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Tip: Google Search Results Now Show Recipe Ingredient Checklists

OK, this could be old, but we were not aware of it until Google Tweeted a picture of it moments ago. The tip is this – if you are searching for a recipe or food type, you can have search results display an ingredient checklist for you that can be checked off to narrow your list of recipes. Again, this may have been buried in the search options for a while, but if you look at Google’s Tweet or the duplicate post to Google+, everyone seems to be as lost as we initially were. Thankfully, a little poking around has led us to the ingredient list promised land. 

So this is how you get a checklist of ingredients to help narrow your search, as is pictured above:

  1. Search for a recipe in Chrome on your phone.
  2. When the search list pops up, tap on the “More” button in the top right.
  3. Then tap “Search tools.”
  4. You should now have new line of search tools, one of which is “Ingredients.”
  5. Tap “Ingredients” and you will see a list appear with check boxes for “yes” or “no.”
  6. As you tap “yes” or “no” the page should refresh with recipes that feature those ingredients.

Also, I like the zero bezel phone render used. 🙂

Via:  @Android
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  • rednav

    Looks like an HTC phone to me

  • evol1knobi

    Tried using this for pho recipes and I’m not seeing it. Maybe too complex?

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  • jeesung

    I don’t see “Search Tools” on my Nexus 10. Is this a phone only thing?

  • mcdonsco

    Doesn’t work for beef wellington 🙁

  • thom

    I wish it was working in reverse. I’d like to list ingredients (or better yet, take pics or scan bar codes) then have Google find me recipes I can make with what I’ve already have.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    No more button. My addition buttons are on the bottom. Hmm

  • Matthew

    whats phone on photo?It isint Nexus 5 or 4,.What is this?

    • MrSonicBoom

      Looks like a mock phone. The bezel on the phone looks really strange.

      • PhoDo

        It’s a mock you can tell clearly by looking at the picture. They took a picture of someone holding the phone and then overlayed the image. You can tell if you look at where the corners of the screen should be and see how off it is, didn’t even try to much at it. If you look at the top of the phone you’ll notice it’s slight tilted to the right while the image is straight horizontal and the unequal bezel on each side.

    • mcdonsco

      IPhone running android.

  • dan

    I just tries this. This is just a search filter. It filters out recipes that have or do not have a particular ingredient. Do if you are lactose intolerant you can filter out recipes that call for milk by checking no.

    The title of the article made it sound like it is an ingredient checklist for shopping.

  • Jason Kahn

    What phone is that, the lack of bezels is perfect

    • Shagnscooby

      That phone looks like a smaller screen with bigger top and bottom bezel than the N5. At least a bigger chin.

    • JSo

      Generic phone render?

      • Android_Silver_phones_tablets

        Generic phone render Prime!


    • Alex

      I don’t understand, I still see a bezel in the image above. What are you (and Kellen) referring to?

      (The bezel is the black border on the sides of the phone as far as I understand).

  • James

    A cool idea, but having just tried it I can say it’s not very useful in actual practice.

    AKA too many steps, tiny checkboxes, the dialogue disappears after each selection, gives no contextual information about the recipe, etc.

    • Dustin Kear

      Yeah what you said

    • dan

      Cause it is just a search filter to filter recipes that have/don’t have certain ingredients. Its not a list of ingredients for a particular recipe.

      • James

        I understand it’s a search filter. It’s just not a particularly useful or intuitive one. Not sure why it warranted a whole article.

        • dan

          Oops I responded to your post above

      • dan

        Got it. When you said it wasn’t useful because it gives you no contextual information about the receipe, I wanted to point out that it not displaying a recipe. It is only filtering the Google search results bases on ingredients you want. It is very helpful to people that have food allergies like me. Instead of filtering through hundreds of recipes to find one that doesn’t have a particular ingredient, I can now just filter the search results to recepies that don’t have it. Saves a lot of time.

  • gambit07

    Doesn’t work for me, also would be nice if they integrated this into google now

    • Big EZ

      Yeah, it’s useless to me only being in Chrome.

    • Rob S

      It is in google. Just search “Fried Chicken” not “Fried Chicken Recipie” and you’ll see it

  • So should we take hints from the lack of Nexus 5? Honestly, I think they should have used it, since the Nexus 5 is beautiful, but are they saying something?

    • cadtek91

      They’re saying it’s not Android exclusive, when they use a generic phone.

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    Cool +1