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Shocker: Report Suggests Galaxy Note 4 Unveiling Coming at IFA

Samsung has reportedly set a date for the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 4, choosing September 3, right before IFA in Berlin, Germany. The timeframe comes as no surprise, as Samsung has chosen the IFA arena to unveil the past three renditions of the Galaxy Note lineup, starting all the way back in September of 2011 with the original Galaxy Note. 

What should we expect from the Galaxy Note 4? Reported benchmarks surfaced for what sites think is the Note 4, and the specs are looking mighty fine. The device was benched with an unknown size QHD display, 2.5GHz Snapdragon 805 or Exynos 5433 Octa (depending on market), Adreno 420 or ARM Mali-T760 (depending on market), 16MP rear-facing camera, 3.68MP front-facing camera, 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of onboard storage.

Without speculating too much, it might also be safe to assume that this device will feature Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, a stylus, microSD slot, and run Android 4.4.2+ out of the box.

Now that we have a date, are our Note cult members getting more excited?

Via: Korea Times
  • StanLee TOOL

    Finally, somebody is talking about the ISOCELL technology. Most of these articles fail to mention what, I think, is potentially the most exciting advance here.

    I’m all about:

    1) the camera,
    2) the screen, and
    3) (mo$t importantly) the durability, personally.

  • Paul Crowley

    Love my Note 3

  • BillySuede

    note series = boss.

  • AL

    I thought you guys would have learned by now not to argue about unconfirmed specs. Youre making yourselves look like fools. Samsung makes good phones. So does LG. STFU already.

  • crazed_z06

    Might have to skip this one… the Note 3 is still a beast.

    Cant buy every new device when I’m trying to cling to this unlimited data.

    • Jeff


      Suggestion to you. Get in touch with “verizonchris” thru rootzwiki. Sign up and contact him. He can help you with keeping you unlimited data plan and upgrading to a new phone right now and every year if you desire.

      He did me for by just adding a new line to my existing plan. Still have unlimited, a new subsidized phone and upgrade option every year if I want. Great guy, honest and straight forward in trying to help the consumer like you and me.

      Tell him Jeff from San Diego sent you..

      • cg

        Jeff, can you personally confirm if transferring an upgrade from an unlimited data line will let you keep unlimited data, but just get a 2 year contract?

  • jdbarn

    The capacitive buttons are the main reason I can’t bring myself to buy a ridiculous Samsung. No matter how great the specs are, it’s old tech….

  • abhi098

    the king is coming.

  • John Friend

    I will definitely consider this as my next phone. And the Moto Maxx. Whichever has the best battery life and least bloat. Looks like I just made my decision.

    Now a note 4,with a qwerty… Hells bells I would be on that like white on rice!

    • StanLee TOOL

      If “qwerty” means physical keyboard, then sign me up for that. I think that and a (hologram?) projector are the future.

      Although, I imagine swype typing on a curved screen could be fun, like a half pipe for those little fingertip skateboards 🙂

  • wmsco1

    I have the Note 2 and Note 3, I will wait a year for the following Note 5 for a significant upgrade instead of incremental upgrade. Especially since the Galaxy S5 was not that great. Just have to wait and see it unfold, but at this point just yawning. We have 64 bit and flexible screens and Qualcomm and Android L all coming over the horizon and more than likely a new round gear, so at this time I chose to wait.

  • jboogie1289

    Been a member of this cult and am anxiously awaiting the announcement!!

  • Fer

    Just what the world needs, another cradle of malware galaxyshit, yay!!!

    • 213ninja


  • Ariel Pearson

    Im so ready

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Wait.. title says “Shocker” and then you say “The timeframe comes as no surprise,”.. huh????

    • Trysta


  • Tazarine Tighanimine

    Expecting in the IFA 2014 there will be Xperia Z3 , for sure don’t forget I have seen it here http://www.th3technical.com . but what about iPhone 6 where could be shown pers I ve no Idea

  • Ben Landwehr

    Can we start a petition to get Bryan Mills banned from all of the interwebz, please?

