from now they’ll wonder what happened. But by then the execs will be retired with millions, leaving the problem for the lowly shareholders. And the cycle continues.

    • I really hope this plays out exactly as you have described. #DeathStar

      • Christopher Moore

        If the service sucked I would agree. But that’s not the case. Only if t-mobile offered similar service at their current structure would you see a change. Otherwise Verizon would just entice you with $100 (or less) flagships on 2 year agreement.

        • Mark

          As for T-Mobile, I’ve been seeing how their service is by seeing how a friend on T-Mobile fares in the same areas as me on Verizon. So far, it’s pretty much the same coverage and sometimes faster speeds on T-Mobile. Of course, I only go to highly populated areas but I hear even some rural areas are pretty good now.

          • paktu

            T-Mobile has been gaining more and more customers. I wonder how many of them were from Verizon. For most people, Verizon no longer has the coverage and network reliability lead it once had. Maybe in the sparsely populated areas of the US they’re in the lead but, by definition, there aren’t many customers who live there so they won’t be able to maintain Verizon’s profits. Verizon’s perceived better network is mindshare based on old and no longer relevant facts.

            A family member has already moved to T-Mobile and I’ve seen how their network performs. Verizon definitely doesn’t beat T-Mobile or at least it’s not noticeable. I plan on going to T-Mobile’s unlimited plan (the one that’s actually unlimited) this Fall. I’m tired of Verizon trying to swindle me. They even wanted to change my minutes and texts (triple my minutes even though I don’t even use all of my current ones and drop my unlimited text to some lower number) then say it’s cheaper even though the bill would be $100 more (family plan). Not sure how they thought they could claim it’s cheaper. After multiple calls over weeks, they “fixed” it. I’m tired of constantly fighting Verizon and making sure my plan isn’t changed when doing upgrades.

            I feel like Verizon’s enemy than a valued customer.

          • mcdonsco

            Not true…if T-Mobile had good data coverage here I would have switched but when I tried it while their voice and SMS network service is fine, actually no different than Verizon’s from what I could tell, their data network was HORRIBLE. Dead spots EVERYWHERE.

            Once they resolve that, I’ll switch…till then I need reliable high speed data with good coverage.

          • Jesus Borja

            It’s true for me for a while now. At least in Los Angeles, Verizon not noticeably better than T-Mobile.

          • Granpa0

            It entirely depends on where you live. Here in Florida, T-Mobile’s network is far better than Verizons. I’m sure it’s different in other parts. http://www.cellreception.com is a good site to see what the coverage is like in your area. I’ve been with t-mobile for years and so far I haven’t had a single issue with them, and their customer service has been excellent thus far.

          • Pootis Man

            Yep. That is so true.

          • Higher_Ground

            Thanks for the link! Looking at the 1st & 2nd reviews pretty much sums up my thoughts on T-mobile, though I think I’d come to the opposite conclusion as this guy:


            (2 stars) | North East Columbia | Hardscrabble Rd., Columbia, SC 29229 |July 24, 2014

            The reception is very spotty in the NE of Cola. It can go from full bars to no service just by turning down a street. I have multiple problems trying to get service inside my house even though T-mobile’s coverage maps says it’s “satisfactory”, a rep told me that satisfactory service on the coverage map is actually “challenging”. I think they may have antennas on two towers out here. One is near Hardscrabble and Clemson. The other is somewhere in the lake carolina area. Verizon on the other hand has a whopping tower on Lee Road.


            (4 stars) | State House, Columbia, SC 29201 |July 18, 2014

            T-Mobile is most certainly offering better data service in this area than Verizon. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ blows Verizon’s LTE out of the water. Verizon LTE is averaging 6-8Mbps, while T-Mobile HSPA+ (not even LTE) is averaging 11-15Mbps. [Tests were performed with a Motorola G (t-mobile) and a Motorola X (verizon)]. Why pay 20% more for geographic coverage you use 0.1% of the time–especially when it’s slower? For a family of 4, is it worth the extra $500-$1000 a year to have great service on your Labor Day weekend camping trip?

            Like the first poster, I live in NE Columbia and worry about having reception at my house – I barely get any now with Verizon, so I’m skeptical that T-mobile will be any better. The 2nd guy is right about speeds – Verizon 4G is extremely slow, even when you do manage to get a good connection. But unlike him, I’d rather have the geographic coverage, even if I do only use it 1% of the time. I like to go hiking, biking, and paddling and usually bring my phone with me.

          • AlexKCMO

            Kind of hard to say “Florida” as a state because of how varied it is from region to region. I’m in Ft. Lauderdale. My friends with T-Mo (5 of them) complain about service when indoors and say they spend the majority of their time on Wi-Fi.

