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Qi Wireless Charging Version 1.2 Will Leave Space Between Your Phone and Charging Pad

While wireless charging is somewhat useful, it doesn’t actually make charging a device any easier, considering you can’t remove the device from the charging pad without ending the charge. At least when your phone is hooked up to the wall charger you can use it like a normal phone still. Hopefully, with the newest version of the Qi Wireless Charging standard, this pain point of wireless charging will be kind of addressed.

With version 1.2 of Qi, the WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) is adding resonance charging to Qi’s features. In essence, and while sparing you the lengthy technical detail, users will be able to charge their phones a couple of inches away from the charging pad.

To put it simply, the receiver (aka your phone) and the transmitter (located in the wireless charging pad) won’t need to be directly touching to begin a charge, and can be up to 1.77″ away from each other. Still, that small of a distance doesn’t exactly solve the issue that wireless charging has, but maybe one day, that will be different. The new version is backwards compatible with devices already featuring Qi, and will also allow for multiple devices to be charged at the same time.

According to reports, consumers can expect to see this new version coming installed on devices later this year. Now we just need carriers and OEMs to get with the times and let us Americans charge our devices however we please.

Do we have any wireless charger users here? If so, do you really find it more convenient that conventional device charging?

Via: Engadget
  • das0527

    I have wireless charging and love it. I own at least three charging pads. I also use the hell out of NFC tags.

  • Daniel Paterniti

    I use Wireless charging at work with my Nexus 5. I get up from my desk several times a day to go to meetings etc. Wireless charging for me has been a lifesaver. It helps prevent damage to my phone because I don’t have to keep plugging in and unplugging the charger. Plus the whole process is a lot quicker, I just pick it up and go.

  • Some airports use Qi, and it frees up outlets. That’s nice. Having 1.77″ will help deal with thick cases.

  • Wireless is superior in every way IMHO. Once used you’ll never go back.

  • Matthew Rose

    Version 1.2. The “Secret Sauce” of the moto 360 😉

  • creed

    What I would prefer over wireless charging is a magnetic charging connection like on the Mac books. You don’t know how many times that I have tripped over the USB charging cord and bent the charger. A magnetic connection would fix this.

    • Not just Mac books. It’s also on Windows tablets, and it doubles as a peace to store the stylus (I don’t know if the stylus is active. If so, then it may use bidirectional charging to charge the stylus).

      So apparently the technology is portable. I just wonder if it’s too clunky for a traditional-sized phone.

  • Roger W Turner

    I have an N4; my sister has an N5; we each have an N5 wireless charger.

    While there are disadvantages, they work well enough for us to prefer them to USB.

    The biggest disadvantage we find is the absence of sufficiently good charging indication. If you want me to expand on that, ask.

  • 2Berad

    Been using qi charger since I got my droid maxx…. I love it.

  • jorelkilcullen

    TYLT is the only wireless charger I have owned and its awesome, between it and the battery life of my MAXX its the only way the phone has ever been charged. Since the failure point of my D4 and D2 were the charge port and battery I find it to be a way of increasing life of my device and since the device doesnt require charges in the middle of the day it only gets put on there when i go to bed

  • Scott Gabrielle

    Yes, I had wireless charging on my LG G2 and loved it. Made it super convenient to charge my phone. Had the Tylt stand which even allowed me to use my phone while charging. Upgraded to the G3 on Verizon and really miss it wireless charging. Hate that Verizon makes you buy a stupid flip cover in order to have wireless charging. Don’t like flip covers and can’t find a wireless charging back cover for the G3 yet here in the states. Why do US carriers make it so hard to get the most out of our phones????

  • Moto 360 + Charger next to where your wrist naturally rests on the desk = Never have to take it off to charge so long as you rest your wrist occasionally next to it!

  • Brian Cohen

    Been using wireless charging since the Droid 3, never going back to regular plugs.

  • RoadsterHD1

    I just bought a Qi wireless charger and at first It would beep a lot and was really annoying. I looked on the forums and they had a few ideas but no real solutions. There needs to be an adjustment for this specific tone that won’t kill your actual notification tone. I normally put my phone to sleep at night around ten so when I set it down I don’t here that annoying tone anymore. I can still get calls from “fav” list so thats cool. I have a Droid Maxx so I never have to charge during the day, so this makes it a perfect combo. I got the wireless charger cause I plug my PC to my Droid Maxx to transfer movies and pix. so I use the usb a lot and don’t want to wear it out.

