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Samsung Galaxy Gear Receives Update to Tizen, Now Functions Like Gear 2

Samsung continues to devote development and marketing resources to its homegrown smartwatches, much to Larry Page’s chagrin. Reaffirming the South Korea-based company’s commitment to its non-Android Wear-based devices, Samsung announced this morning the promised update to Tizen is now available for the Galaxy Gear through Kies.

The wearable version of Samsung’s Tizen operating system, which has already been the subject of several previews, looks and behaves generally similar to the Android-based firmware that originally shipped on the Galaxy Gear.

Importantly, however, it does pack quite a few enhancements, chief among them a larger library of apps, new music playback options, greater UI customization, better health tracking, and improved battery life.

Download and installing of the firmware requires Samsung Kies 3.0.

Any OG Gear owners excited about the update? Any Gear owners here period?

Via: Samsung
  • I love my Gear 2 as I did my Gear…I know the camera is not the best but I use it constantly during the day especially on trips…On the Gear 2 calls are now possible on the Gear I would only use it in a life or death situation..I use it so answer those quick calls…do I want more software yes, would I rather google now yes…but I would/will not give up the phone and camera to get it….

  • crazed_z06

    Great.. this update is taking forever to get to the US…

    I dont know why people get so butthurt that Samsung is using Tizen. From reading reviews from people who have already flashed theirs to Tizen, it adds new functionality and the battery life is even better now. The “battery life” argument is pretty much dead when it comes to the Gear watches.

  • Mirage

    I have been rocking the Tizen UK update for at least a month now…maybe “rocking” is too strong a work…Does this story refer to the US update? Or

    • Mirage


  • I did a review of it a couple days ago with the Tizen update. It’s a sweet watch! http://youtu.be/Dw6NepXCUNI

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  • hfoster52

    Love to see an Android Wear update.

    • crazed_z06

      I wouldnt. Android wear cant make phone calls or take pictures.

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  • Google should just take over Android. but then if samsung leave android then so does a crap ton a customer so it’s kind of a lose lose situation for Google

    • T4rd

      I would think that if Samsung stopped using Android on their phones, then people would quickly learn that they don’t have access to the Play Store and therefor none of their apps, then buy something other than Samsung anymore.

      • Good point.

      • Ryan O’Neill

        If Samsung leaves android, then a crap ton of customers leave Samsung. And they know that (or they ought to).

    • Richard Yarrell

      Plain and simple people with Gear products are extremely happy and value their products far more than any silly Android Wear watch with comes with NO legitimate features besides that silly OKAY GOOGLE.

      User’s who want the SAMSUNG experience already know how boring, dull, and comically useless stock android or just GOOGLE products are for day to day use that’s why true users of Samsung’s products NEVER WILL WANT or will they except anything Google related or stock related.

      Time has come for GOOGLE to realize they DO NOT DRIVE ANDROID it’s the manufacturers who make the product and the customer who buys the product who determine what Android is or will become.

      Samsung owns almost 70% market share of the entire android platform they own the Worldwide market share and 70% market share of the Smartwatch industry today as well as 23% of the Tablet industry if it wasn’t for SAMSUNG Android or GOOGLE wouldn’t be worth a hill of useless beans.

      At the end of the day if Google thinks they control anything they are only fooling themselves 7 of 10 Android devices purchased worldwide are Galaxy products SAMSUNG IS ANDROID nothing else matters period.

      • T4rd

        This, boys and girls, is what a true fanboy sounds like.

        Good on you for upholding your reputation, Rich. 😉

        • anono-moose

          Interesting …Google does “not drive android” … I always thought android wouldn’t exist without google or they owned it or something. Learn something new every day. Thanks Samsung for making sure android exists. (Insert sarcastic silence)

      • Richard Yarrell stick to Google+ and stay off Droid-Life, I’ve seen and heard about you Lol.

      • Korey Page

        I love your enthusiasm. That’s about it.

      • proparham

        well the only thing i know about samsung’s experience is a super ugly interface , weird and gimmick features that people stop using after they’ve shown them to their friends and that their 2 year-old flagship (galaxy sIII) lags like f*** on touchwiz while my 2011 low-range (xperia mini :D) runs fine on CM11.

