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LG G3 Pre-order on Verizon Tipped for July 10, Availability Begins July 17

According to a leaked screenshot posted by @evleaks, Verizon customers with intentions to pick up the LG G3 can mark July 10 and July 17 on their calendars. From what is indicated on the screenshot, Verizon intends to launch pre-orders for the G3 on July 10, with in-store availability beginning July 17. 

Another question many are asking concerns the pricing of the device. We can only speculate, but the G3 will probably be priced about the same as the Galaxy S5 when it first launched, which was $199 on contract. We can’t confirm that, but it at least gives you an idea of what to expect.

The G3 is undoubtedly one of the most hyped phones of 2014. It features a 5.5″ QHD (2560 x 1440) display, quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor, 13MP rear-facing camera with OIS+ and laser auto focus, and comes out of the box running Android 4.4.2.

When this information is announced and confirmed by either Verizon or LG, you can expect to see another post about it.

Get your camping gear ready. We’re pulling an all-nighter for this one.

LG G3 pre order verizon

Via: @evleaks
  • tired of the wait

    this release is a major FAIL its taken too long to be released, technology is changing so fast that it will be history in July when it comes out.

  • Damon

    Ai the only one that makes Motorola is a complete POS

  • What’s the name of the icon pack? And that time widget? Really looks cool

    • Alec

      Timely clock widget (from the app Timely). I’m pretty sure the icon pack is Cryten

  • Cesar

    What icon pack/theme is shown on the g3 in the image? Is a launcher required?

  • Shadowstare

    I’m not due for another phone until November but the G3 seems to have already presented itself as the phone to beat this year. So unless HTC, Motorola or another Verizon phone can wow me, the G3 might be my next phone.

  • ROR1997

    Really? My upgrde was yesterday and he only reason i didn’t go to the store and get the M8 is because I thought it was only a 2 week wait. A month is different.

    • eee

      Enjoy your bezels and camera (sic).

      • Mike Keck

        I do! Don’t let anyone tell you that the M8 camera sucks, not even the shootouts. They either suck at taking pictures or something is wrong with the hardware. Its not even that other cameras might look better, but the M8 pictures in the shootouts look horrible, blurry and grainy. Don’t know whats up with that… On this first pic no filter, just HDR..rest untouched. Yeah that’s my son trying to eat a muffin why he cries..but look at that clarity! These are just a few, I have just shy of 1000 pics on my M8 just like em.

  • Gussy2000

    Note to OEMs: How about you start making like Amazon and announcing products on the SAME DAY they will be available? I hate hearing about a great new whatever and having to wait 1-3 months to get it. B.S..

    • Bryan Mills

      Boo hoo

  • Hangouts Hater

    My question is how can you use Hangouts as your primary messaging app? It is absolute garbage!!

    • PoisonApple31

      I also want to use it, but I can’t stand it right now either.

  • Anthony Johnson

    I will definitely pre-ordered this device and replace it with my Nexus 5 as I like its 32GB internal storage that will expand up to 128GB, and 3GB RAM for smooth
    operation of multiple apps at a time and 3000mAh battery that support wireless charging feature.

  • jboogie1289

    Don’t get what the whole preorder process is made for now if you’re still gonna get it on release day of after (depending on mail carrier service). I’ve done this with 2 or 3 other pre-release phones and they ended up coming in after stores had them for sale. They won’t get me again like that, plus I can go in and mess around with the devices before making a decision. IJS……….

  • yummy

    Oh this is gonna put a dent in my google wallet alright

  • Danny

    Hmm… Give up my unlimited for this? ………

    • rob

      No phone is worth giving up unlimited imo

      • PoisonApple31

        Any phone is worth giving up unlimited data if you don’t need the unlimited in the first place.

        • hkklife

          Hopefully LG will continue their trend of “reasonable” pricing for full retail on VZW ala the G2 and Lucid 3. Then you can POSSIBLY stand a chance of having your cake and eating it too!

          • PoisonApple31

            I bought my Note 3 at full price and just had Best Buy match Verizon’s full retail price. Then if you wanted you could just throw it on a Best Buy Credit Card with 18 month no interest financing.

          • Buzzy42

            I’m starting to think this will be my plan for this phone (Best Buy financing– why spend my money if Best Buy’s willing to give me 18 months at 0%?), although I’m holding out hope that Verizon will have another “glitch” where people can order it and keep unlimited like mysteriously seem to happen occasionally…

            I know if I ever willingly gave up unlimited I’d regret it.

