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LG G3 Apparently Selling Three Times Better Than Samsung’s Galaxy S5 in Korea

According to Korea’s ET News, the LG G3 is absolutely dominating sales over Samsung’s Galaxy S5. For right now, LG’s newest flagship is only available in Korea, but that does not mean the company is not selling a ton of units. In fact, according to the report, LG is selling 25-30,000 G3 units daily to smartphone-hungry consumers. As for the Galaxy S5, Samsung’s flagship device was only seeing 7-8,000 units sold daily during its launch period. 

It is stated that LG’s marketing presence is no where near Samsung’s in Korea, so with the company allowing the device’s specs to do the talking for them (such as the 5.5″ QHD display, Snapdragon 801, and 13MP camera w/ OIS+), it is a relief to see LG chipping away at Samsung’s undisputed Android throne.

So, do these numbers confirm that the world is not impressed with Samsung playing it safe with this year’s Galaxy S5? We would like to think so.

Let’s see a show of hands – who here is picking up a G3 when it launches in America? /me raises hand

Via: ETNews
  • Wowzers. They must be shipping outside of Korea with that much volume… I haven’t noticed any ads though…

    LG have been behind for years… I wonder what’s so great about this new model?

    Torsten @ http://www.mightytravels.com

  • wolofterrain

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  • LG will bounce back with this great smart phone

  • ThatOneKFan

    Tbh, Korean marketing is to show the most famous singers/actors in thier commercials in the fluffiest set you can think of with the cheesiest music ever. Pretty much all the LTE-A commercials I’ve seen are music and dancing (And the current most popular band/singer). Marketing mostly appeals to teenagers to mid 20 year olds.

  • djdsf

    Changing sides to LG this year, I’m done with Samsung, and for the people complaining about it not being water resistant… seriously? It’s a new thing, you can live without it as you have for the past 4 versions of the Galaxy S series or for the last 2 Version of the G series…

  • Jeffrey Fazal

    G3 has much better aspects than Galaxy S5. However, the device is not water or
    dust resistant but it has 3000mAh battery as compared to 2800mAh of Galaxy S5. Moreover,
    it has inbuilt qi enabled back case that means could be easily charged by
    placing it on qi charger. Whereas, for Galaxy S5 require a receiver to make it compatible
    with wireless charging.

  • duke69111

    That’s good news for LG.

  • arthur2142

    I want a G3 so bad, but I’m really going to miss the IR blaster on my M7… I guess I could keep the HTC around solely as a Universal Remote, but I would prefer these phone companies just include the IR as standard!

  • Chippah

    I Love the G3, but as a Current G2 owner its not economically viable to upgrade yet.
    I hate Samesung, but I’m itchin’ to see what the Note 4 looks like along with all the new Fall Flagships.

  • Chippah

    Verizon has Historically released flagships in early July starting with the Droid x.
    Let us pray the G3 is on the same schedule.

  • Bigwavedave25

    I have one work-around upgrade left, and I’m waiting on this phone to use it. Anyone want to buy a perfectly working 9/10 rooted G2 for BigRed?? 😀

  • chucklehead322

    The newest LG line has been underrated from the beginning. A lot of people went with Motorola, Samsung and HTC because they’re the bigger names but LG knocked it out of the park in specs and design, IMO.

  • d-rock

    Time for Samsung to start paying off press and bloggers to talk trash on LG and the G3.

  • bogy25

    3 times not 5? 🙁

  • sj0808

    DL you make me laugh. During the time when GS5 was on initial sale, there were carrier bans and only one carrier sold GS5. Maybe you should mention it in the article? How biased are you?

  • Trysta

    Seems reasonable. If I had to make a choice between the LG G3 and the Galaxy S5, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick the G3. Better design, better UI (at least from what I’ve seen), on screen buttons. I hope LG is still making phones this nice (or nicer!) when I’m back on the market for a smartphone.

    • PoisonApple31

      Well at least Samsung users will feel at home when they switch to the LG UI. This skin deserves the launcher treatment just like Touchwiz.