    • Bryan Mills

      Suk ma cawk

      • : )

        why? he’s not your mom

  • RaptorOO7

    I would like to see the screen drop down to a more reasonable 5.5″ screen or come up with a way to make it fit better in the hand like the G3 does. Its too wide, tall and overall boring. I want the Note 4 to be everything the Note 3 wasn’t. Oh and keep the F-N bloatware off of it.

    • 213ninja

      i would like it to be 6+ inches.

      • flosserelli

        Sounds like a personal problem.

        • 213ninja

          touché, but I’d also like it to be thinner…

    • kg2105

      You should get the G3 then. Seriously, it’s very compact for a 5.5 screen and a great device. The Note 3 was a huge success because of it’s 5.7 screen, not in spite of it. And a lot of us want the Note 4 to be a continuation of the Note 3, because the Note 3 is still really good now and it was the best when it came out.

  • TopXKiller

    Locked down tighter then Fort Knox

  • Mikey Styles

    If TW has been toned down & Samsung makes an effort to adopt Google’s new Material Design I’m all for it. Otherwise I’d say just normal status quo & Galaxy S series spec bump with S-Pen/Business like functions.

    • Brandon Franklin

      Lol galaxy note the mullet of smartphones “buisness in the front pen in the rear!

      • Mikey Styles

        My friend Larry couldn’t agree more that this comment…..

  • DW

    I just hope that they tone down TouchWiz.

    • mystikalrush

      After 2 years of TouchWiz, i had to move on. I enjoyed it and it grew on me, but going to LG with a more stock OS feel was a wonderful change of pace. TW needs to expand there grid to 5×5 in all honesty. Phones are getting bigger, yet the UI scale is still the same old clunky style that was created in 2011.

      • 213ninja

        LG doesn’t feel stock to me, it’s pretty heavily skinned IMO. i’m definitely feeling the grid though, i totally agree it needs to be larger….ideally, something Android let’s you toggle. it doesn’t have to get as gnarly as Nova, but allowing users to toggle between 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 or some combo in-between seems more than reasonable.

  • mystikalrush

    It truly is a G3 now, that 805 is suppose to run at 2.7GHz not 2.5GHz, now sammy is under-clocking it, making the only advantage over the LG G3, is the GPU. That Adreno 420 is a beast, but its for gaming only… I don’t think these guys are even trying anymore.

  • Jonbo298

    I hope that Samsung does not use the same back as the S5. A case can fix that but I’d rather not have to see press shots of that monstrosity again.

  • Jim890

    I’m looking forward to this beast phone. I passed on the LG G3 because it was a big disappointment (everyone is for their one). I think I’m ready to give up my unlimited data since Verizon is going to start capping if you go over too much data. We shall see. Come on note 4!

    • Big

      Unlimited data will still be unlimited. You can still expect good speeds and only have a possible reduction if you are on an overloaded tower at the moment, AND you’ve used more than 4.7GB the previous month. If you come close to that usage, why would you give up unlimited just to pay the same amount for only 2GB, meaning more money if you want more data?

      • kg2105

        Agreed, the throttling rules are not severe enough to get rid of unlimited. 30 dollars for unlimited is unbeatable, and most people can avoid going over 4.7GB if they want to. Some people do use their Verizon LTE as their home internet, and it sucks for them but they’ve been using tons of data for years so they got their money’s worth until now.

    • cg

      Unlimited data is much more valuable than any piece of hardware. Don’t give up your unlimited data…it’s effing gold.

  • Colin Huber


  • Chris King

    I can’t wait for this phone

    • Alexander Z Great

      Are you getting it?

      • Chris King

        Yes I am planning on it. I will still.wait 1 to 2 weeks to make sure the new.screen doesn’t cause any problems or bad battery life although the note series is always top of the line so I’m sure It will be fine

      • 213ninja

        i just programmed tasker to preorder it for me.

  • roberthenderson

    If THE (as in singular/sole/1, multipurpose speaker) isn’t on front, I’m done with Sammy.

    • 213ninja

      we all have thresholds i guess…

  • Bryan Mills

    Oh geeze. Only 4.4.2!? No android L?



    • It says 4.4.2″+” meaning anything above that. And L may not even be out by next month so yea stop the hate son.

