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Blek Finally Hits Google Play After Becoming Highly-celebrated Puzzler on iOS

I can’t talk about Blek without telling a brief story. Thanks to a few of my friends who exclusively run iOS devices, who are always showing off the latest games they have, I am continuously left feeling jealous of their access to certain titles. Heck, Tiny Wings still hasn’t made its way to Android, and at this point, I doubt it ever will.

Blek was the latest game that my friends showed off, then they joked that Android would never see it. Well, I am happy to report that the game is now available for Android through Google Play. 

Blek is an minimal puzzler game, which forces players to use their imagination to solve puzzles. The goal is to create a gesture with your finger, which will then make its way through a level, hitting colored bubbles. But be careful, you don’t want to hit black bubbles. Obstacles are in your way through the harder levels, so you will find yourself going through a trial and error process throughout almost every level. But again, this is a puzzler, and it’s okay to get it wrong a few times.

As for performance, the app is very smooth and polished. It also features a soft soundtrack, which should help ease your frustration of countless gesture deaths.

The game costs $2.99 on Google Play, so go check it out.

Play Link ($2.99)

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  • vwbeetlvr

    Bought mine on Amazon with my million (ok, 2885) amazon coins.

  • Mitch Joa

    We don’t need Tiny Wings, we have Dragon Fly. It’s sooo much better.

  • AbeVilla

    I hate ios for that matter that I was only able to customize my game folder with new games!!!! Lol that was a joke, as far as the jailbreak community they are still catching up to android donut..

  • Thomas

    *friends = Ron 😉

  • Android fanboys, always angered by perceived slights.

  • r0l

    I’ll buy it, however when there’s a popular iOS game and they take forever to get it to Android and then the knockoffs come I don’t feel the slightest bit bad for them.

  • Miguel

    Another garbage, let’s move along, not interested in helping devs that take their sweet time in bringing their games to Android.

    • cjohnson481

      You must hate the majority of apps out there then. Better not use Instagram…

      • some guest

        Bad example, Instagram is pretty crappy on Android. You can tell what pictures came from Android phones vs iOS phones because of the compression method Instagram is using on pictures. It’s pretty well documented and they still haven’t taken the time to fix it.

        • cjohnson481

          Not a bad example. Previous commenter is slighted about apps that launched on iOS first and then came to Android. He isn’t slighted about perceived quality differences, it’s like for like titles that come second to Android, and that would be the majority of apps.

  • Jon Leach

    This looks pretty fun.

  • Bryan Mills

    Let them have their crap. We don’t want it.

    • T4rd

      Well I’m certainly glad they ported Clash of Clans and Threes over from iOS. Two of my top games at the moment still.

      • stupid coc…got me sitting for two weeks to do one thing while my three builders sleep…talk about frustration and trying to rape my wallet

        • T4rd

          Meh, I like it. I’ve just about maxed out my TH8 base and I haven’t spent a penny on it. I raid a lot, so I keep my 4 builders busy most of the time too. Clan Wars certainly helps a lot with loot as well.

    • BeLogical

      If it doesn’t release at the same time, I don’t play it, ever. Might be a silly rule, but it’s mine 🙂

      • Jason Smith

        I don’t think it’s really fair to judge these (often tiny) companies like that.
        iOS is easier to ship for, and it is a fairly large market, so I think it’s ok as long as the release gap isn’t super long. If I was a startup, I might take that approach if I had sufficiently limited resources.

        • El Big CHRIS

          i can see that, but a lot of companies still do that, big and small. And the whole thing is that Android is a bigger market so you’d think they want their app there first. Even tho your argument is valid, i think the majority of people still have the mentality that iOS is ‘superior’ and therefore their apps must be released there first. Shoudlnt be that way, but my 2 cnts

          • Tucker Nebel

            I learned in my Mobile app development class that even though Android is the larger market. A LOT more money is spent on iOS which is a other big reason for iOS first games.

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