  • Michael Kane

    Thunderbolt was the first real smartphone

    • HarvesterX

      Huh? I kept my Droid 1 during that time period and never once regretted keeping it…What kept me content was that there was zero LTE service where I lived during that time so it didn’t matter.

  • Nicholas Ruiz

    I love wireless charging because it keeps my phone in better condition since I don’t have to worry about my USB port breaking like it did on my Galaxy Nexus. I also don’t have to open and close the latch every single day.

  • Trevor

    I use one every night with my Nexus 5. Not that it takes tons of time to plug in a charger, but I love being able to just set my phone down to charge.

  • Jeremy Gross

    we need more phones with wireless charging. i hate to say it, but when the iphone gets wireless charging everything will have wireless charging. same with nfc etc

    • ytcracka

      I agree, it is Apple’s world and we just live in it.

  • Kyle

    Anyone have a Galaxy S3 they’ve converted to wireless charging using the QI card you put under the back cover? Do they work well? Any recommendations on a good QI charger?

  • jer85008

    I got a free N4 wireless charger with my N5, I have it at work – use it every day. This way it can be charging at my desk and I can still use/see it without picking it up. Not sure what the benefit would be for being able to charge at 1.77″ distance though based on how I use it.

    • Justin Kos

      The only thing I can think of is embedding it into furniture or other things like that

  • trixnkix637

    This is completely off topic (I apologize ahead of time), but I wanted to ask all of you DL’ers. This is the first time I’ve noticed, but since when has Google been spamming ads to people’s inboxes?

    • PoisonApple31

      This has been going on for a while now.

      • trixnkix637

        I’ve just now noticed it.

    • Marc

      Thanks for bringing that up. I just checked my promotions tab and there it is… a stupid ad! If I ever see that in my regular inbox I will stop using the Gmail app!

      • trixnkix637

        That’s what I said. Didn’t get any warning of Google implementing this.

    • DanSan

      that’s what you get for using the promotions tab.

      • trixnkix637

        I get that but it’s MY promotions tab. The stuff I want to hear about, not what I want Google to pester me about. It just bugs me that this is in my email app, regardless of the tab it’s in.

        • Pedro

          You should ask for a refund.

          • trixnkix637

            Will they give me Play Store money? Because I have some icon packs in need of buying 😉 lol

          • Pedro

            Double what you paid. Maybe you should hold out for 4x!

            Personally, I don’t find the Google ads as intrusive as most. I never see anything aimed at a 10 year old, a woman, or a retired person.
            Nearly every ad I see has at least a distant link to something Google gave me information about or something I actually purchased. And for what I get…

          • HarvesterX

            Lol a woman… ?

          • HarvesterX

            Lmao can’t stop laughing. I love how that was slid in between the other vulnerable user bases…haha

    • RoadsterHD1

      999+ unread!!! Dude, read your emails 🙂 or at least delete them….

      • picaso86

        And clean your notification bar.. GEeesh man!

        • RoadsterHD1


        • trixnkix637


  • Ryan Ure

    The only downside to my TYLT is that it uses a proprietary plug for its own power. If it used a micro-USB as its own power source, so that you could potentially charge a NON-wireless phone with it by simply unplugging the TYLT, it would be the greatest device in the world. As it stands, I own 3 of them…one at work, and two at home, as one usually has a phone on it, and the other usually has my Nex7. The idea that I can just pickup a phone and walk out of my office and then set it back down again without having to fuss with cords is a feat that you cant appreciate until you are able to do it yourself.

    • Justin Kos

      I actually considered getting TYLT when it was on sale, I would never buy it now knowing that it has a proprietary cable.