          • PoisonApple31

            If you are also using your unlimited for your home connection, I think you’d regret letting it go. If that’s not the case, phone only, I’d be willing to bet you never connect to a WiFi network because what’s the point? Once you give it a shot, it’s not so bad losing unlimited.

            Best Buy financing rocks! They aren’t trying to screw you either, you can set up payment reminders with your account days ahead of time. Yes, they are hoping you’ll miss a payment so they can tack on that interest from day one, but we are smarter than that!

        • rawr

          I have 10GB plan (for 5GB price, when they did double data promo), I have been getting overages for 3 months now… More and more data is being transferred between people now, more than ever. Caps have remained stagnate and business for corporations is booming, for customers, not so much.

          • PoisonApple31

            When you knew you were going to go over, couldn’t you just up your plan to 12GB and back date it? Then you’d only be paying $10 extra as opposed to $15/GB?

            EDIT: I see you had that promo price though. That sucks.

          • Robert Paulson

            Yea +50% off monthly bill (but not off of overage charges), some months I have to pay as much as a normal person and it sucks.

      • I gave up unlimited two years ago. I use like 30 GB data a month between me and my wife. Dont care what Verizon charges for it.

        • Danny

          you must have deep pockets

    • Snowcrash
  • Jordan

    Can I please haz it now? :]

    • Jason Downing


      • Jordan


  • Danny

    Of course it will launch after open enrollment closes for VZW Edge

    • hkklife

      Oh, of COURSE it will. The last time I remember VZW ever pleasantly surprising us with anything was launching the GS3 pre-orders so grandfathered unlimited people could reup one last time (this was back in June 2012ish)

      • Buzzy42

        I’m still waiting for some massive VZW policy switch before the G3 launches so you couldn’t keep unlimited (even buying at full retail) with this phone… :/ I wouldn’t put it past them.

        • EgySisi

          They can’t do that legally. If you buy it full retail, you’re not extending your contract, so they have no way to force you to change your plan.

  • joe23521

    AT&T, say something!

    • Rambocombo

      Well the LG is already showing up on ATT’s website and when ive seen that before the release usually isnt that far after…and a sales rep ( unconfimed ) told me that the the release date is next friday. Im taking him with a grain of salt though lets hope soon.

      • joe23521

        The website still says ‘coming soon’. If they have a date as soon as next Friday, you’d think they would have that info up already.

  • Dang that sucks. I’m sitting on 2 upgrades and was hoping to upgrade this month. LG is really screwing up this release.

    • NeilGeorge

      I would not say it would be fully LG’s blame on the delay.. You have to understand, each country has their own rules and regulations or whatever.. It can be also the on the US carriers fault as well..

  • nosedive94

    Jul 17th is literally my upgrade date. The gods have spoken, and they have spoken well.

    • Eyal Knaany

      Lol mine is too, I am definitely getting it.

    • Pete Pirate

      What? The gods want you to turn in your current crappy phone for a newer crappy phone? Enjoy that 801 dog.

    • michael arazan

      smart gods would say do your research and weigh your options

  • that is a nice looking phone!!!

  • Kregstrong

    I was hoping for late June. But that works too. Ready to ditch this touchwhiz and hopefully get an unlocked boot loader. See ya gs5

  • Matt G

    I thought I had given up choosing phones based on specs with the Moto X but those specs though…

  • King of Nynex

    I haven’t been excited for a phone in a long time. It might seem like a small thing, but Samsung’s physical buttons drive me nuts. No way I’m dropping $200+ and be unhappy with the design.

  • pyro74boy .

    WOW you mean to tell me that I can’t touch this phone until the middle of July? And yet LG is trying to stay ahead of the competition? LOL Really LG had a huge chance to make a big time move on companies like Samsung and they are going to make us wait for well over a month longer to put the G3 in the hands of us users. Sorry but this was a big mistake on LG,s part. By the time the G3 comes out in stores it will almost be time for phones like the Note4 to be announced because it should be sometime in September when the N4 is announced and unlike the G3 it looks like the Note4 is going to be powered by the 805 at least that’s what the rumor is from everything I have been reading. A word of advice to LG if you are going to announce ANYTHING then at least do it right and not make it so the phone user has to wait to buy the phone. It’s going to be almost two full months before anyone in the U.S market can touch the thing. This reminds me of the old HTC thunderbolt days and all the hype around it and that phone was one of the worst phones in the history of the world I know because I had more then one fail on me. LOL Yes I’m calling out the CEO of LG The Narrator LOL

    • anon

      and Down Vote

    • K

      The Narrator now goes by Bryan Mills

      • pyro74boy .

        I think he has many fake accounts on D.L LOL

    • emoney

      if only downvotes could speak

      • pyro74boy .

