FoxFi Update Brings WiFi Tethering to Verizon HTC Phones

Back at the end of April, popular WiFi tethering app, FoxFi, received an update that brought back WiFi hotspot abilities to non-rooted Samsung phones on Verizon. Today, a new update makes the same feature available to HTC phones on Verizon’s network, including the DROID DNA and HTC One. The developer didn’t specify if that includes the One (M8), but I would imagine that it does.

Keep in mind that in order to use the WiFi hotspot feature, you have to trust in FoxFi, because it opens a VPN connection and installs a certificate. To get around Verizon’s attempts to block free tethering, trickery is almost certainly involved on some level, so understand what you are getting yourself into.  (more…)

FoxFi Update Brings WiFi Tethering Back to Verizon Samsung Phones on Kit Kat

Over the years, we have seen WiFi tethering apps come and go as carriers like Verizon have tried their hardest to kill off their working existence, especially for those of us who maintain unlimited data packages. FoxFi has long been one of the most popular, but even it has struggled to keep up with spoofing or working around Big Red’s behind-the-scenes subscription authentication model. Thankfully, an update released last night brings back WiFi tethering to many of Verizon’s Samsung devices, assuming they are running Kit Kat (Android 4.4+).  (more…)

FoxFi Now Works With Multiple Motorola Phones Running Jelly Bean


With devices getting updated left and right, some apps are finding themselves no longer compatible with certain devices. But have no fear, those app developers are always working hard to make sure their apps are functioning properly. This week, the developer of FoxFi (the app that turns your phone into a free WiFi tethering machine) has added support for a good list of Motorola device running Jelly Bean, which were previously unsupported.  (more…)

FoxFi Now Works With Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus Running Jelly Bean

Once the Verizon Galaxy Nexus was updated to Jelly Bean, our favorite free WiFi tethering app FoxFi, no longer worked. We aren’t sure what change in Android 4.1 killed all of the fun, but that is no longer something we need to worry about. The developer has fixed the problem, though we aren’t sure how. The app itself hasn’t been updated, however, he mentioned to one of our readers that it should now be working. I immediately pulled it up after hearing this, and sure enough, it works. In fact, this post was written while being tethered to my G-Nex with FoxFi.

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Question of the Day: What Tethering App are You Using With Jelly Bean?

Now that most of the Galaxy Nexus owners in the building are all running official Jelly Bean (Android 4.1), the reports of “FoxFi no longer works!” are starting to flood in. We aren’t exactly sure what changed in Jelly Bean to cause some tethering apps to quit working, FoxFi being the most notable, but that’s the card we were dealt. So rather than spending the next 3 days testing each and every tethering app, we thought we would turn directly to the DL community, a group of people that probably tether a heck of a lot more than us home office dwellers, and ask which app they picked up?

We gave you a wireless tethering option that doesn’t require root from SVTP, but it’s also $15. ClockworkMod Tether should work just fine, but it’s a USB tethering service rather than wireless. Barnacle is a free wireless option, but it requires root.

What tethering app are you currently using? Anything in particular standing out as being reasonably priced and stable? Please share your recommendations in the comments.

All in One WiFi Hotspot and USB Tether by SVTP, an Alternative to FoxFi

We received a tip about a WiFi and USB tethering application made by SVTP, which as Android users, we love. For those who tend to have troubles with FoxFi, you may want to give this one a try. There are two versions: free and professional. The difference between the two is quite large actually, seeing as how the paid version is a whopping $15. That price tag may seem a bit outrageous, but for software that just works and allows for free tethering, it’s up to you whether you think that price is worth it.  (more…)

FoxFi Enables WiFi Tethering Without the Cost, No Root Required

Another awesome application to come out of the Play Store today is the FoxFi app. It allows you to use WiFi and Bluetooth tethering on your phone without the added cost of a tethering plan on your carrier’s bill. The best part is there is no root required either so you can install and be up and running in minutes. The app allows you to create networks to use with tablets, laptops or gaming consoles even and lets you create a SSID and password all to your liking. There are many phones supported but there are a few that FoxFi is still working on getting up and running. Users with the Galaxy Nexus and DROID RAZR are reporting no problems whatsoever so head on over to the Play Store and start tethering.

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