      • squiddy20

        1. “people with Gear products are extremely happy and value their products far more than any silly Android Wear watch” So that explains why the Gear had upwards of a 30% return rate when it was initially introduced. Makes total sense.
        2. As to your second paragraph, I can only laugh. You talk as if you speak for all people who own Samsung products, and that means you are quite delusional. Everyone has different opinions on everything. What a joke.
        3. Last I checked, it was Google that owned, maintained, distributed, and set the guidelines for Android, not Samsung. So there goes all your BS about Samsung owning Android or Google not driving Android.

      • It’s pretty obvious from Richards statements and a look at his profile that everything he posts is satire. The jokes on everyone that falls for it!! He got y’all good (and continues to do so). His comments like “NEVER WILL WANT or will they except anything Google related or stock related” and. “Google has never done ANYTHING relevant” should tip off any half-witted individual that he is definitely just using his witts to get you guys stirred up. Clearly his true sentiment is not what he states.

        My Note 3 and Galaxy Gear Original (just “Gear” now I guess since the Tizen upgrade) suits me just fine. My 10 year love affair with Apple is now over and I’m happy with my Sammy products.

  • Guest
  • glimmerman76

    ill stick with android wear. till samsung makes a watch besides the gear live that works with phones other than samsung’s there tinzen watches are dead in the water.

    • Mech_Engr_09

      Yeah I got the g watch 4 days ago and I’m loving it.

      • PoisonApple31

        Other than battery life I am loving the g watch also!

        • Mech_Engr_09

          Ahh I mean it’s good enough. I use it throughout the day to check texts/email, switch songs and check time and it lasts the day. I don’t really have a problem plugging it in every night alongside my phone.

          • glimmerman76

            nope mine is at 45% after a full day at work and other things. so about 16hrs to get to 45%

    • hfoster52

      Well this is for the OG Gear not the Live.

    • Justen DeBowles

      but they’re well over 50% of the smartwatches worn in the wild… that sounds pretty far from dead in the water at the moment. Do you people hate samsung that much to just ignore facts?

      • glimmerman76

        where is your link to back that up. I would not be supprised if pebble and sony have sold more watches than samsung. samsung only sold 1.2 million gears in all of 2013. Most of those were people who bought the note 3. Also those numbers your talking about were when samsung was the only game around. Even samsung sees the writing on the wall hence the reason for the gear Live. I have a g watch and will get a moto 360 when google sends them to I/o attendies. I think the moto 360 is going to sell more watches than samsung did in all of 2013 but time will tell on that.

        • Justen DeBowles

          here ya go buddy. “Now, the company is first place in the smartwatch race, holding a market share of 71 percent.”

          and this was in May and only considering the Gear 1 (it didn’t include the gear 2 line yet), and considering android wear just came out… I don’t see them just eclipsing samsung that fast, especially with the moto 360 alone without a price tag thus far. If it’s $300 I can assure you that it will NOT eclipse anything…lol

          • glimmerman76

            um those are not sold thru numbers the artical says so. Those are shipped to resellers not actual numbers sold to customers. I would love to see the real numbers sold to consumers. Just because they shipped something does not mean it didnt get returned later by stores. Look at the gear 1 fire sale that best buy had. Its also funny to go into best buy and see all the open box samsung watches.

            as for android wear we will see the numbers when they are more main stream. and the moto 360 at 299 is no differnet than when the gear 1 was released. Only time will tell. My 1.2 million number was sold to consumers not shipped

          • Justen DeBowles

            I knew you’d say that “that’s shipped” argument… but you can’t argue the 70% market share. Also you realize that’s only gear 1s, and with the addition of gears 2 and neo, that number can only go upwards. Also, all the gears can be found in retail stores, while android wear devices have to be gotten online from google’s store. that gives the android wear watches at most the same marketshare that nexus devices got… which pales in comparison to what samsung sells alone. Wear will do fine, but don’t be delusional in thinking that the Tizen gears are non-factors because that’s just false…

          • glimmerman76

            um step back look at best buys website and in stores the G watch is there. All the carriers have the G watch in store and for sale. I got my wifes G watch at ATT store. Do I think google has something yes I do. My problem with gear(minus the live) is that it only works with samsungs phones. I dont like touchwiz or the fact that a 16gig phone has 9.5 gigs available because of all the preloaded garbage like s voice.


          • Justen DeBowles

            you did see that store pickup for the G watch isn’t available right on the link you posted?

          • glimmerman76

            but the stores here have them. My point was its more available than you think was all.

  • PoisonApple31

    This should improve the battery life dramatically. My Gear 2 Neo gets 3 days battery life under moderate use.