        They really already do. Down votes are made as a tool for fan-boys and girls of all types to use to troll people that they don’t agree with. How can anyone down vote a comment like mine? because I don’t care if the company is LG Samsung HTC Apple or anyone else I hate like hell waiting for any new product to come out after a company announced it. Anyone with any amount of common sense will agree,

        • emoney

          I always thought I had a good amount of common sense, based on your comment I now find out I’m lacking in this trait.

          • pyro74boy .

            Attacking me won’t help your case any LOL

          • emoney

            LOL indeed

        • truth_cutz

          Maybe they down vote you because they realize that having to a month for a new shiny phone is not a big deal. Just a guess!

          • pyro74boy .

            Maybe some people take no issue with having to wait for any new product that comes to market I take no issue with these people. But what about people like me who expected to at least get my hands on one before the end of time? LOL This is going to effect the sales of the G3 regardless of how good or bad the G3 turns out to be. I’m also not giving up on LG or the G3 but I’m just saying that I will try all of these new phones out before buying anything regardless of all this miss leading hype. I really think that anyone who tries to argue this is not what I would call a smart shopper. LOL

    • just4747

      I agree with you. That wait is insane. They should have either not released it anywhere globally until everyone was ready or just shut their mouths about any US release in the meantime. But really, why announce it at all with this long a wait time for ANY of the markets it will go to. Just plan stupid. The hype started going away a few days after the announcement since we were told “summer”, and now, a few weeks later and we JUST now find out that it is still OVER A MONTH AWAY…MAYBE??? Very very stupid, they 100% guaranteed lost a lot of potential buyers of the phone by doing this, by rushing an announcement. And to top it off, yes it looks like a good phone and the display etc etc, but nothing about it is mindblowing or cutting edge, so there’s no real reason that a crapload of hype and anticipation will be held for it when other phones are on the horizon with even better features and specs, like you said. Ugh, getting so tired of all the stupidity in the smartphone world.

      • pyro74boy .

        I got nothing but respect for your comment. Finally someone on here besides me who is smart. Great job.

    • Jason Kahn

      Not sure how much we can blame this on LG, these are carrier variants after all, the Korean Version is out and on sale, apparently selling better than the S5. The question will be how quick do they get the international variant out.

      • needa

        the way i look at it is lg announced when the phone was ready to show rather than when it was ready to ship. i cannot blame them for that. they had to dig into sammy sales as much as they could.

      • pyro74boy .

        I want numbers supporting that the G3 is selling better then the S5. From everything I have heard the S5 is selling better then the S4 and S3 did in at least in the U.S. market. I also saw the Q1 results for Samsung and their numbers where up from the same time last year so I want facts supporting this please.

        • Jason Kahn

          From our very own droid life, if you can read Korean you can go through the source link as well


          • pyro74boy .

            Sorry but am still not buying it because it’s way to early to start assuming this based on very early sales of each device making it almost impossible to tell what phone is truly selling better. I tend to look at the whole picture and look at each company quarter by quarter for some real proof. When the numbers can show this then and ONLY then I will ever believe it. I also heard a claim that last year the S4 was also selling poorly compared to the S3 before it and then Samsung made a statement that the S4 sales where way up compared to the S3. You also know that the S5 is the top selling phone on all the U,S wireless networks right now right? and that this is the first time this has happened in history,

      • hkklife

        The other main question is will VZW offer only the gimped 2GB/16GB G3 version, only the 3GB/32GB version or both? And if both ,what will the pricing difference be between the two?

        • Jason Kahn

          I suspect being a US Carrier it will be the gimped version

    • Chris Choncek

      I agree with everything up to the point where you attempt to make the connection between the TBolt and the G3. I think a big reason for the G3 excitement is based on how great the G2 is. Clearly one of the best phones out and it seems like the G3 will advance and improve upon an already fantastic phone. (accept of course removing the built in wireless charging even on the Verizon variant)

      • pyro74boy .

        Just so you’re aware I’m not making any connections on any of these phones until I put them in my hand and compare each and every single one of them. If that where the case I would have already got an M8 or S5.

    • Billyt

      Boo fricken hoo. ZOMG the 805! i need instant gratification or it is a TOT FAIL!

  • Still waiting to see what Moto X+1 has to offer. It’s a toss up between that and the G3 for my next phone. The GS4 has served me well, but I need to try another manufacturer again.

