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T-Mobile Releases Device Unlock App to Google Play

T-Mobile released a new app to Google Play this morning, one which will let compatible device owners SIM unlock their phones, allowing them to use the device on another supported network. As of right now, Device Unlock is only compatible with the Galaxy Avant, but support for additional devices could come down the road. 

Upon opening the app on a supported device, you will be met with two options. Request for a permanent unlock and request for temporary unlock. The temporary unlock is used when a customer would like to take their phone out of the country, at which point they can use a local carrier’s SIM to make and receive calls.

The permanent option allows for customers completely rid themselves of carrier ties, allowing the phone to work on any compatible network going forward. We think this is a pretty sweet move by T-Mobile, but again, it’s an app that requests an unlock. You still have to go through T-Mobile to get those requests granted.

As mentioned, it is only available for the Galaxy Avant, but support for additional devices could come down the road.

T-Mobile customers, go check it out.

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  • tiev

    Tempting…. if only I didn’t have an unlimited data plan on verizon…

    • Tom

      That will soon not amount to much, as they will probably move to continue to throttle unlimited customers…

    • jimt

      You would still probably need a GSM phone to use T-mobile’s cheaper and faster truly Unlimited LTE.

  • Jay Ward

    I work for a telecom company… (Side gig) I am going to apply at T-mobile. I like what the CEO is doing and his crazy antics.

  • Daistaar

    Now that’s Un-Carrier!

  • Kman

    Yet all verizon 4G phones are unlocked out of the box, no app needed.

    • Justin Kos

      I dont think you understand the article

      • DLIFE

        Then clarified for him

    • 213ninja

      okay, good luck taking your VZW 4G phone to Sprint.

      • Ian Case

        Blame Sprint. It would work fine if Sprint allowed it to activate on their network. Verizon’s phones are all totally GSM unlocked. I can put a T-Mobile, AT&T, or any MVNO SIM in there and it works fully.

      • T4rd

        GL taking any non-Sprint phone to Sprint, hah (other than the Nexus 5, which is the only unlocked/GSM phone you can activate on Sprint).

    • trixnkix637

      Nope.. Nope. And more nope.

    • jimt

      Funny my Droid Razr M is sim locked, it’s 4G. A cdma phone doesn’t make a very good GSM phone, anyway.

      • Jeremy Gross

        im going international soon and i called verizon and they said the droid razr hd is unlocked (same generation) with international carriers. not us carriers

        • jimt

          It is radio locked for US frequencies. So won’t work in US without flashing foreign (australian) radios. So not being sim unlocked doesn’t help for use in the US.

  • ki11ak3nn

    So since the app doesn’t work for all phones yet, which is weird, does anyone know if I can just go a T-Mobile store and ask if I can get my G2 unlocked??

    • yankeesusa

      You can just call them on the phone, they’ll ask you a couple of questions and check if you are eligible for the unlock and within 24 hours you get the unlock code.

      • ki11ak3nn

        Sweet thanks. I’ll probably give that a try later on today or maybe over the weekend.

  • XvierX

    After work I’m finally making the switch from vz to tmo. Can’t wait to get the LG G3. Even more excited to get my first nexus phone later this year. Up till now I’ve only owned nexus tablets and I love my n7 2013.

    • ki11ak3nn

      Not trying to sway you away from the G3. I’m coming from a G2 and it doesn’t seem like that big of an upgrade for me. Have you tried the M8?? It’s a killer phone. Super fast and great UI. That’s going to be my next phone once I upgrade later this month.

      • XvierX

        I appreciate the recommendation. I’m coming from a Droid Maxx and the camera is my main reason for choosing the G3. Either way, I’ll only have it until the next nexus phone is announced.

        • John Davids

          G3 is a great phone. I also own a G2 and to some extent I agree with ki11ak3nn that the jump from G2 to G3 isn’t earth-shattering, just well refined. All of that aside, the G platform is amazing. Once you have the smallest bezels on the planet you will never go back.

          • ki11ak3nn

            The speakers on the M8 were what really blew me away. LG does make great phones. I’m just looking to try something new and give HTC a try. My last HTC phone the Evo Shift 4G was freaking amazing!! Best physical keyboard on a phone that I’ve ever used. Even better than a Blackberry. HTC makes great hardware.

