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YouTube Update to V5.7.36 Lets You Choose Video Quality, Up to 720p

YouTube received an update last night to v5.7.36 that includes one major new feature – video quality playback. In the past, YouTube on mobile would only allow you to toggle between standard and high quality streams, but with the new update, you can manually choose anything from 144p up to 720p. An Auto mode exists as well, just like it does on the web, so assuming your connection is proper, I would imagine that it will default to 720p. There are also options for 240p and 360p.

Download way. 

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  • bassman418

    Any one with a Verizon Note 3 have a 1080P option? Mine is only showing up to 720…… is there a modified apk?

  • Joseph A. Yager

    2160p. Weird that it skipped 1080p…

    • Shaun

      Be my senpai!

  • StopRuiningThingsGoogle

    When I had to replace my Droid, I reverted back to the old, default YouTube app. It works much better than the nasty mess of the current app. Caching works and I get no dropouts while driving.

    • PoisonApple31

      Why are you watching videos while driving?

      • StopRuiningThingsGoogle

        Podcasts. I would turn off the screen, but YouTube doesn’t allow that.

  • Dave

    Proof that a 2560 display is impressive yet not extremely useful yet.

  • Joseph Parello

    I have the option for 1080p on my Verizon galaxy s4.

    But is YouTube broken for anyone else? Ever since a few updates ago, I get a blocky mess whenever I try to watch a video. Occasionally if I back out and come back in it’ll work fine, but sometimes it’ll turn into a blocky mess again.

  • Db0y505

    All they need to add is 1080p, screen off play and ability to multitask and watch/listen to a video. I’m still using the modified YouTube for the screen off playback.

    • Eric R.


    • Big EZ

      I’ve used those in the past, but they always seem to have issues after a month or so. Does the one your using have any issues? If not do you have a link?

      • Db0y505

        I’m using the one I got out a Hyperdrive ROM o was using before and it works fine, well besides the comments not working too great.

        If you want to give it a try, I’m more than happy to upload it to Drive and send you the link.

  • thecharrr

    Still no 720p or even 480p for qHD screens

    • PoisonApple31

      Why would there 720p for a qHD screen?

      • Eric R.

        Because there’s no 540p?

        • PoisonApple31

          qHD is 960 x 540.
          720p is 1280 x 720.

          • Eric R.

            Yes, I know. Videos don’t render in 540p so that’s why qHD screens should get 720p, instead of being bumped down to 480p

  • Big EZ

    I’d love to see an option for high quality audio only. Most of the videos I “watch” I only listen to. I would also like to see the pre cache option added back. A nice feature to accompany the return of the pre cache option would be allowing us to tag which videos to cache.

    • Disqus_n00b

      For those kinds of videos, playback with screen off would be nice too!

      • Big EZ

        Yep. I think that use to be a feature. I also had an app that worked great at that, but after I started using a modified version of YouTube with the feature integrated I uninstalled that app. Now the modified YouTube apks don’t work right, and the app that I use to use doesn’t work nearly as good as it did 2 years ago.

        • Eric R.

          I used to always turn the screen off and listen on my 2nd Generation iPod touch, I would never put that thing down. I still use it for music

    • Parijat Mishra

      Audio-only Youtube? There’s an app for that. 🙂 And it has the “high quality” option too.


  • Ray


    • Dale

      Is that the M8? I can only get 720p on mine.

      • miri

        Looks like a last-gen device: there’s no nav bar, the status bar is a lighter grey and it seems to have Beats. It may get worked out in another update.

        • Ray

          Got that from another site seems to only be working on some unlocked international phones think that’s a M7

          • Guest

            My Verizon my has 1080p also

          • Guest

            My Verizon M7 has 1080p

  • Ray

    Actually it let’s you choose up to 1080p but it seems to be only showing up for some phone

  • Bryan Mills

    I only watch in 240p

  • Neomastermind

    But my screen is 1080p…

  • BRIM

    And yet iOS gets the 1080p option…damn you Google.

    • Bryan Mills

      Dat retina display!

    • T4rd

      I didn’t know that.. makes sense on the newer iPads, but not on the iPhone with its lower res display.

    • Johanny Fernandez

      only use iOS may have for that feature is for their retina tablets, so yeah…. meanwhile most high end android devices can really benefit from this option…

    • Chris

      Some devices are seeing 1080p.

  • Step in the right direction but nearly all top phones have 1080p+. They should’ve added that in.
    Still much better nonetheless 🙂

  • jeff manning