Google Updates Calendar, Brings User Requested Features Such as 7-Day Week View (Updated: APK)

Google is rolling out a big update to its official Calendar app, complete with new features that were suggested right from within the community. The biggest of which, if you asked us, is a new 7-day week view option that allows for pinch-to-zoom. With this, you can get a broader view of what is on your plate, then also dive deeper into your schedule with more detail thanks to the pinching.  (more…)

Google App Update Wednesday: Maps, Camera, Calendar, Sheets, Slides, and So Damn Many More

You probably already realized this, since we wrote up three Google apps with updates before noon, but yes, today is Wednesday and that means Google is unleashing new goodies upon us. Below, we have compiled a list of some of the updates that have already rolled out today (some yesterday too), along with download links and details to their changes (if they have any). A bunch of these updates are minor bug fixes, but a few do have substantial changes.

Should other apps receive updates, we will try our best to update the list.

Go get ’em!  (more…)

This is the New Calendar 5.0 for Android

The new Google Calendar 5.0 update is now available on Android for Lollipop users (everyone else over the coming weeks). This is the the best Google app redesign I have seen yet, and I’m not sure that it is even close (that includes the Gmail 5.0 update I just wrote about). And so you know, this is coming from someone who lives and breathes in a calendar all day, every day. I have tried all the good calendar apps, even settling on Sunrise for months. Sunrise is awesome. But it’s not as awesome as this new Google Calendar.

I have been playing with it for a few days now on the Nexus 6, trying to form some opinions on it as we led up to today’s launch. Here they are.  (more…)

UpTo Calendar Gets Fancy New Widgets, Interface Sprucing, and Improved Date Pickers

Upto Calendar, one of our staff favorites for calendar alternatives on Android, received an update today that introduces all new widgets. These widgets can be customized by color theme, visible calendars, size, opacity, and more. The update also brought with it a spruced up interface, so that you can quickly toggle between agenda or day views. There are updated date and time pickers, as well, that look much more like Google’s.  (more…)

Sunrise Calendar Gets Apps – Works With SongKick, Evernote, and Other Services

Sunrise, a popular iOS calendar app that made its way to Android (and the web) a few weeks back, received a solid update today that features support for other apps. Those apps include SongKick, Evernote, Github, Asana, and Tripit, so that you can add concerts directly into your calendar, receive reminders, synchronize travel plans, and see changes in real-time to projects.

Other apps will be introduced in the feature.

The update is live on Google Play.  (more…)

Sunrise Calendar Available for Android, Brings 3-Day View and Sleek Widget

When it comes to calendar apps for Android, there are plenty to choose from on Google Play. It is easy to rely on the official Google Calendar or the one of many calendar apps that come pre-installed on any given device, but they are never all that good. Sure, they do their job, but are never all that extensive with regard to special information. Third party calendar applications allow for so much more, and the newest one to hit Google Play, called Sunrise Calendar, is worth a look.  (more…)