            On VZW, I rarely have signal issues other than a few random spots. I work as a consultant so I don’t know where I’ll be next year – It could be Gulfport, MS or Washington DC. I need to keep reliable service in all areas of the country, not just where I live.

          • LA

            I feel like Verizon’s enemy than a valued customer. (sic)

            I feel like Verizon’s enemy , instead of a valued customer.

            -This. Sums up Verizon perfectly

          • ThisIsJackBauer

            I’m one of those that switched to T-Mobile from Verizon, now i dont leave populated areas that often but i havent noticed much of a difference in terms of coverage. Except now I am paying about 40 dollars less a month with more data, 3 smartphones and 1 basic phone versus 1 smartphone and 2 basic phones….that extra basic phone is being converted to the new “house phone” so that is an additional 40 bucks savings a month!

          • Zach Cline

            I’ve thought about leaving verizon for T-Mobile . My bill alone is $121 a month

          • Jimmy Madison

            The people who live in the boonies and who travel for a living (to the boonies) actually experience a difference between carriers. For the rest of the 90% of the population, it doesn’t matter what carrier you’re on except for the price. Of course, Verizon’s prices are the highest.

          • Johan

            Seriously, if somone doesn’t live in hicksville and is not grandfathered into unlimited data, why would anyone pay for Verizon’s more expensive tiered data plans compared to other carriers? Then again, T-Mobile’s been gaining new customers hand over fist and I bet a good chunk of them are from Verizon who regretted losing unlimited data AND paying more for limited data.

            When I finally make a mistake and lose my unlimited data on Verizon or just plain get tired of the constant fighting with Verizon, I’ll be heading to T-Mobile as well.

            As for this loophole being closed, eh. I never used it. I’m more concerned about how this adds to how badly Verizon treats their customers overall and it’s getting worse.

          • yowhatsup

            I work in a big city and I have coworke that don’t get good data reception with tmobile in the office. If they are close to the window they may get some data. I have verizon and I get low reception (low speeds), but the 4G3 LTE works good with my gs5. Now there are low reception areas within the office where even my gs5 reverts to 3g or may even go 1x or nothing, but I often don’t go to those parts of the office to use my phone.

            To me, this proves that tmobile nerds to improve their data coverage, at least where I work and maybe other places in the area. I also think they need to add unlimited hotspot, because I think they limit the mobile hotspot to 5 gb per month or something while allowing unlimited data on the phone. Tmobile has great plans, but I think they need some improvement in these things I mentioned. Perhaps coverage is betree for others in different places compared to verizon.

          • ange

            I wish i could get something other then verizon but we live in hicksville and nothing works but verizon:(

          • paul_cus

            Well said.

          • LiterofCola

            You lost me at “Verizon no longer has the coverage and network reliability lead it once had.”

          • yowhatsup

            I work in a big city and I have coworkers that don’t get good data reception with tmobile in the office. If they are close to the window they may get some data. I have verizon and I get low reception (low speeds), but the 4G LTE works good with my gs5. Now there are low reception areas within the office where even my gs5 reverts to 3g or may even go 1x or nothing, but I often don’t go to those parts of the office to use my phone.

            To me, this proves that tmobile needs to improve their data coverage, at least where I work and maybe other places in the area. Though maybe it’s just a small number of people in big or small cities that have data reception issues with Tmobile. I also think they need to add unlimited hotspot, because I think they limit the mobile hotspot to 5 gb per month or something while allowing unlimited data on the phone. Tmobile has great plans, but I think they need some improvement in these things I mentioned. Perhaps coverage is betree for others in different places compared to verizon.

          • Brandon

            As stated many times before, the only area where Verizon is better than T-Mobile is out in the country. When I lived down in South Jersey T-Mobile was good in some areas but you go a mile away from there and the service sucked. When I was living with a former friend, I had the VZW Nexus and he one on T-Mobile, we ran a speed test and his downstream speeds were about 8 times faster than what I was getting (Verizon had said for years that LTE was coming “soon”, they started this back when the HTC Rezound came out! AFAIK it’s STILL not available! T-Mobile’s LTE was available within weeks of them announcing it!), that along with JUMP! sealed the deal. I began to notice that while driving to work there were a lot of (completely) dead zones or areas where I would only get 2G. Most would only last for a few minutes, but certain areas (like the Pine Barrens) I would have absolutely nothing (no cell or data) for about a good half hour, that doesn’t make you feel too secure when you’re out in the middle of the woods at night, miles away from civilization. When I moved back closer to my parents (only about a mile away from my previous house), my signal would constantly drop from LTE to HSPA to EDGE, usually staying on EDGE and occasionally HSPA. I came to find out that there were femtocells on top of a water tower about 1,000 feet away from the first house, while the second house was about 1.5 miles away.

