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T-Mobile LG G2 Receiving Update, Brings KnockOn Security

KnockOn, a security feature introduced on the LG G Pro 2 back at MWC, is making its way to older devices. Announced this morning by T-Mobile, current LG G2 owners on the network will receive an update this week, bringing the KnockOn feature to their devices.

With KnockOn, users can set a user-created pattern on their lockscreen, allowing them to stay away from the usual PIN or circular pattern unlock software that is used on all Android devices. 

In addition to KnockOn, improvements for Google Wallet, battery life, Google security fixes, auto brightness, WiFi calling, and Visual Voicemail are also in tow. It’s a nice little update, for sure.

G2 owners on T-Mobile, be on the lookout for the update.

Via: T-Mobile
  • David Benson

    Got the update this morning, pretty cool

  • Toilet Seat Wipe

    Didn’t we already have knock on? I know I did.

  • Guest

    how is it?? Does anyone have any complaints with this new update? Does it work with the screen off?

  • smells like teen crap

    got it already annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd im happy 😀

  • ki11ak3nn

    Finally. Took forever. I was wondering when we were gonna be able to use KnockCode. We get it right before the G3 comes out. Good going T-Mobile!!

  • guest

    It is T-mobile D801BK, D80120E update, birng knock code, art, and tap & pay..

  • guest
  • alexg

    No way in hell I’m updating.
    Not worth losing root for those minor improvements.

  • Alex Xela

    Still 4.4.2 and no VoLTE.

  • Charles Walker

    Can anybody confirm if this is 4.4.4?

  • Alex Xela

    Can change between Dalvik and ART now. Was not available in a previous release.

  • Jonathan Sosa

    Will this actually allow me to use Google wallet?

  • AaronS

    Great, I just bought a G2. It just got delivered today.

  • imHOWIE

    Surely they mean knock code. Knock on has always been on the G2.

  • mike

    I’ll say Verizon will release this update in October and there will be tons of bugs in it.

  • Charles Walker

    How does an LG G2 that’s been rooted with Towelroot proceed with this update? Unroot first?

  • yankeesusa

    Let me guess, still no tap and pay fix? Oh well, so much for the uncarrier.

    • Charles Walker

      The fact they mention Wallet improvements at all gives me some hope.

      • Jonathan Sosa

        I just switched to cyaonogenmod yesterday to use it, it actually works on cm.

    • reptar978

      It gives me tap to pay option now in Google wallet. Haven’t tried it yet though

      • yankeesusa

        Does it let you add credit/debit cards and switch between them? That would be awesome if it did. I can finally get my wife to change from her Xperia z that never gets updated.

  • dannyWHITE

    Don’t wanna sound like a smart ass but I believe you mean KnockCODE Tim.

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    Maybe all the stars will align and VZW will get this update out before end of summer? Battery life on my VZW G2 has been horrible ever since the KK update to 4.4.2

    • Bryan Mills

      Stock XDABEBB rom is where it’s at.

    • Battery life is fantastic for me on XDABEBB and Cloudy G3


        Is there any easy way to root the VZW variant on 4.4.2? I see all the videos and instructions for flashing are based on the 4.2.2 software.


        • 2001400ex

          Towel root works, I button, no need to connect to computer. To root at least.

          • Mike H.

            Yup then you find autorec.apk on line (I think droid views) and you hit one button and you have twrp as well.

          • THRLCKDKN

            Lost me with droid views – i can handle towel root and running an apk but any further rooting lingo and i’m lost

        • ricardo_r21

          Latest version of ioroot. One click root.

    • T4rd

      My friend was complaining of battery life on his T-Mobile G2 too after the update. He just traded it for a One M8 on the Jump program and is much happier with it overall. Though he is a total non-technical guy, I kept trying to tell him just to get an iPhone since the last few Android phones he has constantly complained about. I’m sure he’ll find something to hate on the M8 soon enough too, hah.

      • DanSan

        you must really dislike him, you actually recommended he get an iPhone? lol jk friends dont let friends buy iPhones.

        • T4rd

          Haha, I actually try to recommend based on wants/needs, rather than pure bias on what I prefer/own. He had already had an iPhone 5 and didn’t complain about it, then got a G2 and constantly complained. I figured if he couldn’t be happy with a G2, he couldn’t be happy on Android at all.