    • Matt G

      Same situation for me I need some more X+1 leaks

    • Mike Aurin

      Are you on a two year contract or did you buy it outright? I have the S4 and it’ll still be another month before i’ve owned it for a year yet…

    • LosttsoL

      Might as well wait. The G3 will have dropped in price too by the time the cheaper X+1 comes out. Then you can make an informed choice between them.

    • Charles Walker

      Very wise. I’m doing the same thing. If Motorola can produce a Moto X with an improved camera, display, and the same rational phone size, I will take it over the G3 in a heartbeat. It’s hard to beat Motorola’s priority of practicality and refinement over cramming the highest end specs just so they can participate in the ridiculous spec war going on over past couple years.

      • rawr

        1. Release phone with 801.
        2a. Be accused of not joining the spec war.
        2b. Be accused of joining the spec war.
        3. Never win


        do you know that Motorola is ALMOST A BANKRUPT?
        And this fact proves that Motorola is doing ABSOLUTELY WRONG THINGS than nobody needs.

        only Google’s money kept it from sinking.
        now what?
        made in China.

        • Keep trollin’

        • I really don’t care about the companies financial status, all I care about is if the phone is well built and has plenty of features.

          • rawr

            Financials matters, a company that doesn’t exist can’t support its products.

        • wileyz

          And where do you think everything else is made? Lenovo is financially sound, makes possibly the most secure windows computers available and they last forever. I don’t see the problem here.

          • Say leNOvo

            “makes possibly the most secure windows computers available”

            Hahahahahahaha no.

            Lenovo doesn’t make any hardware, boutiques just put it all together from real hardware manufacturers. And all Lenovo has done is re-brand IBM things as their own.

            They don’t make secure computers because a secure computer isn’t made by anyone other than the person using it. Or do you think they put a tiny armed hamster inside to protect the hardware?

          • Swankieltd

            relax. Lmao

      • Well put.

    • PoisonApple31

      I wouldn’t mind seeing some X+1 leaks. I didn’t go with the Moto X because it just felt way too similar to my Galaxy Nexus at the time – in terms of size and boring stock OS – it didn’t do it for me. Now that I got something “different” out of my system, I could reconsider X+1.

      • I like “boring” stock OS, but I hear you on the GNex comparison. I was in the same boat.

    • rawr

      More like Hello Lenovo amirite? Seriously though, stop supporting the firesale of American manufacturing to China.

      • don’t care where it’s made as long as they make it right.

      • StanleySpadowski

        What phone can I get today that is made in USA?

    • NO

      it has nothing to offer, believe me. And if superhyped Moto X was such a lame device (1 billion of losses for Motorola), Moto X+1 is not going to be a hit.

      nobody is WOWed by 1080p display in 2014, yellow plastic case, AWFUL as usually camera and sound, generic near-stock Android.
      Motorola does nothing that can lure consumers from its competitors.
      -1 assembled in the USA
      -2 Google
      -3 “the new phone from Motorola after DROIDs” hype.

      • Why should I believe YOU? Who are you? Are you @evleaks?

        Do you really need more than 1080p in a cell phone? If you say yes, you’re lying to yourself.

        This might sound strange but some people like near-stock android and some other features that Moto offers.

        I don’t understand what conclusion you’re trying to make with your three “X+1:” bullet points.

        • TK

          He’s likely the troll on other Android blogs that goes by the name “LG_IS_GREAT” (or something like that) and always ruins the comments section with his propaganda.

        • MicroNix

          His point on the Moto cameras is spot on. Its a standard feature that should be at least on par with the competition….not one that isn’t even compared to the competition even by sites who hold it in such high regard such as DL.

          The “some people like near-stock Android” likely applies to 2% – 5% of the Android user market. I really like Google but they do not excel in UI design in my opinion. I’m sure that’s part of the reason skins started in the first place. Stock Android is not what is going to sell phones in today’s market sorry to say.

    • Kelman James

      The G3 is already one gen behind on CPU, but end of July it will probably be close to two gens back with Sept phone announcements.

      • rawr

        I’m so sure. Will you make a real discus account so you can be held accountable for your prediction?

        • Henry W

          Wow, it is a discus account that drives accountability. Who knew it had such power? DA.

          • rawr

            It is idiot, we all know when The Narrator says something wrong and we call him on it.

      • Show me another device with the 805.

        • Sara Tredlin

          Note 4. Its not launched yet in the US, but neither is the G3.

    • Bryan Mills

      I just wish they’d get with the times. But I don’t see them offering anything worthwhile before Lenovo acquires them.

      *incoming Moto hitmen*

    • p0k3y

      Yep, screw G3 at this slow release rate, unless the unlocked ATT version is available sooner. Otherwise I just assume to save a few hundred bucks and wait for Moto X+1, or spend the same on a fruit phone 6.