  • JD

    sadly 60% of US android users still use Samsung. At least some people are realizing there are better options.

  • S9779

    I really don’t care.

  • pyro74boy .

    Nice to see the G3 is selling like crazy . Now if we could just get our hands on the phone here in the good old U,S,A. I’m not big on HTC hardware however I really wish companies like LG would follow the M8,s lead and sell it on the day of the G3 announcement. Now let the hater comments begin because that’s what the fan-boys do is hate. LOL

  • coolsilver

    Duh. LG is quickly learning what people want in their phones. Less Gimmicks (Touchwiz S-Thingz) and more solid phone specs.


    EZTV Living Room Computer Unboxing Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzzpJxPHRFI

  • Rambocombo
  • ian acana

    I’ll get one. Cant wait to get my hands on the G3.

  • Jon

    day one on T-Mobile

  • dsignori

    Um.. Wasn’t there a ban in S Korea when the S5 launched there? Perhaps that is the real factor here. why is no one mentioning that little detail?

    Love it or hate it, the S5 is gonna crush the G3 in sales, we all know it …

    • Because people here love to hate

      • Adrynalyne

        No, I think its more that people here are getting sick and tired of same ol’, same ol’, just faster hardware cornering the market. We are seeing a very obvious effect of little competition: stagnating products and little innovation.

        • I think they dropped the ball a bit with the S5 but they’ll be back on top with the Note 4 and S6. Maybe the Droid Life community is getting tired of it but 50+ million people say otherwise

          • Adrynalyne

            Marketing does wonders. People know what they want by name, not actual product.

          • I love how LG gets a little bit of attention in Korea and everybody here thinks it’s a Samsung killer and LG is going to the top. Yea right. Like I said this is only in Korea and everybody isn’t taking into account that there was a ban on the S5 in Korea when it was first released. The Note 4 is going to murder this thing. And LG will stay in the same position it is in the US market

        • As a matter of fact Samsung just fired their head of design (or whatever his title was) so we’ll see what they come back with.

    • Adrynalyne

      This is how rumors start. People read headlines, and not anything else.


      Those bans are for all smartphones and only for short periods, depending on telecom.

      • dsignori

        Right. The S5 couldn’t be sold at all (along with other phones) for weeks during the S5 Launch period. The G3 launch was not restricted at all. I’m missing your point ..

  • Samsung will come back and crush this with the Note 4 and S6

    • rawr

      They didn’t even “crush” the phones they were replacing. Why would the Note 4 and S6 be different.

      • I love how LG gets a little bit of attention in Korea and everybody here thinks it’s a Samsung killer and LG is going to the top. Yea right. Like I said this is only in Korea and everybody isn’t taking into account that there was a ban on the S5 in Korea when it was first released. The Note 4 is going to murder this thing. And LG will stay in the same position it is in the US market

        • rawr

          Woah bro, being an apologist for Samsung for free? Poor move man.

          • You know what’s poor? Most you guys on this site are so bandwagon it’s ridiculous. You guys are just longing for that Samsung killer. First it was the Moto X, then news broke that Moto wasn’t doing so well and was being sold, that shut you guys up. Then it was the M8 and the premium materials argument, guess what, same scenario HTC isn’t doing well sales declining year after year. Then you guys shut up again. Now it’s LG and the G3 and you guys are up in arms again over sales in Korea 1 market, then it’s a phone that was released after the S5 and in my opinion is 2 different classes of phone. It’s not a fair comparison. Put this thing up against the Note 3 or 4 if you wanna be fair and compare S5S5 to phones in its class.

          • !SoIntellecua1

            Never liked Moto X, always hated M8. Go check my other guests posts, most as rawr, others as clever references to the post I was making.

            But thanks though, enjoy your hardware buttons that Google told everyone to stop using back when the gnex was released.

  • shamatuu

    make sense it has a better build material and first to have a QHD. I would choose this over the GS 5. I’m not getting though.

  • flosserelli

    What is that sound, you say? That is the sound of Samsung getting bіtch slapped in their own house.

