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Report: Snapdragon 805 Processor to Power Galaxy Note 4

The Galaxy Note 4, confirmed to be introduced on September 3 in Berlin during IFA 2014, is reported to be powered by one of Qualcomm’s heavy duty mobile processors, the Snapdragon 805. This should make a few of you happy, as many people (DL staff included), had initially hoped that LG would feature the Snapdragon 805 in this year’s G3 flagship, but instead got the Snapdragon 801.

While the Snapdragon 801 is no slouch, the Snapdragon 805 showcases the new Adreno 420 GPU and up to a 2.7GHz clock speed. If swiping through home screens and multitasking concerns you, then have no fear with the 805. 

Sources from Korea, first attributed to ZDNet, but a link to their report has since vanished, claim Samsung and Qualcomm worked out a special deal to lower the price of the silicon, enabling Samsung to save a pretty penny to use the chip maker’s newest processor in the Galaxy Note 4. While the price of the processor makes little difference to the end consumer, it will be interesting to see if other deals are made between silicon makers and OEMs like Samsung, LG, and Motorola.

September 3 is right around the corner. Besides a beefy Snapdragon 805, what else would you like to see in the Note 4? QHD? 16MP rear-facing shooter? Shoot us your wishlist.

  • equestrian_colt

    everything the S5 has as well as water proofing, dust proofing, finger print scanner, Sd card slot, 64 gigs, 4 gigs of Ram

  • Rod

    Samsung garbages lag like hell. Plus, scrolling is ridiculous.

  • mcdonsco

    Slim touchwiz down by about 60%+ and go to soft menus and I might be interested.

  • MaxBangayvef

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  • chris125

    Hey samsung copy from htc and lg with the “knock on” feature. Such an awesome feature, and would love to see samsung implement their own version of it some how

  • Simon Belmont

    *Cough*. “It’ll need that extra horsepower to run TouchWiz smoothly.”

    Guffaw, and so forth. Now I take my leave.

  • Trevor

    What incentive does Qualcomm have to give discounts to anyone but Samsung? It’s not like these companies have many other options when it comes to CPUs. Sammy has their in-house Exynos, but that’s about it.

    • Ajmcnicol

      Its all about volume. Q will never sell their chips at a loss…so profit is profit. If they can get an OEM that will seel 30 million phones for onlt say 20% profit per chip vice 40% , why not? 20% of 30 million sold is better then 40% of nothing.

      Plus, Q is getting some serious pressure from chinese chip makers. The mediatech gusy and Huwei are both making chips that are actually pretty good quality now and decent volume.

  • monkeybutts

    LTE-A support?

    • Jason B

      Certainly possible in areas with usable LTE-A. The S805 doesn’t have an integrated modem, so Samsung is free to pick a discrete modem solution for various regions.

  • wtd2009

    strongly considering this as my next, pending the moto x camera review and nexus unveiling.

  • loaymansy

    So how is it gonna fit 3+ gigs of ram

  • Jkdem85

    HopE they focus on softwear

  • jim

    Note 3 is the top dog and im sure the 4 will be even better

  • HarvesterX

    I thought I wasn’t crazy when I mentioned Qualcomm giving Samsung discounts on it.

  • SJ Gill

    Samgung has learned(stolen) a lot from Apple. I hope they also learn that customers will leave you flat if your limiting propriety
    OS interfears with your freedom to choose. Even if you have the best phone on the planet. Enjoy.

    • ClickFire_

      Oh brother people are still talking about Samsung copying apple in 2014?

      You do realize the copying was only done in the very first galaxy devices? After that Samsung stopped.

      Tell me what did Samsung copy from Apple? Because unless Apple was the first to have gold phones, fingerprint scanners, or home buttons Samsung hasn’t “learned” anything from apple.

      Apple set the standard with the 1st 2 or 3 iPhones after that though Android OEMs like Samsung started setting the standard.

      Now Apple is just an old man in midlife crisis.

    • JackMeOffski

      you sound like you go to Tim Cooks pool parties. You know what I mean

  • hensu

    ” If swiping through home screens and multitasking concerns you,”

    lel, solid dig at touchwiz

  • trophynuts

    is it really necessary for a phone to have a 2.7ghz processor….??? #stupid

    • schlanz

      is it really necessary for any laptop/pc/ect to have faster processors? more powerful software demands more powerful hardware. and common sense dictates the hardware precedes the software. our mobile devices will just get more and more sophisticated as time goes on.. why complain about more powerful SoC?

      not to mention, who knows how the faster clock speed will benefit android L.