  • supremekizzle

    Man. That’s so long.

    • Jonathan Williams

      That’s what she said.

      • Merlinman

        LOL haha thanks for the laugh today…needed it! 😉

        • Jonathan Williams

          Glad I could help.

          • She

            That was a throbbing, rock hard comment that came in through the back door.

          • Jonathan Williams

            +1 internet for you.

  • wtd2009

    about time

  • The question is will Best Buy get it at the same time so I can keep my unlimited and use my upgrade? I need to replace my Droid Razr Maxx before it fully dies on me!!!

    • cheezer88

      same for me, but im still rocking a Gnex

    • Jason Downing

      How does this work exactly?

      • WCM3

        You need to be due for a contract renewal. If that’s the case, go to best buy, add to your cart and click “keep my current plan.” I chose to get it shipped to my home. If you pick it up in store they activate it and you lose unlimited data. So once you get it in the mail, DON’T TURN IT ON. If you do, you could be forced into a Tiered data plan. Just pop in whatever your current SIM is and voila. My fiance had a RAZR Maxx HD and I decided to get her the Galaxy S5 a month or so ago and all went well!

        • Brent Cooper

          Seriously??? This works??? No catches? Have you heard of anyone else doing this successfully or unsuccessfully?

        • Jason Downing

          Interesting. I got my g2 when Verizon had their problem. Ordered it online at picked it up in store. Glad to see there’s another option

        • Yeah, I heard about this method as well. Worth a shot I guess. Just make sure you dont have the phone shipped to the store cause I heard that they’ll install the SIM for you. You have to make sure you have it shipped to your home.

        • Guest

          Does the Galaxy Nexus and LG G3 have the same sim?

    • guest

      I was reading online that Best Buy closed that loophole. Not too sure tho

  • PoisonApple31

    Oh man, stealing Mom’s upgrade on her b-day? This could get tricky.

    • Bryan Mills

      Good thing Fathers Day is this weekend, unless…

  • BAM1789

    If Verizon is the first to have this phone, the world might just implode..

    • Matt G

      Don’t worry even if they do they will be the last ones to update it

      • BAM1789

        AT&T has been terrible lately also. They were the last ones to push the 4.4.2 update to my girlfriends Moto X.

      • Tell that to the quickly updated Moto line.

  • Looks like Ill be ordering 2 of these bad boys. What to do with my 2 Galaxy S5’s now.

    • Ray


      • Matt G


        • Mike Aurin

          And here’s an upvote.

        • Ray

          Sold my 2 devices with no problems GotABetterSugesstion.com ?

          • Jonathan Williams

            Spelling.org? jk I’ve bought 3 things from there.

      • I just keep them all. I never sell my old phones.

        • Charles Walker

          You’re probably throwing away hundreds of dollars. Hope it’s worth it!

          • Well I do give them away to family and friends some times. But money is no issue for me so it doesn’t matter.

          • hkklife

            Must be nice to be able to do that! The GS5 still has a few arguably superior features, such as waterproofing, USB 3.0 connectivity and possibly a slightly better camera.

          • Trust me it wasnt always like this. Glad it is the it is now. Loving life.

          • joe23521

            I think you mean Life is Good.

  • Ray

    I can wait less then a month it’s not like something better is coming out between now and then.

    • Epic.Joe

      Me too, bro. Besides, nothing else this year will take my attention away, not even the Note 4.

      • jboogie1289

        Cough, cough!!!

    • K

      By the time this is released the OnePlus One launch would have been pushed back into August

  • Ben Murphy

    Yeah buddy! Happy Birthday to me!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Yea…….I think we over in Droid Life world have been fooled by those internal verizon screen leaks too many times. . . . That dates going to come, then we’ll get another leak saying it got pushed back.

    • Getting fooled by a screenie and having a launch date pushed back are two separate things. Launch dates do get pushed back sometimes, but again, you can’t always trust leaks 100%.

      • Mark Aaron Collado

        Hey Tim. I was wondering how often does the G3 heat up?

        • It has overheated on me once while playing a game when I had the screen turned up to 75%, after about 20 mins of processor-intense gaming. I’m telling you, I am seriously impressed with this device.

          • Mark Aaron Collado

            Thanks for your input Tim. I’ve been hyping this phone up to all my family and friends. Once this baby hits U.S. T-Mobile I’ll be in line.

          • rawr

            So you do have to watercool it…

            I might even go LN2 with my G3…

          • Mark Aaron Collado

            Thanks Tim. Just received my G3 yesterday and I’m loving it.