  • Taylor Abrahamson

    I use two wireless chargers. I have the Tylt at work on my desk which is perfect because it angles the phone up where i can see it (but i do have two post-it stacks under the back for more angle). At home I have the panasonic qi charger that has a motorized charging coil that know where you put your phone on the large pad and goes out and finds it. This is great because if I pick up my phone from the charging pad in the middle of the night while laying down, and then toss it back up there I don’t have to perfectly align it. As long as i get it somehwere on the pad, it will begin charging. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiofGwT6LWw)

  • sc0rch3d

    so i can charge the phone with my hand between the phone and the pad? or is my hand causing too much interference and i’ll be holding my phone as if i’m striking a vogue dance pose?

  • PoisonApple31

    HTC Thunderbolt!!! Oh, the good old days when most of the phones had the back button on the right side!

  • JSo

    I don’t know what the big deal is about being able to do stuff on your phone while it’s charging. Pick it up off the charger, do what you need and put it back on. I have three wireless chargers. I don’t plug my phone in at all anymore.

    • Open1Your1Eyes0

      From a personal perspective I’m with you on this one as well. People just can’t leave their phones alone at all. Even just to charge up for a bit. Even before wireless charging I usually had a dock I would place it on and leave it alone. And you can trust me when I say I am heavy mobile device user as well.

      That’s okay, let them use their phones like animals with wires hanging every which way. 😉

    • Big EZ

      When your phone doesn’t have enough juice to do what you need to before you put it back on the wireless charger is when this becomes an issue.

      • JSo

        If that is ever the case, you unplug the cable from the charging pad and use it. But how often is that the case?

        • Big EZ

          Everyday. I’m using my phone to respond to you while it’s plugged in.

          • JSo

            Well I didn’t know very many people got down to 1% battery all the time to where they needed it plugged in to do stuff.

      • Open1Your1Eyes0

        If you can’t even leave your phone alone for just a bit even to charge (which is a normal expectation from everyone’s daily life as of today) the issue may be less with the phone and more with something else here.

        • Big EZ

          I listen to music and YouTube while I’m working. It is being used constantly for the 8-10 hours I’m at work. The issue is that I can concentrate on two things at once.

          • Open1Your1Eyes0

            If you know you are able to deplete your battery life on a daily basis you may want to invest in an extended battery or portable battery pack in that case. It is never a good idea to deplete a lithium battery below 10% if you want to keep the capacity of the battery throughout its life.

            Chargers should be there at the end of the day to restore your battery back overnight but should not be a necessity for using throughout the day. We have plenty of solutions for that thankfully as of today.

          • Big EZ

            A battery pack is no different than a charger when you’re talking about plugging in cables. I’m definitely interested in a extended battery, but none are available. I know all about Lithium ion battery’s, and that’s the reason I don’t like wireless chargers. Taking it off and on the charger several times during the charging cycle will shorten it’s life cycle. Most Lithium ion batteries have a 300-500 charge life cycle and that will shorten it.

          • JSo

            Has there been any actual proof of that?

          • Big EZ

            I learned that lesson the hard way when I first got into rechargeable Lithium ion batteries. I kept them charged all the time instead of letting them run down and they didn’t get many charge cycles before they were shot. Using them, and letting them drop to about 20% before recharging has greatly improved the life of my batteries.

          • JSo

            Well I don’t know what to say then. I have always kept my phones charged. I work at a desk with a charger next to me. I charge my phone all night. I have never had battery issues. I guess every phone is different.

          • Open1Your1Eyes0

            That’s not true. A charge cycle is considered a 0-100 count so if you only deplete it from 100 to 80 and charge it back to 100 and do that 5 times, that’s still only considered one charge cycle. It’s far worse to let it go below 10% in fact.

            Not sure what phone you have so I can’t comment on the extended battery but most extended batteries require replacement back covers which aren’t wireless charging compatible anyways so kind of irrelevant I guess.

            If you want a battery pack but don’t want to deal with wires we have a solution for that as well.



            I have the second one and have been using it for a very long time now. Works great.

          • Big EZ

            Dropping it below 10% doesn’t hurt it any worse than keeping it between 80-100%. The OEM batteries have a protection circuit and don’t let the battery dip down to the point that it damages the battery to much (or even kills it). What will really impact the life cycle is plugging it back in once it’s at 100% to “bump charge” or turning it back on after it dies without charging.