      • 213ninja

        i gave him a pass because he did use a sarcasm tag, but we know deep down he meant it ; )

      • BIg

        All this guy does is hate!

    • mystikalrush

      Everyone will get L, arguing about OS is irreverent at this point. Hell, even my old Galaxy S3 has 4.4.2 on it now. All flagship phones will have OS upgrades for at least 3 years minimum.

  • dannyWHITE

    Tim you’re a smart guy but you have a habit of saying “QHD” versus “Quad HD”. Please stop lol.

    • Trevor

      I think QHD means Quad HD while qHD means quarter HD.

      • 213ninja

        that is correct.

        • needa

          which part? qHD, QHD, or Tim being a smart guy?

          • 213ninja

            the part that i replied to, specifically, trevor.

          • needa

            i was just messin around, bored, on the way to new jersey, and trying to get a bite.

          • Trevor

            Well, we all know Tim is a smart guy, so that needs no verification.

  • trwb

    Shocker. Silkk the Shocker.

    • cizzlen

      Ohhhhh it ain’t mah fault

  • When I get my paws on the Note 4 I don’t think I’ll upgrade again until the Note 5 is released. No more leaving the Note series for me.

    • 213ninja

      me too

  • DanSan

    I probably totally jinxed it but please verizon for the love of god, no branding on home button. we beg you.

    • If they did would it affect how the fingerprint scanner works?? If so you may be in luck

      • Brandon Franklin

        The finger print scanner doesn’t work anyway so brand away!

        • I probably could’ve taken you serious if you said “The fingerprint scanner doesn’t work sometimes or most times” but saying it doesn’t work anyway is implying that it doesn’t work at all which is a false statement. Come again.
          FYI: No fingerprint scanner is going to work 100% of the time, ask Apple.

  • OMG OMG OMG!!!! And that’s only a month away. G3 will be going to my gf and I’ll be back to my beloved Note series. Believe me Samsung is going to show their butt on this one to make up for the S5. Water/Dust Resistant, USB 3.0, 2k screen, stylus, 16mp shooter, and the list goes on.

    • Bryan Mills

      So…the same as an S5 but a bigger screen. lel

      • Bif

        You seriously want people to fall in line with your G3 fandom. Just enjoy your phone; don’t bad mouth the Note 4.

  • John

    Not if it looks like a giant S5 with a stylist

    • SteveTheMan

      I would love to have a stylist make my phone look sweet

      • John

        The stylist part is fine. It’s the S5 part I’m worried about. Given the short amount of time between the S5 and the Note 4 and the rushed nature of it, I doubt it will be anything spectacular about it.

        • 213ninja

          they’ve been doing it this way since the s3/note 2, then again last year with the s4/note 3, and now this year with the s5/note 4. no rush. no surprises. if you want the next version, get one, if not, don’t. i’m not sure what you’re expecting to be spectacular about it…

        • kg2105

          I’m sure they’ve heard plenty of criticism on the overall design of the S5. They should respond now more than they ever have, because the S5 is not dominating in sales like the Galaxy S-S4. Manufacturers don’t respond to whining, but they sure respond to declining sales.

      • Bryan Mills

        I hardly used it on the Note 2. Big gimmick to me.

        • SteveTheMan

          I actually use the stylus all the time on my Note 2 and 3, but I use Lecture Notes instead of Sammy’s software. It’s the only thing keeping me in the Note series. I don’t think the Note 4 is going to justify an upgrade though…

        • 213ninja

          the s-pen is far from a “gimmick” if you’re using that to mean some sort of over exaggerated feature that suckers people in but serves no real purpose…

          i use my s-pen every day. it’s not a gimmick. it’s a really useful tool. if you don’t need or want one, that’s cool, but that doesn’t make it a gimmick in that negative sense of the word.

        • jaffo

          I use mine all the time. Just because you don’t use a feature doesn’t mean it’s a gimmick. That just means it’s not a feature that was useful to you.

    • Adrynalyne

      Like a hair dresser?

      • 213ninja


  • Droid Ronin

    3.68 MP? Why the odd count?

    • regkilla

      It’s Samsung.

