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UpTo Calendar Gets Fancy New Widgets, Interface Sprucing, and Improved Date Pickers

Upto Calendar, one of our staff favorites for calendar alternatives on Android, received an update today that introduces all new widgets. These widgets can be customized by color theme, visible calendars, size, opacity, and more. The update also brought with it a spruced up interface, so that you can quickly toggle between agenda or day views. There are updated date and time pickers, as well, that look much more like Google’s. 

What’s New

  • All new UpTo widgets! Mix and match beautiful agenda and month widgets to see UpTo right on your home screen. Customize color theme, visible calendars, size, opacity, and much more!
  • Spruced up calendar interface. Quickly toggle between the agenda and day view, and easily swipe between the week and month.
  • Better date and time pickers. UpTo now supports Google’s new date, time, and event repeat pickers. Try ’em out!

Play Link

  • Absolutely awesome features! Can someone help me sync up with the dashboard calendar of the Mazda CX-5?

  • gwenny

    Was excited about this calendar when reading trough this article; yet sad to see none of my devices were supported when I hit the play link (Xperia Z phone, Xperia Z tablet, Xperia Z2 phone) 🙁 No love for Sony devices ?

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  • Scott H

    I’m having a hard time choosing my go-to calendar between UpTo, Cal and Sunrise. All very similar with their own flair.

    • IMO Cal is totally worthless. Only thing it has got is a pretty UI. Nothing beyond that. Sunrise is useful if you are an active social person. Otherwise UpTo is the best so far.

  • Lee Dixon

    Nice interface and selection of layers. Unfortunately, it does not incorporate my calendar from Touchdown Exchange so I’ll be sticking with Pure Calendar for now. Keep up the good work.

    • Great feedback, and sorry about that… As far as we know Touchdown does not integrate with any 3rd party calendars, so there’s not much we can do unless they choose to play nice with the Android calendar. To be clear, UpTo will sync with any calendar that connects to your native Android calendar.

  • Raven

    I have been using Touch Calendar for years and although it hasn’t been updated to new KitKat standards yet and looks a little dated, it is still the most functional calendar app and widget that I have found.

  • Greg

    Has a major feature missing that is a 100% must for me. Calendar widget needs to be scrollable between months. If this can be added, I would use this app.

  • Muji Samovar

    This fixes a big reason why I retained GCalendar’s icon on my home screen in a folder with UpTo, which is my preferred manner of viewing my day. Calendar/time picker was a real pain, now it’s up to snuff with the GApp version.

    As mentioned by others:
    – Needs to be a native calendar
    – Needs some sort of landscape mode
    – Don’t have my tablet handy: is there tablet support yet?

    Positive trajectory though! If the above were solved, I’d probably remove Sunrise from my tablet and make this my go-to. Keep up the hard work, UpTo team.

    • Thanks, Muji. If those are you’re only complaints, then we must be doing a good job! Native calendar and landscape are both in the works. Tablet support is a next phase, but certainly something that we’d love to include. Please keep sharing awesome feedback!
      – Jacob, Team UpTo ([email protected])

  • Best calendar on Android hands down in my opinion. Not only can I keep up with my schedule I can keep up with the Seahawks schedule, upcoming theater and DVD release and whatever else I want to discover. It also syncs with Google so that’s def a big plus.

    • Looking for a sales job?? 😉 Thanks for the support!
      – Jacob, Team UpTo ([email protected])

  • XjohnjohnX

    Not available in France 🙁

  • HonKudasai

    Still no landscape mode…

    • We’ve got a few more exciting updates coming first, but landscape week view is definitely on our short list. Thank you for the feedback.
      – Jacob, Team UpTo ([email protected])

    • Raven

      This is a major killer for me. If it can’t do month view in landscape it is pretty much useless to me.

  • Ilya Kolodiychik

    For someone like me, who only updates their calendar via the web or Outlook (with calendar sync to sync it to Google), this is perfect. I like the look of it.

    • KellyannMaxsteadtfa

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  • JSo

    But still isn’t recognized by Android as a calendar app. I would think that would be the simplest thing to do. I’m sticking with Today calendar.

    • DanSan

      what do you mean its “not recognized”?

      Ive been using Today but also have Sunrise installed even though i dont really use it

      • JSo

        If i have a calendar extension on Dashclock for example and press it, I don’t get the option to open it with UpTo. I use Status Agenda as well and its the same thing. So Android isn’t seeing it as a calendar app to open these things with.

        • DanSan

          ahh gotcha.. That sticks. you sure thats the apps problem with classification or maybe lack of support from dashclock? best to stick with Today calendar

          • JSo

            I’m pretty sure its UpTo. Every other calendar app I have tried works fine in that area.

        • Hey guys, in case you missed my other comment, this is certainly in the plans! Thank you again for the feedback.

    • This is certainly in the plans! Love the feedback, thank you.
      – Jacob, Team UpTo ([email protected])

  • Droid Ronin

    Too many calendar apps to choose from. I’m currently using Sunrise as the main calendar and Today for a widget. Might give this a try eventually…

    • Sunrise is pretty cool, but UpTo offers equally beautiful, simple UI with so much more. The public calendar selection is above and beyond. Only one place to go to see everything that’s upcoming that you care about (sports, concerts, TV premiers, etc.)

      – Jacob, Team UpTo ([email protected])

      • yep, that’s why I’ve stopped looking into other calendars. I don’t need social features like invite friends or embed map in my calendar. But the public calendars like TV shows, movie release, holidays etc are useful for me. No other calendar provides this. (Google’s public calendars are limited).

        Feature suggestions – Can you please add a countdown widget for events?

        • Wow, that’s a really awesome idea! Shared with our mobile team — I’ll personally be pulling for that one!

  • MacNificent

    Yeah…. I’m not upto downloading this today..