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Soak Test of Some Kind Coming Soon to DROID MAXX, ULTRA Owners

As we were heading into the holiday weekend, Motorola sent out invites of some sort to a potential soak test for DROID MAXX, ULTRA, and Mini owners for what we can only assume is an update to Android 4.4.4. The invites didn’t provide much info, nor were they the typical soak test emails, but readers of ours who did receive one seem to be on the same page as us – what else could it be? 

Motorola told us shortly after Google released Android 4.4.4 that it would be approximately 3-5 weeks before they could get approval on the update and have it pushed to the MAXX, ULTRA, and Mini. We are almost at the 3-week mark.

Unfortunately, since sending the invites, Motorola has yet to push out the update, so we have no confirmation on the test. Once we know more, we will update this post.

In the mean time, we would love to hear from participants in this latest update from Motorola.

Cheers to everyone who sent this in!
  • Anonymous Coward

    Starting tonight. Still no information on just what the update includes.

    • Anonymous Coward

      Android 4.4.4. Camera upgrades. Update gives a link to Verizon Wireless, but no detailed information there, yet. (As expected.)

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  • Mark Snider

    My Verizon Moto X is still on 4.4.2 so it needs some attention too, although I’m sure Verizon won’t get in any hurry

  • Jeremy Wray

    Hopefully this means that the Moto X update is only days away……

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  • C-Law

    Where’s the moto x update?

  • OoMfWifeyDoe~

    Anybody having trouble getting camera to come up on the ultra?

    • Pakmann2k

      Shake, open, snap. No problems here. Assuming you are using the stock camera and not the new Google Camera, I have a couple of these phones and have seen no problems. Might not be the best shooter in the world, but shake open from sleep is pretty sweet and something I use a lot.

  • j2000pro

    Hope we get the new dialer.

  • Joe Mantucca

    All I got was an email for a survey. After completion, it said I would be included in a test. Nothing so far.

    • Pakmann2k

      Same survey and process that we went through last year for Kit Katt. They open up the surveys and when they reach their target number of volunteers, they close the survey and push out the update. Takes a couple days. Then you will have 4.4.4 and almost like clockwork, everyone else gets it 14 days later.

  • akazerotime

    Probably a patch to plug the hole allowing bootloader to be unlocked on non-dev phones and root that was patched in the last update. No thanks.

  • Dave

    The soak test is an invite to the invitation to touch a OnePlusOne, smash your Droid, get invited to be on a list, then put in a lottery system to win an invitation to get on another list to get in line to buy the overhyped device.

  • Bryan Kolb

    Yet still no update for the Verizon Moto X… Motorola spoiled us with the update to 4.4.

  • Need dat foxfi to work. Still no 4.2.whatever.

    • Mike

      Root, upgrade to 4.4, use Xposed and module to enable free Wifi hotspot, ????, profit!

      • Rooting is not very clear for this phone. A ton of 100+ page threads with conflicting info about keeping root after upgrades, etc. Rather just wait.

  • bboyairwreck

    Also on a side note, has anyone elses Google Play Services keep crashing on their Maxx? This started happening about a week ago and couldnt find anything on XDA

    • RiotingPanda


    • Damnyankees

      YES! This is driving me nuts!

      • patriciacyamamoto123

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    • josuearisty

      I think it is because of ART, I hope the next update fix it.

      Will de get Android L?

    • James_75

      ME too! Annoying as hell!

    • Scott Hardy

      yep its an ART problem, switch back to Dalvik for now and it will stop

      • Calvin Phillips

        I’ve been on ART since I’ve had my Maxx. Why is it just now crashing the play services?? Like the others it’s been happening maybe a week now.

        • kunit

          Because that’s when Google play services updated to the version that isn’t compatible with 4.4s version of ART.

          • Calvin Phillips

            Are referring to just 4.4 or even the latest 4.4.3, because ART is going to be the new runtime permanently. So why would they update it not to work with ART when they are making it the primary runtime on the L which is due to start releasing in the next few months.

          • Jason B

            It’s an issue with 4.4’s ART; I had the same issue when my Moto X was on 4.4. Google updated the runtime in 4.4.1 which carried over into 4.4.2. It might have been updated again for 4.4.3, but I haven’t looked at the OTA files from the N7 to see if it was.

            Google classifies 4.4’s ART as incompatible.

    • Bill

      not crashing on my Maxx

    • beng8686

      Here too. I agree with everyone else about ART being the problem. Just going to wait it out…

    • RoadsterHD1

      Mines fine.

    • RoadsterHD1

      Maybe clear the cache clear data, if that does not work uninstall updates and reinstall updates.

      • Duane Westerhaus

        Thanks for the suggestions. I tried all this but I’m still getting the Play Services has stopped message. Happens after every app update or when starting a game. Funny thing is, everything continues normally after ‘ok’ing the message. I installed ART last month. A week later was when the Play Services fail message began. I’m willing to live with this annoyance if 4.4.4 comes soon. If that doesn’t fix it, I guess I’ll change back to DALVIK then.

