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Leaked Image Hints Towards FitBit Force Relaunch Later This Year

In January, reports started to surface suggesting that people who purchased the FitBit Force were having an allergic reaction to the material used in the band. Even though these reports only constituted 1.7% of the customer base, FitBit issued a recall for the device and offered refunds for anyone affected by it. They have not been on sale since, but @evleaks seems to have found evidence that they are working on getting it back out there. 

In the slide that was leaked, there is a list of features next to two images of a slightly modified Force band. The list of features is mostly similar – tracking steps, sleep and calorie goals, while also being able to sync to your phone wirelessly to keep it all organized. Caller ID and real-time run stats were also listed, which would be new features for the Force if this leak is true. The iOS version had notification support, but that never made it to Android before the recall.

The price is set at the same price as it was before the recall, $130. It does look like they have changed the design since its initial version, and @evleaks states that this new edition is hypoallergenic to make sure that no one has reactions to it again. It is also supposedly “more waterproof,” but the original Force was never that secure against water to begin with.

Willing to give FitBit another shot if this leak ends up being true?

fitbit force leak

Via: @evleaks
  • Ranj Kurdistan

    Thats Nice to Hear ,, I am waiting this nice product to come back again and buy it … i hope the release it very soon

  • Todd Bettenhausen

    My Force, much to my surprise, did cause an allergic reaction (rash), so I sadly returned it. I’ll be picking up its replacement for sure.

  • John Waller

    Heck yeah

  • Val

    I loved my Force but ended up with the rash, which acts much more like a chemical burn and has continued to spread and get worse weeks after removing it. I was supportive of Fitbit at first but since they have gone completely silent on the issue and are refusing to tell affected people what they were exposed to, I would never buy one of their products again. I honestly can’t believe any company in the year 2014 still reacts in this manner to a problem like this.

    • SDRob01

      Did you regularly take it off, keep the area under it dry? Seems a lot of people irritated because sweat, dirt, bacteria gets under there and, like can happen with anything left pressed too tight on the skin, irritation can occur.

      • Val

        Of course – I know how to take care of myself. As I said above, it acts much more like a chemical burn. It is not simply an irritation.

    • Mochaminx

      Not to be a jerk or minimize your suffering, but burns (chemical or old fashioned fire,) don’t spread. Especially once exposure has ceased. It’s more likely something else.

      P.S. I’m typing this as I’m staring at a lye burn on my wrist from soap making this past weekend.

  • Cant wait for this!
    The only issue I hated was with the clasp. Tried to switch to the flex but the screen really makes a difference. The samsung gear fit looks cool but way to bulky and I felt like I was going to break it. Do yourself a favor and grab a bitbelt to keep your fitbit from coming unclasped. You will be glad you did.

  • Malinda

    I only have irritation where the metal touches my skin (clasp and back of display). I believe it’s a reaction to nickel. I just flip it around on my wrist when it starts irritating, and I switch wrists occasionally. I was told to put clear fingernail polish on the metal, and that would stop it from causing a rash…haven’t done it yet but plan on trying it. I love myfitnesspal and the fact that it can sync to Fitbit. I’m holding out for the new one and hoping they’ll just trade me!

  • Brian Eagen

    Dang it, and I just bought a Flex a few days ago. Constantly look at it like a watch for time. At least there’s an option if/when I need to replace it outside of the Best Buy warranty.

  • i have no allergic reaction to the fitbit force
    fitbit force is aweosme

  • Rob

    I still like my Fitbit Force and wear it daily and in the evenings. The clasp looks a little different, the new one looks like the two clasp prongs are further separated. Might help keep the band more securely tightened. Mine sometimes falls off when removing a jacket or something brushes up against it.


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  • prometheus1010

    Go to the fitbit forums and you’ll see that it’s way more than 1.7%. It’s still unclear as to what exactly caused the rashes, as most people didn’t start getting them until after weeks or months of use. I wore mine for 3 months before the rash started, and I don’t have an allergy to any metals. It would be nice if fitbit was a lot more honest and detailed with their explanation of what caused these rashes. I won’t be buying another product from them.

    • JayEvans

      Keep in mind that people who have a problem post on forums, those that don’t have problems, don’t. If they did, nobody would ever buy a car after reading the the forum for that model…. Problem after problem. 😉

      You probably developed a sensitivity to something in the band, same way many people become sensitized to latex after long term exposure. I tried the nicotine patches but after two weeks I got a rash under the patch wherever I placed one.