    • 213ninja

      i think it’s always an odd count, but most round. maybe sammy just wanted to be ultra honest : )

  • regkilla

    The Note 4 and G3 will have a showdown this year!

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Doesn’t the Note 4 match up with the GPro?

      • Bryan Mills

        It’s a G3 with a bigger screen.

        • William Oh

          The G3 is a Note 3 2014 edition.

        • 213ninja

          and an 805. and an s-pen, with s-pen software. i see what you’re saying, but i can make a better case for the G3 being more similar to a Note 3 in terms of specs. Note 3 specs were trump and still compete with top tier flagships. Note 4 will best all of them again.

    • 213ninja

      i think the G3 started showing down with the Note 3 when it launched.

  • hkklife

    5.7″ QHD and the same physical + capacitive buttons seems a bit disappointing. I was hoping they could go with an ultra-narrow bezel and squeeze 5.8″ in the same size formfactor as the Note 3. Or, better yet, go with virtual buttons and bump it to 5.9″ or 6″ in the same formfactor. I just hope they can keep beefing up the battery capacity/life and also tone down TW. My biggest gripe with the Note 3 (which is still a mighty beast, mind you) is its mediocre RF performance.

    • I don’t expect them to get rid of the home button and even though I like the onscreen buttons I don’t mind. It’s what works for them and would probably confuse their consumer base if they did something that dramatic. Samsung has made a name for themselves with the home key as their signature. Not to mention the fingerprint scanner they invested so heavily in.

      • Bryan Mills

        Invested heavily in? Wut

        • They invested the time and R&D funds into implementing it into the home button I doubt they’d drop it now.

      • mystikalrush

        Google knows how to make a smartphone. The Nexus 5 is stunning, clean, sleek, and beautiful phone. All these extra features are cool, but not practical. Look at LG they are following suit. Its the way it was meant to be used. Keep it clean and as little logos as possible in the front. “Build it and they will come.”

        • Yes and no. You can’t compare a Nexus device to a device that sells 40+ million units. No comparison. But anyway what I’m saying is I don’t think they are willing to risk changing the formula that’s been working/very successful for them. If anything they’ll wing it but it won’t be with a flagship. The tester will probably be some device they release

          • mystikalrush

            I agree, were talk back in 2010 when buttons were the thing, even capacitive buttons. Its too late for them to make the change, but very clean front facing phones are pleasing to the eye. I love button less phones like the Nexus 5 and G3. It gives more room for the industry to innovate and cut down on physical dimensions.

    • geocab

      Mediocre RF performance is a pretty big gripe. This is a phone, yes? I love my Note 2, and I fear a radio with less reception and weaker GPS so I’ll wait for reviews on the N4 before I upgrade.

  • shamatuu

    at first i wasn’t looking forward to the note 4 but since it will have the 805 in the US.

  • Fhel

    Note 4 looking like the perfect upgrade from my s4

    • RiceCake

      I dont think my pockets could handle a note 4. I will have to decide if i want to dish out the 799 price tag for it. I assume it will be water proof so bigger bezles.:(

      • cg

        I don’t wear skinny jeans…my Note 3 fits EXCELLENT in pockets…it really isn’t that much bigger than the Galaxy S5 which my wife has…

        I know last year I said I could wait for the Note 5, but Swappa.com allows me to sell a phone for a very fair price and trade up. Plus, I’m going to have to anyway since I have unlimited data. I’m going to transfer my upgrade to my dummy line and alternate upgrade so that my unlimited data line isn’t subject to Network Optimization (oh yeah, I have Verizon…unlimited data) and I have hot phone.

        Really can’t wait to get my hands on a Note 4 just to see if I even want it.

  • No home button branding and I’m in.

    • Stay away from Verizon and you’ll be alright.

    • Defenestratus

      No physical home button and I’m in.


  • Suicide_Note

    It sounds like a mighty fine device, that’s for sure.

  • Defenestratus

    I’m honestly pretty happy with my Note 3 once I got rid of most of touchwiz.