            A few weeks ago I moved to Hoboken, NJ (right across the Hudson River from Manhattan) and T-Mobile’s service here is absolutely amazing. I always have LTE and I get about 35 Mbps down and about 15 Mbps up!

          • Jay Holm

            T-Mobile has a perception problem, which needs to be fixed through better marketing.

          • Kevin Mills

            They clearly do based on these comments hear about Verizon being so good. T-Mobile is working on it though. At least I see growing numbers of people realizing how Verizon isn’t in the far lead in terms of network anymore and that T-Mobile’s network good and getting better.

          • hoodieNation

            I think your just seeing a vocal group that do not have good T-Mobile coverage. Like myself. Sprint is a better option for me where I live. And it’s not even an option I would consider. Verizon, U.S. Cellular, or AT&T are my only “good” options, and as I’ve still got an UDP with big red I’ll be staying with them.

          • mcdonsco

            Not here…for voice and text I noticed no difference between T-Mobile and Verizon here in Portland Oregon (DL’s home!) and the rural areas around here (which is where I live)…and initially I thought their data was fine as I tested by streaming Pandora in the car while going around working in east rural for a day. At that time though I didn’t realize how much buffering Pandora does (turns out, its a LOT) because it never cut out, but only because of the huge buffering they do (it was grabbing minutes worth of data during the short times it had a fast connection).

            When I then tried it using the hotspot, much different story…TONS of dead spots (well, whatever the low speed like 2g is called on T-Mobile) including my property … So, a no go for me.

            When someone comes over to hang out at my house and has T-Mobile and gas solid 4g here, I’ll consider switching again then.

            I dont however like that T-Mobile limited the hotspot 4g use…not that I use a ton of it, but enough that it could effect me and currently with Verizon its unlimited as well (for additional $30 though…but not for root :-))

          • Bean

            If you’re rooting to get hotspot features already then it’s unlimited for T-Mobile as well.

          • I live in one for the 2nd or 3rd (depending on the source) largest city in Georgia, when i’m using Tmobile and I go to work, i have zero coverage. no phone calls, no data, no text messaging. i know its just one man’s testimony, but Tmobile says they thrive in the city. I just don’t see it in mine. i have to go with Verizon. ATT has some coverage, but its shotty at best.

          • jimt

            There are places where there is no verizon and only AT&T will work. It is what ever works for you. For me its Tmo all the way even that they have trouble in the boonies, I’m ok with that. I would like them to improve, however.

          • Jose Frias

            For those who don’t live in the boonies, the only difference between Verizon and other carriers is price and Verizon isn’t winning that war.

          • Gasaraki

            Cities are fine for T-Mobile. Go to a rural area and see. It’s not nearly as good as Verizon.

          • marko

            T mobile service is horrible. From n.j. to c.t. DON’T DO IT. Your wish you never did ..I dumped the service was better off with a can and string

        • youdoneyo69

          But the bad thing is that VZW service has been getting worse for the last few years…

      • Me too but their coverage is so much better than anything else around here. Why or why????!!!!

        • Sloan

          Where is here. It seems that most people complaining about T-Mobile’s coverage live in the boonies. For those who don’t, there is no difference between Verizon and T-Mobile except for Verizon being more expensive.

      • John Davids

        Why would you WANT this to happen? This is pretty much worst-case-scenario for customers.

    • pilot25

      Tell you what VZ is ruthless but I fly around the country to multiple cities a day and always have a solid LTE data signal when I land. My co-pilots who have Sprint and T-Mobile are not so lucky. They do pay less but they get less too.

      • ThomasMoneyhon

        If you had att that solid LTE data signal would be faster.

        • teebone

          Not, att sucks also. VZW is the only way to fly. He forgot to mention att for whatever reason in that boat.

        • techgui

          yea i doubt he would be able to make voice calls in the terminal

        • pilot25

          I’ve noticed that ATT is slightly faster in main cities like SF, NY, Chicago and the like but smaller cities it doesn’t seem to be true. If it is faster everywhere its barely noticeable from what I have experienced with someone next to me pulling up the same apps and sites around the country. It has been sporadic from faster to same to slower.

