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Samsung Announces New Quad-Core Exynos ModAP Processor that Features a Built-In LTE Modem

Unfortunately for the Galaxy Note cult out there, yesterday’s Samsung Exynos announcement was not the new 5433 chipset that we were all hoping for. However, we did get a new quad-core Exynos ModAP chipset that seeks to solve an age-old problem with the Exynos line: LTE capabilities. This new ModAP chip is the first Exynos SoC to have an LTE modem built-in, and should offer more flexibility when it comes to Samsung’s processor line.

The struggle of living in the US and being a Samsung fan is never getting to experience the Exynos line if you wanted to have your LTE download speeds too. While we highly doubt that we will ever see this specific Exynos ModAP chip in a phone stateside, this is a big step for Samsung to work into Qualcomm’s dominance of the market. The ModAP is built on 28nm HKMG architecture and Samsung promises that it is built to not only support LTE speeds (all the way up to LTE-A standard), but all the other high demands that come from today’s smartphones.

Samsung hasn’t quite given us the complete technical rundown of the ModAP chip just yet, but it shouldn’t be too long before we finally have our hands on that. It remains to be seen if this is the chip that will power the upcoming Note 4 and other flagships, or if it will be their mid-range processor, leaving the heavy lifting to something else. Once we hear more from Samsung we will be able to figure all of this out.

Via: Samsung
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  • Rashad

    Didn’t the Galaxy Note 2 release state side with an Exynos processor? That was LTE friendly. Or am I missing something?

    • Jason B

      It has an external modem. The Qualcomm APQ line also does NOT have integrated modems. The S805 APQ8084, for example, needs an external modem. Any of the MSM parts have an integrated modem.

  • brkshr

    Exynos is not a developer friendly SoC. Qualcomm is much friendlier, so I would rather stick with them.

    Samsung USED to be good with developers. That all changed around the time the S3 came out. Which is why the main CyanogenMod team that worked on Exynos phones, quit after the S3. Less experienced devs (with Exynos SoC’s) had to take over.

    I don’t support Samsungs developer relations, added UI skins to Android (TouchWiz), locking of accessories to Samsung products only, TouchWiz apps, Tizen… So I don’t support Samsung at all with anything I buy. No Smartphones, no TV’s, no stereos, nothing. Until they turn into a friendlier, more open company.


    • Daistaar

      Out of curiosity, do you support Sony? If you have a Playstation, see any superhero movies or anything like that with Sony you know what I’m going to say next, right?

      • brkshr

        Sony products are fine by me. They are actually one of the most developer friendly manufacturers. I also really like Sony’s phone builds. Sucks that most of them aren’t available in the U.S.

        I get what you’re saying about companies having products I may not know about. So It’s hard to get away from supporting them completely. I know that if I buy any phone with an AMOLED screen, it will most likely be a Samsung screen. That doesn’t keep me from trying to minimize my support for a company as much as I can. If enough people that complain about their phones, quit buying their smartphones, then they will have to change. It’s pointless if you just complain and continue buying their products.

        An example of having to use a product/service I don’t particularly like, is wireless networks in the U.S. If T-Mobile had better service in my area, I would use them in a heart beat. I gave them a shot before and it didn’t work for me at all. So, unfortunately, I have to use AT&T service. I absolutely refuse to go back to Verizon though.

        • Daistaar

          Age that I can’t go back to Verizon lol. As much as I love Sony products, it drives me nuts how they always introduce proprietary items and parts. They are very closed. Not sure how developer friendly they are. I’m not defending Samsung by any stretch though. You were right in what you said. I do howbeit commend them for beginning to play nice with Google over the last few months. They opened up Knox, they’re supporting Wear and Android TV and have embraced the GPE initiative. I’ll support them as long as they stay the course. Hopefully Sony starts putting more effort into Western markets. Competition only benefits us consumers.

  • Lumia Nexus

    i am using exynos note 3, it is superfast sometimes and when it lags, it lags big time. i have used my friends note 3 snapdragon and it feels the same but sometimes my exynos note 3 feels alot faster

  • TopXKiller

    the struggle is real

  • Bryan Mills

    Qualcomm is laughing at you Samsung.

    • sincerely

      laughing at their billions?

      • Bryan Mills

        Made by fools. Classic.

      • rawr

        He only loves Qualcomm when they are against Samsung, you can read his history on how dumb the 805 is and how people who want the 805 are stupid.

        • sincerely

          I see lol

        • MH

          Don’t feed the trolls, Kids.

        • Dave

          All his comments are garbage.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Give me Qualcomm or give me Death.

    • gotluck

      yep, exynos is a negative in my book

    • r0l

      Like every other aspect of tech it’s good if there is strong competition. As long as it doesn’t introduce real fragmentation I hope the chipset does well.

    • bored at work

      I agree with you, but im also happy there is competition.. the last thing we need as consumers is one company to rule them all

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      • Cael

        I make $100 every 10 minutes by working on the corner. Your co-worker’s mother in law is not special.

    • What? Tegra K1 clearly the king of the hill.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        There is no Hill. It isn’t even in any device.

        • PROJECT TANGO isn’t a device?

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Project Tango is a Dev device. They aren’t moving numbers with project Tango. Wake me when K1 is in any flagship… As you can see all flagship this year have a Snapdragon.

          • I think we’re both trying to make different points. I’m talking about the technologically best SoC.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            My point is numbers on paper don’t matter. Oems aren’t buying Tegras. Qualcomm is proven.

        • Mike Saleh

          Yea it is. Xiaomi Mi Pad

      • Dave

        Unless you consider the article yesterday that showed the Exynos running Qhd still outperformed the K1 while it was running 1080. Unfortunately for Tegra, nobody really buys their products.

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