  • b00sted

    After all the beauty of this phone makes me really wish I didnt get the note 3 more and more back in November on verizon. I thought I could deal with touchwiz but I could not.

  • Danmheadache


  • Destroythanet

    Goes to show that people don’t like fat bezels and band-aid looking back covers as much as the better designed G3.

  • Dave

    The G3 isn’t enough of an upgrade for most G2 owners, like myself either. A little bump in specs, a little better camera, a better screen (which will rarely ever be fully utilized anyway). I’d venture to say the amount of people who’d jump G2->G3 is probably about the same as those who’d jump from S4 to S5.

    • flosserelli

      And I’d venture to say most people buying a G3 are not upgrading from a G2.

      • Dave

        Very well possible, probably likely the same story with S4 to S5. More like S3 to S5, in that case it’d be a pretty substantial upgrade. Was there a LG G1? LoL.

        • LionStone

          Yep, my bro just went S3 to S5. Wonder how long til the G3 is available here in US?

          • I’m guessing first week of July – too long ;(

          • hkklife

            Prediction: 1st or 2nd week of July on AT&T, same time or mid-July on Sprint, end of July on T-Mob, end of August on VZW.
            The real question is if the carriers will get greedy and only offer gimped 16GB/2GB variants here or if they will offer the 32GB/3GB as well. And will anyone offer wireless charging as standard or will LG borrow a page from Samsung’s playbook and make us wait on delayed and overpriced Qi rear covers? Isn’t AT&T moving to support PMA and dump Qi??

        • rawr

          Still confused why the S5 is 16GB only, I don’t see it as an upgrade from my gnex until it has at least 32.

        • hkklife

          There was an HTC G1 ages ago and there was an LG Optimus G, yes. It was the basis of the Nexus 4, remember?

    • MicroNix

      I would say that LG is squarely targeting S3s coming off of contract. Great timing too as long as it isn’t released in something like September in the US.

      • jzwerlz43

        i fall into that category being a current s3 owner lol cant wait until this phone hits the states!

    • Chippah

      G3 Rom ported to G2 – Problem solved + bigger battery and less pixels to push.

  • James_75

    Noooo! They’re selling all of our G3’s! lol

  • jimt

    Samsung wants to stick with the stupid apple physical button. That is a non- starter for me out of the gate.

    • hoodieNation

      that’s basically how I feel. I can’t even put into words how much I hate the button on my S3. It’s just so horrible. lol.

      • MicroNix

        I can’t even put into words how funny I find it when people nitpick having a home button. You would think it was the end of the world coming.

        • flosserelli

          I was never enthralled with the physical home button on my S3 or Note 2. It is completely superfluous imo.

        • jimt

          Sammy has copied apple too much for me. The apple button must go before I would consider looking at a Samsung. LG has the right idea with the G3. The G3 is the phone to beat now.

        • Adrynalyne

          Would you nitpick a car if it had a handle on the top of a hood?

          Probably not. You just wouldn’t buy it. Same idea though.

          I certainly wouldn’t blame people for not buying it or complaining either.

        • n11

          I don’t think anybody said that. But, considering its a button he probably ends up pushing about 50-100 times a day, its feedback to the company.

    • geedee82

      I think more and more people are starting to realize how pointless it is.

  • frankyblike

    GO LG!!

    So over Samsung the S3 was the only great phone they made.

  • SerenityNow

    I won’t be buying one, but that’s because I’ve already got a One M8. If I was choosing between the G3 and the GS5, I would take the G3 hands down (based on what I’ve seen and read thus far).

  • ROR1997

    My OG Razr maxx is literally falling apart. My upgrade is June 10th and if this phone does to release before July, LG will lose my sale. Sucks.

    • patt

      I bet LG cares 😀

    • Anon

      Wait 1 month.

      • ROR1997

        With summer vacation coming up for me, I won’t need my phone as much too browse, since I won’t have to commute to school. But if it gets too back I might have to just suck it up and get the m8, bad cam and all

    • MicroNix

      So much for Motorola build quality?

