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FoxFi Update Brings WiFi Tethering to Verizon HTC Phones (Updated)

Back at the end of April, popular WiFi tethering app, FoxFi, received an update that brought back WiFi hotspot abilities to non-rooted Samsung phones on Verizon. Today, a new update makes the same feature available to HTC phones on Verizon’s network, including the DROID DNA and HTC One. The developer didn’t specify if that includes the One (M8), but I would imagine that it does.

Keep in mind that in order to use the WiFi hotspot feature, you have to trust in FoxFi, because it opens a VPN connection and installs a certificate. To get around Verizon’s attempts to block free tethering, trickery is almost certainly involved on some level, so understand what you are getting yourself into. 

For those new to WiFi tethering, just understand that apps like FoxFi are a way for you to fully use the data connection you already pay your carrier handsomely for. By setting your phone up as a hotspot, you can give things like a computer or tablet internet access from anywhere in the world. It’s awesome. Well, carriers don’t exactly think so. Carriers used to like to charge you a single price for your data package, but then limit you on the uses for that data package. Before shared data, you used to have to buy a data plan to use with your phone, but then buy a separate plan if you wanted to use that data connection to give data to other devices. It was a complete, double-dipping scam by carriers.

The need for tethering apps has diminished over the years, mostly because carriers now include hotspot for free with their shared/tiered data plans. They now include it because your shared data plan has a limit that they would love for you to eclipse, so that they can charge you an arm and a leg in overages for. Fun, right?

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UPDATE 11/21/15:  Verizon seems to have killed FoxFi for the time being. Read more here.

Cheers @Mavericksfolife!
  • Nicole Portillo

    Please fix for AT&T galaxy 3 it used to work but now it says I have to call AT&T they tell me i have to buy larger data package for them to activate hotspot. I dont need a bigger package I used foxfi for a year and never used all my data

  • David Lee

    THANK YOU!!!!! been waiting for this!!

  • Jon Parker

    Has anyone actually gotten this to work on a Verizon HTC One(M7)? I get to the point where it tells me to go into my phones settings “within 30 seconds” and to turn on mobile hotspot. It tells me that if it asks me to call my carrier to just try again. Long story short, that doesn’t work.

  • Brock s

    My s5 got an update last night and now my teathering no longer works with wifi, only 4g. Super sucks. Worked great for the past 2 months. My pcie slot is screwed up.

  • Frankdk2

    My personal best was set last month…152gb

  • Matthew M

    Droid Maxx Please

  • Tony Kros

    Will this work for a stock, non-rooted Rezound? pleasepleaseplease

  • 213ninja

    @kellex, do you or any of the staff use and trust foxfi???

    “Keep in mind that in order to use the WiFi hotspot feature, you have to trust in FoxFi, because it opens a VPN connection and installs a certificate.”

  • Boyer

    LG G2 better be next on their list!!!

  • jim

    Once you install it and put a password in , even after you uninstall it , it won’t let you take the password off , any ideas on this ?

    • schlitter11

      you have to delete the vpn/certificate

      • jim

        I did didn’t work

  • Arturo Duarte

    Power user?

  • Arturo Duarte

    Would I be considered a power user?

  • StrattHacks

    I seriously don’t get the apparent issues with FoxFi. I’ve used it on a RAZR HD, S4, One and One M8 unrooted with zero issues. Still don’t have a problem on my M8. The only thing is i wish it didn’t add the Certificate which forces a lock code…

    • kali bred

      Just input lock code wrong until you sign in with gmail then power screen off and your back to the lock screen before the certificate was installed

  • terry12s

    Anyone know of a tethering app that currently works with the Droid Maxx?

  • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

    Anyone able to get FoxFi or PDAnet to work via bluetooth mode or USB mode on a Chromebook?

  • still no moto x support :O

  • BillySuede

    i must be an idiot because i can’t figure out how to set this up…

    • JeffColorado

      I don’t get what the point of these apps are…it does NOT hide tethering activity from your carrier. It seems to replicate stuff your OS already does natively.

  • Judd Smith

    I am really glad I can use this on my S5. Otherwise I would be screwed out in my rural area. I can only get satellite broadband and screw that!. I do use a lot of data usually over 50gb. But I watch netflix quite a bit.

  • Judd Smith

    I am

  • mcdonsco

    What about a moto x with 4.4.2? Can’t even get root on it to toggle the entitlement check…?

