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Google Now Weather Card Changes to Show Multiple Cities, Not Multiple Cards

The Google Now weather card received an update last week to a more simplified, multi-city appearance. We had at least one reader send it over, but it wasn’t until today that the card started to rollout to everyone. So yes, you should see it, assuming you have travel plans in the near future.

The card typically shows the weather for the city you are in. In fact, it still does. But should you travel or have plans to travel to a new city, it now shows multiple cities stacked into a single card. In the past, Google Now would stack multiple cards on top of each other that could be toggled between. I actually preferred the multi-card approach, but hey, I’m not an app designer.

Cheers Chris, Anthony, and me!
  • Euan Green
  • Jprime

    i noticed that when i click on the card, and it takes me to google search, i no longer get the weather card where you can slide the bar to see the temp, etc. throughout the day. instead it just searches the term weather. Anyone else? Or is it my phone?

  • obsidianobelisk

    More taps to get the same info. First impression, I’m not feelin’ it.


    Ya i noticed this today, much better!

  • j

    All the new cards are great, but we need more customization now.

    Ability to set the desired route for typical commutes that show up in a card (i.e. the route from home to work)
    Ability to pin a card permanently so it never disappears (weather for example. I never want it to go away, but sometimes I clear it on accident and it won’t come back for awhile)
    Ability to remove one specific item that shows up in a card; for example, stories related to one specific search, but not all ‘related story’ cards. The other day the same related story card kept coming back after I cleared it literally 4 times (yes, I mean literally).

    All I can think of right now off the top of my head.

  • BK

    I can see why some (Kellen included) would prefer separate city cards, since they show more detailed information at once. But I also think as Google Now covers more information, it needs to become more glanceable. As it is, the scrolling can be annoying when looking for a specific card in a long list. I’d like the option to have mini-cards, like Google Newsstand rolled out a few updates ago.

    In fact, I’d like more personalized options, period. I know Google is trying to balance ease of use for those who want Now to “just work,” but more control would be nice.

  • Michael Quinlan

    I haven’t seen this on my own devices yet, but if that’s what it looks like, and I have to tap to see more than the current temperature, I won’t be happy.

    You’re not an app designer and neither am I, but unfortunately there seems to be way to many app designers who either don’t use their own apps, have no idea what an average user wants, or both. That said, I’ll readily admit that I may not be average either.

  • Eric R.

    New Nova Launcher Beta is Out Version3.0

  • NorCalGuy

    I have had this also for about a week makes it a little easier to see both temps for the day.

  • Brian Roth

    I don’t hate it. I have a couple of cities where I keep track of the weather; work and home defaults happen to be in two different states, so I would always weather in both cities

  • antwonw

    Yep. Been that way for a week now. But seems to only be when it senses you’re traveling.

    • antwonw

      Here’s how it looks when one city is clicked.

      • Shawn Spring

        I have the IE and my home in the OC for cities…but the Angels/Ms game card looks the same on my screen. 🙂