      • ROR1997

        On my third maxx lol. Need a break from. Moto so I won’t wait on the MotoX +1

    • joe23521

      I’m in the same boat. Except I don’t know what else to get on ATT. If my phone breaks tomorrow, my top choice would have to be the GS5 Active. Yikes!

      • ROR1997

        Doesn’t ATT carry the GFlex? I would get that phone if I was on ATT.

  • PoisonApple31

    The real story here would be a phone released in March outselling a phone released end of May. This isn’t surprising at all.

    • Detonation

      They’re comparing it against the S5’s sales when it launched in March, not its current sales

    • Big EZ

      Did you notice how the article states it is comparing launch sales of each?

      • PoisonApple31

        Again not surprising, considering everyone felt S5/M8 were just extensions of last year and not a true 2014 release.

  • Josh Shaw

    I just want to buy it here for fucks sake!

  • Suman Gandham

    Excellent. As consumers we need someone to push Sammy and keep them honest. Makes sense that it should be LG< their fellow Korean competitors.

  • Rodeojones000

    Not surprising. The G3 is easily three times better than the S5.

    • SPECS_are_not_everything

      what LG is going to do when SAMSUNG in 2 months introduces S5 Prime with even better specs and, yes, LASER AUTOFOCUS?

      I mean Snapdragon 801, “flatter” UI and 13 OIS camera are NOT enough to defeat SAMSUNG or be #1.
      There are simply NO DEEP DIFFERENCES between Galaxy S5 and G3. Better specs.
      But SAMSUNG easily can put better specs in NOTE4.

      • Rodeojones000

        TouchWiz automatically makes any device inferior.

        • LiterofCola


          • Android_09

            You’re a moron 🙂

          • LiterofCola

            Nooooo YOU’RE the moron. 😉

        • Said the sales of Samsung devices…

          • Adrynalyne

            Superior marketing = winner. Every.single.time.

          • jimt

            Sad, but I’ll take a better product over marketing myself. The sheep will be sheep.

          • Adrynalyne

            I will too, but those who are suckers for marketing are the majority.

          • ki11ak3nn

            The poeple that get suckered into marketing seem to be people who aren’t tech enthusiasts. And the tech community makes up a really really small number of consumers. Which makes me sad. But doesn’t matter that much when I have a beast of a phone.

      • Adrynalyne

        Wouldn’t surprise me. Samsung does like to copy.

      • joe23521

        The biggest difference to me is DESIGN. IMO, the G3 is light years ahead in that department. The “design” of the GS5 was a deal breaker for me. Even the GS4 looks way better.

      • rawr

        You don’t have to be #1 to pull profit. Not everyone has to be Google or Apple.

        Some companies are happy with well performing stock and enough profit to feed every hungry person on the planet (but private planes are much better investments).

    • Joe Krait

      They both suck. Too bad the g3 comes with only the 801 and last gen adreno 330 trying to drive QHD. I’ll wait a couple of months for the 805s with the 420 performing 40% higher using 20% less power. It may be quicker than the 810.

      • Adrynalyne

        If you realized how underwhelmed the 330 has been for the last year, you wouldn’t be worried about it pushing a slightly higher resolution.

        Nothing has come close to tapping half of the potential of the 330 until now.

        • Slo Ride

          G3 can’t touch the Note 3 in Antutu. Will the 330 work in the G3? Sort of….

          “While not a world beater in these tests,
          it [G3] does hold up just as expected. A score of 29,156 puts it just ahead
          of other powerful devices like the Note 2 and Galaxy S4. It also sits
          well behind the Note 3”

          an com

          • Adrynalyne

            Samsung cheats on benchmarks. It has been proven. Antutu was one of them. Besides, antutu isn’t running at screen resolution on the g3.

          • E J Dijon

            You seem to have an excuse for everything, Adryn. What is it like to go though life living in fantasy land…besides having slow phones?

          • Adrynalyne

            Oh lookie, an anonymous troll.