    • terrorist96

      There was a Chinese guy who was selling codes to unlock the bootloader. He’s stopped right now though, but might be back. That’s how I unlocked and got root on 4.4.2

      • i got a code…havnet unlocked yet…furious though bc my current moto x has the same front camera issue that my previous one did that i sent in for a replacement!…oh well ill just have to operate on this one so i dont lose my 45 bucks i spent on a code

  • For those with a Moto X, try the FoxFi sister tool PDAnet. you can tether to an android tablet or a laptop using that. you also have to install a PDAnet client on the tablet or laptop itself, but it works.

    EDIT: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pdanet

    • i heard that this works but the speeds are ridiculously slow…i tether to watch netflix when out the house i dont think this will work well enough

      • SG

        try 1-click tether instead of pdanet … also works great !

  • T4rd

    Eh, I just rooted and installed a tethering mod from XDA to the stock ROM, so I can use native tethering and enable it straight from the Hotspot toggle in the notification shade. Much easier, cheaper, and secure (since I don’t have to use a 3rd party’s VPN network).

    • Durrrrr

      You mean to say you entitlement hacked it, cause that always works for me. Root ->SQL-> entitlement_check=0

      Then rape verizon

      • T4rd

        Pretty much. They rape my wallet, so I rape their network! =D

  • Brandon Michael Barrett

    Ok can I still use this app? I’m on the galaxy s4 and on Kit Kat 4.3 I heard before once we updated this app wouldn’t work

    • ImmaDroid

      I believe the last update they did was for it to work with the S4, S3, Notes, Etc. As Kellen states in the very beginning of the article with the highlighted link to the VZW Samsung article they did

  • ericsorensen

    Works great on my Verizon note 3. Connected devices get up to 30Gb/s with phone using XLTE. Of course, unlimited data helps. FU Verizon and your $30/mo wifi tether scam. But thanks for not canceling my unlimited data and for providing me 75 down and 15 up…

    • schlitter11

      did you find a way around the PIN /password requirement?

      • Eric Sorensen

        I’m scared to change anything. The app notes say you can delete the certificate after it is working, but I don’t want to try that yet. You may have to set the whole thing up again, and now I hear 4.4 (which I was forced into the OTA after Fox-fi was first loaded)…4.4 won’t let you just do the “connect the dots” lockscreen – you have to put in a password. So, I’m stuck with a simple connecting the dots thing – probably best anyway – I have chrome remember all my passwords for banking websites and the same with Amazon. It’s not so bad.

        • kali bred

          I had that same fear and just plunged and did it but if you delete the certificate it will just ask you to reinstall when you launch the app. Before you install choose your lock screen of choice install certificate and place lock then input incorrectly until your prompted for your gmail which will take you to the lock screen option menu then you hit home or power screen off and your back to your previous lock screen with the saved certificate

      • kali bred

        Input incorrectly until you sign in with gmail then power screen off and your back to your original lock screen before certificate was installed

      • ncsurob

        Once you get it installed then you can use an app like NoLock to get around it, but you lose the swipe screen lock.

    • 213ninja

      You mean Megabits.

      • Eric Sorensen

        Yes. Sorry, my head was in year 2019.

  • Tyler

    Or you could just root your phone and avoid this silliness…

    • Guest

      Yes, rooting is one way, but not always possible for everyone.

    • 213ninja

      Root a Verizon Note 3 running stock Kit-Kat? Please let me know how…

  • Taco Cat Backwards

    any G2 love?

    • Sillyolgramps

      I would like to see that on the G2 as well.

  • Sixy

    Any reason for me to be using this rather than the one provided by Verizon? I’m on a metered plan.

    • Tim Swann

      only useful if you are grandfathered in with unlimited data…like me

  • Tim Swann

    since I’m still on unlimited data, I’m just waiting for this to start working on my Moto X again. Definitely will donate once that occurs.

    • terrorist96

      Moto X already has tethering. I use Xposed with the “Moto Tether” module. Works perfectly

      • Tim Swann

        unfortunately I haven’t bothered to root my phone since I didn’t need to prior to losing my tethering ability. So Xposed is a no go for me

        • terrorist96

          Ah, that’s unfortunate. I can’t live without root. When I got my Moto X, it came with 4.4.2 (VZW) and I soon discovered there was no root method other than unlocking the bootloader. Just my luck though, about a week or two later, the Chinese middleman who was selling unlock codes reappeared and I snagged a code and unlocked then rooted. 🙂

          • same boat as you…yet to unlock…how was the process? difficult or no

          • terrorist96

            Very easy. Only downside is you lose everything and have to start fresh.