      • ZxyLady

        Plus the software being released for smartphones is getting pretty intense so 2.7Ghz seems to be a great option for smartphone manufacturers and those of us who want the best hardware money can buy. I don’t know about everyone else, but I most definitely want a phone that can handle the best and most graphically intense games and apps. And no offense but most phones out there probably won’t be able to handle those games in 2 years time without a hardware upgrade like this… (average user upgrade times -although admittedly, I upgrade at least every year).

    • Ajmcnicol

      Yes….if it needs it to run bloat touchwiz

  • Jason B

    It’ll run at roughly the same performance in games at 1440p as the 801 does in 1080p, so … *shrug*.

    Plus it needs a discrete modem solution as it’s an APQ part. Only the MSM parts have integrated modems. So, it’ll be a little bit less efficient for smartphones over Wifi only tablets.

  • Michael

    An upgrade to the Note 4 and keep my unlimited data.

  • 213ninja

    i want touchwiz, jank, and a home button. do it. bunch of f’in dorks.

  • chris_johns

    “If swiping through home screens and multitasking concerns you, then have no fear with the 805″… I think I’ve heard this before about ever snapdragon processor from u guys … Show me a sammy phone this is true lmao

  • jtwildman1

    Yeah what a POS, nobody would want that! Idiots.. There hasn’t been a phone out that tops last year’s model. “Oh it has touch wiz” , nevermind that every other aspect kicks the ass off what I’m carrying.. “I’m pure android” ! Sound about like the apple fan boys.
    I’ll put my stock note 3 against any of your custom rom crap… Bring on the 4,it will beast everything on the market for the next year… Again!

    • Byb

      yeah now that even dl writers are sucking the narrators dong I might just go iPhone 6. android community is childish.

      • jtwildman1

        I would not go that far! Android is still better hands down. Just don’t beleive all the crap you read. Stupidity has no cure!

  • jtc276

    “This new processor features this thing and it will certainly be good at that thing and don’t forget about that other thing that it does.”

    Basically what I see every time phones start getting new processors. Then I use the phone and it’s just about as fast as any other phone with the popular processor that preceded it. Really, what I’m saying is that we’ve sort of plateaued in the area of smartphone processors, at least in terms of everyday performance. An 801 is certainly going to be good enough for top of the line performance for probably a year and a half at least. It’s cool and all that an 805 is better on a spec sheet and might get more FPS when playing some graphics heavy game, but let’s not act like this is the second coming of Jebus or anything. And the 801 in the G3 is fine. The complaint was stupid two months ago, and it’s even stupider now.

    But now that a popular smartphone will have an 805, it’s time to start anticipating the 808 and 810 while continuing to not appreciate the already blazing-fast processor you have. I mean, that 805 could be faster, right? It could have more cores and higher benches and play Battlefield 4 at 60 FPS, couldn’t it?

  • pat kerby

    Why not the 1080p screen, and no Wiz touch!!! Please!!!! Give us real speakers with real sound better than M8 boom sound…
    I want to see either a Bluetooth clip on keyboard or a Bluetooth keyboard case!!!

    • n900mixalot

      Just get an M8 and a dictionary. Please. Thank you.

  • WickedToby741

    Said deal probably involves Samsung producing the chip in their foundries. As far as I know, Samsung still produces some of Qualcomm’s chips for them in their chip foundries (probably destined exclusively for Samsung devices). There’s not many other OEM’s that can make that kind of arrangement.

  • NorCalGuy

    And people wonder why the ppl here are all about specs. The phone has not even been released and yet everyone already knows exactly how it will run wether it be good or bad. The phablet will obviously fly, if it comes with the 805 or the 801 and unless samsung said this themelvs its all speculation. Am i going to get the 4 no, but if it does come with the 805 then that will just help other manufacturers to start incorporating it into their devices. With all that being said even when i have had a ton of apps open and running dual window on my 801 g3 i have not had a bit of lag yet. Got it the day it came out at tmo so it been loaded up since then no factory resets or battery pulls.

  • Anthony

    Less bloat.
    At least note 3 (on Verizon) came with 50+ apps I have no desire to use, yet they can’t be Uninstalled like any other basic app.

  • schlanz

    Touchwiz HURRRRRR

    Nova, bitches.

    • jmashis

      Nova is NOT a remedy for TouchWiz.

      • 213ninja

        if by remedy you mean nova doesn’t make TW not lag, sorry to hear about your troubles bud. works well for me. no lag on my Note 3 whatsoever, ever…

        • Justin

          Same here, nova on my Verizon note 3, it’s always smooth and buttery!