            How does it feel to live in a land of ignorance? Read a little. It is enlightening.

          • wtd2009

            it works just fine on the hdx and tab pro 8.4

      • wtd2009

        bro, the 330 handled several displays with higher resolution on multiple occasions with no sign of stutter, the kindle fire hdx just to name on of them.

        • Speed Baller

          Great, it “handled” them. My 2002 Dell could probably “handle” Windows 8.

          • wtd2009

            reviews reported no lag, what else do you want it to do? what else is it supposed to? its a HIGHER resolution than the G3. you guys are ridiculous.

    • Ubi2447

      Maybe it’s even…’G’ Three…Times better?

  • regkilla

    Poor Sammy.

  • akingsfan

    I am definitely more intrigued by this device than I have been by any other device, but I’ll reserve any judgement or commitment until I actually see it and play around with it.

  • Maxim∑

    Perfectly happy with the G2. Due to the unnecessary pixel increase and larger display and poor updates…I’m probably going more toward X+1 or even iPhone 6

    • Anon

      Poor updates? All g2 variants are on 4.4.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I’ll definitely check out the G3, not sure if I’ll buy one. Though if I do, it’ll probably sold within 6months.

  • Stephen D

    I already picked the S5, but the beauty of JUMP is that I can get the G3 whenever I want(I’ll probably wait 2 months or so), and then get the Note 4 when it comes out, without putting any money down. I didn’t think I’d want anything between the S5 and Note 4, but the G3 is really impressive.

    • PoisonApple31

      Some of us do it the old fashioned way: buy and sell, buy and sell, buy and sell.

      • trumpet444

        yep. save and then buy. Cant lose that unlimited data

        • jimt

          Actually, you can. There is life after Verizon.

  • Ben Murphy

    Well, duh.

  • Chris Wallace

    I’ll have one the day it drops.

  • chris125

    Not surprising at all. People are getting tired of the same old thing with Samsung

    • hc792

      I wouldn’t expect the same in the US.

      • calculatorwatch

        Depends on how good the marketing is. Marketing things in Korea is easy, you just show a bunch of cute girls holding the phone and smiling. Appealing to US consumers is harder.

        • PoisonApple31

          Take a class or read a book or something.

          • calculatorwatch

            What’s the point when I can make silly generalizations fo’ free?

          • Android_09

            Nah he’s got more important things to do on his calculator watch 🙂

        • ki11ak3nn

          If LG can get Sofia Vergara in a bikini holding the G3 I would buy it in a heartbeat. BOOM!! Marketing.

    • Android_09

      I just hope if LG gets to the top, they don’t get complacent

      • chris125

        Agree. Because only a few years ago Samsung was the under dog and now look how they are when sitting a top the android throne

        • Android_09

          Yeah I think samsung is sinking their own ship. They are literally falling into the same path as Apple and it’s incredible. They have to see this but are too stubborn to change.

          • Jkdem85

            Apple is the most successful company in the world LG will follow the same path as would any company. Hurts me to say that as I’m a tech dork but it’s true

          • Android_Silver

            pretty questionable.
            Apple’s marketshare is 13%.
            Android = 80%.
            Apple’s profits are ALMOST EQUAL to SAMSUNG Electronics’ profits now.
            Google’s + SAMSUNG’s profits are BIGGER than Apple’s profits.

            And LG with G3, which is SLIGHTLY better than S5, FOR SURE, is not going to “follow Apple”.
            SAMSUNG is alive and will respond.
            Don’t underestimate its power to adapt.

            G3 can chip something from SAMSUNG’s marketshare, but it is FAR FROM BEING ENOUGH to dethrone SAMSUNG.
            G3 is very good, but is it something REALLY amazing?

          • Nasty Nate

            Wow, you are obviously high.

          • Adrynalyne

            Wow, two companies’ profits trump one company.


          • Jkdem85

            First off relax bro.

            Second off Apple is the single most successful smartphone and hardware producer in the world. Samsung would kill to be them hence the non stop attack ads, copying of design , and now mirroring of overall strategy.

