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Flappy Bird Makes Triumphant Return, Available as “Flappy Birds Family” Exclusively on Amazon Appstore

You were really missing Flappy Bird, weren’t you? Well don’t worry, because it is now available to anyone who owns a Fire TV through the Amazon Appstore, titled Flappy Birds Family.

It is the same Flappy Bird as it was before, but as reported previously, it now features a multiplayer function. If you have two game controllers for your Fire TV, you can take on your friends, seeing who can get the furthest through the tubes. It’s just as addicting, and just as cute as the last version. 

Having tried it myself on the Fire TV, the gameplay is smooth and the graphics are exactly the same as on the phone. The multiplayer aspect does breathe a bit of fresh air into the title, but we will see how long that lasts.

Still no word on when exactly it could or will ever hit Google Play, but it was last reported that we could see it available in August.

If you own a Fire TV, go get it.

Amazon Appstore Link

h/t: Phandroid
  • HarvesterX

    Don’t worry about this crapfest of a game everyone. I will be pushing my clone of the game to the Play Store in a few days. It’s name is Flappy Tits – Breasts of Doom

    • HarvesterX

      Lol … Aaaaaaaaaaa is a really fun game if you like jumping from way high in futuristic Boston.

  • Devin Stawicki

    We need a Chromecast version at least before this bull.

  • jimt

    Too bad you need amazon store to use this game. Not going to load amazon store for any program, ever.

  • Chris Lo

    I can’t wait to relive the reason why I almost failed my exams

  • Deeco


  • Shawn

    I swear to god if I see one more post about flappy bird…

  • calculatorwatch

    Not gonna lie, I was hoping this would be available to everyone again so we could stop talking about every single game that happens to be kind-of like Flappy Bird.

    • Justin Kos

      side load!

  • Alex Sherer

    My thoughts on the return of #FlappyBird

    • EvanTheGamer

      I wouldn’t put it passed ’em. They’re probably sneaky like that.

    • That literally made me laugh out loud.

    • Keanu


  • zerox00

    Oh my god! The graphics! WHOOOOOOO……….

  • JSo

    Ugh. Kill this game already.

    • Suicide_Note

      I wish I could up-vote this a thousand times more, good sir.

  • Cael

    Hes a sell out

    • lol. I would be too if it meant getting paid.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Sometimes loyalty to your fans is more important than money.

        I mean…if it wasn’t for us, and Android news sites like Droid-Life that took the time to make many, many posts about the game, then news of its existence wouldn’t have been made known to anyone, unless someone just stumbled upon it one day, which is kind of what happened, but absolutely in a lesser way.

        • ching tzu

          “Sometimes loyalty to your fans is more important than money.”

          You cant feed your family a bowl of honor.

        • TylerChappell

          Nope Evan. We live in a capitalistic society. Therefore, money is always the most important thing, because no money = death and despair. /shrug

      • Cael

        I want you to take my pictures.

  • Arie Hoogendoorn

    Haha “Triumphant” for the 7 people that have a Fire TV

  • ClickFire_

    I don’t understand why a dev making $50,000 a day off their app would of taken the app down in the first place?

  • This would’ve been cool if it was multi-player on Android. Even though I didn’t get into the first version this would’ve been cool over Chromecast with my girlfriend and a couple beers

  • Damian

    I’ll stick to don’t touch the spikes….

    • j

      Which is decidedly easier IMO. I’ll stick to helicopter game.

      • Chris Gatley

        helicopter game is a deep cut I remember playing it on EBaum’s World. I like that

        Edit: added clarification to why it’s a deep cut and not sarcasm

    • EvanTheGamer

      Or any other Flappy Bird alternative that’s widely available on all other Android devices.

      Way to go, Dong Nguyen for decreasing your fan base! Not EVERY person owns a Fire TV, you know…

      • harry wang

        No need for name calling.

  • vwbeetlvr

    I am the very first person in the world to review this game on Amazon.com.

    • Mech_Engr_09

      Sweet bro. That’s probably the coolest accomplishment a person can achieve.

      • vwbeetlvr

        I also met Enrique Iglesias today, but reviewing first was most definitely cooler.

        • Mech_Engr_09

          Were you able to give him a nice karate chop to the throat before it was over? haha

        • Justin Kos

          I think of the south park episode of him on the TV while Mr. Garison was inventing the “it’

    • Guest

      You want a medal for that kiddo?

  • Jason Purp

    best news i’ve heard so far this year!!! gonna go binge drink to celebrate!!!