  • Jon Berg

    Here’s a ridiculous thought – Samsung runs a huge give-away of their flagship S5 phone. Throw a couple of hundred out in some kind of sweepstakes give away with a little caveat: All software and hardware operations will be anonymously tracked by good ol’ Sammy. They turn around and use this data, which would tell them how their phones are actually used and optimize their OS to provide the customer with a smoother, less confusing experience without sacrificing what the user actually wants on their phone.
    It’s ridiculous, I know, because what apparently makes money is demonstrating how many random features you can load up on a device. Evidence? People bought tons of Galaxy S4s whilst the more efficient and user friendly Moto X didn’t really score with the consumer. It’s kind of sad but at least we have choices in this ecosystem, unlike others.

    • Deez

      Do you want to know why the Moto X didn’t sell? It’s too small, the display is weak, the camera is garbage and stock Android doesn’t impress anyone but tech geeks.

      The S4 didn’t outsell the X because it was packed with lots of random features as you stated. The S4 is simply more appealing as a whole to the average consumer. Big crisp clear display, awesome camera, although it lags a little it’s very easy to accomplish normal everyday tasks, etc.

      Even a tech geek might be more inclined to get an S4 over an X because the geek would know he can root that sucker and throw the GPE Rom on it and he would have himself a beast Nexus like device with killer hardware.

      I personally have thought about the X but just passed on it because even though the UI is smooth the phone itself just is disappointing with that puny display and sh!t camera…

      • Jon Berg

        Your argument is quite valid. The camera and display on my S4 were awesome compared to the X. I stand corrected.

    • n900mixalot

      It isn’t sad. Motorola just chose to go the cheap-y cheap route.

      No one wants simple. They don’t want to pay the same price for less. They want features and bells and whistles to justify money spent.

  • Arcospark

    As a Note 3 owner (three replacements, too!) I’d like the Note 4 to be a free upgrade for Note 3 owners. I’ve had waaaay too much aggravation with the Note 3: Bluetooth radio failed, GPS failed; Speaker failed. I wonder if I’ll get a fourth handset before the Note 4 is out. :^(

  • Omar Amer

    curious on the battery life difference between G3 and N4.

  • Deez

    When the Note 4 comes out can I expect another great video from Droid Life like this one:



    • mcdonsco

      Funny…I used the tip of my pocket knife, just touched it to the top of the card with some pressure and moved it out.

  • yummy

    I would like to be able to shave with it, slice my morning bagel, and track large ocean mammals. Oh yeah, and it folds into a working Transformer that will battle my friends Transformer phones. And if it could find that missing plane…mcguyver phone!

  • In all seriousness, I hope they keep the display the same size, or increase it only slightly while creating thinner bezels to form a smaller form factor phone, water resistance, larger battery, and no cheap leatherette backing. I wouldn’t mind if it was still 1080p, it just means better battery life and better performance.

    • skinja

      If you want the display to stay 1080, then the Note3 is an option already.

    • ClickFire_

      I heard they are keeping it 5.7 but making it smaller than the note 3 with thin bezels.

  • Mikey Styles

    OIS would be pretty cool to have besides what is already assumed. It really makes a difference in pix. Hopefully it will have better light absorption along with an improved Aperture rate in tow with OIS.

  • snowflake

    I will not buy their products ever again until they switch to on-screen buttons. I refuse to live in the Gingerbread era, and I don’t care how much “you,” the special snowflake reading this, has grown accustom to your hardware buttons.

    • laheelahee

      lets agree to disagree 😉

    • schlanz

      If there is no home button, I want knock on, and virtually zero bezel under the screen. I like using the home button to turn the screen on. And if the space is there for the buttons, I’d rather have them off screen. just a personal preference. I don’t see why on screen buttons are such a sticking point for people.. other than for the aesthetics?

      • The biggest reason is customization. Want the back button on the left? The right? What if you want a settings button instead of a recent button? You can change the buttons to whatever and wherever you want.

        • schlanz

          That’s a good reason, but, and forgive me if I’m making a gross generalization, aren’t most of the same people who draw a hard line with on screen buttons the same folks who draw a hard line with stock android? and the argument against such a hard line on stock android is that it doesn’t offer the same customization as a 3rd party launcher, which negates the necessity of stock android, if customization is truly what you’re after.

          if that’s the case, it’s a pretty inconsistent argument as to why on screen keys are important.

          • n900mixalot

            Yes!!!!! I will NOT forgive you for making sense. Never. Ever.

        • Jon George

          I like my capacitive buttons and home button on my Note 3..also I CAN make them do whatever I want them to. And Touchwiz isn’t laggy when you either remove carrier bloat or run something custom..I ran X-Note for months until I finally jumped to something AOSP based(either Will03’s SlimKat or Temasek’s CM11)

          • Sure you can remap them, but the icons don’t change.