        • Omar Amer

          I love my G3… and have fallin in love with LG phones(all over again mind you, owned LG in the past… pre-smartphone era). would definitly consider G4 or 5 in the future as an upgrade.

          • ki11ak3nn

            I guess I need to give the G3 another shot. I wish I was able to hold the phone without the security devies on them. I need to find someone who has one so I can get a good grip on it. The speaker didn’t impress me, but maybe the T-Mobile store was just too loud. I don’t know. Screen is pretty awesome though.

          • HarvesterX

            Disable thermal throttling as well to get rid of any stuttering or lag. Easy on most devices but if on Verizon you’ll need to be rooted.

        • ki11ak3nn

          So you’re going to pay full price for the G3, then sell it when the new Nexus comes out?? Why not just keep the G3?? What if there is no new Nexus??

          • XvierX

            I’m letting tmo pay my etf and porting my number so I’m getting the promo price for a new line. If the alleged nexus is awesome, I’ll sell my G3 on swappa and buy the nexus and pocket the difference. If I’m not impressed with shamu I’ll stick with the G3.

          • ki11ak3nn

            Oh ok so you don’t have T-Mobile right now. Nice. That’s what I did too. Had a Note 3 that I sold on Swappa and traded in my wife’s old iPhone to T-Mobile so they could pay my ETF.

      • Bryan Mills

        Fast processor, new UI, higher res, more ram, SD Slot, revamped buttons, new material, way better camera and laser focus.

        You say it’s not an upgrade from the G2 but you recommended the M8 which is hardly an upgrade from the M7.

        • T4rd

          S800 to 801 isn’t much difference, the display is actually worse than the G2s in every area (brightness, color reproduction, viewing angles, etc.) besides resolution, all the software differences can be ported/updated to the G2.

          The M8 was a much larger upgrade over the M7 than the G3 was to the G2, at least it had a major SoC upgrade (S600 to S801), larger battery, expandable storage, and better speakers (that were great already).

          • yankeesusa

            How is the display worse than the g2? Just because the colors are actually the way their supposed to look and not overly saturated doesn’t mean its bad. Plus, their are several articles out there that show that the reason screen isn’t as bright is because of settings. The screen on my wifes g3 looks amazing compared to my g2. Viewing Angles? I’m not even gonna say anything about that. As far as resolution, yea we don’t need 2k on a phone but when apps start coming in 2k its going to be even better. Also even with a bigger battery the m8 doesn’t last as long as the g3 not to mention the camera is not as good on the m8. As far as speakers, I don’t need subwoofer type sound on my phone. Most people use bluetooth or headphones. But that’s ok, if you like the m8 better than good, its a great phone either way.

        • ki11ak3nn

          I tested out the G3. I just wasn’t impressed. I’m not a fan of the new UI. It’s starting to look very touchwiz like to me. The only things that “wowed” me were the screen and camera. I don’t take a lot of pictures on my phone. I have my real camera for that. I do however listen to a lot of music while at work. So I’d rather have the better speakers and longer battery life of the M8. That’s just me though. Depending on what phone you’re coming from the G3 is a big upgrade. Just not for me.

        • Note3isBest

          Had G3 for few days, lagfest, returned and upgraded to Note 3, using note 3 for last two weeks, like it very much, zero lag, Note 3 is better than G3 in every aspect eventhough it’s almost 1 year old phone.

      • Sebastian

        Also, you have to remember LG just changed their cycle. The LG G2 was released in the states in september, but the LG G3 was released way before september. That means the LG G2 is not even a year old here in the US. So IMO they did inovate and improve the device quite a bit, for the short period of time in which they did it.

    • jbdan

      Great move (as long as you’ve tested) and will save some major $. It’s been a joy for me (switched from vzw 18 mos ago) in my area. Tmo is equal to vzw where I travel and head and shoulders above vzw at home location.

      • XvierX

        I’ve definitely tested speeds in my area and they easily best Verizon’s network. They average around 16 Mbps whereas Verizon speeds have degraded significantly over the past year. These are tests on my droid on vz.