            As much as I love android and prefer it you can’t deny apples singular role. I work in an office of 50, 46 have iPhones . Everyone I know has an iPhone. They just dominate the American mainstream consumer market, the most desirable in the world. They have 135 billion in cash and have the most valuable brand in the world. LGs smartphone division would murder for those stats and brand cache.

            Look at usage stats it’s not even close man the top 4 phones are iPhone models


            Thank god we have android

          • Travis H

            lets try world wide…. apple would drop to the bottom third…

          • Elliot Kotis

            Mate, Samsung is the leading company in the world for mobile hardware holding about 45% of it. Samsung just has more models than Apple.

          • Ron_Swanson

            I stopped reading after bro.

          • Rob

            Sorry to burst your bubble, but I don’t think the US is the most desirable smartphone market in world any more. China is the biggest market by now, and look at all the amazing Asia-exclusive smartphones that never get released in the western world. Most smartphone/tablet makers are from that region, like from South Korea (LG, Samsung), Japan (Sony, Sharp), Taiwan (Acer, Asus) and China (Xiaomi, Huawei). They release their new smartphones first in their home country and region (like the G3!), and later (or, in many cases, never) in other places, like the US! That shows, which market is the most desirable for each company. Maybe Apple sees its home as most desirable. At least it’s the market where they’re the strongest, but not anywhere else.

          • RockMarz

            He is a blind sheep

          • rawr

            You are assuming other countries like the countries around them in SEA. They actually hate each other and the biggest market for each country is their own country and not China.

          • Anon

            You forgot to put Motorola in China lol.

          • Andrew

            Not to mention all the shoutouts China during WWDC this year (the Chinese targeted software enhancements, market stats).

          • Robert Isha

            i 100% agree with you..where the g3 going to be when iphone 6 comes out?..and when the king arrives the note 4 ..no one will remember g3..i just cant live without a super amoled display..plain and simple

          • MH

            Apple’s margins have dropped off a bit, hence the stock price dip. However in their heyday, they were 2-3x all 3 of those companies.

          • angermeans

            Apples margins have not dropped they’ve gone up. Their stock has nothing to do with their margins. They’ve broken records every quarter. The only reason stock prices have gone down is the absolute BS numbers they are projected to hit by unreasonable analysts.

          • Turb0wned

            Hmmmmm, Apple makes 1 phone a year except for last year… How many Android phones come out each year?

          • Elliot Kotis

            Yeah so? people are still choosing android over iPhone.

          • Elliot Kotis

            Plus Apple bring out 2 a year, maybe 3 now (bigger model, cheap model, normal model, unless the choose to only make cheap on the *S models)

          • Gary W

            2013 profit:
            Apple: 37B, market cap 557B
            Samsung: 32B, 183B
            Google: not sure, first 3 quarters 10.1B, not sure about 4th, market cap 375B

            If we just go by money AAPL is still by far the most successful. I don’t see the point why you add up google and samsung’s profit.

            Agree on G3 vs S5.

          • zurginator

            Keep in mind this is Samsung, not Samsung Mobile. This factors in everything from TVs to Dryers to Computers to Oil tankers. Samsung Mobile made just $9.5b.

            Meanwhile Apples mobile division raked in closer to $30b (couldn’t find numbers). Hate their products all you want, but Apple knows their game and they do a damn good job at it. I don’t blame Samsung for wanting to imitate it.

          • Adrynalyne


            Google took the throne, at least for now.

          • j

            No they aren’t.

          • Jeff C

            samsung is actually higher in forbes 2013 list of top global companies. not gloating or anything, just sharing information.

          • angermeans

            Still80% of all their phones sold are crap pre paid phones in third world countries. You can’t count all the money Samsung makes as a company and compare it to apple (even though apple still makes more) look at all the products Samsung makes. Samsung doesn’t make anywhere near what apple makes in phones, tablets, and PCs. Not even close. You can count world wide market share all you want, but again apple doesn’t play in the markets Samsung gets their numbers from. Samsungs galaxy s phones and tablets sell no where near apples. He’ll, they can’t even sell as many as the iPhone 5s. Twist things all you want, but apple is by far the world leader in tech margins.

