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Google Readying Android TV Platform for Launch at I/O

According to a new report, Google is readying launch of its new Android TV platform, with announcement set for this year’s Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco on June 25. 

The platform, based entirely around ease of use, will allow users to quickly search through content, and begin playback of titles without having to enter third party applications, a pain that is experienced on most other set-top boxes currently available. Although, the Fire TV from Amazon allows for instant playback from the Home screen, but only for Prime titles.

The UI will be based around cards, and should resemble a screenshot that was actually leaked from The Verge some time ago.

Android TV

Many questioned why Google would need an additional place in people’s living rooms, given the apparent success of Chromecast. Well, Chromecast can only do so much over a WiFi and HDMI connection. For example, gaming sucks.

With Android TV, the company hopes that the countless amount of Android game titles would be playable on the system, allowing for much more content consumption through set-top boxes and built-in integration through partner OEMs. To us, Google TV is a shot at Amazon’s Fire TV, while also being a complete platform for partners to take advantage of through their own products.

If you ask us, June 25 can’t come soon enough.

Via: GigaOm
  • anon_coward

    still way behind Apple TV, Roku and anything that supports Ultraviolet

  • Cody Revels

    Reminds me of wiindows 8 or xbox…which runs that lol

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  • btstump

    Gaming doesn’t have to suck. Developers are making it suck. All they have to do is use the TV as a second screen on Chromecast. I would LOOOOOOVE to play Need for Speed Hot Pursuit on my TV using my Nexus 5 as a steering/braking/etc controller. THAT would make Chromecast the ultimate gaming machine for me.

  • envoy510

    Yeah, the promise of this is why I didn’t buy a FireTV. I was burned by Amazon’s ecosystem before (with the Fire). They’re like a lot of phone makers, with their release and forget policy. With Nexus devices you get cool new features. I’m assuming the same would be true for Android TV.

  • Lou_C

    So conflicted. I still love my Sony Google TV box, but it is barely supported anymore. Chromecast works better/faster, but much less full functionality — the integration with my cable subscription on the GTV box was pretty terrific. I’m just afraid this is another thing I’m going to buy and integrate into my life (i.e., train my family on) only for Google to abandon again.

    Is *this* the platform they are going to stick with?

  • Josh Jones

    Another product Google can put out for developers, get discouraged by lack of support, and not put any effort forth for advertising.
    The only reason G+ actually gained /some/ traction unlike Wave and Buzz was because of the forced integration at the hands of someone who’s no longer even at Google. Chrome OS got it’s windfall because of the major UI shift windows made from versions 7 to 8 that scared people off. But so many of their products have had such a horrible start entirely because of a lack of commitment or backing from their own company. Paid Youtube content, the Nexus Q, [email protected], Chromebook Pixel, Google TV, Google Catalog, Latitude, Wave, Buzz, Google Video.

    It’s been their tactic for so long to shotgun rapidfire content and only after a product gets popular begin supporting it more robustly but it’d be nice for them to have some backbone and actually invest some real effort into Google TV and change what was wrong about it instead of shelling out another replacement product in it’s stead.

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  • All I want is an All Access option for their TV shows and movies, same as with music. I would kick Netflix and Hulu Plus to the curb SO QUICK. {{-_-}}

  • Donovan

    Thank goodness.. I’m getting sick of factory resetting my slow, memory deprived Logitech Revue every other month.

  • Gideon Waxfarb

    This could be interesting. Although if it doesn’t support Amazon Video, it’ll be as useless to me as the Chromecast currently is.

  • mizkitty

    Are we calling it “Android TV” or “Google TV”…or both?

    My local big box is still selling the old Sony Media Box…:with “Google TV”.
    $119 CDN voice operated remote incl.

  • Silky Johnson


  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Here we go again…. Don’t be a colossal failure this time Google.

    • Kevin

      I think this time Google is really going to put all its effort on Android TV. Now that they saw that people are really interested in streaming box such as Fire TV. It’s better when there is competition making Google to try harder and compete on price, features, etc.

      • Patrick Crumpler

        Maybe the guys from Nest are involved in the hardware? Or the part of Motorola that they kept.