          I look at each carrier equally in terms of use when traveling. I’m thinking of switching to ATT solely because of ease of use with GSM in Europe. If VZ kills unlimited like it appears they will then I’m off to ATT

      • Nick

        But as more and more move to T-Mobile, I’d imagine they will start to get more funds to build out their network. They are growing, and I’m about to drop my Verizon Unlimited for T-Mobile. I know I’m ready when the Moto X+1 comes out, but will just be waiting for the Nexus 6 for my wife.

        • pyro74boy .

          I’m with you all the way and I’m even making my T-mobile rep put it in writing that I will have true unlimited data with no throttling before I agree to anything, It will be even better then what it already is because I will even be getting unlimited voice minutes and would have to keep track of this anymore and will be paying pretty much what I’m paying now. The ONLY THING I have not yet decided is what phone I’m going to be getting. It’s going to be between the LG G3 and Samsung Note4 one of those phones is getting my money and I will decide after I compare both of them side by side at best buy mobile.

          • teebone

            Don’t do the G3. I had it and it was slow. I have the GS5 and it’s much better. The Note 4 is going to be the bomb!!

          • guest

            Stop bashing. Your an idiot. All your posts say the same crap. Your a fanboy we get it.

          • teebone

            Nice we’re 12 now huh with the name calling?? It’s my opinion and you have your own opinion.

          • Jay Holm

            The G3 has the Snapdragon 801, it isn’t slow, my S4 has the Snapdragon 600 , it isn’t slow, welcome to the real world!

          • pyro74boy .

            Yeah I’m still using my Note 2 from almost 2 years ago and still loving it.

          • ndog21

            You should also at least check out the One M8 unless you want a good Camera, in that case wait 4 the Note 4. If not the M8 had an awesome Screen, great battery life, Good Radios, and awesome front facing camera, the Best Speakers, and a micro SD card slot.

          • pyro74boy .

            I passed on both the M8 and GS5. Don’t get me wrong the M8 is a great device but I’m having a real hard time going back with HTC hardware after having tons of issues with them. Everyone I know that has the GS5 says it;s laggy and Samsung always seems to save their best hardware for the end of the year. I used the LG G3 for a short time in the T-mobile store and I liked it a lot but I want to wait to compare it to the Note4 before making up my mind because I demand the best and will most likely be keeping my next device for the next two years so I’m going to be very careful before buying ANYTHING and I don’t buy into any of the hype about any of these smartphones. So long story short I’m taking my time this time around and making sure before I take out my cash that I will be getting the true best device for me. The iphone is NEVER going to be up to my standards because I lead and do not follow. LOL

          • Matthew Kimmel

            You understand that a rep has no weight in the company and can’t guarantee squat right?

          • jimt

            And there is no contract.

          • pyro74boy .

            That’s not what I was told by the T-mobile rep who I spoke to. I also know of other people who are on T-mobile who use a lot more data then I do that are not being slowed down. It’s really simple if these plans are not truly unlimited then don’t call them unlimited. This is costing Verizon my business just because they can’t be truthful with me the customer. If they where to reword it then I might even be willing to except it. This is very miss leading and that’s why I’m not singing anything until me and T-mobile have an understanding.

        • Chris VanAnden

          The problem is – we’re all enthusiasts. The vast majority isn’t us. I like the concept of t-mobile, but it currently doesn’t work well enough for my needs. Switching to at&t doesn’t actually save me anything. Thus – VZW is my logical choice at the moment.

          • David Mann

            Cricket, my friend. AT&T network, T-mobile prices.

          • pilot25

            Just what I was thinking. ATT is the only other option for people who are actually “mobile.” They are the same price so unless you have to have a GSM phone for swapping international sim cards then there is no point to switching. You will lose unlimited and pay the same.

        • Prox

          Left VZW went to T-Mobile. Never looked back, best thing I ever did. I DO live in a major metropolitan area so the T-Mo service is top notch.

        • Frettfreak

          Totally agree. Tmo is killing it lately, they have a great corporate culture in their company, and they are moving really fast on enhancing and expanding their network. I hate vzw wouldn’t go back to them for anything. Tmo has been fantastic since I switched back 2 years ago!

        • mcdonsco

          And as they add customers and build their network their prices will continue to increase. They already went from $70/month unlimited everything when I tried them s few months back to $80/month now for that plan.

          And it will keep climbing.

          • Nick

            Damn, didn’t realize that. Didn’t see that coming.

        • Big EZ

          I just hope their network expands before Verizon forces us off unlimited data. T-Mobile has horrible coverage in my city.

        • Theunaffected

          But how long will that build out take? I’m not wanting to switch from Verizon if it takes 5 years for T-Mobile to become competitive with heir coverage.