  • FulanoLopez

    Still running version 2.15.2 without any problems, and have a shot at 100GB this month.

    • Tim Swann

      um, how in the hell are you at that much? I thought I was a heavy users when without tether I could get to 15+ GB in a month…100GB??? really??!!

      • Nobody

        He’s probably using it as his sole source for internet. People like that tend to get caught.

        • j__h

          And the reason everybody else suffers

          • FulanoLopez

            Don’t want to promote suffering…how might I be?

          • 213ninja

            You’re not.

          • Eric Sorensen

            Bullocks that heavy data users make others suffer. It’s Verizon’s greedy ways that people are suffering with low data plans. Now that text messaging (another scam) is no longer the cash cow, data caps are the newest way to scrap everything they can from their customers.

          • j__h

            It does and in two ways,

            One is direct, a heavy user will slow other users on the same tower.

            One is indirect, Of course Verizon being hit by single users who use 50 times more data than the standard 2GB will make them want to limit unlimited data users. We already have lost the unlimited plan to new users and now no subsidies for existing unlimited users. Verizon is driving people from those plans as people on them are abusing them. I have an unlimited plan and I use all the data on my phone I want, that is what I am paying for, but if I do tether (which is outside the plan guidelines) I take care to mind my usage.

            Verizon consistently provides me with better signal than all other networks (that my friends are on). Almost every case I get better signal especially in rural areas, the extra they charge over others seems to at least partially cover their better network, it is certainly worth it for me. You cannot blame a company for trying to maximize their profits, if there are users abusing the system and operating outside there contracts (unlimited tethering not included) it is justifiable for them to work to end its use. Verizon has no obligation to continue to offer unlimited plans to users coming off their contracts this is likely the next step once enough average users leave and unlimited is left with those who tether insane amounts of data.

            Text messaging is a scam, but data does cost them money.

          • Eric Sorensen

            I guess I don’t think using 30-50GB a month is abusing anything. Maybe a few years ago, but I just stream music all the time from the cloud, and I use 40GB/mo easy. That’s how things are supposed to work now. How many more years is a 2GB data plan supposed to be adequate? If their network can’t handle my usage, then they need to upgrade it. I also have cable internet at 30GB/sec, and I use plenty of that, too. Forgot to mention that “voice minutes” are a scam, too. Just sell me the data and let me use it how I want – voice, text, video, music. Look at what other countries offer. I hope things get better here in the USA.

          • 213ninja

            You mean Megabits, again…lol.

          • Eric Sorensen

            Yea, that per second one is MB, but the others are GB. Got my GeeBees all jacked up.

          • FulanoLopez

            I’d like to see data that supports the notion that one heavy user could negatively impacts the tower-based service of many. If it were many heavy users, yes, companies would have a problem, at least with respect to profit margins. But we are dinosaurs, attritional and insignificant to bottom lines.

          • 213ninja

            All false and dumb.

          • michael arazan

            Do you bash people you know for watching videos on their mobile devices too?

          • exactly

          • 213ninja


          • Foosa Noble

            Why? I’m unlimited and like hell will I give it up. I’m saving a ton of money not paying for time Warner Cable.. And besides I’m paying for unlimited when I signed up years ago. Not my fault carriers are greedy vultures.. I forfited an upgrade for unlimited. like hell will go tiered and let them tell. Me how much I can and can’t have.
            It is abuse to save money? When the carriers are raping us?

          • turbonut20v

            Not our fault you chose not to opt for unlimited data from Verizon when it was available, I pay good money for my data, and I’m not going to let someone else decide for me what I can or can’t do with my money or data. Verizon is making BILLIONS on ripping people off, they just opened up their aws network for newer phones claiming more speed and no more throttling due to their non existent “congestion”

          • j__h

            I do have an unlimited data plan from Verizon, I still am grandfathered in.

