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HTC Nexus 9 Tablet May Have Leaked, It Sounds Amazing

htc nexus volantis

Back in May, Google code revealed a possible HTC Nexus device in works, one that most figured would be a tablet since it ran NVIDIA’s Tegra K1. We weren’t sure if the device would be called Nexus 9 or Nexus 8, but did know at the time that it would carry two code names of “flounder” and “volantis” that everyone should be on the lookout for. Thanks to a new report that surfaced over the weekend, we may have a better grasp on the name, a full set of specs, and price points depending on the amount of storage. 

So what do we know now? Well, the image above is nothing more than a mock-up based off of a render that may or may not be the actual device, since the description doesn’t match-up to the device pictured. Because according to this report, the device has an 8.9-inch (2048×1440, 281ppi) display, NVDIA Tegra K1 64-bit processor, 2GB RAM, 16/32GB storage options, WiFi or LTE models, 8MP OIS camera on the back, 3MP camera on the front, front-facing speakers, and an aluminum zero-gap body.

See, it’s that “aluminum zero-gap” reference that would lead us to believe that the image isn’t fully resembling an HTC Nexus. The device pictured looks like a Nexus 5 mixed with a Nexus 7, which means no metal or front facing speakers. Then again, an HTC-made Nexus device could carry similar styling to the current Nexus line, so we’ll try to keep an open mind with the potential appearance of the Nexus 9. Speaking of Nexus 9, that is the name currently being used internally.

We are also hearing of a starting price point of $399 for 16GB of storage and WiFi-only connectivity, followed by $499 for the 32GB model. LTE models could run north of $600.

This most recent report suggest that this device isn’t arriving until Q4 with the release of the “L” version of Android, so it doesn’t sound like Google I/O will be the place for your next Nexus. That matches up to a report we heard back in March.

Here are those specs one last time:

  • 8.9″ Display at 2048×1440 (281ppi)
  • NVIDIA Logan 64-bit processor (Tegra K1)
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16/32GB internal storage
  • 8MP OIS main camera, 3MP front facing camera
  • Aluminum zero-gap construction
  • Stereo front-facing speakers
  • 8.91″x5.98″x0.31″ body (that’s 22.63×15.19×0.79cm)
  • 418g (or 427g with LTE) (that’s 14.74/15.1 ounces)

Is this your dream device? HTC back in the Nexus game make you smile? General thoughts?

Via:  Android Police
  • Bharat Bang

    Where would i keep it, pocket or bag 😛

  • zurginator

    What do we want? EVERYTHING! When do we want it? NOW! What do we want to pay for it? WHATEVER IFIXIT SAYS THE PARTS COST!

  • Brandon Rosonina

    Are there 2 tablets in the works, Flounder and Volantis?

  • sski66

    To me a Nexus device is more then just Google Android, it also has to do with the price, & @ these prices it’s not a Nexus to me. It’s a damn shame too, I’ve owned both N7’s & definitely would love to buy this one too but I’m looking @ $600 bucks here for the one I want, am I the only one thinking that’s way over the line?

  • Eric Blackman

    I bought the Tab Pro 8.4 at Best Buy Sunday for $279. Outstanding tablet, if you don’t count TouchWiz. Crazy good screen, light, and goldilocks size. The Nexus 10 is still among the best at resolution, but gets a little laggy and is a little heavy. The Nexus 7 doesn’t feel big enough to me anymore.

  • Please be 4:3 aspect ratio. A 4:3 Android tablet would be awesome. Perfect aspect for content consumption

    • True Radiant Free

      With the majority of movies, TV shows, music videos, and real games in a 16:9 ratio, I will never understand how people say this.

      • Trysta

        Easy. People that want to browse the web and read books and don’t care about a little bit of black bar when occasionally watching movies/TV. Not everyone uses their tablet as a mini TV screen. Many use it as a mini computer.

        • True Radiant Free

          I understand. I personally like browsing the web and reading books on a wide screen device, and immersive mode with KitKat made that even better. Watching videos is a key point for me though, and with content even being at 2.40:1 “movie theater” widescreen, the black bar issue is even worse. I just don’t think Google should do this. Also content consumption to me sounds like media content like videos more so than books or browsing, but that’s my interpretation.

      • Web pages

  • Those measurements and that aspect ratio of the resolution just don’t add up. I’m calling shenanigans on this leak.

    • True Radiant Free


      • The resolution is actually somewhere between 4:3 and 16:9.

        • True Radiant Free

          Yeah I know I just didn’t think Google would release a tablet with anything less than a 16:10 ratio.

  • Corey Foltman

    ooo front facing speakers… that sounds nice.

  • pratyush97

    2GB RAM and 64 Bit CPU..
    Well.. Imo it’s done to keep the price down 😛

  • Peemee

    So tired of the word “Amazing” being thrown around.

    • True Radiant Free

      The amazing and revolutionarily priced iPad mini *cue Phil Schiller’s voice* with Retina Display.

  • Twilightlicous

    For that price, I won’t be getting one. That’s nexus 10 money, not nexus 7.

  • Jason B

    4:3 is pretty dumb (if true) considering any movies/shows you’ll be watching on the device will be 16:9. Are we going back in time?