    However I think I’m going to sit on my decision to update to the Note 4 if the rumors about Shamu are true. Even though Moto lost me as a customer with the Droid X2 and the Xoom 4G LTE on verizon debacles, I’m willing to give them a second chance.

    • Chris Sickels

      I really like the Moto X, so I forgive all the past junk. If Motorola could improve their cameras it would be the phone to beat.

      • Bryan Mills

        I really hope they listened and add a 1080p screen, 3gb ram, bigger battery/camera.

      • kg2105

        Not just the camera, Motorola design is mediocre and the internal hardware is poor. The Nexus 6 would be awesome, but only if Google sets the standard for the hardware/design. If Motorola is left to it’s own devices, it will probably be 720p again and like half of a snapdragon 800 if that. the The battery would probably be small and non-removable as well.

    • gambit07

      You mean a 3rd chance…

      • Fhel

        Oh bionic 🙁 I’m having horrible flashbacks

  • Mark

    The simplest way to describe the Note 4 is “BEAST”!!

    • Bryan Mills

      It’s a G3. Months late.

      • Menger40

        Very close, but Note 4 has a better GPU. ExtremeTech says the adreno 420 is about 40% more powerful than the adreno 330. http://www.extremetech.com/computing/182899-snapdragon-805-detailed-benchmarked-kraits-last-hurrah-and-the-arrival-of-a-new-gpu-king

        • Bryan Mills

          Won’t change everyday performance unless you’re gaming. Other than that, have fun with it

          • William Oh

            Stop hating on Galaxy note, it started the phablet genre and is and will be the best phablet on the market, regardless of your love affair with LG.

          • Dave

            He never mentioned that LG give him a free G3 to bash on Samsung and also try to convince people to buy G3.

          • RaptorOO7

            I was looking at the G3, until I started read mixed reviews of great battery life with those whose battery sucks and the device overheats and kills the battery after a few minutes of screen time. Sure it could be a bad early production run or it could be the chipsets used just can’t handle the job. N4 should be interesting. However if its the same old crappy design Sammy is in trouble.

          • Gideon Waxfarb

            If you just want every day performance, you have no need for a device like the G3 or Note 4.

          • Deez

            In what ways do other phones out perform either of those phones? I’m sincerely asking because to me your statement makes no sense.

          • Gideon Waxfarb

            It’s like the difference between paying $500 for a PC and $2,000 for one. If you’re just an average, every day web/Facebook user, you won’t notice much difference between the two. However, if you tend to run a lot of power-hungry apps at the same time and play high-end games, that extra power comes in handy. Esp the 3gb of RAM…. it could be the difference between many apps staying in memory for weeks, instead of days or hours, which means they load faster.

          • RaptorOO7

            I will when it comes out and you are stuck on your G3, that is overheating, killing the battery and overall isn’t up to par with the N4. They should have gone S805 to handle that screen.

          • $/G/R !

            Actually it does….there is a certain lag in G3 cz of pushing those extra pixels….they should have kept screen a 1080p

      • 213ninja

        more like the G3 is a Note 3, a year late, with no stylus. specwise the only difference is 800 vs. 801 and some extra pixels that no one can see.

        • Rob

          True, but the G3 does have 3 GB of RAM (US versions) at least. And the laser. Can’t forget about the lasers.

          • 213ninja

            My Note 3 has 3GB of RAM… laser auto focus? Yeah that’s cool but I think we were talking spec for spec.

        • jboogie1289


  • YEMan0443

    I think I’m going to join the cult…

    • Thomas

      Please do….we have great Kool-Aid 😉

      • Bryan Mills

        I like grape koolaid. Goes with my fried chicken and ice cold watermelon. Don’t forget the moonshine.

      • EleanorENewsome

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        • CaptainCaleb


    • DanSan

      same here. get rid of my galaxy s4 and grab a note.

    • Bryan Mills

      Get the G3 and be amazed now.

      • guest

        lol, laG3, a froyo phone, you must be kidding

      • Jim890

        I hope LG is paying you good money for advertising their device and bashing Samsung!

        • jboogie1289

          Is he the Richard Yarrel of LG???

  • Omar Amer

    The sarcasm is strong with this one