            You pay money for a plan that is not for tethering, if you tether you are breaking the rules (unless you specifically pay for the tethering plan). Using a little bit of data to tether is not going to affect anybody but it seems people make it a point to tether and download as much as they can to stick it to Verizon. Joke is on you (and the others with unlimited) as Verizon will just keep taking away reasons to be on the plan (as they already have with no new contracts thus full priced phones for users on the plan). Thanks for helping kill the perks of the plan we all once enjoyed. Also, in heavily populated areas I can certainly see the data speeds slow down for me. There will always be a lack of bandwidth if there was never a lack of bandwidth then Verizon built too much network capability (and backend capability) it would be a poor business decision even with the new towers they will not be everywhere and not all phones support it. Also in the future people will be streaming more data.

        • FulanoLopez

          Yes, it’s my sole source. Not sure if I’m breaking any rules, though.

          • j__h

            Do you pay for and unlimited tethering plan or just phone plan?

          • FulanoLopez

            I pay for unlimited data.

          • j__h

            You need to answer the actual question.
            >Do you pay for and unlimited tethering plan or just [unlimited] phone plan?

            Just because you think you bought “Unlimited Data” does not mean you did. The phone unlimited data is limited to phone usage, this is legal and you signed up for it in your contract. That is unless you also pay for an unlimited tethering plan, then it would not be breaking any rules.

          • FulanoLopez

            I understand your reasoning and have seen it before, but I’m not convinced that it applies to my contract. I’m looking at my Terms now, and while I’m not an expert in legalese, I don’t see a violation. There’s a noteworthy VPN clause, but as I understand it my version of FoxFi does not apply.

          • j__h

            >My version of FoxFi does not apply.

            You are tethering does not matter if an app can do it or the method used to get your computer internet, it is not allowed. The reason for this update is for them to continue to work around the ways that Verizon is patching to block access to the feature that is not allowed.

          • FulanoLopez

            You say it’s not allowed but there is no such language in my Terms.

          • j__h


          • Dude it’s easy. The unlimited data plan is “smartphone unlimited web and e-mail”, not “smartphone and tethering unlimited data”. It doesn’t matter if you are sending everything through a VPN, you are still tethering other devices to your phone.

          • WJ

            False, it is illegal for Verizon to limit usage of tethered devices on 4G network due to the deal they struck when they bought the 4G bandwidth. So having unlimited data on Verizon’s 4G gives you unlimited tethering legally.W

          • j__h

            Actually no it is not illegal for them to limit tethered devices on 4G network only for the newer non-unlimited plans: http://www.zdnet.com/verizon-no-free-tethering-for-unlimited-data-plan-customers-7000001987/ They must have worked someting out for people on old unlimited contracts.
            >It turns out that Verizon will still be charging unlimited data plan customers if they want to share their 3G and 4G connections by tethering with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB-empowered devices.

            >so if you’re a Verizon mobile hotspot user, and you fall under the non-unlimited data plans that this ruling applies to, let us know when Verizon stops charging you for the service.

        • StrattHacks

          Done that for months before. Nothing. IMO, if your unlimited, DRIVE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT (ehem, the network.)

          My personal best:

      • FulanoLopez

        I average 15-20GB/mo streaming, but I’m amidst a music/photo backup project this month.

      • ImDAone

        Start watching Netflix in HD and watch those gb/s fly. I was using 50-100 GB not tethering much but using moto lap dock and HDMI on TV keeps my data over 50gb every month, I travel a lot.

        And I pay for it so hell ya I’ll use the hell out of it when I want to.

      • Champion1229

        You should check out Android Central’s “Terabyte club”….its nothing but a thread for people who have used over a TB of data, heck there was one guy who even managed to hit 8tb in a month…

        • StrattHacks


    • Eric Sorensen

      I used 23GB over memorial day weekend at our cabin. I get 30GB/s with Verizon out there and we were wifi-tethering with this app to 3 or 4 devices. Streaming video, music, apps. The grandkids were going nuts with free wifi over my 4G connection. I’m at about 40GB with one week left. I stream music all day.

    • anddd guys like you are the reason we are all paying out of contract prices to keep unlimited data….thanks man!…i hate when people advertise this

      • FulanoLopez

        If that were really the case, I wouldn’t so happily share. I’m just a vestige of a past business model.

      • 213ninja

        That’s simply not true.

    • Guest


      • Guest


        • Someone doesn’t know how to use the comments section of DL…

        • Arturo Duarte

          Beat you

  • SecurityConcern?

    Is anyone else concerned about accepting a 3rd Party certificate that can be the basis for a man-in-the-middle attack or is that just me?

