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Update Rolling Out to AT&T Variant of the LG G2, Knock Code and Calendar Enhancements in Tow

Starting today, owners of the LG G2 on AT&T can expect a 39 MB software update, firmware D80020u. It sadly isn’t Android 4.4.3, but the OTA does include a new way of protecting your lock screen: Knock Code.

For the uninitiated, the G2’s unique button arrangement necessitated LG’s Knock On, which lets you wake your device by simply tapping the display. Knock Code is the natural extension of this concept, allowing you to record a security pattern of taps to unlock your G2. Sound familiar? A third-party app enabled similar functionality two months ago. Still, it’s good to see such a feature officially incorporated into firmware.

LG also reports that the new update enhances Calendar/Exchange Active Sync (EAS) support.

Updating your AT&T G2 is as simple as navigating to About phone > Software update > Update Now in the settings menu. Expect a prompt to download the OTA over the next few days.

Via: AT&T
  • Charles Ha

    This update also “fixes” the album art on the lock screen.

  • Keith Taylor

    Got mine two days ago..

  • chris

    Actually got this update yesterday and assumed it was nothing of importance after being let down after the last two nothing updates lol. Knock Code is really cool, so much better than the traditional android lock pattern

    • Keith Taylor

      How do you use knock code anyway?

  • David Jay

    I hope the fix includes the hissing noise coming from the earphone output.

  • Kevin

    vzw should update their broken version

  • J2886M

    What about the Tmobile G2? Sure half my screen doesn’t work now, but I’d appreciate some update love too.

  • paulrogo

    Will the G2 ever get the G3’s flat UI?

    • switchblade_bravado

      That would be my question as well. I’m sure we won’t see it (if at all) until after the G3 releases, but I’d be pretty happy if we “officially” got the UI update. If not, it’ll be time to root and ROM.

  • guest

    sadly 4.4.3? Lol i would wait for 5.0. LG did the jump from 4.2. to 4.4. 4.4.3 is so minimal they probably dont want to pay to roll out the update considering 98% of users have no idea about it and even fewer know what the benefit really is. I would rather have this knock code feature lol.

  • joe23521

    Always good to see updates on ATT. That said, bring on the G3 already!

  • Verizon? lol

    • d-rock

      hahahahahaha…yah right….next year maybe?

      • Bloodthirsty


    • Thomas O’Brien

      Since we just got official KK and given LG’s track record…we probably will not ever see this officially…

      But hey, that’s why devs are awesome!