        • pilot25

          I wish I could wait for that but reality is TMO is for people who aren’t mobile. Ironically.

      • ager

        Too bad for Verizon, the vast majority of their customers mostly just stays in one city and likely a city that’s equally covered by all carriers. Verizon keep the few people travel a lot for a living or the few people in rural areas but that’s not going to be enough in the long run.

        • Big EZ

          If T-Mobile had good coverage in my city and surrounding suburbs I could switch. T-Mobile is cheap enough that I could still have a Verizon pre-paid feature phone for emergencies while traveling. I just hope T-Mobile increases their coverage here in the next year (when I would want to switch and upgrade to the G4).

          • Bean

            You should keep checking T-Mobile’s coverage. Their coverage is a lot better now and continues to grow. A lot of people base their “T-Mobile’s coverage isn’t good but Verizon’s is” thinking on stuff they heard or experienced from years ago.

          • Big EZ

            I have family with T-Mobile. They almost never get my calls. I’ve talked to many others with T-Mobile and they all say it’s horrible here.

          • Andrew Paine

            Yup, in San Francisco, all the carriers are about the same except Verizon charges the most of the same service.

        • Rosy

          The best carriers (i.e. ATT) will have the same pricing set up as Verizon. The second tier carriers (i.e. Tmo & Sprint), if they are still around, may run promotions, but their networks will never be as good.

          • Chris Hughes

            I switched from VZW to ATT on a no contract post paid plan. I pay 40 bucks less a month for 10gb of data and unlimited everything else. I know some people use more than 10gb, but for most that’s plenty. And I travel around the country a lot and have hardly noticed a difference between ATT and VZW

    • Tillmorn

      This would be nice. However, the amount of “suckers” in the United States far outweighs the informed and self-educated. It’s no where close to being a fair fight. As such, Verizon and most companies can do whatever they want without having to worry too much. Something you also have to take into account…the new throttling practices they want to enforce, this new policy, etc…Verizon is not exactly informing their customers with big, bold signs and commercials of these changes. While tech sites like Droid Life inform us any time there’s a change like this, the average consumer has no idea, nor are they likely to ever find out.

      I have to agree with pilot25 though. While I would LOVE to stick it to Verizon and their constant attempts of prying my unlimited data plan away from me…they are the only game in town. AT&T does alright here, though their signal is crap on back highways (which are abundant in SC). Sprint has decent coverage in most cities/towns. And T-Mobile? Outside of the four or five major cities…only covered by their 2G service, in town. On the highways or interstates, you’re lucky to get service.

      • Joe

        Like he said “the suckers are going to eventually run out of money.” When that happens, they’ll start looking around and they may not be looking towards Verizon.


      I dunno, they have the most willing customers: http://bit.ly/1oTl4Fr

    • Tomek G

      That;s why I left my unlimited data from VZ and went with TMO. Yet it is more expensive, yes the coverage is worse, but I don’t have to watch my back when VZ tries to screw me over

      • Sandy6

        That’s why I am leaving. I was told my account hasn’t been flagged yet for being unlimited, yet I can’t go on YouTube on my phone as of last week because the connection is so bad. I did the speed test and with four bars on my phone, I shouldn’t have 4.mbps on uploads. They are screwing so many loyal customers.

        • Bro

          See Ya!

          • SeeScottRock

            More bandwidth for the rest of us.

    • Jkdem85

      Never going to happen, they just announced a record quarter. As evil as they are, 99.99% of people just don’t give a damn as it has the best service, and the most advertising dollars.

      • pyro74boy .

        But this was before the announcement that Verizon was going to be throttling their unlimited data customers so lets take a closer look at how much money Verizon is making after October 1st. LOL Verizon sucks end of story.

      • haas

        They had a record quarter because they’re gouging their customers. That practice won’t last long. Customers are either going realize how much cheaper other carriers are and/or just plain run out of money. They’ll also realize how Verizon’s network isn’t a lot better than other carriers’ anymore. That was only true many years ago and maybe only in areas where hardly anyone lives.

        • SeeScottRock

          You should try living in semi-rural NY. I had an N5 on T-mo, and then on AT&T, and when my folks offered to let me join onto their VZW plan again, I jumped at the chance, despite paying 10 or 15 more dollars a month. Verizon is just massively better here. Realistically, i’m not that far from 3 major population centers, and still, Verizon is just waaay better.

    • Vermin_Cain

      Hopefully, Verizon will got the way of Blockbuster Video.

      • The Professor

        Just like your grammar did.

        • Vermin_Cain

          Damn!You got me there.

