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Verizon HTC One M7 Sense 6.0 Update Rolling Out Now, Full Changelog Here

As we reported on yesterday, the update to Verizon’s HTC One (M7) is rolling out to devices starting today and over the next few days. This brings the device up to Software Version 4.10.605.3 and includes Sense 6.0 along with some other bug fixes and improvements. 

Big improvements to BlinkFeed, refinements to the overall user interface of the phone and other new features will be a welcome sight for owners of this phone. Bug fixes include addressing the WiFi connectivity and ISIS wallet are also in the downloads. Verizon and HTC patched up some other odds and ends, but the headliner of this update will be Sense 6.0 bringing new life to last year’s flagship.

To see the full list of fixes and improvements, see the changelog below. Keep checking through the rest of today and tomorrow if you do not have it already.

To check for the update, head into Settings>Phone update>Check for update.

one update1one update2

one update3

Via: Verizon
  • Hugo Brown

    I just receieved the update on my HTC One (M7) last week and an only noticed that my Google Music wouldn’t upload some albums I brought or rather sync to my device 🙁
    I glad to see I am not the only one, I wonder when they will but out a fix, or do I just ditch HTC One and go ahead and buy a new device. I even did a factory reset hoping this would work but no …. I am in Australia but my M7 is a international version.

    Well guys hope we get a fix soon or maybe I buying that FIND 7 alittle earlier …

  • Da Billis

    My update appeared today, Indianapolis. Unable to send MMS over wifi, similar problem with Google Play Music. I thought this update was vetted. I practically live on wifi at home to keep from going over my data plan. This is not cool.

    • Hugo Brown

      if i knew about the Google Music thing earlier I wouldn’t have updated I love my music


    Getting update in Maryland now

  • Anthony

    Does any body else have issues with Google Play Music now? It thinks that I am not on WiFi when I am and won’t stream any music. I have Verizon btw.

    • johnie

      I had the same problem. Go to settings, app manager, Google Play Music and Clear Cashe. Shut down phone wait 30 seconds and you’ll be able to stream again

      • Anthony

        I have done a factory reset and still have the same problem. It’s all things Google. They all think that I am not on wi-fi. I have noticed this in Google Play Books, Google Play Music, and instant upload for Google+. I have tested this on multiple wifi networks as well so it’s not my home wifi. I’m pretty irritated.

        • Adam

          I’m in the UK – updated my phone a week ago and having exactly this issue. Did you get a fix?

          • Joel

            Hi mate, did you ever figure this out? It’s driving me crazy

          • Adam

            There is a work around.
            – Connect to WiFi and turn off mobile data
            – untick the download only via WiFi box in settings on Google music
            – do the sane for the streaming box

            Then you can download and stream on WiFi – just make sure you turn your mobile data off!

            Then just pin the songs you want. Its not ideal but better than not working at all.

            I’ve also found my phone’s battery life has gotten considerably worse since the update – have you found this to?

          • Joel

            Thanks mate. Randomly, it’s working again this morning. The only thing that’s changed is that my wife went to work and left our Wifi zone, but i can’t see how that would make a difference – unless it’s related to multiple devices using the same account on the same Wifi?! Have you got multiple devices by chance?

            My battery seems ok so far – but it’s hard to tell as it’s usually plugged in all day (at work).

          • Adam

            There’s always multiple devices on my WiFi. I live in a share so tough to avoid.

            Glad yours is working anyway mate !

          • Joel

            Are any of the other devices using the same Google Account? That’s the only thing i can think that’s changed from last night when i went bed. No software updates etc. Bizarre

          • Adam

            Yep. Mine has started working now. It looks like they have snuck some kind of update through

    • Anthony

      Just in case anybody else runs into this. I just contacted Google and it is a known issue and they are working with HTC to fix it.

    • Justin

      Same problem on at&t! It’s frustrating

      • Anthony

        Somebody found a work around on another article. Turn off mobile data and turn off the “stream only via wifi” option. Just need to remember to toggle those settings when done streaming/downloading

  • aQuickBit

    I’m loving it. Feels so much better! Now my M7 is up to par (sorta).

  • Wyveryx

    Looking for a good 4.4 ROM for the M7 that’s rooted, any ideas? So far all I’ve done is s-off and root the original stock. It’s just there are so many variants now I’m just in overload.

  • tylerc23

    Does it have the Gesture Motion launch stuff?

  • Adamania

    This probably won’t fix the purple camera tint issue though, am I right?

    • KingofPing

      Warranty replacement. HTC has been doing this for ages now: no questions asked.

      It’s not a software issue.

  • hjr9890

    can anyone help? i updated via settings and then once the “downloading firmware” bar finished in the status bar nothing has happened

    • yevgeniy spiridonov

      Same to me.did restart and update start installing.

  • Thomas Chung

    Say goodbye to Pan 360 on your camera

  • 213ninja

    if you don’t take that picture down apple is going to sue!!!!

  • Cliff Lee

    Got it! Downloading now!

  • Knlegend1

    I left them because of slow updates and bad device choices.

  • eagletrippin

    not seeing ‘Extreme Power Saver Mode’…?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Isn’t that an M8 only feature?

      • eagletrippin

        I don’t know, I thought it was just a general Sense 6 feature. Can someone confirm?

      • steve30x

        I just looked into it and do not see it at all.. it has to be only for m8 and future One devices I guess

        • eagletrippin

          Bummer 🙁 Well I know the AT&T One M8 just recently got that feature, so perhaps HTC is just late in delivering it in general…?

          Ahh well, my m7’s battery life is still incredible, I typically get 2-3 days (48-72 hrs) on a single charge. I was just wondering how “extreme” that feature would extend it even further…

          • steve30x

            im pretty sure its very extreme lol, with limited features obviously but perhaps they could push it later as a surprise..

          • Steve

            I’m a very heavy user, as I don’t have a pc. I use my m7 for everything, work games movies, music, and social media. I have to charge my phone about 1/2 through the day. With extreme power saver turned on at 8% it lasted me six hours before it died. Granted I wasn’t playing games, checking email, or anything else while in extreme power saver mode, but this should at least be able to give you an idea.

          • eagletrippin

            Wait…on your m7??? Verizon?

            or do you have an m8? Because I don’t have that feature in my options…only “Sleep mode”…which was already in Sense 5.5

          • KingofPing


            He ain’t running stock. 🙂

          • eagletrippin

            Ahhh. Gotcha. Thanks.

      • Michael

        I had the NusenseSix rom installed on my m7. It was based off of the m8’s software and it had it. I don’t know why they would throw it in there. I believe it’s all software based and not hardware

        Edit: From my experience All the Extreme Power Saver Mode does is turning everything off except receiving texts and phone calls and dims the screen. It also pulls up an app that only allows for texting calling a maybe a few other features.

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    woo hoo! new ROM from santod040!!!

  • sski66

    Downloading NOW, can’t wait, love the phone but this is just going to make it that much more awesome, says it’s going to take 33 minutes, man that’s a huge update.