  • mcdonsco

    I use wireless charging and love it. No wear / tear and eventual death of the USB port on the phone (not that I ever keep a phone long enough for that anyway), and no trying to plug it in in the dark to keep from waking the sig other, just set it down.

    I have to admit though, I read about this the other day on engadet and I’m still at a loss as to how this really improves things, other than maybe with the distance the need for setting it down nicely lined up will be a thing of the past maybe? Other than that, i see no advantage…were talking less than 2 inches.

    But, if it were say 4-5 inches in any direction that would be useful (just set phone down near it)…but two inches above it? What are you going to hold it there? I dont see thee benefit.

    • PoisonApple31

      The same reasons I love my removable battery + charger.

      • Justin Kos

        Thats always going to be the best

  • garbagedick

    I use a TYLT VU for charging at night, and an airdock for charging my N5 in the car. I really like how the airdock has the magnets to hold it in place

    • Lucky Armpit

      The only thing preventing me from getting the Tylt is the angle. I figure I won’t be able to see the screen at night due to the angle, and the price tag of the Tylt is too much for me experiment and take the chance of not liking it.

      • garbagedick

        thats really based on the height of your nightstand i guess, for me it works great. the price is high, i got it on black friday for 1/2 price hehe. the only thing i dont like about it is the proprietary charging cable w/ wall wart. use micro usb like everything else! hehe

    • Justin Kos
  • Hugh Hansen

    Wireless charging is immensely more convenient than regular charging for me. You just put a wireless charger on your desk (or wherever) right where you normally keep your phone, so that when it’s on your desk it’s on the charger. You use your phone normally and it charges in the downtime, so you always have a fully charged phone with almost zero extra effort.

  • schoat333

    Well, the rest of my day is shot, and now my nightmares will be about that awful phone.

  • Josh M.

    By the way… I have a used Thunderbolt in excellent condition if anyone wants to try this out.. 😉

    • Ryan Gullett

      I am calling a lie. There is no way your kickstand film is not peeling.

    • ShadowCodeGaming

      I give you $20. Paypal.

  • Adam

    Just started taking advantage of qi charging with my Nexus 4. I’m using a charger from Trident and although it’s pretty cool, there are two downsides from what I can tell. 1) it makes the phone unnaturally hot and 2) occasionally it will just stop charging halfway through for no good reason, and won’t continue until you pick up the phone and place it back on the plate again. If they can fix the second issue especially, it would go a long way. I can’t imagine they could do anything about the heat though.

  • Justin Kos

    Great for the bulky cases people like to put on their phones =)

    • mcdonsco

      Qi already works through thick cases…I’ve had phones with otterboxes on them that still charged fine on Qi

  • neo1738

    I use one at the bedside as that’s usually when the phone is charging the most (or at all since I have a Maxx). I don’t think 1.77″ will make much difference unless it means you don’t have to really center the phone on the mat (once or twice a month my phone won’t charge because it’s not completely centered). But I like that after a year my charging port is as tight as ever (that’s what she said). No signs of wear and tear like most phones at this benchmark with having to get the charging cord in just right.

    • velocipedes

      Agreed. It’s not like people can pick up their phones and use them in less than 2″ of space. They’re just increasing the range a bit by pushing a stronger current through, which should help get the charge through cases, casing, and inexact placement.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I only use my wireless charger next to bed. That way I don’t have to fumble around a cable when I set it down for the night. Otherwise cables are a better use case in my book.

  • Kevin Esser


    • Israel Fabian


    • Daistaar

      Have to admit that’s still one sexy device!

      • yorxs

        Worst phone I ever owned, after 5 hours the battery was dead and it never did get Jelly Bean while the Bionic did 🙁

  • Droid Ronin

    LOL at the Thunderbolt and its ancient Gingerbread-y UI.

  • Brian

    Give them an inch and they’ll want a mile.

  • DanielMena9

    The biggest advantage is now being to truly plop the phone anywhere and not keep twisting to see if there is a connection.

  • Omar Amer

    Carriers are letting you charge how ever you please… as long as they get rich doing it.

  • Ralph Bretz

    i’m probably the only person that doesn’t care about wireless charging

    • Marc

      Nope. I am sure there are more of us out there.

