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Sunrise Calendar Available for Android, Brings 3-Day View and Sleek Widget

When it comes to calendar apps for Android, there are plenty to choose from on Google Play. It is easy to rely on the official Google Calendar or the one of many calendar apps that come pre-installed on any given device, but they are never all that good. Sure, they do their job, but are never all that extensive with regard to special information. Third party calendar applications allow for so much more, and the newest one to hit Google Play, called Sunrise Calendar, is worth a look. 

The overall UI of Sunrise is extremely clean. It reminds me somewhat of UpTo Calendar, except there are no “layers” or other event calendars to add to your schedule. Instead, Sunrise is all about displaying the times you are free. Thanks to a 3-day look, you can see just when you can squeeze in a drink with the guys or have time to hit the gym.

The application also includes a widget that users can place on their home screens, plus access to adding events from other networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, and Facebook.

The app is free with no IAPs, so if you find yourself getting lost in your own schedule, check it out.

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  • sski66

    Hey Tim u must be lovin’ life with that schedule, haha, way to go.

  • Today Calendar meets my needs perfectly.

  • wmsco1

    I like any cal my self.

  • Lumia Nexus

    why are these developers wasting their time on apps that are available in more than 100 different varieties that nobody even cares about. everyone i know uses the calender or clock app that comes with the phone. do something new for the community. bring the old windows mobile apps for example, that could report faults and defects of the local area to the council. or something useful

  • nycebo

    Am I missing something here or does it not have push capability for google web site calendar updates?

  • rfranken

    for me a good calendar is all about a good set of widget options. This only has 1 and it isn’t special.

  • Jason Kahn

    Tried for a bit. The layout was not very comfortable to use. The full calendar view did not clearly show what days have appointments. Also without exchange support for my buisness account it has limited use for me. Definitely give it another look when they do add exchange

  • UpTo Calendar is the best so far. I never miss a movie release now that I follow movie and DVD release dates, not to mention the Seahawks schedule..

  • bimsebasse

    Actually a pretty nice app, keeping it! Of all the main Gapps, the calendar app is probably the one most in need of an overhaul. Pretty hard to stick with a “keep it stock” approach with that one.

  • mmark27

    beautiful soft light theme throughout app…..widget = dark and blocky. whaaa???? they need to add a light option to the widget for consistency

    • Jason Downing

      $4 in app purchase for that.

  • Anhstein

    3 day view is so smart! No more squished, unusable week view look on my phone. Love it!

  • Jason Downing

    @Timotato:disqus Damn you… Just came here to report the Android app. DL too quick

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    ANYTHING is better than Stock calendar. Talk about an eyesore

  • Dustin

    For me, a calendar app is only as good as the notifications it provides. This app does not yet have any actionable notifications so it is a bit lack luster for me at the moment. I will stick with Cal until this is updated with that feature.

  • James

    The lack of quality (function + beauty) calendar apps on Android has always surprised me. I use the official Google Calendar currently, but it really needs a shot in the arm. Nice to see this new option arise.

    • James

      The web interface is pretty snazzy too. That’s a big plus for me.

    • JSo

      Try Today Calendar. Its basically Google Calendar but better.

      • mmark27

        UpTo calendar looks nice too, plus adds a second layer for stuff you don’t want clogging up your main calendar.

        • JSo

          I had that on my device for a little while. I have been waiting for them to make it recognized as a calendar app by the OS but they havent done that yet. So I gave up on it.

          • mmark27

            Agreed, I aborted UpTo as well for that same reason. I’ve resorted to using Event Flow widget and just Google Calendar for the actual events. Sunrise doesn’t recognize the “View Event Details” from Event Flow widget like the rest of the calendars do. And without actionable notifications in Sunrise, I’ll have to wait it out with my current set up.

      • Jason Downing

        Paid apps are a no go for some people

        • Lumia Nexus

          i have bought plenty of apps and i am never going to buy again. most developers sell their apps and stop developing it or stop listening to their users. one main example is itap keyboard, action launcher, launcher 7, and so on

          • Jason Downing

            This is true sometimes. Disagree with you on Action Launcher though. It’s great the way it is for now and he just launched another huge project.

          • Lumia Nexus

            and obviously what we paid for Action launcher is gone for nothing. He left Action Launcher Half Baked

          • Jason Downing

            what is half baked about it? I guess that’s where I’m confused. I’m happy with it. I also bought it before there was a free version

          • Jason Downing
  • sagisarius

    I’ve been using this on iOS for a few months, and I love it. It has this handy feature where you can have it not snap to a week, so it just shows you what’s up the next few days, instead of always sunday-sat. It’s a nice app.

  • Droid Ronin

    I’ll give this a look. Been using Cal for a while now.

  • Julian Coronado

    I love this calendar app because it works so well. The Chrome App also brings the whole experience together! THANK YOU SUNRISE CALENDAR!