    • James

      Ya, this is only good for Verizon in the short term. If they keep on treating their customers badly, people will eventually go elsewhere that’s not as bad. There’s a reason why T-Mobile has been gaining so many customers recently and it’s partly due to their old carriers’ shenanigans. Not just T-Mobile’s new offerings.

      I can only pay full price on phones, buy last gen phones or even used phones for so long. Verizon’s tiered plans are the worst bang for your buck that it’s better to just go to another carrier.

      • master94

        While I agree with you realistically VZW isnt going anywhere. They continue to grow and break profit records because there will always be a sucker or someone in desperate need of a signal that no one else will offer

    • Dave

      That’s why I will continue to do what I have always did whenever I am interested in a phone I want. I’m on a daily plan with three lines, one being unlike (mine) and two limited line. I just open up a new line and get the phone I want, swap my Sim to the new phone so I can use it and still have unlimited, while I’ll call up Verizon to activate a feature phone to the new line and yes after this new change I will end up buying 30.00 extra for 2gb of data. Maybe if you know how to work around telling the rep you don’t need data on the feature phone or come up with a crazy story, the rep might buy your story. Anyways after swapping after two weeks and half I will call up Verizon to cancel the new line, yes I know I have to pay ETF. It still sounds like you are buying full prince (which you are) but you are saving 150.00 if to were actually buying a phone a full prince. Good luck to all who is going to try this with the note 4 hits, I know I will for sure!

      • Dave

        That’s why I will continue to do what I have always done, whenever I am interested in a phone I want. I’m on a family plan with three lines, one being unlimited (mine) and two limited line. I will just open up a new line and get the phone I want, swap my Sim to the new phone so I can use it and still have unlimited, while I’ll call up Verizon to activate a feature phone to the new line and yes after this new change I will end up paying 30.00 extra for 2gb of data. Maybe if you know how to work around telling the rep you don’t need data on the feature phone or come up with a crazy story, the rep might buy your story. Anyways after swapping, after two weeks and half I will call up Verizon to cancel the new line, yes I know I have to pay ETF. It still sounds like you are paying full prince (which you are) but you are saving 150.00 if you were actually buying a phone a full prince. Good luck to all who is going to try this when the note 4 hits, I know I will for sure!

      • M3D1T8R

        Yeah that’s another method, but you won’t end up saving much. You’ll have to pay $350 ETF, and probably $230 for a new high end phone, or at least $130 if they’re on super sale like now, plus taxes which can be $60+ depending on state. A Note 4 will likely be the usual $300 on contract (really $330) upon release. Add it all up and you’ll be paying $700 – $750 for that new Note 4. It’s slightly better for the $100 phones on sale now, but still will come to over $500. And you end up saving only $100-150 over full retail (like you say). And you have all the hassle of doing all that. It is sill a better deal than full retail, but not by very much. At that point I’d probably just wait and buy my new devices used a few months after release. But it is nothing compared to now using upgrades to get for example a new 64GB Iphone on sale for ~$230 and selling it for ~$700, for around $450 profit/savings.
        I knew they’d start closing these loopholes soon once the upcoming throttling was revealed. Already took advantage of the above once since then and will do it again with my last available dumbphone line upgrade before the 24th. I was hoping to save it for the new Moto X or something, but now I’ll just have to save the profits for a device at full retail, or the method you describe above.

        • Spider210

          Just buy the phone on prepaid. The price on prepaid is not the same always as retail. The LG g2 is 299.99 on prepaid in store. Vs the retail of 499.99

          Start new service on prepaid and put your SIM in it.

          Cheaper then adding a line and canceling

          • SeeScottRock

            Except, from what I’ve read, verizon has a mandatory 6 month waiting period before you can activate the phone on a postpaid line.

          • Spider210

            4g phones do not have the restriction 🙂

    • R R

      As a Verizon shareholder I applaud this move. There should be no unlimited data plans. Everyone should be charged based on usage. That way it is fair to everyone. No longer will the average Joe be subsidizing the unemployed slackers who watch videos on their phone all day.

      Those “suckers” will be going no where. The service and features available will improve greatly with this move.

      • Deiter

        What do you think when it finally hits users that Verizon’s tiered plans are the most expensive compared to other carriers’ tiered plans and that Verizon really doesn’t have a better network for most people.

      • M3D1T8R

        As a shareholder I guess you only care about next quarters earnings, not the health of the company 10 years from now when you will be left holding the bag.

        Your ridiculous offensive caricature of some of V’s most loyal customers aside, I’m all for carriers charging for their service based on usage, at a reasonable rate. Say $0.50/GB, which would still allow Verizon huge profits, while allowing for normal usage of the things they sold everyone on “blazingly fast 4G LTE” in the first place, media and such. Instead V charges $10/GB. A ridiculous disparity in cost there, and again you should realize, as a shareholder, that it’s not sustainable long term.