          • Jon George

            Always turn capacitive backlighting off also* unlike my S3, when the lights are off you can’t see them. 😉

          • Jon George

            Also if I want a navbar I can enable it…that’s IF I wanted to take up my screen real estate with on-screen buttons

          • stang68

            You shouldn’t have to install a whole new ROM on the phone to make it run smoothly…

          • Jon George

            You really don’t have to..I just like to…more options for customization. If you just get rid of the bloat and free up ram it smooths out…(running wiz I was using 1gig – almost 2gigs of ram..with Temaseks CM11 I’m anywhere between 500mb-1gb)

      • Robert Willis

        Why isn’t aesthetics enough of a reason? That’s my argument. The physical home button is ugly.

        • n900mixalot

          Aesthetics vary between people. So …

      • chris_johns

        my moto x has neither and i never use the power button….well rarely…active notification is hard to go back from…i prefer that to hitting my phone screen

        • MicroNix

          But unless you are getting an active notification, you have nothing left but using a power button. Unless you just sit and wait for notifications to come in which is not what the average person does. Knock on is much more useful as it can be used in all situations.

          • chris_johns

            Stick to your sammy garbage you obviously never used a moto x… When you pick up the phone the active notification pops up(just the time and a unlock symbol if you have no notifications) and you can just touch and slide down to unlock… Actually my fav part of active notifications… So u unlock w.o hitting any button or banging on the screen

      • HarvesterX

        I can change the height and width of my onscreen buttons (as shown in the picture where the height is much smaller than stock taking up far less space),

        I can also hide the buttons completely and utilize all of the display and only show them by swiping up.

        As said it’s about customizations and none of this can be done with hardware buttons. You’ll notice that for Android, Samsung is kinda stuck into using the home button because their customers have gotten used to them including one. It’s a legacy feature but in the end many people end up liking the physical buttons as that’s what they’ve become used to. No harm done. Personally I wouldn’t use any device with hardware back/home/etc buttons but that’s me.

        • MicroNix

          What you actually just did was prove the point for physical buttons. With them you get full screen with no on screen buttons taking up real estate and they are always available. There’s two sides to every argument 🙂

          • HarvesterX

            How’s that? There’s no room on the g2 for pjyaocal buttons so thebspace used by them is instead screen real estate. Them taken account k changed the height of.the buttons so I actually have gained more space….and if the 49 pixel height is evrer am issue (never… As I still have more screen then one work physical buttons) I can hide them faster than you can say “Samsung Hone Button” giving me ALL the screen and since there is no room for a physical button due to tiny tiny bezel, I have virtually the entire front side of the phone usable. Now stock out the box the G2 navbar buttons are larger in height some and yes without Root this wouldn’t be possible … I’d you loves near me is show you in person. There’s no way you’re getting more screen space unless you’re using a much larger display to compensate.

            I think its just a case that you haven’t had the chance to use a G2 thata been modded like this to compare against.

            I don’t really care though (I mean about “who’s is biggger” cause we all buy what we like and why would I have qualms over what you like better? But fact wise, with almost zweo bezels…a bezel on the bottom too small for physical buttons, adjjarabke navbar heights, and navbars that can be easily hidden…well do the math.

            I’m surprised you got up voted as well. I guess I’d you’re comparing to a stock G2 where you need immersive mode to hide the navbar and can’t adjust the height you a have some creedance..but id happily trade phones for a day so you can see what a proper G2 is all about.

            This must be a Samsung fanboy article cause no one seemed to up vote my post with actual facts. *smh

            I’m not a fanboy of LG Samsung or any company but i can use my brain to make informed decisionsdecisions based on facts. If youive you home button good … I love my knock on
            These are opinions. But stating that that there is less screen real estate because of the navbar on the g2 isn’t an opinion.

    • skinja

      But the phone companies keep putting bezels on their phones. What is the point of on screen buttons if you still have a bezel?

      All the onscreen buttons do is eat up screen real estate.

      If anything, I want more buttons. I want a dedicated camera button. And I want to have a programmable button as well.

      Android is moving towards OIS and is therefore becoming less function and more dumb. It is all the about the ‘experience’ which means making mouth breathers feel special for doing something on their phone. All I want is more function.

      • HarvesterX

        The hardware home, back, etc buttons are legacy features. On my G2 there basically aren’t bezels except for the bottom where there has to be one because of the display internals, and there isn’t room on what bezel is there for any hardware buttons period.

        Not all devices suffer from this evil “bezel” 🙂 Anyways, with that said, I’ve modder my onscreen nav buttons to take up far less space by changing their height. Also this means they can also be completely hidden and accessed by swiping up. So for a device like the G2 this is perfect.

        There simply isn’t room for any type of ergonomic practical hardware button on the bottom front bezel. Anyways, hardware buttons are legacy features anyways, but I kinda agree about having some additional hardware buttons (somewhere, be it on the back of the device etc) like a dedicated camera button…one that I miss from my OG Droid.