    • Should we be? Elaborate please.

      • SecurityConcern?

        Well, not sure about the plumbing involved with FoxFi but it does ask you to install their 3rd-party certificate to be used for a VPN tunnel. How do we know that this tunnel is secure? If I wanted to be malicious I would set up a free VPN that people could connect to and then proceed to intercept their SSL connections or divert them to fake sites hoping they enter in credentials for me to capture. They wouldn’t be any wiser as their browser won’t complain that there is an invalid certificate because it’s trusted already.

        • 213ninja

          I installed foxfi and have yet to use it because I couldn’t bring myself to accept and trust the cert and vpn.

    • 213ninja

      ^^^^THIS!!!!!! Yes!!!!!

  • jeff manning

    Wifi tether router is a better alternative imo. Works with pretty much every phone and I don’t have to use USB tether for tmobile.

  • AndrewScottRox

    Next up: Motorola.

    • Tim Swann


    • terrorist96

      Moto X already has tethering. I use Xposed with the “Moto Tether” module.

  • M3D1T8R

    Awesome! I had to root my DNA to use native tethering before the recent big update to avoid losing hotspot. Before that FoxFi worked fantastic, used it for years. Now I guess if I do get an M8 I might not even have to root it.

  • chris kilps

    moto x plz!!!

    • try using FoxFi’s sister tool PDAnet. i use it on my verizon moto x no problem.

      • j__h

        For Wi-Fi tether with an unlimited plan?

        • you have to use the option for bluetooth pairing for internet connection, but it works. i’m on verizon unlimited. i’ve used it to connect to nexus 7 and laptop.

          • tu3218

            are you rooted? I’m going away this weekend and need a connection to upload some work. But I’m not rooted.

          • no. unrooted and running stock 4.4.2

          • Lake

            New Root Method for VZW Moto X on 4.4.2 called Pie is easy and works. There is also a workaround to use the native tethering app once rooted. However, you loose root after each reboot. I have an unlimited plan and it does the trick.

          • CeirrieBisikerimy

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          • j__h

            for Bluetooth internet do you need an app on the nexus 7?

          • j__h

            Thanks, but

            >This software will no longer work if you have updated the tablet to Android 4.4/KitKat. This is due to a severe bug introduced in the Android system, that if no wifi or cell data is detected, Android will refuse connection attempts even though Internet does exist through PdaNet.

          • my Nexus 7 is on 4.4.2 the last time I used it. You should give it a try for yourself. remember to use the bluetooth pairing method.

          • Foosa Noble

            My galaxy note 8.0 and 2014 galaxy note 10.1 both have Kit Kat. And run fox if just fine I’m actually writing this in my car with Fox fi from my galaxy note 2. I have unlimited data grandfathered from red cock aka Verizon..

    • terrorist96

      Moto X already has tethering. I use Xposed with the “Moto Tether” module. Works perfectly.

      • mcdonsco

        Require root?

        • terrorist96


  • MOTOROLA NEXT PLZ! Still on 4.2 because I don’t want to lose wifi tether! This gives me hope.

    • Tim Swann

      I was doing that until one morning I accidentally clicked the button to accept the 4.4 update 🙁

      • Jon Adams

        Uninstall and grab the old version apk

        • Tim Swann

          you sure that works? and if so, do you know where I can find it?

    • terrorist96

      Moto X already has tethering. I use Xposed with the “Moto Tether” module. Works perfectly..

    • motox

      You can use Bluetooth connection with moto x, unrooted running the latest OS on Verizon. I use it all the time.

  • Kelly OBrien

    Love it and my unlimited data plan makes this much more useful to me and my business. Only drawback is you have to set a pin or pattern lock which I don’t like but can deal with it. Great app with no issues

    • David Cohen

      I think there is a rootvpn app which allows you to avoid the passcode lock screen. However, I am not sure if it is compatible with this app.

    • Dark_Laser

      Just keep entering the wrong code/pattern, and it will eventually let you login with your Google account, and remove the requirement.

    • kali bred

      Before you save the certificate choose the lock option you want the install certificate with pattern lock, input incorrectly until you sign in with gmail then hit home button or power screen off to bypass new pattern input and BOOM your back to your previous lock screen option before the certificate was saved

  • Mordecaidrake

    I haven’t had any issues with the app. Works great!