  • MH

    Tegra processor = fail
    HTC = meh

    I hope none of the HTC gimmickery makes it onto the device, and they spec a snapdragon 810.

    • hkklife

      To date and to the best of my knowledge, there’s not a single tablet on the market with an 801 other than the Sony Xperia Z2 that is basically not even available in the USA. What’s the deal with phones like the G3 having more RAM, more pixels, more storage options and better SoCs than the latest tablets? Tablets should be able to be conceived, designed, built and brought to market much faster due to no carrier meddling or approvals.

      • MH

        The 810, not the 801. Huge difference.

        The Note 3 is 90% of the G3…and it’s almost a year old. The note 4 will be a true monster, esp if it has the 805 or 810

        • True Radiant Free

          Or the 808.

  • Alex

    If this is the actual price I’m out, I have bought every tablet Google has brought out because they work well and they are cheap. For the this price and storage point I might as well just wait and save up for the next Nexus 10.

  • luis

    If this had a wacom stylus. Then dream tablet. But as of now. Just another nice tablet.

    • primarchlion

      I hope since it has a Tegra onboard it has ‘DirectStylus’ support similar to a Tegra Note tablet. Its not a proper replacement for Wacom, but it makes it a little more than just another nice tablet =)

      • InclusiontoInnovation

        I agree … I have the Tegra Note tablet and like it a lot … I fitted it with a modified Zagg Auto-Fit so that the stylus pulls out with having to remove the tablet, thus I also have access to a keyboard. Really enjoying it.

  • Dave

    2GB RAM and 281 PPI? Not trying to be a spec whore, but a 2014 flagship device….no thanks if these are real.

  • Alberto Nava

    Seriously, why don’t tablets have amazing cameras by now?

  • Richard Jackson

    I hope we got a new Nexus 10 out of this.

  • Bob G


    Do not want!

    The LG G3 has better resolution than this!
    Price is too damn high!

  • Char7Simons

    The picture is fake because the wallpaper is a wallpaper of the nexus 5 on android 4.4. Also, the front facing camera is in the middle which is not on any other nexus device.

  • XvierX

    I’m waiting to see what new chrome books are available after I/O. Once you get up to a 10 inch screen size I think I’d prefer having a keyboard.

  • @kellen which parts sound amazing to you?

  • I’ve been holding off buying a replacement for my 2012 Nexus 7 for this years Nexus tablet model and these specs and rumors are not making me happy. 7 inch or 8 is sweet spot for tablet size. 4:3 ratio is not the best option for every one. I prefer a second option sticking with 16:9. Key word there is option. And the price is not typical nexus pricing.

  • mcdonsco


    While I’m Android first almost always, I do not ignore the fact that Apple does make good tech as well and if I’m going to spend $399 on a tablet, I’m not going to buy an Android 8.9″, I’ll buy an iPad mini.

    …I think most consumers would do the same as well.

    Google got us used to quality hardware at low prices; they can’t just change that overnight.

  • beng8686

    I would love to see a Samsung 12.1 nexus tab.

  • Wall Breaker

    People are complaining on Google + that it doesn’t look different the the nexus 5 or 7.

    I don’t understand why you would not want your phone and tablet with the same name to have a unified design.?

  • Rodeojones000

    As others have already stated, 281 PPI seems low for a supposed high-end Android tablet. The other specs also don’t scream “buy me.” Honestly, I’d rather keep my still perfectly functioning Nexus 10 and save the money for something else (maybe Moto 360).

  • hkklife

    Assuming all of the above is correct, I am going to call it DOA unless they respond with a quick $100 price cut across the board. This thing makes the latest Samsung tablets look like a smash success in comparison. At least Samsung’s releases enjoy strong retail presence/visibility and marketing.

    The N10 in 2012 had a larger, higher resolution screen, same amount of RAM and same storage capacities at the same price points.
    There is simply NO reason for this thing to cost as much as it does. And what is it missing that the spec sheet does’t reveal? I bet it’ll lack the wireless charging that the N5 and 7 currently have. No MicroUSB 3.0 either. The new Samsung Tab S or Tab Pro line would have made a much stronger basis for a new Nexus tablet IMO. Or, better yet, an LG G-Pad 8.3 refresh.

    It should be $299 for 16GB and $349 for 32GB…..or $349 for 32GB and 64GB for $399 TOPS. This could have been Google’s chance to fire a shot across Apple’s bow. But with the combination of Apple’s larger screen iPhones, fall iPad refresh will combine with cancelation of the Nexus 6, this overpriced atrocity and the Android Silver program not starting until next year to make it another banner year for Apple. Sad that the Nexus line is going out with a whimper like this.

    We all need to bend over and prepare for Android Silver next year and kiss the golden era of the Nexus 4/5/7 as the best values in the industry goodbye . Android Silver is nothing more than a way for Google to cozy up to the carriers an shove more overpriced GPE-style handsets down our throats.

    • needa

      i want to believe that the n6 six is still gonna happen. if for no other reason than the number is still available. then move on to silver because they cannot go any further. either way though i absolutely will not give into any theory that low priced flagships are gone.

  • JSo

    Rumors……they’re stupid.