      • wtd2009

        i agree with this. if there is still going to be bezel on a phone, at least maximize that space and take advantage of them. don’t make it amount to wasted space by moving the buttons onto the screen to eat up screen real estate.

    • 213ninja


    • bhayes444

      Just a quick little blurb. I got a Oneplus One invite and I decided that I would rather not have it at this time so I’m putting it up for grabs on DL. I got the email about 17 hours ago and they said that I have 24 to claim so time is of the essence. I will be posting this same message in a couple other article comments on DL in hopes that someone can use it before expiration. First come first served, hope you enjoy!


    • Colts5609

      Coming from a Nexus 5 to a OnePlus One. I was almost positive I would never use the capacitive buttons instead of the onscreen buttons.As it turns out, I actually perfer the capacitive buttons more. It is just personal preference, but it surprised me. Having the option is definitely a big plus, more manufacturers should try doing this. But the hardware button on Samsung devices needs to go IMO. That was my least favorite thing about my old GS4.

      • ClickFire_

        The Galaxy s2 had capacitive buttons just as fast as touchscreen buttons but then Samsung made the stupid physical button on the s3 and up.

    • wtd2009

      funny thing is, you are more likely the special snowflake in this scenario, as the majority of people are not bothered by captivate or physical buttons (see millions upon millions of galaxy and iphone owners).

  • regkilla

    Give me 2k display.

  • antinorm

    Stoners will be sure to appreciate that GPU.

  • Droid Ronin

    A much, MUCH lighter minimal Touchwiz UI.

    • For some reason I think that will happen, especially with Android L coming around

      • flosserelli

        Samsung will find a way to make it lag.

        • ClickFire_

          Yet my gs4 never lagged when I had it and neither does my wife’s note 3 folders lag when opening but its easy to turn off those animations.

  • TSY87

    My bet is that the performance wont be much improved since they are bound to throw on some ridiculous crapware that will slow down the phone. An optimized phone running a lesser chip will still be smoother than the top of the line chip with samsungs software.

    • MicroNix

      And what good is that when the next update blows the battery life to hell? (you know what I’m talking about)

  • chris125

    Let’s see how Samsung boats up touch wiz so that even with this processor it will still lag

    • ClickFire_

      It doesn’t lag my wife has a note 3 only times it lags if she opens a folder but that’s because of the stupid animation but you can turn that off in Dev settings.

      • chris125

        “The only time it lags is when you open a folder” so it lags even though you start off saying it doesn’t.

        • ClickFire_

          My point is it isn’t lag infested like people claim. 98% of the time its lag free. I owned I phones before and even they sometimes lagged. Truth is no phone is completely lag, delay or stutter free. Sometimes software has hiccups no matter how well optimized or how much ram you have.

          • chris125

            And Samsung optimizes it poorly. The Htc one m8 is buttery smooth. Samsung needs to work on that and not always thing specs will correct their poor software optimization

          • ClickFire_

            I agree Samsung does need to better optimize their software and maybe even trash touchwiz and start over.

            If they would simply make their software better they would be even more popular.

          • chris125

            Exactly, but it’s almost like they just don’t care in the software regard

          • MicroNix

            And HTC needs to work on their camera. Next.

          • chris125

            Their lowlight performance is pretty good. Camera for them is an easy fix. Clearly software for Samsung isnt

  • Alex Boro

    I don’t care because touchwiz still sucks

    • Me

      Well then why even bother to comment or read the article, care much?

      Don’t worry about it and go on with your pathetic life. Just like all the rest of the haters/loosers in the rest of these comments.

      If it bothers you that much, then go get some help. You know there is suck thing as a psychologist right?

    • ClickFire_

      Well consumers must not have a problem with it because they keep buying their devices and each new galaxy outsells the last.

    • n900mixalot

      Not as much as the Xposed Multi-window bootleg hack that everyone wants, is an innocent attempt, but no one attributes to TouchWiz having first and doing right.

  • Guest

    TouchWiz will still slow it down. Remember its not the speed of the chip but the software optimization that it has.

    • MicroNix

      Wow. Imagine that. A Samsung article and the #1 comment is the 4 billionth TouchWiz bash.

      • Justin W

        I think the sad part is that it’s true.

        • kg2105

          Not the slow it down part. Aesthetically/functionally AOSP is way better, but the lag part is wildly exaggerated for Samsung devices and Android devices in general. It’s either Samsung haters or Android haters whining about something they never actually experienced.