    • shooter50

      what exactly did fitbit do wrong in your eyes? They admitted a problem. Offered 100% refunds no questions or receipts asked. What more could they do? Fitbit products do what they say they will do. Its not a smartwatch and certainly isnt priced like one. As a pure fitness band there is no equal. If you buy another fitness band, you will be settling for less.

      • cynic728

        It’s karma for the company releasing the Force so soon after the Flex came out and after thousands had to wait for months to get the Flex. I am sorry that so many people experienced rashes/blisters, but I for one am not sorry that this is costing the company big bucks!

      • AnonymousViewer

        I love my Force, but the original band needed help. Water resistance didn’t affect the device, but my band at the edges started to peel off. Early adopters always take chances.

    • 213ninja

      it packs the most fitness tracking features of any product in it’s class and price point, right?

      personally, when they told us our rashes were from dermititis, and when i stopped wearing it that went away, and when they offered everyone everywhere an apology and a refund, i was satisfied.

    • SDRob01

      Did you regularly take it off, keep the area under it dry? Seems like a lot of people irritated because sweat, dirt, bacteria gets under there and, like can happen with anything left pressed too tight on the skin, irritation can occur.

  • ki11ak3nn

    I have the Flex that I got from work for $30. Used it for about 2-3 months then I just stopped working out all together. I couldn’t get the diet down, so I wasn’t seeing that great of results.

  • droidrazredge

    Just my luck there would be on an article on droid-life from @evleaks regarding the Fitbit Force likely being re-released soon after I just replaced my Fitbit One with a new one after I lost it on vacation 🙁

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    Jawbone Up is awesome. Can’t dare to buy Fitbit Force after allergic reaction!

    • Dave

      No allergic reaction here and my Force continues to be awesome. I’ve lost 27 lbs and 5% of bf in four months. The Force is still the best fitness tracker for the price range, IMO.

    • Dan Basty

      Give it a few months; It’ll die on you. I’ve had 4 Jawbone Up’s in 7 months, and my girlfriend is about to be on her 6th in a year and a half. I can’t wait for the Force reissue.

  • bkosh84

    Actually my local Target still has them out displayed for sale for 100 bucks. Either my Target is going against the recall or they are still for sale.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      Keep in mind the 100 dollar one was the FitBit Flex, not the FitBit Force. There are two of them out there, you might have seen the Flex.

    • 213ninja

      fle-fle-fle, fle fle fleeeeeeeexxxx. (shabba)

    • John Waller

      which store, is it the force and not the flex?

  • Bill Anderson

    Still looks like the same, flawed, “buckeling” system.

    • Dave

      I’ve been wearing my Force for fours months now with the only exception being in the shower and I’ve never had a problem with the clasp. I make sure the clasp is pressed completely together and it “just works”.

    • Bill, check out a bitbelt. Very cheap insurance for your fitbit

  • anon

    I would rather spend the extra $20 and buy the LG Lifeband.

    • Raven

      I would rather spend an extra $120 or whatever for a Moto 360 and keep my trusty old 6 month battery life FitBit Zip on my hip as a backup. Bonus points if someone creates a FitBit app for the 360.

  • Lee Mclaurin

    If the Motorola smartwatch is out before them, they’re doomed. All they had to do was redesign the band for the fitbit and that thing could have been out weeks ago.

    • tech247

      Moto 360 – $249. Fitbit – $130. How exactly are they doomed by a competing product that cost twice as much?? The moto may look pretty but its still pretty high for a fitness tracker.

      • tu3218

        There’s not even any evidence suggesting the Moto 360 is going to offer fitness features.

        • gintoddic

          They’d be dumb not to. Even if it doesn’t come with it, there will be apps for it.

      • Rob

        I hope it’s $249. I got this tweet yesterday though:

        @pecosROB Hi Rob. The ARV indicated in our rules is included for tax purposes only & shouldn't be interpreted as the suggested retail price.— Motorola Mobility (@Motorola) May 21, 2014

    • shooter50

      where do you get this craziness? moto may not even include fitness and if it does, its twice the price and has no track record in the wearables business. The motorola smartwatch will be just another smartwatch languishing on the store shelves because they are basically useless devices

      • Lee Mclaurin


    • comm0nSense

      I agree. I don’t know about the Motorola watch but if Force comes today, I will run to the store and buy two. But if the iWatch comes out first, the Force will never see my wrist. Why it is taking so long to release it and own the market before commpitition heats up is beyond me.

  • KleenDroid