        Your final line about service and features improving greatly is laughable. When has Verizon’s service and features ever improved through consumer-unfriendly actions such as this?

      • ostensibly

        obvious troll is obvious.

      • GTH RR

        Verizon was the one who gave everyone unlimited data plans when they started it, and were charging premium on minutes and text separately.
        Now they changed everything to make money off tiered price gouging data plans, so it’s actually Verizon’s fault, not the customers, you dumb a ss f ucking idiot

    • Alex Farra

      Sorta off topic….but why is the devil you’re profile picture? 😛

      • M3D1T8R

        Ha. He’s all I play. :^j

    • master94

      I hope VZW unlimited customers unite together and bring big red down. Shouldnt be too hard, the network is already a joke in major cities even after Xlte crap speed wise

  • disastrousrainbow

    So just to reiterate, if you upgrade the $9.99 line to a smartphone using Verizon Edge, you can switch that smartphone over to an unlimited line and NOT be locked in to the $30 data package on that $9.99 line?

    • John Kitchen

      Correct, because edge is essentially buying a phone full retail, it’s just worth 40% of full retail as a trade in next time around

      • disastrousrainbow

        Good to know. Luckily, I’m not stupid enough to trade it, I actually know what phones are worth and tend to sell them on eBay or Craigslist when something else comes along I want. I do like Edge, however, since I tend to buy phones off contract as it is, I like being able to split it up into small payments and just pay the bugger off entirely if and when I’m ready to get a new phone. Better than dropping it all at once like I used to.

  • antwonw

    What dbags. Any one want the SVP of Marketing at VZWs personal email and phone number? Lol. She’s a family friend, though I question that last statement after all this crap their doing.

    • Rob

      Just direct her here instead… not that it would change anyone’s mind at Verizon lol

    • TylerCameron

      Are you actually serious?

      • antwonw

        Well, maybe I’ll just give you her corporate email. But seriously. Grew up with her kids. Her dad delivered me.

    Btw, you can still have unlimited… just got to know where to look. Add some bleeping towers with the 4 BILLION you just got last quarter. Stop making excuses already.

    • mcdonsco

      Someone doesn’t know the difference between revenue and profit apparently.

    • They really are such AssHoles, aren’t they @wade_county:disqus. They really don’t value their customers very much.

  • tyguy829

    Hey verizon, if your network is so overloaded and requires “optimization” aka throttling to keep things running, then why would you want to force more devices onto your data network? Verizon logic

    • Nathan Massouda

      *force more people to pay for data, not necessarily use it. Big difference.

    • jacoby_happy

      iSmooth Fast Dual USB Wall Charger and Travel Charger for All Android Phones – Retail Packaging – White

  • Npompei

    It’s funny how people thought this type of thing wasn’t coming to unlimited users. Look at it like your college years folks: great times, the best of our life, hard-core use, lots of work around and shenanigans, but it the end father time catches up and so does the business world. And by catching up I mean banging you in the rear

  • Shane

    One of my lines has limited while the other two are unlimited, I should still be able to upgrade on the limited line and switch the phones because I will continue to use the package, yes? they really are doing their best to get rid of us tho.

    • Sean Rowe

      I have the same scenario, my wife’s phone is on a tiered plan while my line is on unlimited. I assume I can upgrade with her line and then transfer the phone to my line. My plan is to activate it on her line first then activate it on my line.

      • turning red

        That will work. I’ve seen it done. Just got to find the right employee who will do that for you.

        • Sean Rowe

          why would I need the right employee? Line A is on a tiered plan and is available for upgrade, I am on Line B. Basically I just upgrade the phone on Line A with the upgrade for that line, activate the phone on that line, then activate it on my line. Basically it just looks like Line A bought the upgraded phone and sold it to another line. Shouldn’t affect my line at all and my wifes (Line A) will be on another 2 year contract.

          • kilbasar

            You are correct. You will still be able to do this, and will be able to do it all online without any employee intervention. As you said, be sure to actually activate it on the tiered line first, then you can re-active the old phone on that line and swap the new phone over to your unlimited line.