        • jbdan

          I was more specifically referring to coverage, sorry. Yeah tmo speeds (on hspa/+ and LTE) are solid

        • T4rd

          Verizon speeds have gotten a lot better in my area recently, not sure if they deployed XLTE here or not, but I used to pull around 10-20 Mb/s and now I can get above 40 Mb/s around my farm town where TMo only has Edge (as seen from my friends who are on TMo). =(

        • mjmedstarved

          I live in Silicon Valley and never got (just jumped ship this week) 15 down anytime in the last year, ever..

    • mjmedstarved

      I just did it on Tuesday. Love my new G3!

  • picaso86

    I am liking T-Mobile more and more everyday….

    • ki11ak3nn

      Yeah man T-Mobile is pretty cool. I wish people would stop complaining about coverage and actually do their 7-day test drive. I used to complain about coverage but last time I had T-Mobile was in 2006. Now they’re pretty awesome here in Seattle. Love the service.

      • picaso86

        Thinking of switching pretty soon from the Evil Red!

        • ki11ak3nn

          Do it!! If you live in a city you’ll love it!!

      • mcdonsco

        I complain about their coverage too, but I’ve used them recently, their coverage here for data does suck.

        Most of the comments I see hear about their coverage sucking were from people that have tried them recently.

        I like what they’re doing as well but I can not sacrifice coverage.

        • PoisonApple31

          Take a look at T-Mobile coverage in Wisconsin or Iowa and see why I continue to complain…

          • Robert Paulson

            And west of Minnesota is like the wastelands.

          • crazylegz

            if I lived in Wisconsin or Iowa, I’d complain too. And it would have nothing to do w/ T-mobile

        • Average DL User

          “No way, people are just saying random things because they hate T-Mobile and not because they’ve experienced it… I mean that must be it because my experiences should be everyone’s experiences.”

      • tu3218

        I don’t think there is any discrepancy about them having good coverage in cities. It’s when you get out of a city, is where I hear the problem is. You’re right though, I still want to do the 7 day test drive. Really curious.

      • In many areas you don’t need 7 days to realize their coverage is pitiful. It works fine if you never leave the major cities, but some people like to get out and see the country beyond their city.

        • ki11ak3nn

          That’s fine. I hear that all the time. When I travel I usually visit major cities in different states. So T-Mobile still works for me. For everywhere else I fully support Verizon and AT&T. Until T-Mobile gets more coverage and spectrum.

      • HarvesterX

        Problem is that in rural aras (here at peast0 that’s about all you can do on T-Mobile’s network…complain,because trying to access the network is impossible. Once they get the kind of infiltrating coverage that Verizon does then people will lay off. In my area we have Verizon and AT&T (might get Sprint if you live in a one mile area).

        Edit: pretty sure you already know this know…wasn’t directly targeted at you 🙂

      • Dave12308

        My coverage suffered a bit in outlying areas. However, I am coming to appreciate that. No reason why I need to be reachable via cell if I am camping. It’s nice to be “off the grid” at times.

        I also understand that at some point soon, a lot of their “Edge” areas are going to become LTE areas due to some agreement with AT&T

  • Bryan Mills

    Awesome, Legere!

  • Justin Kos

    Does anyone know the process of getting a phone unlocked? J/w Like if I have an atnt phone, is it atnt that needs to unlock it?

  • Robert Paulson

    Pretty classy, now all they need it to get bought by a company that can expand their coverage.

    Google would have been a good choice, but these days they would probably restrict you to 4 devices a year and then sell you to China.

    • Bryan Mills

      They are expanding on their own. They don’t need another company.

      • Daniel Garcia

        Finally, someone who likes T-mo as much as I do!

        • jbdan

          I like them even more 🙂

      • Robert Paulson

        How long do people have to wait to get off of 2G?

        • PoisonApple31

          But you can still make calls and get LTE in the cities! 😛

        • Bryan Mills

          You’re obviously clueless if you still think that a lot of people are on 2G.

          Or just somebody who lives in BFE.

          • Robert Paulson

            Yea I’m sure people who live in Thousand Oaks CA are out in the country. And if T-Mobile’s strategy is to say “well move to a city”, they aren’t going to be seeing gains for long.

          • NexusPhan

            Uh what? Thousand oaks is completely 4G LTE covered.