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“OK, Google. Set the Temperature” is Coming Soon to Nest, Other Services too Thanks to Developer Program

Nest announced its new developer program this evening, just two days before Google kicks off its annual developer conference. The Google-owned smart home company has worked with a number of companies behind the scenes to get to this day, which means they are already showing off some of the potential of opening up their API and giving developers tools to get products a “Works with Nest” badge of honor, if you will.

Think of having a more “conscious and thoughtful home,” that is more aware because of Nest’s interaction with the products you use every day. 

Companies like Mercedes-Benz, Whirlpool, IFTTT and Jawbone are all on-board with the Nest developer program. With Mercedes working alongside your thermostat, Nest could know as you drive you car home that it should turn the temperature to 70-degrees. With Jawbone interaction, your Nest Thermostat would know the moment you wake up or go to bed, so your temperature could automatically be set. With a service like IFTTT, you could do something like, “If my Nest Protect detects smoke, then send a text message to my neighbors.”

Starting to see the possibilities?

Oh, and of course, Google integration is coming. The example that Nest gives is the most obvious – through Google Now you could say, “OK, Google. Set the temperature to 75.” Nest has announced that this action is “coming this Fall.”

If you are a developer and would like to look into the Nest developer program, hit up the links below.


Via:  Nest | Nest Developer Program
  • Edward Smith

    Scotty: Computer! Computer?
    [He’s handed a mouse, and he speaks into it]
    Scotty: Hello, computer.
    Dr. Nichols: Just use the keyboard.
    Scotty: Keyboard. How quaint.

  • Simon Belmont

    OK, Google. Cast the next episode of MacGyver on Netflix.

    I’d love to see that type of third party integration (yeah, I know this was about Nest, but I can dream). I hope we hear more about it tomorrow.

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  • epps720

    Integration with Up is pretty good… unless you have a small bladder

  • epps720

    Hopefully they’ll bring the feature they have in the Mercedes to Google Maps and Waze. So when I navigate home my thermostat knows to adjust the temperature. Pretty amazing

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  • bareclause

    One step closer to never having to get off my couch.

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  • yummy

    Oh I cant wait for this. How did we make it this far without you Google? Well, at least the dear little ones will never know how awesome life was before Google ruined it.

    • archercc

      Youre just going to be like your “remember when we had to get up and go to the TV to change between the 4 channels we had?” parents. Always talking about how things were better “then.”

      • That’s really a matter of perception. Maybe people spent more time talking with each other back then, instead of staring at a screen in silence… At the same time, I appreciate what Googl et al are trying to do, even if we don’t “need” it.

    • Me

      just buy them an oculus rift. you can simulate the whole experience.

  • Pablo G

    Looks like Apple’s HomeKit project has Google a little nervous. Google’s venture into home automation will be as successful as their Google TV product. Paying $4B for a few commodity products (one which had issues that halted sales) is not smart or innovative.

    • I don’t think that’s fair to say. Remember, Google has been looking into home automation for years. In fact we just started hearing about apple’s home automation solution. There is no way Google can be reacting to that they are just closing deals and announcing stuff close to IO which just happened to ensure close to Apple’s announcement

    • epps720

      Stop trolling, it may be the opposite way around. Google was the first to buy Nest and everyone knew they were getting into home automation, so if anything Apple might have started to develop home kit due to this. When did Apple unveil home kit, less than a month ago?! Pretty sure it took Google longer than that to develop this and these partnerships.

      • POSAppleFanboi

        Apple didn’t even start home Innovation till way after Google, LG started

        Dumb troll, at least get the Facts straight

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    • Daistaar

      Only three downvotes? I would have thought there were more.

  • needa

    i hope there is something at i/o from nest. otherwise i will be buying the new honeywell.

    • L Harmon

      I dumped my Nest for ecobee and couldn’t be happier. It works great with our Smartthings setup. I looked at honeywell, but they had nothing quite as good at the time.

      • needa

        i need to look at the ecobee. i keep hearing great things about it. the honeywell i am talking about is the new lyric. it should be available to buy at the commercial supply house by now. or will be very soon. that gps geofence is really important to me. does the ecobee offer this?

        • J J

          I don’t believe you can do it directly with ecobee, but you can set up geofencing through a home automation hub like Smartthings ($99) to control ecobee and other devices based on home arrival and departure based on either cell phone or fob.

      • Cory S

        Love my SmartThings setup, but never really felt the need to stress over Nest integration. My Nest manages its self so well there really isn’t a need for more hands in the wash bucket.

        • Raven

          Thanks! I have been looking at Revolv, Vera, and IRIS, but somehow I had not heard of SmartThings yet. There may be a new contender.

  • Larizard

    This is intense!! I/O build-up is so freakin sweeeet!