          • chris_johns

            my moto x dont lag 😀

          • Josh

            Bet the Moto X doesn’t eat almost 1 GB of ram constantly either just running the OS

          • MicroNix

            You Moto X also doesn’t take anywhere near as good photos as a Galaxy either. And the Galaxy screens blow the X out of the water. So if no lag vs near nothing lag is a bigger deal than what the phone is actually supposed to do, then kudos for you. I’ll take better photos, screen and the 1/10 sec “lag” as you call it over what the phones were capable of in 2010 any day.

          • chris_johns

            I honestly couldn’t disagree moreall the pictures I take on my phone look great to me but then again I’m not taking scenery photos to be framed and mounted on my wall for what I use the phone camera for it works just fine for me and also I think the screen looks beautiful everything is even and clear I don’t sit and watch two hour 1080p movies on my phone…I have 0 complaints about either now can they be better? Obviously things can always be but its nit a concern or hindeing my use… Now if my phone lagged while i use it which I’m constantly doing I would be very much annoyed i expect a fluid experience when moving about my phone like those iPhone people have and my moto x has yet to disappoint me… Except it took a swim n hasnt been the same since but that’s my fault

          • MicroNix

            So you never put your photos up on a flat screen for viewing? Never print them out? I think you are the first I’ve known. Let’s remember, photos on a 4″ phone screen should ALL look half way decent. The measure of a good photo is a 8×10 or a killer look on a 50″ screen.

          • chris_johns

            No never once… Id use a real camera if i was ever gonna di something like that…my photos either go on Facebook Instagram in text messages or stay on my phone and they look perfectly fine on everything

          • MicroNix

            I never carry a camera anymore because my phone can do just about as good. The smart phone cameras (with the exception of *some*) are now the MP3s of the photo era. They are good enough that point and shoots aren’t needed anymore much the same way as CDs are no longer needed. Photos aside, anything will look better on a Galaxy screen than on the X.

          • chris_johns

            And anything would look better on a monitor whats ur point… Everything looks great to me should i sacrifice performance for incremental pixel density lol its not a substantial difference and i dont want a two hand phone if i want something big n nice ill use a tablet

          • MicroNix

            We weren’t comparing monitors now, were we? Let’s stick to the topic. I think even DL gave the S5 the best screen in the biz hands down. My point to make here is that scrolling aside, the Galaxy series is superior in a lot of ways to what everyone here worships. It is almost as though scrolling smoothness and a wood back is all that is needed for most readers here to consider a phone the best. We’ve heard that argument before with the iPhone and it just doesn’t hold water.

          • chris_johns

            If you like spending a lot of money for cheap hardware thats your prerogative… I prefer buying from companies that invest their money into their products more so then their advertising

          • MicroNix

            Well isn’t that the opposite of what is really true? Last year’s hardware vs cutting edge. Who’s investing more into their products? Go home you’re drunk!

          • MrC1122

            DL giving the S5 best screen was before they knew about the color adjustment feature on the G3, I’m sure they have a differet opinion on that now…just saying.

          • sweenish

            Not just about. Nowhere near as good.

            Real camera tech has been moving along with cell phone camera tech. And it’s still leaps better. Even with similar MP counts, a basic point and shoot will kill a cell phone in quality, simply because of the vastly superior sensor. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves to prove a useless point. This is without even bringing in entry level DSLRs.

            Cell phone cameras are getting pretty good. Saying they are getting near parity with real cameras is not true. And besides, if it’s not a Pureview camera, you’re still arguing for middle of the pack.

          • dcshoesk8r182

            My Note 3 has no lag. I like touchwiz. I think there are too many haters on here that never owned a high end Samsung phone and complain about something they no nothing about.

          • wtd2009

            hear, hear.

          • Diablo81588

            Its not a delay, its the jerky scrolling that is the problem.

          • MicroNix

            A lot of that is the apps as well. I had some apps on my Galaxy that were smooth as glass when scrolling and others that jerked. But again, that is minor compared to a phone that can’t take decent pictures and doesn’t have the killer screens that the Galaxy series has. If the only thing the X can claim is smooth scrolling over the Galaxy line, that certainly in no way, shape or form makes it a better phone. Just sayin…

          • Diablo81588

            To each their own I guess. I don’t take many pictures and I think the screen is great on the X. I would much prefer a smooth and fast phone with great update support. Don’t forget active display is a major advantage as well.

          • TW SUX

            Comparing my GS3 to my Dad’s moto X, and they are almost identical hardware wise, the GS3 has lag compared to the Moto X, especially the stupid @ss homebutton that slows everything down which hinders functionality. The only thing I like about my GS3 is that it is almost indestructible with as many times I’ve dropped, gotten it wet, and it never has stopped working or even scratched the screen

          • ClickFire_

            That’s not lag that’s delay.

