Pocket Premium Subscription Introduced, Strives to be Dropbox of Web Content

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With as many screens as we have connected to the Internet at any given time, we need a convenient way to move content across them quickly and easily. Pocket, formerly Read It Later, wants to be the first name you think of when that comes to mind. Today, the company announced a premium service of its already great offering, giving users more options when deciding where they want to consume their content.

Available on Google Play today, Pocket Premium gives users the ability to search the web, then auto-tag stories and content that they save with Pocket. Premium even provides a permanent archive for those links as well. A few years down the road, when you are looking for the cooking recipe that you saved, it will still be there even if the link has long gone from the web.

In a survey of Pocket users, this archive feature was requested “off the charts” by its users, so they gladly delivered.

Access to these premium features comes at a cost, though. Pocket Premium will run you $5 a month, but if you want to do a yearly subscription to save some money, it will be $42. If you are ready to start building your library of links and content that will be around for the rest of your years, check out Pocket in Google Play below.

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