    • Josh Martin

      hand raised over here, too!! 🙂

    • J Davis

      Until you get a device that has wireless charging..

      • Justin Kos

        I have a Qi charger and Nexus 5. I dont use it lol. BUT! I am working on a home made car mount / wireless charging mount that uses the Nexus 5 built in magnets to hold it.

        • J Davis

          Sounds pretty cool. Photos when you are done… Want to do something like that too for my truck.

          • Justin Kos

            Will do, Ill send Kellex an Email. Maybe ill get my own post! =)

      • Marc

        I have a Nexus 4 and have never used it’s wireless charging capabilities. Just don’t care about it.

        • J Davis

          Until you get a wireless charger.. I really don’t understand people knocking the simplicity of a wireless charger. I would bet 99% of people who knock it either don’t have a device with wireless charging or they have a device and don’t have a wireless charger.

          • Marc

            You may be right on that one. It may be convenient to leave one on your night stand, but in the office I want to be able to use it when it’s charging.

      • Gideon Waxfarb

        I have a Nexus 4 with the wireless charging orb. I usually have to try seating it at least 2-3 times before it actually starts charging, and then it charges up to around 96% and then stops. I’m not sure if this is indicative of all wireless charging devices, but if so, it’s easier just to plug the damn thing in.

        • velocipedes

          The Nexus 4 had poor wireless charging capability. The Nexus 5 is far better.

    • sc0rch3d

      you should care about the abstract idea, but not in this implementation

    • Big EZ

      It’s slow and I can’t use my phone while it’s on a wireless charger. Until it can be 6-12″ away from the charger it’s useless to me. Once it can be 2-3 feet then we’re really talking.

      • Justin Kos

        What type of power adapter are you using? I use a 2amp OEM samsung one for my Qi and it charges pretty fast

        I personally still like the cable but its really nice to have other options

        • Big EZ

          I haven’t found any that charge at higher amperage than 1 amp. Those are the expensive ones, the cheap one only charge at about .5 amp.

  • Maxim∑

    I wonder how much energy will be lost in heat…

    • Fatty Bunter

      The majority of the “lost” energy doesn’t take the form of heat. It takes the form of useless uncoupled electromagnetic field.

    • velocipedes

      This will likely reduce the amount of heat generated on the back of the N5. Mine gets pretty hot from wireless charging.

      • Maxim∑

        good point, I forgot now the N5 wont have to hit the surface directly

  • Josh M.

    Oh Thunderbolt… what a dreadful battery you had… even wireless charging couldn’t save you.

    • picaso86

      Thanks to my TBolt I have unlimited data on Verizon. At least I can thank HTC for that.

      • JRomeo

        you could buy another full-priced device and keep your unlimited data i think.

        • picaso86

          I’ve been rocking the G2 on my unlimited since May. Loving every minute of it.

  • Fatty Bunter

    I think the biggest change this will usher in is installing these underneath of tables. If you can just glue/screw a charger onto the underside of a table rather than having to actually cut a hole into the table, this will make a big difference. I’ll definitely put one under my office desk and probably in my car too

    • Mikey

      Very very quick thibking, that’s perfect.

    • JR Ewing

      My secretary already is cramped for space under my desk, I’m not about to make it that much worse for her, and by extension, myself. I’m thoughtful like that.

      • : )

        Secretary? You pay her? Just use interns, free and you get new stock every 6 months to a year.

        • HarvesterX

          His secretary UNDER HIS desk. I think ya missed the joke there..

          • ^Idiot^

            I think you missed HIS joke. Idiot.

    • jorelkilcullen

      Great idea

  • OhHai

    Even a foot isn’t that great unless you are sitting with the charging mat in your lap. Extra long cables give much more freedom despite being tethered to the wall (which the charging mat is anyway so I’m really confused on how Qi benefits the user in any way).

  • DanSan

    dat Thunderbolt….

    • Suicide_Note

      I screamed in terror when I saw that picture. Never again, HTC. Never again.

      • DanSan

        That phone was the bane of my existence..

    • Nic

      Funny thing is, I had the Inspire and it was a great phone. The specs of the 2 where almost identical.

  • Snowbo13

    Would like to but the moto x didnt come with that option.