          • MicroNix

            Curious. Just how does the physical home button of the GS3 “hinder functionality”? Because it can’t rotate? Weak and nit picky.

          • Diablo81588

            Its not exaggerated at all… Scroll through the text messages list on a S4 and it will be choppy as hell. Its not that they’re slow, but scrolling is not smooth at all like it should be.

          • Kazahani

            As a Galaxy s4 user I can tell you that I experience lag when using TW, but Nova runs smooth like butter.

        • sj0808

          I own GS5 and i used to have Nexus 5. Im telling you. Nexus 5 is laggier thank GS5. No joke lol

        • Justin Kos

          The note 3 didnt lag, neither did the s4 that I have used, I still hate touch whiz tho

          • Diablo81588

            You’re wrong. The s4 is a laggy mess with the stock ROM.

          • Justin Kos

            Worked fine for me

      • Nikuliai

        Well nor the bash on TW or the fact the Note4 was getting the S805 is any news


        We have a sympathizer over here….

      • Jeff “BIG RED”

        Wait the question for everyone now is…. Is there a division in android users? Are you either pro Samsung or pro something else? Is this the new debate? Debating over which is better apple or android had been replaced? Bwhahahaha!!! Still rocking my note 3 and loving it. Guess this makes me a bad person putting up with all the bloatware/touch wiz… Jk

      • mcdonsco

        For good reason, its a pig.

    • J2886M

      Moto X.

    • It’s getting old let it go. For people to say they dislike Touchwiz they’re sure present on every Samsung article. Move on with your life already.

      • Guest

        Im not bashing I hope it gets refined. Im just saying to people that the s800000 chip. The processors are fast enough. Like the G3 and G Vista. That new refined UI flows great. The G vista is a S400 and is just as snappy as a S801 on the G3.

        • Dave

          Hi troll. I think, no I know who you are but I won’t say the name. Regarding to your comment about TouchWiz will slow the new SD805 down, how sure are you? Did you know samsung actually made new changes on its TouchWiz UI? They made it more flat and redesign it well. Have you seen the S5? I’m sure you haven’t because you just jumped right into bashing the UI. Get something right here, the LG G3 has lag on it big time and noticeable right away, and that’s with the SD801. You should do some research before making faults statements about samsung TouchWiz. SD805 is going to snapper then the SD801. I can go on and on with this but I won’t. I just wanted to touch up the facts here, so people don’t get confused and believe a troll. Have a good weekend.

          • Natty Bee

            You got that right. The G3 definitely has lag. I am looking forward to seeing what the Note 4 has to offer, though, in my opinion, QHD is unnecessary.

          • MrC1122

            I guess I’m one of the few G3 owners that do ‘tl

          • Natty Bee

            Could be Carrie related…I have heard from others not on Vzw that they aren’t experiencing lag

          • NorCalGuy

            Really i have not noticed ANY leg on my g3 has been flying since day 1

          • TooBad

            I would say the same thing if I was out my 14 day return policy. Hahaha that’s why you wait for real reviews and not just by any.

          • NorCalGuy

            I dont need a review to know i dont want huge bezels and a massive home button. My g3 is the perfect bridge between my n5 and the n6 when it drops in november. Also assuming ur basing all your opinions off reviews you have read and not off real life use, thanks though.

          • I have it and it lags bad when you sing Chrome like now I’m falling into my comment and it’s still on the I have A part unless I scroll my screen the other words won’t show and I’m typing this right now still not seeing what I typed past the I have a

          • Byb

            Haha what did you just say?

          • 213ninja

            Translation: it was lagging.

          • MicroNix

            I think perhaps the lag on the G3 is a matter of carrier. I’m on Verizon and notice it. I also noticed that “Verizon Cloud” was the #1 consumer of the battery. Went and disabled that POS as well as VZ Nav and that lag went away. I can also now take it off the charger at 7am and at 4pm I’m still in the mid 90s for battery life. Life is good.

          • NorCalGuy

            Maybe thats why i dont notice any lag. I have the tmo which came with an unlocked booloader so root was extremely easy and once rooted all excess bloat was removed. Whole process took less than 10 min almost as easy a nexus (minus the bloat removal). My only issue was dead spots due to the verizon glass screen proctector which has been removed and no more issues.

          • MrC1122

            not trolling, but I’m curious as to how u have an unlocked T-MO with a VZW screen protector…or did I miss something?

          • NorCalGuy

            I am on tmo and they did not have any protectors left in stock. At my mall tmo vz and att are litrally next door to each other so i just walked into vz and got it. In research i did (after the puchase) the vz one seems to have some issuse due to its thickness but there are ones in amazon that are thinner.

          • MrC1122

            That makes sense. As I said, I was just curious. No troll intended.