      • hoodieNation

        I just did this with the G3 using my wifes upgrade and my sister-in-laws tiered plan. Seems to have worked as my wife still has unlimited, but whats scaring me is that my sister-in-laws contract end date never changed. It’s been a couple weeks now (whenever the G3 came out) and my wife still shows an available upgrade too. Nothing has changed on my plan expect she has a G3. lol

        • Dominick White

          Some times their is a little hiccup. That happen when my brought my myself a Galaxy nexus and still had two upgrades left on the same line. So i got a s3 and then a Droid dna had a very big discounts when they came out

          • hoodieNation

            Lol, so you never ended up paying full price? I’m expecting them to catch this and I almost wish they just would so I could quit checking everyday to make sure my wife still has unlimited.

          • Dominick White

            No they never did. It’s one of the fun things that happens sometimes

    • TheDrunkenClam

      Came to ask this question.
      In my case, I have unlimited and I have my Dad and Sister on my plan who both have limited. Can I continue to use their upgrades and switch the phone to my line?

      • Prince Campbell III

        Sounds like what I used to do on Sprint. They are keeping their tiered plans, and you are just switching phones, I don’t see no issues with that.

      • cgalyon

        I think you can currently use their upgrade and move the phone. I’m guessing you mean they are on tiered data plans? I guess you would be able to use their upgrade after August 24 as well and maintain a data plan on their phone (same as current) and just move the phone over. What this is really affecting appears to be people who had an unlimited plan on one line and a basic phone plan ($9.99/month feature or dumbphone) on another. They would now have to keep a $30/month data plan on those lines too.

    • Yes it will work because you are still keeping your end of the bargain and having a data plan for the tier phone.

      • Humberto

        If I’m not mistaking, if you ordered the phone, you need to call the 877 number to accept terms and agreement, chose activate later and then switch your Sims. VERIZON may be charging you full retail if this isn’t done, or maybe you just got them on a system glitch and you won lol

        • But if you walk in and do the upgrade you can then walk out and switch sims in the car and it will work. Granted both are the same SIM size. I have seen it done with my buddy’s account because his line is unlimited but his wife is tiered (she chose to upgrade out because she lost her phone and never goes beyond 2GB a month as is). Both of their chosen phones use micro SIMs

    • T4rd

      From what I read in this article, that should still be possible, since you’re transferring the upgrade to another line that’s already on a tiered data plan (not a feature phone/$10 plan that this article specifies). This is the exact same setup my family is on as well. I own the account, my wife and I are on unlimited, while my mom is on my account with me with a 2 GB plan (that I transfer all our upgrades to, so it renews our lines with unlimited data as well).

  • Brock Dawkins

    AAAAAnd thats why im on tmobile prepaid now.

  • Willie D

    Verizon is doing everything T-Mobile did just 3-4 years ago, when it lost millions of customers in the process. They required ANY plan changes, to require a new 2-year agreement, and by any changes, I meant ANY changes. If you added, a data plan, new 2-year, if you wanted to upgrade or downgrade said data plan, new 2-year. If you wanted to add Family Allowances, new 2-year. If you wanted to remove insurance, new 2-year. If you wanted to activate World Class Roaming, new 2-year. And it pissed customers off, myself one of them, and we left in droves. Unlikely Verizon will lose millions over this, but a large chunk will flee in those areas T-Mobile and hell, even Sprint serve that Verizon serves as well. People who want unlimited data, REALLY want it. I know, I am one of them.

    • ericerk

      I’m jumping to T-mobile in the next few days. Their network is saturated, and their policies suck.

      • Ryan Chapman

        I did 3 weeks ago and have no regrets

    • ZxyLady

      Ummmmmm…. I have been a T-Mobile customer for 7 years and changed MANY things over those 7 years and NEVER had to resign any new 2 year contract. Not once! I added family allowance 3 to 4 years ago, and changed my data plans more times than I care to remember, and changed other account choices, and that was done times 3 for the 3 plans I had then.

    • laheelahee

      that’s exactly why my brother left t-mobile. tried to change his minutes & they said it would automatically reset to 2 year contract. HELL NO

  • adam redleaf

    If we have a smart phone with limited data can we still upgrade using that line and moving the new phone to the unlimited line

    • jbegs

      I’m hoping this is still the case. My wife’s line is up and she’s on 2gb. I have unlimited still. I’ll upgrade her phone and then switch it to my line if that still works.

    • Justin Fosco

      I was just wondering the samething. I hope so

  • arthur2142

    Hmm. I thought this was already in play. I guess I still have a chance at the G3, because my son’s line is due for an upgrade… Or maybe I switch to Sprint with the impending throttling… Decisions, decisions.

    • John Kitchen

      People are literally running away from Sprint by the hundreds of thousands for the past few quarters. Might wanna consider that.

    • Suicide_Note

      If the coverage in your area is good, TMo would be a far superior choice to Sprint.