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Google Maps Update Brings Android Wear Support

Google Maps received an update yesterday to bring support for Google’s brand new Android Wear platform, along with bug fixes. The update doesn’t specifically say what “support for Android Wear devices” means, but we are able to initiate turn-by-turn navigation from the G Watch and Gear Live that we have in house.

The update should be available now on Google Play for all. 

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  • Jon

    OMG I would punch a baby to have one of these now!

  • ckeegan

    Sweet, now it’s ready for my Moto 360 in a couple weeks, RIGHT MOTO???

    • Maxim∑

      lol a couple weeks…. yeah right

      it will be a couple months, then 10 seconds after release it will be sold out for another month

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I was just conversing with a guest the other day about needing to carry the phone around while working out so it can track steps. And this almost proves him right. I wonder HOW MUCH these things can do without a phone. On the specs sheet from DL neither of watches have built in pedometers.

    i’m glad whoever the guest is gave me this perspective.

  • That day when I no longer have to find a spot for my phone in the car when navigating, or just have to hold on to it the whole time… is finally here!

    • T4rd

      Ya know they make these handy dandy car dock thingys to hold your phone right? Most decent ones are under $20 too! 😉

      • Shane Redman

        Ain’t nobody got time for that!

        • T4rd

          Hah, not sure if serious.. takes me no more time to dock my phone than to throw it in a cup holder or something.

          • Shane Redman

            I’m usually never serious ;)….but a cup holder is free

      • Gideon Waxfarb

        I haven’t found one yet that’ll stay stuck to a windshield or dashboard during hot, Texas summers. I have one that mounts in the CD player, but it doesn’t quite fit with the head unit I just got. (Collides with the volume button.)

    • niuguy

      That was my first thought. Or if you are in somebody else’s car. This is slick. Hopefully it doesn’t kill watch life.

    • Patrick Crumpler

      Thinking the same thing. Very easy to get a visual. Maybe more so than a nav system.

  • Jeremy Alajajian

    Can you fellas look into which fitness apps will push info[pace/distance/total time] to android wear devices? Thinking about getting a Pebble for this functionality, but for the extra $70, I’d rather have the G

    • tu3218

      Does pebble even have this functionality? Actually I guess I remember something about whatever the running/workout app is displaying, it puts on the pebble.

      • Jeremy Alajajian

        It definitely does. MapMyRun I believe. The only upsides to buying one of these seems to be heavy Google Now integration and pretty colors. Not sure that is worth the $70 or more difference(fully expecting a Pebble sale BTW)

        • Jon

          I honestly don’t think the Pebble is even worthy of comparison to a Google Wear watch. It’s barely even in the same league. And soon people won’t be asking, Should I buy a Wear watch or the much cheaper Pebble? (assuming price cut is imminent as well). People will instead be asking…should I buy this moderately priced wear watch or this other even cheaper wear watch?

          This is just the start and these watches are already in the $200 range. There are many other companies that will release inexpensive wear watches in the days to come just like we see very inexpensive phones and tablets.

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  • T4rd

    Maps has been sucking for me and my wife (on M8 and GS4) lately. Lots of FCs in the middle of navigating. I’ve switched us to Waze and it’s much better all around except for the more robotic voice.

    • Jprime

      they need to fix the FC asap

    • Yeah, on my stock Moto X I will be navigating and looking at the display and wondering why the map looks familier, only to find out the app froze and I have to kill it.

      • antwonw

        Yes to both of these big time. Happens to me at certain times my Nexus 5.

      • Pratik Holla

        This has happened to me a lot as well (GS3). It just freezes and is unable to track me. Not sure about this theory but, since its summer here in the US, the heat picks inside the car and might be heating the phone a lot (has a case on it too). This might be slowing the phone down and may not be a phone issue?

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    • Jon

      Maps works fine for me…but Waze blows maps away for Turn by Turn nav. Knowing when things are in the road up ahead makes my commute safer. I’ve been alerted to DUI checkpoints, heavy traffic as it’s happening up ahead in real time, animals and people on the freeway, etc.

      I hope Google continues to implement the two together even more.

      • Gideon Waxfarb

        Does it give you the option to bypass tolls/highways?

        • Jon

          Yes those are an option you can toggle.

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