          • chris125

            it is also present on att, tmo and sprint versions, so think it has more to do than just carrier (although the bloat can add to it)

          • ki11ak3nn

            I’m not trying to be a troll. For real. But how is that possible?? Are you not using your phone?? I can’t believe that the G3 battery is that good. I’m coming from a G2, and I have to say that this phone has the 2nd best battery of all my phones (Note 3 takes the crown). I just need to know what you’re doing on your phone from 7-4??

          • MrC1122

            here here…life is indeed good 🙂

          • HarvesterX

            Lag on the G3 (or stuttering) is due to LG’s aggressive thermal throttling. Easy fix..turn it off

          • chris125

            The G3 does lag, but it seems to be more related to all the pixels of the QHD screen it is pushing. Make no mistake about it, both the g3 and s5 lag. LG and samsung could take a lesson from HTC on the software side of things, because there is no lag with the m8 and it has same specs as the s5. Samsung needs more refinements to their software, it was a step in the right direction with the s5, but still has a long way to go.

        • Tommy

          No i think you’re bashing

        • RaptorOO7

          Funny I keep reading how the G3 stutters too, could it be they chose the wrong processor S801 and NOT the S805 or could it be they didn’t optimize for the 2k display? Regardless the G3 does have issues, with heat, shutdowns due to heat, and stuttering.

          • HarvesterX

            The G3 along with the G2 incorporate overly aggressive thermal throttling which can and does cause stuttering and lag when the CPU is throttled down to slower speed as heat increases.

            This can be disabled by dialing into one of the hidden settings numbers (they differ based on carrier) and disabling thermal throttling.

            On Verizon models this setting has been removed, so you need to manipulate the setting within the kernel other ways which will require root.

            People who talk about the G3 lagging because of the display size are all people who are just blindly reposting crap that have read elsewhere. I’ve posted links to hardware sites that explain this over and over. The 805 can handle higher fill rates yes, but there are improvements elsewhere on the 801 over the 800 which mean that the 801 can come very close.

            TL;DR – Lag on G2/G3 is caused by LG’s super aggressive thermal throttling and can be turned off.

          • HarvesterX

            *smh sadly *

      • jtc276

        See, I’d be on your side if the S5 that I used to own didn’t stutter like a George VI every time I scrolled through the Settings menu. Yes, the Settings menu.

    • Justin W

      TouchWiz is the problem on ALL Samsung devices. I truly don’t understand how this massive company can’t understand they need to optimize their software to prevent lag/other issues on their devices. It’s not like they don’t generate enough revenue from it or anything.

      • Tommy

        I think you should apply for a job with Samsung. You can do it.

        • Justin W

          Not yet – I don’t know enough about programming to fix their problems. Yet anyway

      • wtd2009

        i’ll be interested to see how they implement ART, and what that will do for loading apps on touchwiz.

    • Chris

      Care much? You know, if you care and bothers you that much. Maybe you should speak to a psychologist. I’m sure he/she will be able to help you with that problem?

      All that hate and anger you have in you might just affect your health. I know a really good friend that might be able to help you.

    • ClickFire_

      Actually thats not always true. I’ve noticed if you use the display models in the store they always lag like crazy but when I had a galaxy s4 it almost never lagged only once isin awhile when opening a folder did it lag. My wife owns a note 3 and it only seems to lag when opening folders because of the animation but if you turn that off problem solved.

      I think people tend to over exaggerated Samsung Lag. I come from a.long line of Galaxy devices I use Nexus devices now but it’s no where near as bad as people say.

      Truth is if lag was really as bad as people say Samsung would not be so popular

    • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

      With the 805 the note 4 will have the fastest lag in the west hands down

    • wtd2009

      it really doesn’t, though. on average i’m sure it doesn’t lag anymore than any other flagship. the battery life is going to be the key advantage, since it’s rocking that QHD screen.

    • ZxyLady

      My note 3 has no lag, and since Samsung has an agreement with Google to lessen its TouchWiz footprint, I am absolutely POSITIVE that lag will be a non issue for the note 4.

    • Senior

      Keep telling yourself that, junior.

  • joejoe5709

    Qhd display and small bezels and you have my money.

  • Bryan Mills

    Good gaming and meh benchmarks, but everything else? The same. C’mon Sony!

    Go watch the S5 LTE A videos if you don’t believe me.

    • Everyone knows the S5 is poo poo, no video evidence needed.

      • Bryan Mills

        But the 805 is so good, Tim!

  • Matthew

    s805?Too slow,only 4cores..

    • Bryan Mills

      Needs 800000 cores to power android 4.5

      • As long as it’s over 9000, we’re good.

        • Bryan Mills

          9069 is the sweet spot

          • Ddar

            LaG3 fan sounds angry.