  • Nick

    Without cable pass through i just don’t see what this brings to the table that other boxes don’t already do. A streamlined UI is nice and all, but definitely wouldn’t convince me to replace my WDTV

    • mizkitty

      Youtube has been “off and on” with WDTV. They seem to have fixed it (Oct…I think)…but it’s obviously not a priority.

      I wouldn’t buy a media box without access to network shares though.

  • Chris VanAnden

    I really hope that they come out with another buddy box. Hopefully it will have HDMI pass-thru as well. I’ve been holding onto my revue WAAAAAY past its lifetime, but I’ve grown so accustomed to using it.

    The pass-thru is the seller for me. I don’t have to change inputs. Better yet, I don’t have to teach my gf, my dog, my family and my friends how to change the inputs on my tv. They just grab the remote and go.

    • Diablo81588

      That’s what a universal remote is for.

      • Chris VanAnden

        well aware of what a universal remote is for. That still requires people that have 0 tech sense to know how to use something. I have a harmony. They have “too many buttons”….not all of us are as tech inclined.

        • Diablo81588

          You don’t have to be tech savvy to use a harmony remote. You push one button for each activity and it’s the same as any other remote after that. I have 4 of them and it can’t get any easier once properly set up.

          • Chris VanAnden

            I completely get that. I’m not talking about myself or you though….

          • Josh Jones

            Chris is absolutely right. People outside of tech forums are incredibly furiously monstrously stupid when it comes to new technology. The HDMI pass through was a great idea and if i could replace my Google TV with another streaming device that had passthrough and remote replacement i would in a heartbeat- the PS3 in it’s later lifespan had a Universal remote replacement that also worked with the console but lacked a passthrough and the new Xbox One lacks a remote replacement as i recall so unfortunately the both of those are out.

    • Trill316

      The pass-thru is a must for me! One less step is always good!! I still love my Google TV

  • Viet Hoang-Tran

    Still got my Sony Google TV. Still runs on Honeycomb…

    • Didn’t have one but I helped someone set one up. That thing was awesome

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Yup this is just another project for Google to later abandon leaving owners in the lurch. My roku does all that I need.

    • Patrick Crumpler

      If there is an update to the Sony Google tv, then I’d pull it out if it’s box and take it for a spin. Otherwise I am out until this actually shows some longevity. From the Logitech to the Sony, it just seem like support for these stops.

  • Now this is news. I missed out on the first Google TV.

  • antwonw

    Wait. So there will be Chromecast, Google TV and Android TV still, going forward?

    • James

      Yeah, it sounds that way, until Google TV reaches end of life at least. I can’t say I get this strategy. Chromecast is great and should just be beefed up as much as possible. I understand this generation of Chromecast can’t handle gaming well, but do we really need yet another platform with it’s own UI?

      • normmcgarry

        I will bet money that the Android TV will be a “Cast” device.

    • Kevin

      Google TV turned into Android TV. And I’m guessing that the Android TV that they’re going to release at IO is going to have “Cast’ features. So it will be like a Chromecast+ other features (Such as gaming). For those who just want a really cheap streaming device Chromecast is a good option.

      • James

        I agree, the casting feature will be present and that’s a good thing. The problem is, Google TV still exists. So unless it will get updated to this new interface, there will still be 3 different platforms, with three different UIs, at work.

        • Patrick Crumpler

          I hope Sony updates theirs to this. It is a pretty good little device. The software gets a bit sloppy though.

    • Dan

      Thanks for the reminder, I forgot I had a Chromecast plugged into the back of my HT since I setup my HTPC.

    • michael arazan

      Gamers will want the android TV, especially younger folk who would rather play a title for $6 and get 10 games for the price of 1 xbox or PS game, especially the parents paying for it.

      I just bought my first chromecast, if I knew the Android TV was about gaming I might have waited. But now I’ll give it to my dad and get the android TV if it is compatible for the FPS games in play

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    • Cael

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      • Guy Pierce

        Yes sir! Love this movie!

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          • Guy Pierce

            I agree completely.

  • pat20001216

    i wonder if existing google tvs will be able to “upgrade” to this service

    • randompsychology

      I’m sure the Logitech Revue won’t. Dunno why I got that thing…

      • Chris VanAnden

        Considering that the Revue is ARM…I highly doubt it’ll upgrade to anything. I still have mine and still use it. Honestly, it works fairly well still.

      • Kevin

        He never said nothing about a Revue. He might have a the second gen.