          • Sebastian Bartlett

            How is apple the most successful company in the world?

          • malcmilli

            99.99999% of companies in the world would love to fall into the same path as apple…. and Samsung is far from a sinking ship, hey are still making record profits. I’m far from a Galaxy S homer, but i hate when people greatly exaggerate situations. Just like how they say Apple is doomed. Competition is getting stiffer, and Samsung to many isnt seen has head and shoulders better than the rest, but the ship is far from sinking…. those profit margins are still multiplying.

          • d-rock

            Well they have always had apple envy, so they would love this idea!

          • “too stubborn to change”? you think this is a person that can easily be coerced into “changing”? this is a multi-billion dollar corporation who make decisions based on profits. they aren’t your personal phone-maker and don’t give a second thought about Android_09’s qualms with their products and how he thinks they should “change”.

            with that said, i also dislike samsung but obviously they are making devices that people want… people except most of those who read Droid-Life and ones that live in Korea.

      • PoisonApple31

        Better root for Tizen then. LG isn’t getting to the top without help.

        • Adam

          You think Tizen will do better then LG getting to the top

          • PoisonApple31

            I’m saying LG won’t get to the top unless Samsung focuses on Tizen.

          • Adrynalyne

            It wasn’t that long ago that people said the same of Samsung vs. Apple.

            Here is the recipe for success that Samsung learned:

            1. Don’t stay the same and improve your looks and software (Apple, anyone?). Don’t just slap a new label on it and call it good.
            2. Market the sh*t out of it.
            3. Flood the market with enough items that all people see are Samsung on the shelves (Apple, who? You mean those two little phones in the corner?).
            4. Use cheaper materials but make it look nice.

            Thats all LG has to do vs Samsung, especially since they are falling into the same trap Apple did: Slapping new labels on it, but its the same junk as last year with upgraded internals. That strategy isn’t working for Apple anymore, and its going to stop working for Samsung too.

          • jnt

            #5,6,7… Market the sh*t out of it…

          • Adrynalyne

            Haha yup.

          • pappy53

            Right, that strategy isn’t working for Apple. They only set new sales records year after year.

          • Aaron

            Apple is setting new sales records, but their growth isn’t keeping up with the growth of the market as a whole. That’s how Samsung has become the number one phone manufacturer in the world. They just blanketed the market by making devices for every category. The next generation of iPhone(s) might change this, but then Apple’s strategy has always been to make one good device per cycle. Now that they are changing this they might run the risk of muddying their own brand. Can the iPhone remain the number one selling device when you have three models? And if Apple tries to lump them all together to maintain that stat, then why couldn’t Samsung do the same with their dozen Galaxy models? If they did, I think Samsung would have the edge.

          • angermeans

            Actually this is how I’ve seen Samsung succeed

            1. Wait for apple to innovate
            2. Copy the hell out of it
            3. The things you don’t copy just make useless feature after useless feature
            4. Use cheap materials, but try to make it look like metal.
            5. Market
            6. Market
            7. Spend money to pay off for reviews, bash competition, and pay off
            Lawsuit after lawsuit (as they see this as a cost of business since obviously they don’t spend money on research and development).
            8. Market some more.
            9. Rinse and repeat.

    • MH

      Considering the OS is a rehash of touchwiz, it’s more likely because of the OSK and beastly specs than “the same old thing”. It’s clear samsung considers the note the flagship (at least since the note 3) now.

    • Aiden Richardson

      Not surprising indeed, the LG G3 is just a far better (and better looking device). Obvious in this comparison – http://versus.com/en/lg-g3-vs-samsung-galaxy-s5

  • Bryan Mills

    Very well deserved. Keep it up, LG

  • Ray

    Bring it to the US and you’ve got 1 more sale from me

    • frankyblike

      make that 2

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    Sounds about right.