    • Chris Bice

      Try clearing caches … I haven’t had an issue other than last weeks isolated events. Still on ART , and the problem has gone away.

    • Rysh

      When I got the error multiple times all I did was power off the phone and back on again and Google Play started working just fine again.

  • DJ SPY

    I got a soak invite for the Maxx HD a couple of weeks back. Found it weird. I didn’t join because I’m not using a HD anymore.

    • Ryan O’Neill

      That was for Kitkat.

      • DJ SPY

        We got KitKat in May.

      • DFTG

        No…it’s for a new soak test. Which hopefully will fix all the problems that came with KK..

  • Corey Smith


  • RoadsterHD1

    Is it possible we get it today? Maybe this week?

  • RoadsterHD1

    Finally, I’ve been waiting for this. Can’t wait to get it!!!!

  • bboyairwreck

    I’m gonna be looking for one thing in the change log: “Improved Battery”
    Gawd I want my 48 hours back in pre-KitKat

    • Lucky Armpit

      I don’t have that problem, I still get 2 days from my Maxx before needing to recharge. You’re not the first person who claimed their battery life suffered after KitKat; wonder what the difference is?

    • jnt

      We’re moving back to Verizon from T-Mobile and I’ve been real tempted to get this phone since it’s so cheap right now, both new and used… and is such a workhorse. But hearing this makes me re-think it to a certain extent.

      • DJ SPY

        New Droid line (and Moto X) is expected to launch mid-end August. I would wait.

        • jnt

          Oh really? Wow, how’d I miss that… thanks. Obviously I’ve seen a ton on the X+1, but haven’t heard a thing about the Droid line yet.

          • Calvin Phillips

            They’ve not said anything about a droid line. Only the X+1 has been mentioned.

      • bboyairwreck

        Don’t get me wrong I love my Maxx. I’m still getting 32 hours out of it which is WAY more than I need. Maxx users are honestly just spoiled lol. While I’m a huge advocate for this phone, if you’re looking for battery life, performance, and low cost at this time, I’d suggest the G2 over this. But if you really like cheap and close to stock android and active notifications, I would recommend this or the Moto X

        • jnt

          Thanks – yeah the G2 is my other frontrunner. Not a fan of the cheaper plastic feel, but everything else about the device from the screen to the size is solid. I just can’t get on board with the size of the G3 and other new devices.

        • needa

          i get that battery life with my moto x. yours does not make sense.

          • bboyairwreck

            Yeah as does my gf with her Moto X which is kinda sad. KitKit just kinda killed my battery life. At times i can soak out to 40 hours. Note that I’m like on full brightness, gps, auto uploading, gaming quite often. It was crazy cuz pre KitKat i was still getting 48hr with those same settings. Again like I said Maxx users are just spoiled. It really isnt THAT big of a deal to me.

          • droidrazredge

            That’s insane. What battery saving options and settings do you use to get the 32 hours on her Moto X ?

          • needa

            everything stays on but bluetooth and i auto bright. but i only have around 90 min screen to get that. i take care of my battery pretty well. i rarely if ever heat up my phone. my max on this phone is 54 hours. reached over 50 a few times. nowadays though… 35 or 40 would be my max. <–ten month old phone.

        • You really can’t get lower cost that free, which is what the Maxx is now.

      • Stephned1003

        On the subject of switching. I went to the Droid Maxx when I switched to Verizon from a note 2 on T-Mobile. The Maxx has been excellent with battery life that exceeded my expectations. Get it with confidence if battery life in a well kept kevlar package is what you seek.

        • jnt


    • DJ SPY

      I was just reading today that Nexus owners are plagued with battery problems since 4.4.4.

      • kunit

        Usually the culprit is a couple apps not being updated for the new android version yet.

    • Dave

      My Note2 still gets 2 days with KK, but I got better with JB. Possibly more services running with the new OS?

    • Pakmann2k

      I use the Ultra and when this was new, 22-26hrs was a reality. Since KK, 12 max! Average 8-10 with moderate use. I took the slimmer device because when I bought it, battery life was fine. Not so much anymore. Hope 4.4.4 will fix it. Just waiting for the push!

    • jamaall

      I don’t know of a phone where people haven’t claimed an update ruined their battery life. I highly doubt its the update itself. Check your battery usage, Google Play Services eats up a lot of battery sometimes

      • greennick98

        No this update truly has destroyed this phones best-in-class battery life. 4 hours of screen on time over 14 hours off the charger and I have maybe 30% if I’m lucky. Jelly bean would’ve still been well above 50%

    • MicroNix

      And this is why everyone who clammers and crows about getting updates are high. Updates to existing devices normally seem to cause more issues than any benefit. Even the DL reader’s choice Moto is not immune. “Oh, look at me, I got KK first! Oh wait. Oh crud. My battery life just dropped 30%”

  • drose0

    Waiting on the push…